100 Best 2 Syllable Girl Names For Your Baby

Georgia Stone
Feb 16, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Sep 25, 2020
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Finding the right name for your baby girl can be hard especially since there are so many options to choose from and so many good names out there.

A one syllable name often doesn't give you room to create a nickname for your baby girl and three syllables can be a bit of a mouthful. Two syllable baby names are the answer!

They are perfect for the parents who want a shorter sounding name but don't want it as short as a one syllable baby name or as long as a three syllable baby name.  For example, when you don't want to go for Ann or Annalise, you can go for Anna or Annie instead.

It is also important to keep an eye on how your baby's name flows. You should pay attention to the syllables in the middle and last name of your baby girl.

If you decide to look at two syllable middle names, listen to where the stress is placed in the name to make sure it sounds good.

Names usually have a rhythm and you want to make sure you choose the right two syllable names to add to your shortlist of girl names. Certain names sound better with surnames of a certain amount of syllables; two syllable girl names sound great with most surnames, especially two syllable surnames such as Watson, Talbot or Brownlow.

There are so many different options for naming a baby girl and it can be overwhelming. Looking at this list of names with two syllables will help you with your list of baby girl names.

For more naming help and ideas take a look at these lists of great three syllable girl names and one syllable girl names.

Seasonal Girl Names With 2 Syllables

These seasonal two syllable baby names can be a reflection of when the baby was born, or may even a parent's favorite season. There are many seasonal two syllable names that are very unique and would be perfect to add to your baby names list.  

1. April (English), from a word meaning "to open"

2. Autumn (English), derived from the season autumn

3. Chloe (Old Greek), meaning "young green shoot"

4. Clover (English), meaning "the green herb with tri-fold leaves"

5. Daisy (Old English), meaning "day's eye", derived from the flower name

6. Flora (German), meaning "flower" and "blossom"

7. Florence (French), meaning "blossoming" and "flourishing"

8. Holly (English), derived from the name of the evergreen shrub or tree

9. Lilac (Arabic), meaning "a flowering shrub"

10. Lily (English), derived from the flower

11. Noelle (French), meaning "born on Christmas

12. Poppy (English), derived from the flower

13. Tulip (Turkish), derived from the flower

14. Vesna (Slavic), from early Slavic mythology, meaning "the season of spring"

15. Winter (English) derived from the season

Celebrity Girl Baby Names With Two Syllables

amazing and cool syllable names

Sometimes celebrities have the best names. Even if you don't really follow their career their two syllable name may have a nice ring to it.

16. Audrey (Old English), meaning "noble strength", Audrey Hepburn

17. Channing (French), meaning "canon", whilst this name is known for Channing Tatum we think it could also suit a little girl

18. Emma (German), meaning "whole" and "universal," Emma Watson

19. Gwyneth (Welsh), could mean "happiness" and "luck," Gwyneth Paltrow

20. Jada (Hebrew), meaning "he knows," Jada Pinkett-Smith

21. Kylie (Gaelic), meaning "handsome" or "beautiful," Kylie Minogue

22. Mila (Czech, Slavic), meaning "pleasant" and "dear," Mila Kunis

23. Nicole (Greek), meaning "victory of the people," derived from "nike" meaning "victory" and "laos" meaning "the people," Nicole Kidman

24. Stevie, typically a shortened form of a name, Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder

25. Taylor (Old French), originally from the job title of a tailor, Taylor Swift

Cute 2 Syllable Girl Names Inspired By Places

Maybe you want to name your baby girl after a place you love to visit. These places have two syllables and would make a perfect name for your baby.

26. Asia (Assyrian), meaning "to rise" and "east," the continent of Asia

27. Aspen (English), derived from the tree species, luxurious ski resort in Colorado

28. Cairo (African), meaning "from the city in Egypt"

29. China (English), it is the name of the most populous country in the world

30. Dallas (Scottish), meaning "meadow dwelling" and "resting place," it is also the third largest city in Texas

31. Eden (Hebrew), meaning "delight" and "paradise," a Biblical place name

32. Egypt (Hebrew), from an early Egyptian name meaning "home of the ka of Ptah"

33. Haven (English), variant of Heaven

34. Kenya (Africa), derived from the African country

35. London (English), it is the name of the capital city of England

36. Shannon (Celtic), meaning "old" and "wise", derived from the name of the longest river in Ireland

Vintage Baby Girl Names With 2 Syllables

There are plenty of two syllable girl names that are not really used anymore. These vintage baby two syllable names will keep your baby unique.

37. Ada (German), meaning "noble" and "honorable"

38. Agnes (Greek), meaning "pure"

39. Alma (Latin), meaning "kind" and "nourishing"

40. Charlotte (German), meaning "free man"

41. Clara (Latin), meaning "clear" and "bright"

42. Daphne (Old Greek), meaning "laurel" and "laurel tree"

43. Edith (Old English), meaning "rich in war," is derived from elements meaning "wealth" and "battle"

44. Esme (Spanish), shortened form of Esmeralda meaning "emerald"

45. Etta (Scottish), form of Margaret meaning "pearl"

46. Frances (Italian), meaning "Frenchwoman" and "free one"

47. Hattie (English), diminutive of Henrietta meaning "house owner" and "lord of the manor"

48. Hester (Old Persian), biblical name, developed from Esther meaning "star"

49. Ines (Old Greek), a form of Agnes meaning "pure"

50. Lula, variant of several names of different origins including Louise (Dutch) derived from elements meaning "fame" and "warrior"

51. Nora (German), meaning "honored" and "honorable"

52. Vita (Scandinavian), meaning "life"

Less Common Two Syllable Girl Names

These two syllable names will set your baby apart from the rest, they would also make lovely two syllable girl middle names.

53. Arla (English), diminutive form of Arlene

54. Astrid (Old Norse), meaning "divinely beautiful," derived from elements meaning "divinity" and "beautiful"

55. Blossom (English), meaning "flower," developed as a name after being used as a term of endearment

56. Britta (Scandinavian), form of the name Birgit meaning "to help"

57. Calla (Old Greek), meaning "lily" and "beauty"

58. Enya (Celtic), variation of Eithne, used in barbaric poetry

59. Iva (multiple origins), meaning "to promise" and "ripened"

60. Lilith (Assyrian), derived from a word meaning "of the night"

61. Priya (Sanskrit), meaning "beloved"

Two Syllable Space Names For Girls

girls syllable names that are cute

Maybe you want a two syllable name for your baby that is out of this world. Consider baby names that are space themed or astronomy inspired.

62. Alya (Arabic), meaning "high, lofty" and "sunshine," it is the name of part of a star system

63. Ara (Armenian), meaning king, it is a constellation

64. Astra (Old Greek), meaning "star"

65. Celeste (French), meaning "heavenly" and "of the sky"

66. Celine (Latin), meaning "heaven" and "sky"

67. Eris (Old Greek), meaning "strife," it is the name of a large dwarf planet

68. Gaia (Old Greek), meaning "earth"

69. Io (Old Greek), it is the name of one of the largest moons in the Solar System and belongs to Jupiter

70. Juno (Latin), this is a name used in Roman mythology by a goddess who is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera,  the name of the third asteroid belt discovered

71. Luna (Latin), meaning "moon," it is also the name of a moon goddess in Roman Mythology

72. Phoebe (Old Greek), biblical name meaning "bright" and "pure," it is also a satellite of Saturn

73. Portia (Latin), potentially meaning "pig" but made popular by Shakespeare, it is the name of a satellite of Uranus

74. Rhea (Old Greek), meaning "river" and "stream," it is the name of a moon of Saturn

75. Selene (Old Greek), meaning "moon" and "heaven," it is the name of the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology

76. Stella (Latin), meaning "star"

77. Ursa (Latin), Ursa major is a bear constellation that includes the big dipper constellation, Ursa minor is the little dipper

78. Vega (Arabic), meaning "falling vulture," it is also the name of the brightest star in the Lyra constellation

79. Venus (Latin), meaning "love" and "desire," it is also the name of the second planet from the sun

Two Syllable Girl Names Inspired By Food

Maybe you are a foodie and want your baby to be named after a scrumptious food?

80. Anise (Scandinavian), it is a flowering plant that has flavors and aromas that are similar to other spices

81. Berry (Celtic), derived from the fruit

82. Cookie (English), variant of Cook, also meaning "one who is cute"

83. Dulce (Spanish), meaning "sweets"

84. Ginger (English), derived from the plant name

85. Honey (English), from the food substance

86. Maple (English), meaning wood or sap from a tree

87. Pepper (Latin), derived from the pepper plant

88. Saffron (English), derived from the spice made from the saffron crocus

Unisex Names

Maybe a name that is specifically for girls isn't the right name for you and your baby.  These two syllable baby names will be better for parents who want a name that is not too feminine but not necessarily masculine either.

89. Alex (Dutch), shortened form of Alexandra meaning "defender of men"

90. Billie (German), it is a diminutive form of William or Wilhelmina

91. Charlie (French), is a diminutive form of Charlene or Charlotte

92. Darcy (Irish Gaelic), meaning "descendant of the dark one"

93. Harper (Old English), meaning "harp player"

94. Jamie (French), form of James which is a derivative of Jacob meaning "seizing by the heel"

95. Kelsey (Old English), derived from elements meaning "ship" and victory"

96. Leslie (Celtic), meaning "garden of hollies"

97. Nova (English), derived from a word meaning "new"

98. Riley (Old English), meaning "rye field"

99. Sasha (Old Greek, Russian), diminutive of Alexandra

100. Sawyer (English), meaning "wood worker"

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for two syllable baby girl names then why not take a look at these one syllable boys' names, or for something different take a look at these girl names ending in -on.

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