95 Easter Names For Babies And Pets

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Easter is the Christian holiday; on this day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The holiday of Easter comes in the Spring season, when everything is bright, the weather is sunny, and flowers bloom. It is all green, fresh and vibrant, and Earth returns to life.

Images of pastel-dyed eggs, jelly beans, fresh flowers, and bunnies flash before our eyes as soon as someone says Easter. It is truly a holiday that celebrates life.

If you are expecting a baby around Easter or maybe planning to bring an adorable pet home, it would be cute to name them after things associated with Easter. There are so many options to choose from, and you can name your baby and pet inspired by spring flowers or maybe after religious folktale characters.

Looking for Easter-inspired baby names for your Spring Baby and Bunny? Check out this list below for 95 cute Easter baby names and Pet names ideas. 

Easter Bunny Names

Easter is incomplete without these cute, fluffy animals. Bunnies are a quintessential part of Easter.  Rabbits are considered favorite pets, and nobody can resist smiling at their hopping rabbits. Check out these Easter bunny names ideas below with their meanings.

Arley (Old English), meaning ‘rabbit meadow.’ It is a famous Bunny name. 

Ash (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Happy,’ is a religious event-inspired name. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. In the Old Testament, Asher was the name of one of Jacob’s sons. 

Benjamin (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Son of the Right hand,’ is a popular rabbit name.

Brook (English Origin), meaning ‘small stream.’ Brook is a perfect name for a bunny.

Bunny (American Origin), meaning ‘little rabbit.’ It is a cute name for Easter Rabbit. 

Buster Baxter (English Origin), meaning ‘baker,’ is inspired by a fictional series. 

Cecily (English Origin), meaning ‘blind of self beauty.’ Cecily is the name of Beatrix Potter Bunny. 

Chester (English Origin), meaning ‘camp.’ It was the name of Jamie Scott’s rabbit on the show ‘One Tree Hill.’ 

Edward (English Origin), meaning ‘riches.’ It is inspired by biblical names. 

Kelby (English Origin), meaning ‘place by the spring,’ choose this name for your bunny. 

Leo (Latin Origin), meaning ‘lion,’ this name is growing popular for bunny names. 

March (Latin Origin), meaning ‘mars.’ March is the beginning of the spring season. 

Oswald (English Origin), meaning ‘god Rules.’ It is inspired by the octopus called Oswald. 

Pascale (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘Born on Easter Day,’ is a perfect name for your rabbit. 

Petal (English Origin), meaning ‘flower petal,’ is an adorable name for a spring bunny.

Ruby (Latin Origin), meaning ‘red,’ is a cute name for a bunny. 

Snowball (English Origin), meaning ‘snow’s ball.’ Cute name for white bunnies.

Sunny (British Origin), meaning ‘happy,’ is an adorable name for your Easter bunny.

Thumper (English Origin), meaning ‘exalted,’ is a cute rabbit from Disney's Bambi.

Velveteen (English Origin), meaning ‘soft -fabric.’ It is the name of a popular rabbit. 

Easter Flowers Names

There is no other festival like Easter that has this many flowers. The Spring season is when, after the long pause of winter, Earth breathes and covers itself with the beautiful colors of nature. Name your baby girl or baby boy inspired by these Spring seasons and Easter flowers. 

Azalea (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Dry.’ It is popular among baby girl names; it represents love and moderation. 

Crocus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Yellow.’ Crocus belongs to the Iris family and represents happiness and youth. 

Daffodils (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Rebirth.’ This spring flower is connected with Greek mythology as well. It is also the name of the son of the River God. 

Daisy (English Origin), meaning ‘Day’s Eye.’ Daisy is one of the most gorgeous and feminine names. 

Dandelion (French Origin), meaning ‘Teeth of a Lion.’ It represents well wishes and fruitfulness. 

Hyacinth (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Blue Larkspur,’ this beautiful flower makes a pretty Easter baby girl name. It is a symbol of peace, calmness, and joy. 

Iris (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Rainbow.’  This flower represents the sufferings of Jesus and is often used in Lent.

Lily (Latin Origin), meaning ‘purity and innocence.’ It is a biblical flower as a legend says lilies are tears of the Virgin Mary that she shed during the time of sorrow. 

Tulip (Turkish Origin), meaning ‘Turban.’  These flowers are used for Easter Sunday celebrations as white Tulips symbolize forgiveness. Some people use Purple as they represent faith and loyalty. 

Violet (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Purple.’ It is a beautiful name for a spring-born baby girl. 

Easter Boy Names

If your little man is arriving in the spring months, around the festival of Easter. You should definitely check out these baby boys' names for your bundle of joy. 

Acacia (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Thorny,’ this name is associated with Easter’s two important themes of ‘revivification’ and ‘immortality.’ 

Andrew (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Strong and Manly.’ Andrew was the name of one of Jesus's Apostles. 

Bartholomew (Jewish Origin), meaning ‘Son of Furrows.’ This name is derived from the Aramaic name meaning ‘son of Talmai.’

Caldwell (English Origin), meaning ‘Cold Well,’ is a popular choice for an Easter-inspired boy name. 

Cruz (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘cross.’ It is the symbol of Christianity, a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus. 

Elijah (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Jehovah is my God,’ is the name of a prophet.

James (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Supplanter.’ James is a biblical name and was one of the apostles of Jesus. 

John (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Graced by God.’ John is the biblically inspired name. 

Joseph (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘To increase.’ This name has biblical roots and is mentioned in the Old Testament. 

Magdalene (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Watchful.’ Magdalene's name means ‘from Magdala’ as well.

Mathew (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Gift Of God.’ Mathew is derived from the name ‘Mattityahu.’

Matthias (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Gift Of God’,  is a cooler form of the name ‘Mathew.’ 

Nazareth (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Crowned,’ is the name of the childhood home of Jesus Christ. 

Nicodemus (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Victory Of People.’ It is said in the New Testament that Nicodemus assisted Joseph with the burial of Jesus. 

Noah (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Rest.’ It is a popular name, and many celebrities have this name. 

Owen (Welsh Origin), meaning ‘Noble.’ It is common among easter baby names.

Palmer (Old English Origin), meaning ‘Pilgrim,’ is a perfect name inspired by Easter.

Peter (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Stone,’ this name is used in the modern versions of the New Testaments. 

Philip(Greek Origin), meaning ‘Fond of Horses,’ this name was born by apostles in the New Testament. 

Simon (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘Listening,’ is the name of one of the Apostles. 

Little boy bonding with a pet dog.

Easter Names For Pets

Easter is the perfect time to bring new pets home and give them a better life. Pets bring happiness with them, just like Easter in the beautiful spring. Some pets have Easter candy names. If you are looking for such names, check out the list below for candy-inspired names and Easter dog names.  

Abril (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘month of April.’ April is the month of spring and the festival of Easter. 

Agnes (Greek Origin), meaning ‘hagne.’ Agnes' name means ‘Lamb’ as well, making it perfect for an Easter pet.  

Angel (Greek Origin), meaning ‘heavenly being,’ is a beautiful name for all kinds of pets. 

April (Latin Origin), meaning ‘to open.’ It is a pretty name for your pet. 

Bezai (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘eggs,’ is the Biblical name of the man who fathered 323 children. 

Candy (American Origin), meaning ‘sweet,’ is a cute name for your pet. 

Coralie (French Origin), meaning ‘coral color.’ This French name is inspired by the colors of the spring. 

Ester (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘star,’ is a cute pet name. 

Fontanne (French Origin), meaning ‘fountain or spring.’ It is perfect for pets born in spring. 

Fred (English Origin), meaning ‘peaceful ruler,’ was the name of the Easter Parade movie lead. It is a cool name for a pet. Fred is a short form of the name Frederick. 

Hunter (English Origin), meaning ‘one who hunts.’ It is related to the Easter Hunt that kids love so much. 

Midori (Japanese Origin), meaning ‘green.’ Green is the color of the spring season, hence making a beautiful name for a pet.

Octavian (Latin Origin ), meaning ‘eight.’ It makes a dope name for big dog breeds. 

Oona (Irish Origin), meaning ‘lamb.’ Oona is derived from the name Una.

Pink (American Origin), meaning ‘Healthy.’, is the color usually associated with Easter. It is a cute name for your pet. 

Sunday (English Origin), meaning ‘sun’s day.’ This name is inspired by Easter Sunday. 

Thomas (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘twin.’ In the New Testament, Thomas was the name of Jesus’s apostles. You can use the nickname Tommy for your new friend. 

Easter Plants Names

Nobody knows how to celebrate life better than Nature. We are surrounded by amazing plants that inspire us to live, resist, and grow in full glory, no matter how hard things get. Name your baby after these amazing trees and plants.

Attwell (Old English Origin), meaning ‘dweller at the well,’ is the perfect name for strong boys. 

Aviv (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘renewal.’ Aviv also means ‘spring.’ 

Birch (Old English Origin), meaning ‘bright.’ The symbolism behind the Birch tree is growth. This tree can survive in harsh conditions and is usually the first to grow after a tragedy. 

Blossom (English Origin), meaning ‘flower bloom.’ Having this baby name means to have the spirit of all spring flowers. 

Hazel (Old English Origin), meaning ‘tree of Hazel.’ It also refers to the color Hazel and is a popular girl baby name. 

Hellebore (Greek Origin), meaning ‘food.’ This plant is also called Lenten Rose as it is associated with Lent.

Laverne (French Origin), meaning ‘tree-grove.’ This french name also means ‘Spring-like.’ 

Palma (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘peacemaker.’ This name also means ‘Palm Tree in Latin.’ 

Springer (German Origin), meaning ‘one who comes from the Sprenge.’ It is a beautiful baby name for boys born in the spring season. 

Tamar (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘date.’ It is famous among Easter baby names. 

Willow (English Origin), meaning ‘freedom.’ It is a beautiful name inspired by the tree Willow.

Yew (Old English Origin), meaning ‘evergreen.’ The tree Yew is a hardy green plant that can live for thousands of years and symbolizes youthfulness.  

Easter Girl Names

Baby girls are rays of sunshine. Their smile can brighten up the day, just like the spring sun. Have a look at the names below for your baby girls, inspired by the freshness of the spring and the holiness of Easter.

Anesthesia (Greek Origin), meaning ‘resurrection,’ is a beautiful name for your daughter. 

Avril (French Origin), meaning ‘April.’ This French name is inspired by the month ‘April’ when Easter comes. 

Bethany (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘House Of figs.’  It is the name of the town from which Jesus ascended to heaven. It is one of the best Easter girl names.

Cerelia (Latin Origin), meaning ‘of the spring,’ are gorgeous names for spring-born babies. 

Claire (French Origin), meaning ‘bright.’ It is a gorgeous name for your baby girl and will always remind you of spring and Easter. 

 Evangeline (English Origin ), meaning ‘Messenger of the Good news.’ People with this name usually have a couple of nicknames, such as ‘Ev,’ ‘Angie,’ ‘Lina,’ and ‘Vangie.’

Joanna (Greek Origin ), meaning ‘God is gracious.’ Joanna is a feminine form of John. 

Kimana (Native American), meaning ‘butterfly,’ is the perfect name for a spring child.

Lulu (Arabic Origin), meaning ‘pearl.’ It is derived from the name ‘Louise,’ which means ‘warrior.’ 

Mary (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Marian.’ It is a biblical name related to the Virgin Mary. 

Nevaeh (English Origin), meaning ‘Heaven backward.’ It is an interesting name choice for a baby girl. 

Odellete (French Origin), meaning ‘little spring.’ It is a beautiful Easter-inspired name for baby girls. 

Susana (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘lily.’ It is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Soshana.’

Tazia (Italian Origin), meaning ‘one who will be reborn.’ It is the Italian form of the word Anatasia.

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