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Irish nicknames are trendy and cool!
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When a baby is born in your family, you get busy finding a suitable name for him or her Irish names are interesting options.

Besides the official name, the family members, friends, and near and dear ones think of giving a nickname to showcase the love and adoration that they have for the baby. However, finding a suitable nickname is a challenging affair.

To help you in the process of finding a cute and ideal nickname for your toddler or even a grown-up family member, or friend, we have come up with a series of Irish nicknames along with their meanings. A nickname of a person can disclose a lot about him or her.

Giving one a nickname means you share a kind of intimacy, trust, friendship, and a close bond with the person. Also, calling one by his nickname lightens the mood.

There are several parameters to consider when choosing nicknames. However, to make things easier for you, here are some Irish nicknames that you can count on. So, without further delay, let's get into the list of Irish nicknames or nicknames that originated in Ireland but are just perfect to be used in daily life.

Unique Irish Nicknames

Not all people prefer to keep nicknames that are commonly heard. Instead, people look out for some nicknames that stand out from the crowd. If you are in search of some uncommon yet impactful nicknames, your hunt ends here. Go through this list of nicknames for boys and girls as given below.

  • Anna (F) - a cute feminine nickname that can be given to a girl who is beautiful and graceful.
  • Barry (U) - a nickname that can be used for both boys and girls, suitable for people who are fair-toned.
  • Bridget (F) - a Gaelic or Irish female nickname that can be given to a noble lady or someone who has been exalted; can be referred to in the movie 'Bridget Jones' Dairy'.
  • Bright (M) - an English nickname derived from the period of Middle English that stands for good-looking, fresh and shining.
  • Daniel (M) - a strong masculine nickname meaning God is my judge, can be referred to as Daniel from the biblical Book Of Daniel.
  • Don (M) - a male nickname of English origin, perhaps a short form of Donald, hinting at someone who has leadership qualities.
  • Grace (F) - a charming female nickname that can be attributed to a person who is bubbly, carefree, and free-spirited.
  • Hugh (M) - a unique nickname in reference to the world-famous poet Ted Hughes, meaning to be born from the Yew tree.
  • Ian (M) - derived from the Arabic word Yohanna, meaning God is gracious.
  • James (M) - derived from Jacob, a spiritual name from Ireland meaning substitute or supplanter.
  • Jerry (M) - a masculine name of Latin origin that has been derived from Jerome, Jeremy, or Gerald and has reference to the popular cartoon show 'Tom and Jerry'.
  • John (M) - a popular male nickname that has its roots in the Twelve Apostles of Jesus inscribed in the New Testament, where John is a disciple.
  • Kerry (U) - a unisex nickname, suitable for both girls and boys, with an Irish origin that stands for a dark-haired person.
  • Mac (M) - a Scottish word of Irish origin that means 'son of'.
  • Margaret (F) - a female nickname that has its roots in Latin, French, and Greek, meaning a pearl.
  • Matt (M) - a simple nickname for boys that means a gift.
  • Murphy (U) - a gender-neutral nickname of Gaelic origin that refers to the courageous warriors of the sea. It can also be used as a surname like that of the famous Eddie Murphy.
  • Paddy (M) - a nickname from Ireland which is a shortened version of Pattrick.
  • Patrick (M) - an Anglicized version of Padraig derived from the Latin word with Christian biblical reference to a person named Patrick, who drove out all snakes from Ireland and turned people into Christians.
  • Raven (M) - a strong male nickname that has a reference to the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe of the same name.
  • Rocky (M) - a diminutive version of Rock that can be used as a nickname for males.
  • Rose (F) - a Latin name for females that can be a variant of Rosaline, Rosario, and Rosie; name inspired by the popular female protagonist of the movie 'The Titanic'.
  • Tyrone (M) - a male nickname of Ireland that can be used for a person who belongs to the place of Yew trees.
  • Wales (M) - an English word derived from Old English that refers to friends or fellow countrymen or foreigners who have come to a different land.

Creative Irish Nicknames

Let's face it. Not all nicknames sound great. But if you can choose the perfect nickname, you are good to go. Want to add some creativity to the nicknames? Here are some creative Irish nicknames that will blow your mind.

  • Abby (M) - an American nickname that can be given to a baby boy whose birth made the father rejoice with happiness.
  • Alex (M) - a short form of Alexander, a word of Greek origin, meaning a defender and helper of mankind.
  • Ally (U) - a gender-neutral nickname that simply stands for a friend or a well-wisher.
  • Andy (U) - a nickname that can be used for both males and females and is a diminutive version of Anna.
  • Annie (F) - an affectionate, feminine nickname that means a favor or grace that is of generous help to someone.
  • Bart (M) - a male nickname of Irish origin that is similar to Barry and means son of the Earth.
  • Bee (U) - a cute and funky nickname that can be associated with both genders. It's perfect for a baby whose size is as tiny as that of an insect.
  • Ben (M) - a smart male nickname that is an abbreviation of Benjamin, meaning a shining armor or someone who has the birthright.
  • Dex (M) - a boy's nickname, meaning right-handed or a diminutive form of Dexter who has a lot of dynamism and energy.
  • Eile (F) - a girl's nickname that can be traced back to the name of a mythological Irish queen who was very practical about life.
  • Eugene (M) - is a unique male nickname that has its roots in Greece and means someone of noble birth or heritage.
  • Finn (F) - an Anglicised boy's name that has its roots in a mythical Irish warrior of the same name who was also a folklore hero.
  • Fred (U) - a nickname that can be used for both males and females, meaning a peaceful ruler or an elf or a magical counselor.
  • Gus (M) - a masculine nickname that has been derived from Augustine, meaning vulnerable and excellent.
  • Ken (M) - a Scottish masculine nickname that means handsome boy.
  • Kiki (U) - is a cute unisex nickname that originated in France. It means happiness and glory.
  • Louka (F) - a fashionable female nickname that means a bringer of light and joy.
  • Mike (M) - a biblical name used for males, a diminutive version of Michael that means someone who is like God.
  • Roderick (M) - a rare masculine nickname that can be given to someone who is great, glorious, has a royal heritage or possesses some kingly qualities.
  • Salley (F) - a stylish nickname for girls, meaning princess, which is a version of Sarah or Sally.

Cool Irish Nicknames

Are you a person who wants to follow the trend and go with the flow? Here are some cool and trendy Irish nicknames that will surely give you the modern effect that you are looking for.

  • Airt (M) - a Celtic word to be used for male names that stand for a champion, stone, or bear.
  • Anty (M) - is a funny boy's name that can be used for a smart kid as the word means courageous, brave, and strong.
  • Bren (U) - a nickname that can be used for both genders. It's taken from Old Norse, which means a little drop of water or a sword.
  • Carl (U) - a trendy Irish nickname that stands for a carefree person or a free-spirited man.
  • Castor (M) - a male nickname associated with the Greek mythological character of the same name who was a twin brother of Pollux.
  • Cath (F) - derived from a Greek word that is a diminutive form of Catherine, meaning pure.
  • Chris (M) - a popular nickname for a male that can be shortened from Christopher, or Christin, which means a youthful and lively person.
  • Dan (M) - a nickname that is a diminutive form of Daniel, meaning considering God as the judge.

Funny Irish Nicknames

Generally, friends prefer keeping funny nicknames. If you have a friend group in which you want to pull each other's legs by calling funny Irish nicknames, here are some of the best Irish nicknames you can root for.

  • Ava (F) - a girl's nickname that generally stands for a lively bird.
  • Bessy (U) - a gender-neutral nickname for a baby that means God has showered one with abundance.
  • Casey (F) - a feminine nickname that means vigilant. This one is perfect for a girl who's very observant.
  • Dody (M) - a super cute and funny nickname that means a gift of God.
  • Dora (F) - a diminutive version of Dorothy or Theodore and can be used for a person who is considered a gift from God to the family.
  • Doyle (M) - a short anglicized version of Dubghall that can be used to differentiate a dark-haired fellow.
  • Ed (M) - a diminutive form of Edward that stands for a person who truly values one's friendship and understands the true meaning of friends.
  • Emma (F) - a feminine nickname that means universal or whole.
  • Eva (F) - a baby girl's nickname derived from Arabic culture that means living life to the fullest.
  • Ferry (M) - is an Anglicised word used for a male's nickname and can be given to a dark-skinned boy.
  • Fetsy (F) - a nickname derived from the Irish word Feichin stands for a little raven.
  • Gary (M) - originated from the Old English, meaning a spear.
  • Isabel (F) - a perfect nickname for a female, meaning pledged to God or something that has been promised to God.
  • Kelly (F) - a female nickname, meaning bright-headed, can be rhymed with Kerry.
  • Moran (U) - a gender-neutral name that can be attributed to a large or great person.
  • Nicole (F) - conventionally a female nickname that stands for the victory of the people.
  • Orla (F) - a nickname of Celtic origin that means a golden princess.
  • Owen (M) - a male nickname inspired by the name of poet Wilfred Owen.
  • Philip (M) - a male nickname that can be used for a person who loves horses.

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