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Originally Published on Oct 24, 2022
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Arabic nicknames are popular across religions and places.

Arabic is one of the most popularly spoken languages worldwide with it being the official language of over 22 countries and with more than 400 million speakers.

Arabic and its beauty as a language have expanded to regions far from Arabia. The language is echoing in many spheres, including naming one's children or giving beautiful nicknames to someone in Arabic!

Your name may or may not be of Arabic origin, but the beauty and fascination of the language can make one interested in giving someone an Arabic nickname, especially the ones which express deep meanings. Many parents are naming their children or finding nicknames with meanings that portray the personality of their child.

It is a little difficult to find nicknames online if one gets to looking and much of what comes up are usually baby names.

We have tried to curate a good number of nice nicknames with Arabic origins that you can give to someone dear! Check out these nicknames- mix 'n' match them to the personality of your loved one and give them a beautiful and elegant Arabic name that they deserve with meanings that define their personality!

Popular Arabic Nicknames

Let's check out some famous and cute Arabic nicknames fit for anyone you love!

1. Ahmed - It is a pretty well-known name signifying someone who is highly praised and commendable.

2. Ali - A simple crisp name that can be used out of love and affection

3. Amer - A very popular nickname for someone who is bound to live a long and prosperous life

4. Amin - This can be a great nickname for a loyal friend, who is devoted, honest, and trusty.

5. Ayesha - A simple and popular nickname for girls that signifies life.

6. Farah - The name means happiness.

7. Fatima - A very famous feminine name in Arabic meaning one who is as beautiful as the stars.

8. Fayez - This name is perfect for the one destined for victory and success.

9. Hakim - It signifies intelligence and is perfect for the wise.

10. Hiba - This is a very popular nickname meaning a gift or blessing.

11. Hosni - Means excellence or beauty.

12. Iman - It is a very popular name meaning faith or belief.

13. Jamal - A popular boy's name, signifies beauty.

14. Jamar - It is a fun name that means sparks and can apply to someone who has the ability to light up your world.

15. Kabir - The perfect name that means 'the great'.

16. Karim - This nickname can be for someone who is benevolent and generous.

17. Muhammad - A name signifying someone who is praiseworthy.

18. Noor - A beautiful name that means light (or the divine light).

19. Omar - The name means flourishing or long-lived.

20. Rashid - It is the right name for a smart baby boy and has the meaning of being rightly guided or having true faith.

21. Yasmin - A name as pretty as the flower Jasmine.

Unique And Interesting Arabic Nicknames

Arabic nicknames are so beautiful and cute that people globally use them for their loved ones.

These nicknames will surely make your buddy stand out and reflect the awesome human that they are!

22. Farid - It is what the category suggests meaning unique.

23. Iman - It aptly means someone you can have full faith in.

24. Khalid - Meaning eternal, now you know why DJ Khalid is so famous.

25. Kinza - For that special someone who is a true treasure of amazing things!

26. Mahek - A nickname perfect for someone who smells sweet as it literally means sweet-smelling.

27. Muwafaq - Means successful.

28. Nabeel - That one friend who is pure and noble.

29. Qamar - A beautiful name meaning the moon.

30. Ruh - For the one with a beautiful spirit and soul.

31. Saba - A great name for someone as calm and cool as a wind, as it literally means the eastern wind.

32. Salem - A soothing unique name for someone who signifies safety and peace.

33. Sama - It can be a cool and unique nickname for someone as beautiful as the sky.

34. Warda - A beautiful nickname apt for someone who reminds you of a rose.

35. Zahrah - For someone beautiful, shining, bright, and brilliant.

36. Zara - A name as beautiful as a blooming flower.

Cool Arabic Nicknames

You know these names reflect the cool, and awesome human beings, be it adults or a baby, so why not give them a nickname that they deserve?

37. Amira - The name is apt for a sweet princess.

38. Anila - Means wind or air.

39. Batal - For friends who are always there to save the day and be a true hero!

40. Bisma - A nice nickname that means a smile, so it can be used for someone always smiling.

41. Fatin - The name is perfect for an alluring, cute and captivating person.

42. Hadi - The name speaks of a leader bound to lead the people as they are rightly guided.

43. Hamid - This nickname can be perfect for someone you think is praiseworthy.

44. Hubb - It is an affectionate and unique word meaning love.

45. Inaaya - It can best describe someone who cares or shows concern and affection.

46. Jamil/Jamila - The name means handsome or lovely, someone easy on the eyes.

47. Jia - Can be an enduring term like sweetheart or honey for someone who is everyone’s favorite.

48. Maha - Is just a sweet baby with the prettiest eyes as that of a cow.

49. Nadir - The name expresses the feelings of preciousness, for someone dear.

50. Naisha - For that someone special who is close to your heart, like a flower.

51. Refa - It means a princess or someone great.

52. Rimsha - A pretty name for someone who is as pretty as a flower.

53. Thameen - For someone who is precious and valuable to you.

Creative Arabic Nicknames

Bring out the nickname artist within you and go ahead and name someone from this amazing moniker of creative, famous, and out-of-the-box names!

54. Adil - Can be perfect for the fairest one on the team, one with a strong sense of justice.

55. Asad - For the friends who are brave and courageous like a lion.

56. Cairo - Means victorious.

57. Galel - Means trend of God or wave of God.

58. Hafiz - A pretty cool nickname for someone who is a protector or a guardian.

59. Hamas - A perfect nickname for the energetic person filled with zeal and bravery.

60. Lahav - Someone who burns bright like the flame.

61. Leith - For those who are as courageous as the lion.

62. Malik - The king and the leader everyone looks up to.

63. Mousumi - A cool name you can call someone who is like the weather or seasons.

64. Nakia - A perfect name that means someone who is pure.

65. Shujaa - For the bold and the courageous.

66. Zoya - It means loving and lively and is best for a girl.

Funny Arabic Nicknames

The best part about these names is the beauty that it brings and also some fun humor to go along with them! Check out these funny nicknames to pick from.

67. Ahmaq - A silly name meaning comic.

68. Asli - For someone who is true and authentic

69. Ibtisam - For those who always know how to make you smile.

70. Jishad - For friends who are responsible and protective.

71. Kamal - Someone who always wants to excel, be perfect, and seek higher things in life.

72. Kasul - For the friend who is lazy.

73. Khadija - This can be a fun name for someone who is trustworthy and respectful.

74. Majnun - That one silly and crazy friend acting completely mad.

75. Matar - Someone as serene as rain.

76. Sahir - For the person who is like a friend.

77. Shakir - For someone you are thankful for.

78. Thalj - Someone as pure as snow.

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