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Why Nicknames For Mary?

Mary is a common name, particularly among Christians, since it has Biblical roots. It is the Anglicized version of the Greek and Latin name 'Maria', which appears in the New Testament of the Bible.

Due to its ties to Saint Mary Magdalene, who the Apostles referred to as an apostle, and the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, the name Mary has become extensively used. Mary's Hebrew counterpart is 'Miryam'.

The Christian name Mary means 'beloved'. Apart from its historical and theological context and underlying meanings, many cute and cool nicknames are popular for people with this name, like Mary Poppins, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Marvel, Marisol, Mariella, Marigold, and Marja.

If you are struggling to find some nicknames for Mary, here is our list to ease your struggle. Now, go ahead and choose your favorite one!

Popular Nicknames For Mary

1. Mae 

2. Maire 

3. Maisy - (Greek origin) means 'pearl'.

4. Mamie

5. Mara 

6. Mare 

7. MareBear 

8. Mari 

10. Mariella

11. Marigold - (British origin) means 'golden flower'.

12. Marin - (Latin origin) means 'pertaining to the sea'.

13. Marisol 

14. Marja 

15. Mary Black - is also the name of an Irish singer.

16. Mary Cassatt - is the name of a famous American painter.

17. Mary Lavin - was the Irish author considered a pioneer among women in writing.

18. Mary Lou (American origin)-meaning 'beloved/ bitter or famed warrior'.

19. Mary Quant - is the name of a famous English fashion designer.

20. Mary Shelley - is the author's name of the literary classic, 'Frankenstein'.

21. Mary Travers - is the name of a member of a singing troupe, Peter, Paul, and Mary.

22. MaryFury

23. May 

24. Maz - (Scandinavian origin)

25. Meryl - (British origin) means 'sea' and is widely famous because of Meryl Streep, the American actress.

26. Mimi 

27. Minnie - is also the name of a famous cartoon character, Minnie Mouse.

30. Mitzy

30. Mary Jane -(American origin) is a combination of Mary and Jane. It is popular as the name of a fictional character in the Spider-Man franchise.

31. Moira - (multiple origins) means 'destiny' or 'beloved'.

32. Molly 

33. Mirabel 

34. Marette

Best Nicknames For Mary

35. Marce 

36. Mariana 

37. Mary Alice - is the name of a character in the Twilight Saga, a film and book franchise.

38. Mary Coughlan - is an Irish actress, singer & songwriter.

39. Mary Edwards - was the name of an English heiress and art patron.

40. Mary Flore - is the name of a French singer.

41. Mary Hopkin - is a Welsh singer & songwriter.

42. Mary Katherine - is inspired by the brilliant American journalist of the same name.

43. Mary Kenwood - is inspired by a fictional anime character.

44. Mary Lou - is famous because of the song 'Hello Mary Lou' by Ricky Nelson.

45. Merida - meaning 'the one who has achieved a high honor' is the name of the beloved Disney character Princess Merida from 'Brave'.

46. Mary Marvel - is a character of a superheroine in Fawcett Comics.

47. Mary Pepper - is a fictional character that appeared in the book series 'Five Little Peppers'.

48. Mary Poppins - is a character in a novel written by PL Travers.

49. Mary Santiago - is the main character of the movie 'Another Cinderella Story'.

50. Mary Tyler Moore - is a comic character in the US and is a good name for Mary.

51. Ry-Ry 

Cool Nicknames For Mary

52. Dearie Mary 

53. Le Mary 

54. Mary Cooper - is the name of the beloved Sheldon's mom from the sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

55. Marie Brand - is the name of the titular character of the TV series 'Marie Brand'.

56. Marybelle 

57. Mary Kate Olsen - is a famous actress.

58. Marilda

59. Maila

60. Markie 

61. Maia 

62. Mady 

63. Mariko 

64. Mable - (Latin origin) means 'lovable'.

65. Malory 

66. Ray 

67. Ree 

Creative Nicknames For Mary

68. Mary Elizabeth 

69. Mary Margaret Blanchard - is a character on the ABC show 'Once Upon A Time'.

70. Maryually 

71. Muffy 

72. Mary Pierce- is the name of a professional tennis player.

73. Madja - (Slavic origin) means 'noble one'.

74. Mia - (multiple origins) means 'mine' or dear'.

75. Riko - (Japanese origin)

76. Rio - (multiple origins) means 'river'. 

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