63 Japanese Girl Names Meaning Death That Are Fierce

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Names are not just to identify an individual but also to create a first impression of the person.

Parents mostly choose a name their that signifies a meaning or a natural element, such as flower, light, tree, love, peace, or angel. Hence, Japanese names with hidden meanings and related to mythology characters are gaining popularity.

Some families like to name their new-born girls with names meaning death or spring goddess. Here are some Japanese girl names that mean death and the list also includes a girl's name that means goddess of death.

Any dark or evil person in movies or novels is always named to represent bad intentions and actions.

However, a girl's name related to death doesn't make her evil. But it simply means that she can rule over death and this is the reason that parents across the world are choosing such a creative name for their newest family member soon after her birth.

You will often come across the term ‘kanji’ which is a system of writing in Japanese, developed by using Chinese characters. Each character has a particular meaning and adding the suffix or prefix that can change the meaning of the combined characters in Japan. This Chinese character system is commonly used in Japanese naming culture.

Read on for some of the best Japanese names that mean death.

Beautiful Japanese Girl Names Meaning Death

The birth of a child in a family is a joyous occasion and deciding the name of the newborn is exciting for everyone. There are many Japanese names that mean death or mean dark and indicate a dark or evil nature.

What if we can combine and create a new name? Here are some beautiful Japanese girl names meaning death that you must check out.

Ahmya (Japanese origin) means ‘black rain’, which signifies fierce and dark qualities in the name.

Akeldama (Japanese origin), meaning ‘place of bloodshed’, is also among the baby names that mean death.

Ayuna (Greek origin) means ‘love or beautiful’, which is a perfect unisex name for a female or a male child.

Hisa (Japanese origin), meaning ‘long lasting’, symbolizes that you have conquered death.

Ixquic (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘blood woman’, represents the evil within mythology and humans.

Kaida (Japanese origin) means ‘little dragon’, which is often a symbol of death and dark characters.

Kana (Japanese origin), meaning ‘the powerful one’, is a good name for your baby girl if you are looking for a Japanese name that you love.

Keegan (Greek origin) means ‘fierce’, and is also a good female name for a Japanese family.

Mana (Japanese origin), meaning ‘everlasting or eternal’, symbolizes that you can rule over death. A name to show light amidst dark.

Oiwa (Japanese origin) means ‘a vengeful female ghost’, which has a reference in Japanese mythology. The name also means 'angel of death'.

Sakamoto (Japanese origin), meaning ‘the one who lives’, is someone who has been saved from near to death experience.

Satoru (Japanese origin) means ‘enlightenment’, which no longer differentiates between death and life. It is one of the popular female names.

Traditional Japanese Girl Names Meaning Death

The cultural history and mythology had characters that represent death, evil, or curse. These baby names are unique and are also sometimes gender-neutral. Let us find out if there are any traditional Japanese girl names that mean death. Find out the meanings of popular Japanese names.

Agana (Greek origin) means ‘blood’, which represents death, and is a popular Japanese name.

Akibimi (Japanese origin) means ‘goddess of autumn’, which signifies the relationship between rain, wind, and rivers.

Ame-No-Mi-Kumari (Japanese origin), meaning ‘goddess of water’, is among the Japanese death names.

Ame-Onna (Japanese origin) means ‘rain-woman’, and is also a Japanese female name.

Chup-Kamui(Japanese origin) means ‘Sun goddess', and is used for the Ainu people, an ethnic Japanese community.

Fujin (Japanese origin), meaning ‘god of Weather’, is one of the Japanese baby names for an angel of death.

Haruki (Japanese origin) means ‘spring time’, and is also a popular Japanese author’s name.

Haya-Akitsu-Hime-No-Kami (Japanese origin) means ‘goddess who ate sins cast into the ocean’, thus referring to the purity of humanity.

Himiko Toga (Japanese origin), meaning ‘pass yourself to someone’, is a famous villain character in an anime who is a psychopath and desires to kill.

Hisa-Me(Japanese origin) means ‘Female demons of death’ and often finds relevance in the Japanese wonderworld.

Keket (Japanese origin), meaning ‘goddess of Darkness’, represents the fierce and dark nature of death experiences.

Kitsune-Tsuki  (Japanese origin) means ‘demon in the shape of a fox’ and is the Japanese name of a female demon in Mythology.

Kukunochi(Japanese origin) means ‘god of trees’, and is among the popular Japanese death names.

Lefu (Greek origin) means ‘sickness’, which is the primary cause of death for most people.

Medusa Gorgon (Japanese origin), meaning ‘soul eater’, was also a major villain in an anime. It is among Japanese baby names that also mean angel of death.

Rize Kamishiro (Japanese origin), meaning ‘ghoul’, is introduced as a female antagonist in the anime series.

Shinigami (Japanese origin), meaning ‘Death god’, is a name derived from ancient Japanese beliefs.

Suijin(Japanese origin) means ‘goddess of freshwater’, and is also referred to as 'male' at times.

Susanoo (Japanese origin), meaning ‘god of seas and storms’, are disasters that scare us of death is also among the Japanese names.

Zenmyo(Japanese origin) means ‘goddess of rain’ and is also a generic term for water bodies among Japanese names.

Japanese female names that mean death are preferred by many parents across the world for the way they sound.

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Goddess Of Death

In earlier centuries, there was the practice of naming every element after a particular god or goddess, including the rain god, the god of water, and the god of fire. Let us check out some Japanese girl names meaning goddess of death or water. Each phenomenon is associated with a divine energy and that makes these names unique.

Amanozako (Japanese origin), meaning ‘furious and monstrous goddess who opposes everything', is a good name for your girl.

Amaterasu (Japanese origin), meaning ‘goddess of the rising sun’, is regarded as the source of light and is also a popular Japanese name.

Ame-no-Uzume (Japanese origin), meaning ‘the goddess of Dawn’, is also regarded as a goddess of creativity and performing arts.

Amida (Japanese origin) means ‘goddess of Death’ because the Japanese turned to her during the moment.

Baku (Japanese origin), meaning ‘lion-headed ghost’, signifies death and can be a good name among Japanese death names.

Benzaiten (Japanese origin) means ‘goddess of flow’. Everything that has a rhythm in it, such aswater, words, or music is worshiped for this goddess.

Daikokuten (Japanese origin), meaning ‘god of darkness’, can be a unisex name for your child. Surely, you will love it for your angel.

Echidna (Japanese origin) means ‘snake or viper’. He is a Witch of Greed character in anime.

Hasinaw-uk-kamuy (Japanese origin) means ‘goddess of the hunt’ and is derived from Japanese mythology.

Inari  (Japanese origin), meaning ‘Japanese Deity of Agriculture’, and is also referred to as the land goddess and is a popular mythological Japanese name.

Izanami no mikoto (Japanese origin), meaning ‘goddess of creation’, is one of the Japanese names.

Kagutsuchi (Japanese origin) means ‘Lord of Fire’, which is a fierce name among Japanese death names.

Kandakoro-kamuy (Japanese origin), meaning ‘god of the sky’, is where all the spirits are believed to rest.

Kannon (Japanese origin), meaning ‘deity of mercy and compassion’, has its reference in the Tibetan and Buddhist cultures.

Kenas-unarpe (Japanese origin), meaning ‘bloodsucking monster’, has derived from Japanese mythology.

Ki (Japanese origin) means ‘ghost or demon’, which is a bad sign in most religious scripts.

Orochi (Japanese origin), meaning ‘big snake’, demanded virgin sacrifices according to Japanese mythology.

Raijin (Japanese origin), meaning ‘god of Weather’, is one of the famous Japanese names.

Shannon (Hebrew origin) means ‘ancient wisdom’ and is among the popular female Japanese names.

Takeru (Japanese origin) means ‘furious and wild’ and is a perfect unisex name.

Tengu (Japanese origin), meaning ‘bird monster in human form’, is typically referred to as monsters or ghosts.

Tsukiyomi (Japanese origin), meaning ‘god of the moon’, is also among the Japanese names used for either a boy or a girl.

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Death And Beauty

If you're feeling overwhelmed with a girl name that means death, we have got you covered with a list of Japanese girl names that means beauty. Here are some names that signify beauty.

After reading listed names that mean death in Japanese culture, we are sure that you will enjoy going through beauty-related names. These names that mean beauty are perfect for newborna.

Aina (Japanese origin) means ‘beautiful-eyed woman one' and is perfect for a baby girl.

Emi (Japanese origin). meaning ‘having a beautiful smile', is a cute name for young girls among Japanese names.

Emiko (Japanese origin), meaning ‘a beautiful child’, is a good name for girls.

Fumiko (Japanese origin) means ‘beautiful child’ and is the name of the main character in anime.

Hana (Japanese origin), meaning ‘beautiful flower’, is also a perfect female name for pretty girls.

Kumi (Japanese origin), meaning ‘beautiful’, is a perfect name for your girl child.

Masami (Japanese origin) means ‘become beautiful’ and is also a famous main character in anime series.

Mikoto (Japanese origin), meaning ‘beautiful heart’, is a nice female name in Japanese.

Mio (Japanese origin), meaning ‘a beautiful cherry blossom’, is a perfect name for your girl among Japanese names.

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