35+ Japanese Demon Names That Will Terrify You

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Japanese demon names could be derived from different versions of scary Japanese creatures.
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Why Japanese Demon Names?

Japanese folklore consists of classic tales that are orally transmitted even now. These creative folk tales consist of demons, monsters and spirits too.

If you are someone looking to name a character in your story, or in a vidoe game, these japanese demon names will fit perfect. Japnesed demon names from folklore and shows will also take you into japanese culture and traditions.

Some popular Japanese demon names from the urban legend of the Edo period are Hone Onna, Shuten Dōji, Yōkai, Tengu, Tanuki, and Oni. Read on for some demon names from the legend and mythology of Japan.

Evil Japanese Demon Names

1. Akuma (Japanese origin) is the japanese version to the western demon and also a reference to Mara believe to be a demonic king in buddhism.

2. Kami (Japanese origin) is a Japanese demon hidden in the human realm.

3. Oni (Japanese origin) is one of the Japanese demon names. Oni are prevalent characters in Japanese art, literature, and theater. Oni are famous for their frightful appearance in stories and are giant beings with horns.

4. Tengu (Japanese origin) are goblins that live in mountains and play tricks on people. They are destructive demons who cheat people using tricks.

5. Teke Teke (Japanese origin) is a spirit known to have a folklore based on public transports accidnets.

6. Yamauba (Japanese origin) is another evil Japanese demon who has a taste for human flesh.

7. Yokai (Japanese origin)are demons, apparitions, or animal-like creatures. Shapeshifting is the supernatural ability they possess.

Japanese Folklore Demon Names

8. Aka Manto (Japanese origin), meaning 'red cloak', is one of the popular Japanese demons, who hides in women’s bathrooms.

9. Bakemono (Japanese origin) is a term to describe monsters that are imaginary in Japanese culture.

10. Demon At Agi Bridge (Japanese origin) is a demon renowned for its ability to shapeshift.

11. Gashadokuro (Japanese origin) are skeleton sports that came out of dead people who died in plague or famines who seek their victims.

11. Hyosube (Japanese origin) Similar to kappa but roams around peoples bathdtub.

12. Kappa (Japanese origin) A demon that looks like a trutle and roams near streams and rivers.

13. Kamaitachi (Japanese origin) is a monster that always travel in a pack of three.

14. Katakirauwa (Japanese origin) is a pig thatat would extract people's sould.

15. Kiyohime (Japanese origin) is another demon depicted in the story of Anchin and Kiyohime. Kiyohime is one of the destructive monsters portrayed in Japanese literature.

16. Kamokawa Taxi Ghost (Japanese origin) is a demon that scares the taxi drivers.

17. Kuchisake-Onna (Japanese origin) is another malevolent figure depicted in Japanese urban legends and folklore. Kuchisake-onna partially covers her face with a mask or with other items and carries some sort of sharp object.

18. Oiwa (Japanese origin) is the name of a demon who seeks vengeance in Japanese literature.

19. Shuten Doji (Japanese origin) is another popular Japanese demon who is more than 50 feet tall and has a red body, five horns, and 15 eyes.

20. Tsuchigumo (Japanese origin) means ‘ground-dwelling spider’. It is a giant demon that look like a spider.

21. Uji No Hashihime (Japanese origin) is another demon who kills her husband, and anyone who sees her instantly dies of fear.

22. Yamauba (Japanese origin), means 'mountain ogress', is another Japanese demon who has a penchant for eating human flesh. They are considered ancient women who were marginalized by society and were forced to live in the mountains.

23. Youkai (Japanese origin) are sports that are both good and bad and can take various forms.

24. Yuki Onna (Japanese origin)is the name of a demon or spirit in Japanese folklore that is usually portrayed in Japanese literature, films, or animation as Yuki Onna.

Japanese Female Demon Names

25. Futakuchi- onna (Japanese origin), meaning 'two-mouthed woman', is the name of a Japanese demonic monster who takes a woman’s form.

26. Hanako-San (Japanese origin), meaning 'flower girl', is the name of a female demon who haunts school bathrooms in urban legends.

27. Hannya (Japanese origin), meaning 'wisdom', is the name of a female demon in Japanese literature.

28. Harionago (Japanese origin), meaning 'barbed women', is the name of a frightening woman ghoul in Japanese culture. A popular word to name for a snow child.

29. Hone-onna (Japanese origin), meaning 'woman in bones', is another female demon. Hone-onna is famous in Japanese culture.

30. Jorogumo (Japanese origin), meaning 'woman spider', is a name of another female demon in Japanese culture.

31. Kino (Japanese origin) is one of the female monsters with feminine spirits form the show 'Kino The Demon'.

31. Kuwazu Nyobo (Japanese origin) is a word to represent the female spirit in Japanese folktales who is portrayed as the wife with a small appetite and talks in human form. They are well aware of the nature of the ideal Japanese woman.

32. Mikaribaba (Japanese origin) was the name of an ancient-eyed demon woman.

33. Nure-Onna (Japanese origin), meaning 'wet woman', is the name of one of the monsters in Japanese myths who has a serpent’s body.

34. Okiku (Japanese origin) is a female demon portrayed in Japanese culture and literature.

34. Oshiroibaba (Japanese origin) is a woman who would make women afraid by blowing powder on their face.

35. Osakabehime (Japanese origin)is a female evil figure portrayed in Japanese folklore who is described as a Yōkai inhabiting Himeji castle.

36. Tsurara-Onna (Japanese origin) is another female demon in Japanese literature and is also known as an Icicle woman. She is very pale and beautiful.

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