100 Last Names That Start With X With Meanings And History

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Originally Published on Oct 21, 2020
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A character or person is always associated with and defined by their name.

Why not find influential last names that start with the letter X that will befit your characters? In this article, we will suggest some unique surnames starting with X that have been categorized in such a manner that you can select the ideal one complementing your character.

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Well Known Personalities With Surnames That Start With X

Check out the detailed search list below, which has several notable artists that have last names that start with X, including novelists and baseball players last names that start with X.

1.X (American politician) -This name was a symbolic gesture done to dismiss the 'slave' surname of 'little' given at birth.

2.Xanthopoulos ( Greek actor)- The last name starting with X translates to "the son of Xanthos."

3.Xavier (the United States, baseball players) is considered one of the common surnames starting with X, meaning "the new house."

4.Xena ( Warrior Princess)-This surname starting with X, which means a "tough and confident woman."

5.Xenocrates ( Greek Philosopher)- A compilation of two words, this name with Greek origin, translates to "a stranger's power."

6.Xerxes (Persian ruler)- This Greek origin last name starting with X refers to being "a hero among rulers."

7.Xenophanes (Greek Philosopher and poet )- This surname with Greek roots means "foreign appearance."

8.Xinran (British Chinese journalist)- The meaning of this surname starting with X is "Cheerful."

9.Xi (Chinese politician)- This popular surname belongs to one of China's most famous personalities and translates to 'Hope.'

10.Xiang (Chinese Athlete)- Having multiple origin sources, it means "to go forward."

11.Xiaobo (Chinese writer)- Mainly used for baby boys, this last name means 'little wrestler.'

12.Xiaoping ( Chinese, communist leader)-This last name means "small place."

13.Xingjian (Novelist)- Another addition in the list of unique names starting with X, which means 'new frontier.'

14.Xuxa (Brazilian singer/actress)- This popular last name starting with X name with Portuguese origin means 'Queen.'

15.Xzibit (American rapper)- With an aboriginal origin, this means 'humanity's last hope.'

Most Commonly Used Last Names That Start With X

X is a special letter and many last names start with X are popular in the United States. A primary search conducted shows how these last names beginning with X rank on the list of census charts. You can use these last names with X for your characters.

16.Xa- Having roots in Vietnam and Korea, this popular two-letter last name starts with X means independence.

17.Xander - Possessing the topmost rank X last names according to the United States census, this name means 'defender of the people' is also the short form of Alexander.

18.Xanders- A variant of Xander, this is one of those last names starting with X that is also considered to be one of those top used last names beginning with X.

19.Xanthos- Holding number 4 rank based on a search in the 1940 U.S. census, the meaning of this surname is 'yellow hair.'

20.Xaver- This popular one means 'the new house' and is 10th in the United States rank of surnames starting with X.

21.Xenos- 3rd in United States census rank, this last name means 'stranger.'

22.Xia- A Chinese last name, this name has appeared in the United States' census charts. It means 'glow of the sunrise.'

23.Xian- The search for popular surnames never ends, so use it; it means 'refined.'

24.Ximinez- Also spelled with a J, this name starting with X is also present in the U.S. census rank, it means 'to listen.'

25.Xiao- Based on the census, this word in the list of last names that start with X has a rank in the top ten. Its meanings include 'respectful' & 'reverent'.

26.Xie-The meaning of this last name starting with the letter X is 'thanks.'

27.Xin- A common among girls, this last name with the letter X in it is also part of the census, it means 'elegant.'

28.Xinos-The meaning of this surname is 'mankind.'

29.Xiong- One of the top names in Chinese culture; it means 'bear.'

30.Xiques-The meaning of this fascinating word starting with X is 'smart.'

31.Xuereb- Another top-scoring surname in the United States census rank became famous after its usage in a novel by Charles Gauci.

32.Xuan- Amongst the many surnames starting with X, this name of Vietnamese origin translates to 'spring.'

33.Xu- Quite a famous name among the many last names starting with X. This name present in the united states census means 'brilliant rising sun.'

34. Xue- A rare one is one of those mesmerizing last names that start with X, which means 'snow.'

35.Xydia- According to the United States census rank this unisex surname is one of the popular ones in the united states census list as it means ' enthusiasm.'

Short Surnames Starting With X

names starting with x that are cool

Though X seems like a letter with few surnames, many last names start with X, just two-syllable words and super easy to pronounce. So, if you are searching for last names that begin with X that are concise and simple, we have categorized these letter X surnames.

36.Xan - The letter X has many ones and two-syllable last names that start with X. It means' defender of mankind.'

37.Xabi- This is one of the last names having English roots means 'sword.'

38.Xallu- Baby names can be super cute; this cute one means 'defender.'

39.Xavi- As it is evident, several popular baby surnames begin with X, and this short surname  'Key.'

40.Xara- An excellent choice for girls. This one means 'princess.'

41.Xayah- Among the surnames starting with X, this is a modern choice for your baby, it means 'humble.'

42.Xaria- A right choice for a baby girl, it translates to 'the gift of love.'

43.Xaime- One of the many Latin origin names, it means 'heel.'

44.Xeven- This name of Slavonic origin one with the letter X means 'lively.'

45.Xeni- Surprisingly, the list of surnames that start with the letter X is long, and this one is a beautiful addition; it means 'protector of plants.'

46.Xina-It means 'angel.'

47.Xita- This is one of the trending surnames in the list of names that start with the letter; it means 'duel nature.'

48.Xivah- Indians searching for surnames starting with X choose this as it is an alternate spelling for Lord Shiva.

49.Xobeen- Having origins in Arabic gives your baby this name that means 'spear.'

50.Xoco- A second baby girl would be a top choice for this. It means 'youngest sister.'

51.Xoese- Countless surnames start with X, but this one from Africa means 'believe.'

52.Xoti- An adorable option among last names; this means 'small.'

53.Xufa-The meaning of this one is 'philosopher.'

54.Xuri- As pretty as many other last names that start with X, this translates as 'beautiful.'

55.Xurxo- End your search for exciting surnames with Xurxo, it means 'farmer.'

56.Xun-This is one of the common Chinese last names, translates to 'meritorious deed.'

57.Xyan -The meaning of this unique one is 'gift from god.'

58.Xylus- A playful one among the many names that start with the letter X; this means 'sensitive.'

59.Xyra- It is one of the more common names for girls; it means 'moon.'

60.Xyle- Though surnames starting with X are not gender-specific, this one is a top baby boy name; it means 'forest.'

Long Last Names That Start With X

These names are a little longer, but will be more memorable for your characters!

61.Xavian- Taking after a Spanish place, this is counted as one of the popular last names used for baby boys; it means 'light.'

62.Xackary - This baby boy one is usually one of the top most used surnames and is Zackary's respelling.

63.Xavion- Translating to 'fighter' this last name starting with X will fit your baby boy's name search perfectly.

64.Xanadu- This popular name takes after a beautiful Mongolian city.

65.Xanthieur-Of Basque origin, this translates to ' the new house.'

66.Xeassi- A rare one in the Indian origin last names that start with X list; it means 'clock.'

67.Xenofontos- Another unusual one in the lot, it means 'flexible.'

68.Xenophilius -A combination of two words, it means 'strange love.'

69.Xexilia-Of Basque origin means 'blind of self beauty.'

70.Ximena- A common amongst the many baby surnames, the meaning of this is 'she who hears.'

71.Xilonen-A unisex name, this one means 'hairy one.'

72.Xipilli-The meaning of this is 'jeweled prince.'

73.Xinavaneh- Last names starting with X are not in shortage; this means 'one who is blessed abundantly.'

74.Xiopan-Derived from Chinese words, this means 'lovely figure.'

75.Xitllali- Of the surnames, this one means 'the goddess of the moon.'

76.Xitomer- With Czech origins, this name means . 'living fame.'

77.Xiutonal- The meaning of this is 'precious light.'

78.Xicohtencatl-The meaning of this complicated one is 'angry bumblebee.'

79.Xiuhcoatl - Famous in the Aztec region, this is one of the complicated baby names that start with the letter X it means 'comet.'

80.Xiuhtezcatl- Another one of those unique Aztec names it means 'Turquoise mirror.'

81.Xiutecuhtli- A one of a kind choice, this means 'lord of fire.'

82.Xolotl- This name means 'precious twin.'

83.Xolani- This is one of those special baby surnames starting with the letter X; it means 'peace.'

84.Xochiquen- A part of the Nauhatl language, it means 'flower garment.'

85.Xorlali- Slowly gaining popularity in baby names, this means 'the savior exists.'

86.Xochiquetzal- A part of Aztec mythology, it means 'maiden.'

Greek Last Names Starting With X

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know how many names in the X category have Greek origins. Check out the list below to know all the details about these ancient and peculiar names

87.Xantheus- One of the many Greek originating names, it means 'golden.'

88.Xaroula- Derived from Greek, it means 'joy.'

89.Xandri-From Greek, it means 'defender of mankind.'

90.Xacousti- One of the uncommon name choices belonging to Greek ancestry, it means 'fame.'

91.Xanthippi- The meaning of this unique one is 'yellow horse.'

92.Xenophon- This is another choice amongst last names starting with X, which has a partly German origin; it translates to 'strange voice.'

93.Xeres- A novel choice for a baby, this means 'Ruler over heroes.'

94.Xylander-A Greek word, this last name that begins with the letter X means 'forest man.'

95.Xenobi -Having Greek roots, it means 'stranger.'

96.Xiomar- This German last name, starting with the letter X, means 'variant.'

97.Xiphias- A popular choice in the previous names that start with X; this term means 'swordfish.'

98.Xoey-This fancy choice belonging to Greek origins means 'life.'

99.Xylon- A popular Greek surname this means 'from the forest.'

100.Xylia-One of the most feminine baby surnames, this means 'wood dweller.'

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