109 Male Angel Names For Your Little Blessing

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Originally Published on May 31, 2022
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Popular male angel names include Cherub, Raguel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Seraphim, Tien, and Angelo.

Male names meaning angel inspired by Greek angelic mythology are quite popular with parents looking to protect their baby from any evil influence.

Thinking of a suitable and meaningful name on the arrival of a new member of the family is the first thing on every parent’s to-do list. Most parents start thinking of names even before their baby is born, which is certainly fair. 

However, there may be times when you cannot think of a great name of your own.

Here are some great angelic names you can give to your little baby boy. Read through to find names categorized into a list of male angel names in the Bible, male fallen angel names, Christian male angel names, and male names that mean dark angel.

Male Angel Names In The Bible

Finding names that are accustomed to one’s religion and traditions is a sweet way of paying respects. Here are some male angel names that are based on the Bible.

Abdiel (Hebrew origin), means, 'The servant of the Lord'. One of the popular baby names.

Angelo (Italian origin), meaning, ‘messenger’ is an old-school name for boys which will bring good news in the life of your boy.

Cael is an appropriate name for baby boys belonging to the Cancer sign since this is the name borne by the Cancerian angel and one who has the potential to be a leader with mercy.

Castiel (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'my cover is God', became famous because of the Television smash hit Supernatural.

Engel (German origin), meaning, 'angel', is one of the straightforward names for boys that mean angel.

Evangelos (Greek origin), is the male angel Greek name that represents ‘good messenger’. One of the popular names for boys as it will shine the light of god on them.

Gabriel is believed to be the angel who gave the news of Jesus Christ’s birth. It is a great name choice for baby boys born on or around Christmas.

Haniel (Hebrew origin), means 'favored of God'. Indeed amongst the angelic names for boys.

Hariel is one of the angels who rule over science and arts. He is also known to be an angel of purification, moral purity, and innocence.

Javan (Hebrew origin), represents the guardian angel of the Grecian islands. It is also mentioned in the Bible as the name of Noah’s son, a great name for souls full of life.

Kafziel (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'speedy one of God', associated with the Saturn planet, is also called the angel of tears and solitude.

Kemuel (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'helper of God' is one of the heavenly angels who stands at the window of heaven.

Malach (Hebrew origin), means 'angel'. One of the popular angelic names for boys.

Michael is the warrior archangel who led the other angels in the war against satan.

Michelangelo is a masculine name that means ‘someone who is like God’, somewhat similar to being angelic.

Oriel, meaning, 'my neck is God',is one of the angels who appeared in the Old Testament and directed his gaze backward in time to view the past.

Raguel (Latin origin), is known to be an archangel of fairness, justice, harmony, redemption, and vengeance. Raguel’s purpose has been to keep the demons and fallen angels in check. A suitable name for a future leader.

Ramiel (Arabic origin), means, 'thunder of God'. One of the popular angel male names from Arabic culture.

Raphael is considered the angel of healing, he is also the patron angel of science, doctors, and travelers.

Raziel, known as the angel of mysteries, keeps the secrets of the universe. This name is popular in Arabic and Italian culture.

Samuel is one of the prophets of Judaism who created the Hebrew monarchy. A name that shines of god's light.

Uriel (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'light of God' or 'flame of God', is derived from the Hebrew name Uwriyel.

Yael (Hebrew origin) meaning, 'to ascend', is the cute cherub who attends to the throne of God.

Zadkiel (Hebrew origin), meaning, 'righteousness of God', was the angel who stopped Abraham’s son’s sacrifice.

Zerachiel, meaning, 'God’s command', is the angel of children, the sun, and healing who appeared in the Book of Enoch.

Male Fallen Angel Names

We all think of Angels as being the good ones who work under God. Some of the popular options are Tien, Abaddon, Seraphim, and Gabriel. There also exist 'Fallen Angels' who fell from God’s good grace or fell from heaven and cannot ever return. Here are some names based on male fallen angels who fell from heaven.

Abaddon is believed to be the chief of demons and is often known as the destroying angel. A name that sounds like the mercy of God.

Abezethibou is known to be a one-winged angel belonging to the Red Sea. One of the popular names for boys.

Allocen is a duke in hell and also one of Solomon's 72 spirits.

Allocen is another fallen angel who is also a duke in hell.

Amon, also known as the Sun God, is a male fallen angel below the rank of Duke of Hell.

Andras is known as 'Grand Marquis of hell', also below the duke of hell’s rank. He is also the God of quarrels.

Apollyon is, similarly to Abaddon, a fallen angel of death which represents death.

Armaros is a fallen angel who has the ability to teach 'the resolving of enchantments'.

Asbeel (Hebrew origin), is the fallen angel who was also listed as the second satan out of five.

Azael is known to be an evil fallen angel.

Azazel is the God of War and is also known as a demon of the desert.

Bael, also spelled as 'Bael', is another duke of hell and also one of the seven Princes of Hell.

Eligor is a fallen angel seen as a good knight with a lance.

Flauros is a demonic fallen angel with the appearance of a leopard.

Gadreel, meaning,‘God is my helper’is a Christian fallen angel.

Kokabiel, meaning, 'angel of the stars', is a fallen angel.

Lahash is a male fallen angel known to enjoy interfering with the divine will. 

Lucifer is one of the most known fallen angels, better known as Satan or the Devil.

Marbas is a fallen angel known to appear like a lion.

Morax is known to be a fallen angel who appears in the form of a bull.

Orias is a fallen angel that is also seen as a lion but appears with a serpent tail.

Ose is a fallen angel who is the president in hell, known to appear as a leopard.

Phoenix is a fallen angel believed to appear as a phoenix bird.

Procel is the fallen angel who can tell of secret and hidden things.

Rahab is the fallen angel’s name that represents ‘violence’. This is also the fallen angel of pride.

Raum is a fallen angel appearing as a crow who also holds the command of thirty legions of demons.

Saleos is known to be a fallen angel appearing as a soldier who rides a crocodile.

Samael is another archangel seen as an accuser, a destroyer, a seducer, and more.

Seere is a fallen angel who is known to appear as a man riding a winged horse.

Solas is a fallen angel who teaches astronomy and is known to appear as a raven.

Sorath is the fallen angel associated with the angel number '666'.

Tamiel is the fifth fallen angel mentioned in the Book of Enoch.

Valefor is a duke of hell who is known to rule 10 Legions.

Vepar is also a duke in hell with 29 Legions under his command.

Zagan is a fallen angel but also King of Hell appearing in the form of a bull with wings.

Most angel names draw inspiration from mythology.

Christian Male Angel Names

Angel names create a sweet connection between a person and their spirituality. Inspired by various mythologies, here are some Christian male angel names.

Abdiel (Hebrew origin), means ‘the servant of the Lord’.

Adonai (Hebrew origin), is a name for boys that means ‘God is my Lord’.

Agnolo (Christian origin), is a name that represents ‘angel’.

Anael (Hebrew origin), is a spiritual name that means ‘graciousness of the Lord’.

Angelico (Italian origin), meaning, ‘angelic’ is an Italian name for boys.

Angelino (Greek origin), is a masculine name representing ‘messenger of God’.

Angell (Greek origin), is another Greek name similar to Angelino. It also represents the ‘messenger of God’.

Azriel (Hebrew origin), is a name that means ‘helped by God’.

Emmanuel (Hebrew origin), is a popular Hebrew name for boys that means ‘God is with us’.

Engelbert (German origin), means ‘angel-bright’ in German.

Engelfrid (Anglo-Saxon origin), refers to ‘the angel of peace’.

Jael (Hebrew origin), is a short name for boys and it refers to a ‘mountain goat’.

Jibri (African origin), means ‘angel of Allah’.

Micah (Hebrew origin), is a name for boys that means ‘who is like God’.

Michael (Hebrew origin), meaning, ‘who is like God?’, is a name synonymous to Micah.

Nathaniel (Hebrew origin), is a common name for boys and it means ‘God has given’.

Rafael (Spanish origin), meaning, ‘God heals’, is a famous angelic name for boys.

Reuel (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘friend of God’, is synonymous to angels.

Uriel (Hebrew origin), refers to the ‘Angel of light’ or the ‘flame of God’.

Uzziel (Hebrew origin), is a spiritual name that represents ‘strength and power’.

Vangelo (Greek origin), means ‘good news’ and is a nice name for your baby boy who is also good news.

Male Names That Mean Dark Angel

Names that mean dark angel can be a good call for your little devil.

Amducias is a fallen angel appearing as a unicorn, also known as the Grand Duke of Hades.

Amy trades his knowledge for the human soul.

Asmoday appears with three heads that include one of a bull, a man, and a ram.

Asmodeus is one of the seven Persian archangels, later adopted into Hebrew mythology.

Azza, meaning,‘the strong’, is a masculine name for a fallen or dark angel.

Balam is a dark angel with an appearance similar to Asmoday but with a serpent tail.

Baraqijal is a dark angel known for teaching astrology to humans.

Barbatos is a duke of hell and also an earl. This dark angel rules over 20 legions of demons.

Beleth is a dark angel who holds command over 85 legions of demons. He is also known as the king of hell.

Belial is known to be an evil spirit attributed to uselessness, desperation, and darkness. He personifies the force against God.

Berith is a fallen angel of lies, the Grand Duke of Hell, and also a demon.

Botis is a fallen angel with an appearance of a viper snake, known to reconcile enemies and friends.

Caim is known to appear often as a man with a sword or a thrush.

Forcas is a dark angel which teaches ethics and logic.

Gusion has the ability to tell about the past, present, and future.

Hagenti is a fallen angel known to appear like a bull who has griffin wings.

Halpas is another fallen angel appearing as a stork.

Ipos is a fallen angel who appears as a lion-headed angel.

Kimaris is mentioned as the 66th demon in the list of 72 spirits of Solomon.

Lerajie is a fallen angel, believed to appear as an archer in green.

Malpas is a fallen angel appearing as a crow.

Mastema is an arch-demon who is also the chief of the demons.

Ornias is the name of the first demon that is mentioned in the Testament of Solomon.

Orobas is a fallen angel who appears like a horse.

Paimon is the fallen angel known to appear as a crowned man riding a camel.

Purah is known as the fallen angel of forgetfulness.

Purson is a fallen angel with a strange appearance of a lion-headed man on a bear.

Ruax is a fallen angel attributed to headaches.

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