79 Medieval Spanish Names For Girls And Boys That Are Truly Regal

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The middle ages or medieval period in European history spanned roughly from the fifth to the late 15th century, paralleling the post-classical period in global history.

Old Spanish, known as Old Castilian as well as Medieval Spanish, was a pronunciation of Vulgar Latin being used in the erstwhile prefectures of the Roman Empire.

This acts as a foundation for the early form of the Spanish language, which was spoken on the Iberian Peninsula mostly from the 10th-century until pretty much the beginning of the 15th century.

This period was well before consonantal reorganization gave credence to the development of contemporary Spanish. Your search for examples of medieval given name ends here.

Medieval Spanish Moorish Names

Well, during Middle Ages, the Christian European group was originally using the name Moor to refer to the Muslim people of the Maghreb, the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta. The native Maghrebine Berbers were the very first Moors.

Arabs and Arabized Iberians were subsequently given the name. See the list of some medieval Spanish Moorish names to search for the best-given names.

Aabid, meaning 'powerful', is a masculine Spanish Moorish name example.

Alejandra, meaning 'defender of humanity', is a feminine Spanish Moorish name.

Alicia, meaning 'high in status', is a Moorish given name for a female from Spain.

Catalina, meaning 'pure', is a female name that came from Spanish version, Katherine.

Eliseo, meaning 'the Lord is my salvation', is a male name from Spain.

Felipe, meaning 'horse-lover', is a Spanish name that is a variation of Philip.

Fernando, meaning 'brave voyager', is a male name derived from the Spanish and Portuguese name Ferdinand.

Fidel, meaning 'faithful', is a masculine name for a Spanish Moorish.

Isabel, meaning 'god is my oath', is a female name variant of Elizabeth. Isabel is one of the popular Italian names.

Josefa, meaning 'god will increase', is probably one of the rare feminine Spanish names

Juan, meaning 'god is gracious', is a Spanish version of John and it has been in use since the medieval age.

Lucia, meaning 'light', is a girl's name in Spanish that is derived from the Latin word lux.

Pablo, meaning 'small', is a masculine form name in the Spanish, it's a different form of Paul.

Rafael, meaning 'god has cured', is a boy's Spanish name and can form an example for a great name.

Rosa, meaning 'rose', is a female name that is actually a form of a rose.

Sofia, meaning 'wisdom', is the Spanish form of Sophia. It's an excellent choice for a little girl who's smart beyond her years.

Sol, meaning 'sun', is a Spanish feminine name with several form and example.

Vicente, meaning 'victorious', is a Spanish masculine name.

Zamora, meaning 'wild olives' and 'praised', is a 16th-century Spanish female Moorish name.

Medieval Spanish Female First Names

Are you considering Spanish names for your newborn girl? Whether you want to pay homage to your Hispanic ancestors or simply want a distinctive name for your child, here is a list of medieval Spanish female names.

Anna, meaning, 'favored', was also a word being used by ancient Romans to designate 'the year's cycle'.

Beatrix, meaning 'brings joy', is a Spanish form of Beatrice which is popular as a given name example in Spain.

Briseida is mostly a female name with an uncertain or unverified meaning of Spanish origin.

Daniela, meaning ' god is my judge', is the female version of Daniel.

Elvira, meaning 'truth', is a feminine name that has covered a wide range of cultures.

Francisca, meaning 'from France' or 'truthful', is a Spanish female form of Francisco.

Gracia, meaning 'mercy', is a shorter version of the ecclesiastical name da Gracia.

Joanna, meaning 'god is gracious', is based on Ioanna, a Greek name that was derived from Yohannah, a Hebrew pseudonym.

Jovena, meaning 'ruler,' is a courageous and glorious name for a little girl.

Madalynn, meaning 'lady from Magdala', is a Spanish baby girl name that is a variation of Madeleine.

Maria, meaning 'bitter', is one of the female Spanish names used by many people.

Marina, meaning 'of the sea', is primarily a medieval female name derived from the word marine.

Octaviana, meaning 'eighth', comes from the Latin word octave. It's one of the most adorable and beautiful Spanish female names out there.

Querida, meaning 'beloved', is a charming baby girl name one may give to a child.

Teresa, meaning 'harvester', is mainly a female name of Spanish origin.

Valentina, meaning 'strong,' 'vigorous,' or 'healthy', is a feminine name that has been derived from the Roman language.

Valeria, meaning 'strong', is a female version of Valerius. It is one of the names used by many people in Spain.

mesieval names that are for girls and boys

Medieval Spanish Male Names

One of the most enchanting languages in the world is Spanish. The names are also similar to the language and the way they sound is simply amazing. Spanish male names are common in the United States and among Latinos across the world. Let's have a look at some of the medieval Spanish male names:

Aio, meaning 'teacher', is a historically male Spanish name. It is one of the names used by many people in Spain.

Alarico, meaning ‘power and the ruler of all’, is a very strong name.

Albion, meaning 'whiteland,' is a fantastic Gothic name for having a good baby.

Alfredo, meaning 'the counselor of the elves’, is a form variation of the name Alfred.

Armando, meaning 'the army man’, is a Spanish variant of Herman which is another intriguing name.

Aurora, meaning 'sunrise' or 'light', has been among the top 1,000 name for nearly a century.

Cesar, meaning 'long-haired', is a significant name that is a variant of Ceaser.

David, meaning 'beloved', is an adorable name.

Domingo, meaning ' of the lord', is a boy's name that refers to Sunday as a divine day.

Donaido, meaning 'confessor', is a Spanish boy's name.

Enrique, meaning 'ruler' or 'power', is a classy name that is relatively famous in Latin America.

Gilo, meaning ‘circle’, is a glamorous boy's Spanish name and is very easy to pronounce.

Guillermo, meaning 'resolute defender', is a Spanish variant of William, a prominent British name.

Hermenegildo, meaning 'sacrifice or giving', is a name that you might give your boy. This name can be used to teach him the value of giving and to encourage him to be compassionate.

Jeronimo, meaning 'holy name', is a distinctive Hispanic baby name that you might give your child.

Julian, meaning 'downy bearded', has been developed from the Roman name Julius.

Oger, meaning 'wealthy warrior', is traditionally a male name.

Sebastian, meaning 'revered,' is a charming Hispanic name. It's one of Spain's extensively traditional names.

Tomas, meaning 'twins', is a Spanish name that has been derived from Thomas which has Aramaic roots.

Victor, meaning 'victory,' is a fantastic name that may educate your child to strive for triumph.

Early Medieval Spanish Names

Choosing a name for your new bundle of joy is one of the first tasks that you do as a parent, and it's a crucial decision for the baby. Here is a list of stunning Spanish baby girl and Spanish baby boy names to help you. There are several early medieval Spanish baby names in the list below.

Amadis, meaning 'love of god', is a variant of the Latin name Amadeus. It is also one of the most well-known gender-neutral Latin names.

Castel, meaning 'castle', is a topographic name derived from the late Latin Castellum. It's one of the most unique Latina names.

Claude, meaning 'stuttering or limping’, is an unusual name for both boys and females.

Cosme, meaning 'beauty' or 'organization', is a 16th-century Spanish masculine name.

Cristobal, meaning 'Christ-bearer', is a charming and divine Spanish name for your son.

Emigdio, meaning 'Demigod', is a well-known and desirable Hispanic name.

Emiliano, meaning 'eager', is a Spanish boy’s name that has been derived from the Roman name Aemilius.

Flain, meaning 'ruddy', is a masculine name that has been derived from the word Flann.

Fronilde is a Castilian given name that has been in use since the early medieval period, it is a female name.

Gabriela, meaning 'god's person', is one of the most frequent Hispanic female names.

Herminia, meaning 'woman of the ground', is a woman name that your child and family will adore.

Kasandra, meaning 'forgotten prophets', is a unique and uncommon name for a newborn baby girl.

Leoncio, meaning 'lion-like,' is a robust and macho name for your boy which might give him a dynamic vibe.

Leonor, meaning 'light', is a popular Spanish female name. It is a form of Eleanor. The meaning of the name Eleanor comes from the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the name, which is a derivation of the Old French Alienor.

Luiza, meaning ‘royal 16th-century’, is primarily a girl’s Spanish name.

Madeira, meaning 'wood', is one of the most attractive Spanish women's names for a baby girl.

Marculfo, meaning 'horse', is a variation of Marculf, which is a male name.

Naolin, meaning 'Aztec god of the Sun,' is a fantastic and unusual unisex name for your child.

Ramona, meaning 'protecting hands', is a Spanish feminine name and the female version of Raymond.

Ruben, meaning 'a son', is a form of variation of the name Reuben.

Ysabel, meaning ‘devoted to god’, is a feminine name in the medieval form of Isabel.

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