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Most nicknames for Angel seem to be for girls, with a few varieties for boys and children

Why nicknames for Angel?

Angel is a name and an English term used to refer to biblical figures of holy spirits who serve God in heaven. Angel is a gender-neutral given name derived from the Latin masculine name Angelus.

Angelus is further a variant of the original Greek term 'angelos'. Thus, Angel is regarded as a name of Greek origin, meaning 'messenger'.

The name is less prevalent in English-speaking countries. But, Ángel is a widely used Spanish variant of the name given to boys. A feminine variant of the name that is far more popular in the US in Angela.

It is also rare that people can find relevant nicknames that they can give to a person based on their name. This article can help you to choose a moniker for the name Angel pertinent to your relationship with that person.

You can select from a collection of creative, unique, funny, and cute pet names. Reading the article might also help you discover new ideas for creating nicknames.

Creative Nicknames For Angel

1. Abdel (Arabic origin) - can be a great nickname for a person from the middle east. 

2. Ace - a person who leads the group. 

3. Adele - if Angel is a girl and has a fantastic singing voice like Adele. 

4. Aggy - a cute feminine moniker.

5. Agsy - a variation of the moniker Aggy.

6. Aksel - is a catchy pet name for a boy.

7. Aliyah (Hebrew and Arabic origin) - meaning 'ascending', 'exalted', or 'sublime'.  

8. Amel - a gender-neutral nickname. 

9. Anett - give this nickname to Angel if she is a charming girl; more suitable if she is French or British.

10. Angy - a variation of the popular nickname Angie. It can also be a fun moniker to give a child who is upset.  

11. Anise - a common variation of feminine names used in and around Europe. It can be a suitable nickname for an adventurous girl.

12. Auro - abbreviation of Aurora, as a gender-neutral nickname for a beautiful person. 

13. Azael - a catchy nickname for a boy.

14. Eli - a trendy masculine moniker for a boy. 

15. Faye (English origin) - meaning 'fairy', is a perfect nickname for a cute girl.  

16. Gaia (Greek origin) - is a mythological deity personified as the Earth.  

17. Gail (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'joy'.  

18. Gina - for a strong and confident woman.

19. Hazel - if Angel is a girl with hazel-colored eyes or hair. 

20. Imli (Indian origin) - is the Hindi name for tamarind, used as a nickname for girls. 

21. Joan (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'gracious God'.  

22. Jojo - is a modern nickname for boys and girls named Angel.

23. Jules - a trendy masculine moniker.

24. Nel - a sweet nickname for your friend or a child. 

25. Nigel (Gaelic origin) - meaning 'champion', is a fitting moniker for a confident young person.  

26. Olly - a modern nickname for girls. 

27. Yael (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'mountain goat', is a popular feminine name that you can use as a nickname for Angel.  

Unique Nicknames For Angel

28. Abel (Hebrew and Assyrian origin) - meaning 'breath', 'vapor', or 'sun'.  

29. Ada (German origin) - meaning 'nobility'.   

30. Adel - a gender-neutral name of European origin, meaning 'noble'. You can use it as a moniker for a generous person. 

31. Agnes (Greek origin) - meaning 'holy' or 'pure'.  

32. Alana (German, Gaelic, and Hawaiian origins) - meaning 'precious', 'child', and 'beautiful'. 

33. Alex (Greek origin) - meaning 'defender of men'. It is a popular name for boys that you can use as a nickname for Angel. 

34. Alexie - a variation of the name Alex. 

35. Alia (Arabic origin) - a name for girls that can be a fitting nickname for Angel. 

36. Alice (German origin) - meaning 'noble'. 

37. Alita - refers to the name of the girl cyborg from the 2019 action movie 'Alita: Battle Angel'.  

38. Amir (Arabic origin) - meaning 'prince' or 'commander'.  

39. Amon - a variation of the name of an ancient Egyptian deity. 

40. Andie - a common gender-neutral nickname. 

41. Angel Coulby - is a British actress whose name you could use as a nickname for a dramatic girl. 

42. Angel Dynamite - alias of the fictional character Cassidy from the cartoon 'Scooby Doo: Mysterty Incorporated'. It can be a great nickname for an extrovert girl or a radio jockey. 

43. Angel Haze - the stage name of American singer and rapper Rayeeka Angel Wilson. Give this nickname to someone you know who is into hip-hop music.  

44. Angel Katherine Reece - a former professional wrestler. You can use this nickname for a girl named Angel if she wants to become a bodybuilder. 

45. Angel Lajuane McCoughtry - is a professional basketball player in the WNBA. You can give this moniker to someone named Angel if she has a talent in this sport.

46. Angel Locsin Colmenares - a Filipino model, actress, film producer, and humanitarian. Use this as a nickname for someone aspiring to work in the film industry. 

47. Angel Medina - is a notable comic book artist. It can be a good nickname for a talented sketch or doodle artist.

48. Angel Olsen - the stage name of a famous female singer and songwriter from the US. You can use this as a pet name for an aspiring musician. 

49. Angel Taveras - is a lawyer and former US mayor. Give this nickname to someone named Angel if he is pursuing a career in politics.

50. Angus (Gaelic and Celtic origin) - meaning 'one strength' or 'one choice'.  

51. Anika (Hebrew and German origin) - meaning 'favored' or' gracious', is a catchy nickname for women.

52. Ariel (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'lion of God', is a moniker you can give to both boys and girls. 

53. Don - if Angel is a person with leadership qualities.

54. Ella (Greek, Norman, or Hebrew origin) - meaning 'beautiful', 'fairy maiden', or 'goddess'. 

55. Ellis (Welsh origin) - is a surname you can use as a nickname. 

56. Evan (multiple origins) - meaning 'gracious', 'messenger of God', or 'young warrior'.  

57. Gia (Italian origin) - meaning 'God is gracious'. 

58. Ginny - a common feminine nickname.

59. Jane (Hebrew origin) - meaning 'God is merciful'. 

60. Jesse - is a catchy gender-neutral nickname.

61. Joel - a moniker for boys.

62. Julie (Latin origin) - meaning 'beautiful' or 'youth'.  

63. Lee - another nickname suitable for both girls and boys.

64. Lou - is an unconventional, masculine nickname for Angel.

65. Mel - for a girl named Angel.

66. Mili - a sweet moniker for a friend or family member.

67. Ol - a masculine variant of the nickname Olly.

68. Ori - is an unconventional, gender-neutral pet name.

69. Rigel - a moniker for a special person, as a reference to the blue star in the Orion constellation. 

Cute Nicknames For Angel

70. Abby - a sweet nickname for a girl.

71. Addie - a cute variation of the nickname Ada.

72. Aims - a modern nickname for girls.

73. Al - you can give this nickname to a charismatic boy named Angel.

74. Ali (Arabic origin) - meaning 'exalted' or 'champion'.  

75. Amy - a popular American nickname given to girls, meaning 'beloved'.

76. Andy - is a variation of the pet name Andie.

77. Ang - a moniker for a fan of cartoons, as a reference to the protagonist from the animated TV series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. 

78. Ange 

79. Angela - the popular variation of Angel, given as a first name to girls. Angela would be the most common nickname for a girl named Angel. 

80. Angelica (multiple origins) - meaning 'like an angel', is a fitting moniker for a girl who means a lot to you.

81. Angelito - meaning 'little angel', of masculine gender.

82. Angelita - meaning 'little angel', of specifically a feminine gender. 

83. Angie - another common feminine nickname for Angel.

84. Angie Boo - a suitable moniker for a baby. 

85. Angiebug - another sweet moniker for children.

86. Ani - a fitting nickname for a boy. 

87. Anj - a modern moniker suitable for a girl named Angel.

88. Ann - It is the shortened form of Angel.

89. Anna (Hebrew and Greek origin) - meaning 'grace', 'favor', or 'beautiful'. It is a feminine given name that can work as a moniker for Angel.   

90. Anne - a variation of the name Anna. 

91. Annie (Hebrew origin) - another diminutive of the name Anna, with the same meaning. 

92. Ans - an abbreviation of Angel.

93. Axel - is a popular name for boys and can also be a fitting moniker.

94. Belle (French origin) - meaning 'beautiful girl'.

95. Billy - a common moniker given to boys.

96. El - another abbreviation of Angle.

97. Ellie - a common variation of the nickname Ella, with the same meaning.

98. Gee - a short and sweet pet name you can give to a girl. 

99. Gemma (Latin origin) - is an Italian feminine name meaning 'pecious gemstone' and can be a fitting nickname for a girl. 

100. Gigi - an alternative to the nickname Gee. 

101. Jenna - a common feminine name used in English-speaking countries, but it can also be a sweet nickname for Angel. 

102. Jenny - a variation of Jenny. 

103. Jo - a short and cute nickname. 

104. Joe - a short masculine moniker.

105. Kenji - is a Japanese nickname for a fan of anime. 

106. Lea - a catchy feminine nickname.

107. Leo - is a common moniker for boys.

108. Lia - a variation of the nickname Lea. 

109. Lily - for a beautiful girl like the lily flower. 

110. Lina (multiple origins) - possible meanings are 'beautiful', 'tender', 'young palm trees', 'sunlight', or 'elegant'. 

111. Lolo - a trendy moniker for a girl.

112. Mae

113. Nellie - a nickname for a little girl.   

Funny Nicknames For Angel

114. Ally - a fun nickname for addressing Angel as your friend.

115. Angiesaur - a mix of the nickname Angie with the term dinosaur. Use this moniker to address Angel as a fearful person.

116. Bangle - refers to a women's accessory worn on the arm like a bracelet. 

117. Bell - if Angel is someone who is always on time.

118. Brinjal - the name for eggplant used in many Asian countries. A fun nickname to address Angel with a rhyming vegetable name.

119. Eel - if Angel is a very elusive person.

120. Excel - if Angel is very competitive. 

121. Gel - if Angel can easily befriend anyone. 

122. Gelato - for a sweet person.

123. Gelly - a variation of the nickname Gel.

124. Gene - if Angel is just like her parents. 

125. JellO - is another moniker for a sweet and kind person or a child. 

126. Jelly - if Angel is a gymnast. 

127. Jellybean - for your newborn.

128. Jian - a reference to a character from the Doraemon franchise. You can use this nickname when Angel is annoying you. 

129. Jolly - a suitable moniker for a happy, optimistic person.

130. Legna - reversing the letters in Angel for a peculiar nickname. 

131. Yell - if Angel is very loud.

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