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(Edward Duyker is a famous Australian historian, author, and biographer. Keep reading to find nicknames for Edward for your little bundle of joy or a friend.)
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Nicknames are an expression of individuality and personality.

Edward is an Anglo-Saxon name that means 'prosperous' and 'guardian.' How can we find the perfect nickname for your precious little one or good friend?

Edward is a common name used by the British before the 15th century. It is a Christian name that is very popular. Several famous people are named Edward; presently, the Royal family member with the name is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Prince Edward.

It is a popular name in both European countries as well as America. Choosing the perfect one can seem like an impossible task. So here are some names that can help you pick the perfect nicknames for Edward.

Cool Nicknames For Edward

There are several world leaders with the name Edward. Edward Heath was the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Ted Kennedy was a former US Senator. Check out some unique and cool Edward nicknames.

  • Dido: For a child with a curious and adventurous spirit.
  • Dora: Name of Greek origin meaning 'God's gift.'
  • Ebin: A Christian nickname meaning 'helping stone.'
  • Edapper: A version of Edward for someone who raps.
  • E-Dawg: A neat nickname for Edward.
  • Eddard: A clever and confident name.
  • Eddington: A reference to the English astronomer, physicist, and mathematician.
  • Eddorado: A varient of Edwar.
  • Eddison: An appealing nickname meaning 'prosperity' or 'wealth.'
  • Eddwar: An abbreviated version of Edward.
  • Eddy Buddy: For a friend-like connotation.
  • Eddy Steady: A rhyming nickname.
  • Edel: A person who sings well, like the English singer Adel.
  • Edgy: A person who is admired as a rebel.
  • Ediff: A cool-sounding version of Eddie.
  • Edinburgh: Reminder of the Scottish city.
  • Edoll: Fond and unique nickname.
  • Edope: Meaning 'a dope person.'
  • Edorable: Pun on the name meaning' delightful.'
  • Edow: Meaning' very exciting person.'
  • Edric: A variant of Edward meaning 'rich' or 'powerful.'
  • Edsel: Meaning 'noble' or 'wealth.'
  • Edson: Meaning' son of a fortunate warrior.'
  • Ed The Explorer: A child who is always moving.
  • Eduan: Meaning 'noble friend' in German.
  • Eduard: The German variant of Edward.
  • Educk: For someone with a cute walk.
  • Edvin: Meaning' rich friend.'
  • Edwell: A charming version of Eddie.
  • Edwood: A loveable version of Edward.
  • Edwork: For someone who is a busybody.
  • Efrain: Spanish meaning' fruitful.'
  • Egan: Gaelic name meaning 'little fire.'
  • Egidio: Italian origin name meaning 'young child.'
  • Emok: A naughty child.
  • Nedard: Another bold and self-assured name for Edward.
  • Waldo: Nickname meaning 'powerful ruler.'
  • Ward: A simple and shortened name.
  • Wordy: A person who speaks a lot.

Creative Nicknames For Edward

Check out some creative and unique Edward nicknames.

  • Arrigo: Nicknames for Edward meaning 'ruler' in Italian.
  • Dedy: A unique version of Edward's nicknames.
  • Dodo: A mixed-up loving name of Edward.
  • Ebenezer: Christian nickname meaning 'stone of helping' in Hebrew.
  • Ebony: A vivid name for Edward.
  • Edale: An English name meaning 'valley.'
  • Eddaper: For a handsome individual or a rapper.
  • Eddish: for a person who likes cooking or eating.
  • Eddy Caddie: A creative per name for a dramatic friend
  • Edeck: For a person who likes sailing.
  • Edew: For a person who likes early morning dew.
  • Edictionary: For a lover of books and words.
  • Edo: A heartwarming version of Ed.
  • Edolf: Appropriate for a short-tempered person.
  • Edollar: For a person with money.
  • Edowry: Use it for someone who cares a lot about money.
  • Edona: For a little girl with manners.
  • Edouard: French version of Edward.
  • Edrido: For a slightly different person.
  • Edsy: An amusing pet name using the first letters of Edward.
  • Edust: For a person who does not like dust.
  • Edvard: Czech or Danish variant of Edward.
  • Edwa: For a person with sophisticated vibes.
  • Edwari: A playful pet name to tease a serious person.
  • Edwaro: An impish and cheeky name to call someone.
  • Edwie: An pet name using the first letters of the name.
  • Edwin the Bug: A reference to a movie character in 'Men in Black.'
  • Edwitty: For a witty or clever individual.
  • Eero: For a child with a strong will, showing leadership qualities.
  • Egg: For a person who likes eggs.
  • Erdo: An appropriate name for a calm person.
  • Esdo: One for a good-natured individual.
  • Etye: A baby-talk version of Edward meaning 'great gift' in Arabic.
  • Gutsy Eddy: For a bold and spirited person.
  • Red Ed: A description of red hair, cheeks, or short temper.
  • Reikki: Meaningful name alluding to the life force of all living beings.
  • Seddy Eddy: Over-emotional person who cries a lot.
  • Wedd: A cheesy but adorable pet name.

Popular Nicknames For Edward

Several nicknames for Edward have become so popular that they've become first names in their own right. Let us take a look at some of those catchy Edward nicknames.

  • Baby Doo: An appropriate name for a child.
  • Candy: A pet name for a sweet person.
  • Donny: For a mighty person.
  • Dward: Name with the last letters of Edward.
  • Dwayne: Irish nickname.
  • Ed/Edd: An abbreviated version of Edward.
  • Eddie/Eddy: A short and simple nickname.
  • Eddybear: For a huggable person.
  • Eddystone: Someone who is like a rare precious stone.
  • Edna: Meaning, of pleasure.
  • Edonna: Someone who sings as well as Madonna
  • Edsters: An indulgent name for a child.
  • Edup: A calm, collected person.
  • Edward Barker: Popular English cartoonist in the late ’60s and ’70s.
  • Edward Daniel Leahy: Famous 19th-century Irish painter of portraits and subjects.
  • Edward 'Eddie' Redmayne: Oscar-winning English actor of 'The Theory Of Everything.'
  • Edward Gorey: American illustrator, writer, and costume designer.
  • Edward Harrison Norton: Academy-Award Nominee, American actor, and filmmaker.
  • Edward Nygma: The Batman villain called the Riddler.
  • Edward Rochester: Character in Jane Eyre.
  • Edward Said: Pioneer of postcolonial studies.
  • Edward 'Teddy' Remus Lupin: Character in 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows'.
  • Edwarf: Teasing a short friend.
  • Edwey: Captivating name for a sweet person.
  • Edwin: A variant meaning 'rich' and 'happy.'
  • Edwo: Imaginative, cooperative, talented person.
  • Edziee: Charming name for an adorable person.
  • Eez: An effortless, uncomplicated.
  • Eldo: For a brave male child.
  • Ned: Common and old-fashioned nickname.
  • Neddy: Affectionate version of Ned.
  • Reka: A dependable sweet person.
  • Ted: A very common nickname.
  • Teddy: A tender nickname.
  • Teddybear: An cheerful and caring variant.
  • Tedster: A doting version of Edward.
  • Wolio: For an intuitive person.
  • Woody: Popular American, English, and Irish nickname.

Funny Nicknames For Edward

Look no further if you're looking for Edward nicknames that tickle your funny bone. 

  • Bedward: Used to direct them to bed at night.
  • Biged: Long-limbed person.
  • Dew: A short, sweet, and easy nickname for Edward. 
  • Edark: A person who enjoys dark humor.
  • Edbark: A short-tempered snarky person.
  • Eddah: A take on the word 'adorable.'
  • Edday: A funny version of British accented Eddy.
  • Eddieberto: A person who perseveres. 
  • Eddie Murphy: Celebrated American comedian and actor.
  • Edditive: A wordplay on addictive.
  • Eddy Maddy: For a quirky person.
  • Edin: A name for a person with tranquil vibes.
  • Edmo: For a straightforward person.
  • Ed The Man: For male commaradrie.
  • Edu: A fun and cute version of Edd.
  • Edueard: Scottish version of Edward.
  • Edull: For a spoilsport.
  • Edult: Pun on 'adult,' with the same pronunciation but different spelling.
  • Edunny: For a funny person.
  • Edward 'Eddie' Van Halen: Influential American guitarist and rock musician.
  • Edwardio: For a forthright person.
  • Edwedish: A pun on the word 'Swedish.'
  • Edwedred: An eccentric-sounding name.
  • Edwerder: A funny and off-the-wall nickname for Edward.
  • Ehren: A loyal and honorable person.
  • Ekewaka: Hawaiian version of Edward.
  • End: Funny Edward nickname.
  • Eweready: A person who is up to trying anything new.
  • Ewwoke: A reference to 'evoke' meaning to 'recall' or 'bring back.'
  • Little E-Man: A pleasant and affectionate name for someone.
  • Nerdy: An teasing alternative for Ned.
  • Ned Stark: A popular Game of Thrones character reference.
  • Wardy: An endearing nickname.
  • Wardo: A funny nickname for Edward.
  • Yummy Eddie: A funny nickname children will delight in.

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