60 Best Nicknames For Florence

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There are cute nicknames for Florence with different meanings regarding various concepts

Why Florence Nicknames?

Nicknames are often used as a form of endearment or familiarity. They can be based on a person's real name, physical characteristics, personality, or interests.

Some people may prefer to be called by a nickname rather than their name. It's personal preference, and some people may not like to be called by a nickname.

In general, using a nickname for a person should be done with their consent and an understanding of how they feel about it.

While talking about the name, 'Florence,' has numerous nicknames related to it, for example, Flo, Flossie, Flora, Franny, and many others. Before you even think, we are here to help you find the best nickname for Florence, a name that suits your beloved and makes them happier whenever they are called by it.

Popular Nicknames For Florence

1. Effens

2. Effie

3. Feeilia

4. FeFe

5. Fiorentina

6. Fiorenza

7. Flo

8. Flobelle

9. Flofelia

10. FloFlo

11. Flofy

12. Flor

13. Flora

14. Florabelle

15. Floralie

16. Floralina

17. Florencia

18. Florentia

19. Florentina

20. Florentine

Cute Nicknames For Florence

21. Florenza

22. Florenzia

23. Flori

24. Florie

25. Floris

26. Florisbel

27. Florisella

28. Florrie

29. Flory

30. Flossy

31. Fluffy

32. Lora

33. Lorentine

34. Lorrie

35. Ree

36. Remy

37. Ren

38. Renny

39. Rony

40. Rosie

Famous People Named Florence

41. Florence Abigail Cowles (1878-1958), American cookbook author and journalist.

42. Florence Anderson Clark (1835–1918), American author, newspaper editor, librarian, and university dean.

43. Florence Auer (1880–1962), American actress.

44. Florence Austin (1884–1927), American violinist.

45. Florence Avalon Daggett (1907–2002), American filmmaker.

46. Florence Carpenter Ives (1854–1900), American journalist.

47. Florence Duval West (1840–1881), American poet.

48. Florence Eiseman (1899–1988), American children's clothing designer.

49. Florence Fang (born 1933/1934), American businesswoman, publisher, and philanthropist.

50. Florence Frances Huberwald, American singer, teacher, suffragist, and national leader of the women's movement.

51. Florence Griffith Joyner (1959–1998), American athlete in track and field.

52. Florence Hay, an American baseball player.

53. Florence Henderson (1934–2016), American actress and singer.

54. Florence Huntley (1861–1912), American journalist, editor, humorist.

55. Florence Johnston, a fictional character on the TV series ‘The Jeffersons’ and ‘Checking In’.

56. Florence Kelley (1859–1932), American social reformist and feminist.

57. Florence Littauer (1928–2020), American writer and public speaker.

58. Florence Magruder Gilmore (1881-1945), American author.

59. Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) was, a pioneer of modern nursing.

60. Florence Pugh (born 1996), English actress.

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