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Nicknames are something that makes a bond between two people closer and more special.

You would not want to call your child, friend, sibling, spouse, or a special one by the name that everyone else does. Thus, having a nickname for them makes it special altogether.

Leslie is a name with quite a beautiful meaning, but it is very common. The name of Scottish origin, which either means a 'holly tree' or 'garden' or 'from the gray fort', is considered to be unisexual and can be used both for a boy and girl.

As parents, friends, and family, if you are looking for nicknames for Leslie, worry not! In this article, you will find a compilation of various different nicknames for Leslie to inspire you and choose from.

Girl Nicknames For Leslie

If your baby girl is named Leslie or Lesley, here are some cute nicknames to help you with.

1. Carmela - Similar original sense of the word Leslie or Lesley, as it means garden.

2. Ella - Name of a famous American singer.

3. Elle - Word derived from the French language, indicating women or female.

4. Elsy - Making an oath to God.

5. Izzy - Name of Hebrew origin indicating God's promise.

6. Lace-Lie - For Leslie, who loves to wear laces.

7. Lailah - Word of Arabic origin defining night.

8. Lays-Lie - For someone who loves potato chips.

9. Lazy-Lee - A person who is slow like a sloth and plays on the name Lesley's pronunciation.

10. Lesedi - Synonymous with light.

11. Lesliar - Word-play for a Leslie who lies a lot.

12. Lesly - It is a spelling variant of the name Leslie, and it also means 'holly garden'.

13. Lessy - Rich aroma or smell coming out of wine.

14. Lexy - Nickname for a famous American child actress who is very close to Lesley.

15. Liah - Lioness in the Latin language.

16. Lily - A type of flower

17. Lindi - In English, it can be referred to as lime tree

18. Lissy - In Hebrew, it means 'God in abundance'.

19. Lucy - Someone who is born at dawn or in daylight.

20. Messlie - For someone who is messy.

21. Miss Lie - An elegant way to address Leslie.

Boy Nicknames For Leslie

Often the nickname for Leslie is "Lee," but if you want to add some more style and uniqueness to your chosen nickname, here are some good ones to consider.

22. Barley - A Leslie who eats only grains and is on a diet.

23. Lass - Is usually used to refer to young girls or women and can be used as a joke for a boy named Leslie.

24. Leslee - A spelling variant of Leslie.

25. Leslea - A spelling variant for Leslie. Also, Leslea Newman is a famous American author.

26. Lesy - The defender of mankind.

27. Lez - A cute short form for Leslie.

28. Liz - A short name for many names, including Lesley.

29. Lulu - American actress, Leslie Bibb, has the nickname, Lulu.

30. Silly - Someone who is playful and light-hearted.

31. Sly - A person with a crafty mind, also the pronunciation of the last few letters of Leslie.

Universal Nicknames For Leslie

Check out some commonly used nicknames used for Leslie below:

32. Alfe - A person with a clever mind and good judgment.

33. Ellie - Rhyming with Lesley, and it means light.

34. Jelly - A rhyming name to Leslie.

35. Lacole - Someone who wins almost everything.

36. LeeLee - It sounds much like a flower, Lily. It is derived from Leslie.

37. Lel - Alternative acronym for LOL but can also be a cute short form for Leslie.

38. Lesleep - A little wordplay to show Leslie's love for sleeping.

39. Lesslee - Just another funny name for Leslie.

40. Lina - It means sunlight or a hero's crown in Greek.

41. Lisel - Another name meaning God's promise.

42. Lulu Bear - An adoring name for Leslie.

43. Love Pie - A loving name for Leslie.

44. Lovelie - Rhyming to Leslie, a person who is lovable.

45. Tilly - A mighty person in a battle.

Nicknames With Gaelic Elements

Not found it yet? If you want some nicknames that have Gaelic elements or are a type of Scottish surname similar to or rhyming with Lesley, here is a list for you!

46. Bruce Lee - For someone who resembles the famous martial artist Bruce Lee.

47. Eli - A short version of the name Leslie, meaning 'my god'.

48. Kayly - From the Scottish word 'Kay', which is fire.

49. Kelly - A famous Scottish surname, also used as a name.

50. Kyle - A narrow channel.

51. Lakala - A gift of God.

52. Lee - A short name of Leslie.

53. Lezly - It is an alternate spelling for Lesley, which means 'gray fort'.

54. Lilo - Famous character from 'Lilo and Stitch'.

55. Lyely - A variant of Lyle, which sounds a lot like loyal.

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