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Nymph names are always appealing because of Greek and Roman mythology, for nymphs are regarded as minor goddesses who could challenge the gods.

Nymph names are related to different natural elements like rivers, clouds, mountains, trees, fresh water streams, and several others. So, why not look for some mythical names from mountain nymphs or forest nymphs for your minor goddess.

From Aphrodite to Zeuxippe, find some names for your young girl from the list below!

Water Nymph Names

Water nymphs are known as 'naiads.' Greek mythology exemplifies springs, trees, lakes, fountains, and rivers under young nymphs. Naiads illustrate the feminine features of art, beauty, beneficence, and light-heartedness as befitting their relationship to freshwaters. Here are a few water-nymph names for your minor goddesses.

Aba (Greek origin) refers to the nymphs of springs and fountains, who inhabited the town of Ergiske. 

Aegle (Greek origin) meaning 'brightness' or 'dazzling light', was the daughter of Panopeus. 

Aethra (Greek Origin) meaning 'bright sky' is a beautiful name for a young girl. 

Albunea (Roman origin), was a water nymph who was believed to be a healer and prophetess. 

Alcyone (Greek origin) meaning 'kingfisher' originates from 'Halcyone'.

Anippe (Egyptian origin) means 'daughter of Nile'. This naiad nymph was loved by the Greek god Poseidon. 

Arethusa (Greek origin) meaning 'quick water' was the nymph who transformed to become a fountain, a great name for young goddesses. 

Argia (Greek origin) meaning 'bright' or 'shining' was the daughter of Oceanus and a naiad nymph who inhabited the Tiber River in Rome. 

Callythia (Greek origin) meaning 'fine offerings', can be an alternative for Lo. 

Chione (Greek origin) meaning 'goddess of snow', refers to the daughter of the North Wind. 

Chloris (Greek origin) meaning 'pale green' refers to the goddess of flowers; who is the wife of the West Wind.  

Glaucia (Greek origin) meaning 'gray blue' is another beautiful naiad. Would be perfect for a baby girl with gray or blue eyes.

Lilaea (Greek origin) meaning 'lilac' who inhabited spring, was the daughter of Cephissus, the river god. 

Phrixa (Greek origin) meaning 'ripple' refers to the naiad who was a nurse of Zeus. 

Stilbe (Greek origin) meaning 'glittering surface', refers to a naiad loved by the Greek god Apollo. 

Thronia (Greek origin) meaning 'of the throne', was a naiad loved by the Greek Olympian Poseidon. 

Greek Nymph Names

Greek nymph names are mythological nature spirits, whose names are for beloved baby girls. The word 'nymph' literally translates to 'bride'. Nymphs were in charge of everything from springs to clouds, trees, caverns, meadows, and beaches.

They were in charge of caring for their domain's flora and animals. Greek nymphs are portrayed as mothers, lovers, and goddesses, who bestow their love and are nurturing in nature. Here are a few Greek nymph names to pick from!

Astris (Greek origin) refers to the daughter of the Greek god Helios and is a star-nymph. 

Cleodora (Greek origin) meaning ‘famous gift’ refers to the nymph who possessed the gift of prophecy.

Harmonia (Greek origin) meaning ‘harmony’, refers to the mother of Amazons.

Harpina (Greek origin) meaning ‘sickle-shaped sword’, was the nymph of a fountain in the town of Pisa in southern Greece.

Hesperia (Greek origin) meaning ‘western land’ and could be referring to Italy. The name is associated with the evening as the Sun disappears to the west.

Kallisto (Greek origin) meaning ‘most beautiful’ was the lover of Zeus.

Lampetia (Greek origin) meaning ‘shining’, was the daughter of Helios and Neaera.

Maia (Greek origin) meaning ‘mother’ was the mother of Hermes.

Melite (Greek origin) meaning ‘honey-sweet’, as the name sounds, is an attractive Greek nymph.

Metis (Greek origin) meaning ‘wisdom’ or ‘skill’ refers to the Greek goddess, who was the mother of Athena and the first wife of Zeus.

Neaera (Greek origin) meaning ‘newly risen’ is an island nymph who was over Helios.

Philia (Greek origin) meaning ‘friendship’ is another pleasing name that was identified with the nurse of Dionysus.

Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning ‘bright or shining’. In mythology, she was the mother of Asteria and is also identified as the moon in later mythology.

Phosthonia (Greek origin) meaning ‘light’ was the name of one of the daughters of Alkyoneus.

Thalia (Greek origin) meaning ‘joyous’ exalts the person as a muse of comedy. The nymph can also mean ‘flourishing’ or ‘good cheer’. A perfect name for an energetic and happy baby who brings you great joy.

Themis (Greek origin) meaning ‘divine law’ is a name that personifies tradition, divine law and justice. A perfect strong name for a baby girl

Girls dressed in Roamn costumes.

Wood Nymph Names

Nymphs relating to wood or trees are called dryads in Greek mythology. The word 'dryad' has its roots in 'drys' meaning 'oak' in Greek. Dryad is a term that can be associated with forests and woodland nymphs. Dryad, also known as hamadryad, are nature spirits that inhabit trees. Here are some wood nymph names for you to pick from. 

Daphne (Greek origin) meaning 'laurel tree' was the dryad who was transformed into a laurel. 

Helis (Greek origin) meaning 'willow tree' is a dryad, who was a nurse to Zeus. 

Ida (Greek origin) meaning 'wooded mountain' is the mother of Minos and daughter of Corybas. 

Meliae (Greek origin) meaning 'ash tree' was the daughter of Gaea. 

Sea Nymph Names

Sea-nymphs are generally termed Oceanids or nereids. According to Greek mythology, nereids are female spirits inhabiting sea waters. Here are some interesting sea nymph names that you can consider for your little princess.

Amatheia (Greek origin) meaning ‘nurse’, was the sea-nymph who helped sailors to fight catastrophic storms.

Amphiro (Greek origin) meaning ‘surrounding river’ is an oceanic name.

Beroe (Greek origin) was a nereid nymph who inhabited the city of Beirut. She was born to Aphrodite and Adonis, the gods of beauty and grace.

Callianassa (Greek origin) meaning ‘beautiful queen’ is a nereid that stands distinct from other names. This uncommon name would be a perfect unique name for your baby girl.

Calypso (Greek origin) meaning ‘one who conceals’ was a nymph whose abode was the Island of Ogygia.

Chryseis (Greek origin) meaning ‘golden’, was one of the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys.

Clio (Greek origin) meaning ‘to recount’, was an Oceanid nymph, who was the daughter of Oceanus. There is another Clio in Greek mythology, who was one of nine muses.

Cranto (Greek origin) was a nereid sea nymph, who was one of the 50 daughters born to Nereus and Doris.

Cymo (Greek origin) meaning ‘white as sea foam’ was a sea nymph born to Nereus and Doris. In Greek mythology, Cymo means ‘the wave goddess’.

Dero (Latin origin) meaning ‘rose’, was a nereid nymph, who was the daughter of Nereus and Doris.

Doris (Greek origin) meaning ‘sea goddess’ was the daughter of Tytus Oceanus and Tethys.

Doto (Greek mythology) meaning ‘giver’, was the goddess who granted a safe voyage to the travelers. This nereid nymph has a shrine in Gabala.

Eione (Greek origin) meaning ‘the shore goddess’ was the nereid nymph who helped castaways.

Eudora (Greek origin) meaning ‘good gift’ was one of the 3000 Oceanids.

Eunice (Greek origin) meaning ‘good victory’ was born to Nereus and Doris.

Europa (Greek origin) after whom Europe is named, was a sea-nymph born to Oceanus and Tethys.

Evagora (Greek origin) meaning ‘assembler’ is a nereid.

Galaxaura (Greek origin) meaning ‘milky breeze’ is the nymph donned with beauty!

Galene (Greek origin) meaning ‘calm’ is the nereid, identified with the goddess of calm seas.

Hyale (Greek origin) meaning ‘crystal’, was a companion to Artemis.

Keto (Greek origin) meaning ‘sea-monster’ was the lover of Helios and is a pretty Oceanid for your pretty fairy!

Klytie (Greek origin) meaning ‘famous’ was the Oceanid who fell in love with Helios.

Lanassa (Greek origin) meaning ‘queen’ is a nereid.

Lanirra (Greek origin) meaning ‘enchantress’ was the name of two Oceanids.

Lanthe (Greek origin) meaning ‘violet flower’ is an enchanting name.

Lara (Greek origin) meaning ‘lady of the water’ occupied Brazilian folklore as a river nymph who could charm men into the water.

Limnoria (Greek origin) meaning ‘salt marsh’ was born to Oceanid Doris.

Menestho (Greek origin) meaning ‘swift force’ is an Oceanid that can symbolize might and intellect. Perfect name for any determined girl.

Pasithea (Greek origin) meaning ‘all-divine’ is a nereid.

Phaeno (Greek origin) meaning ‘appear or shine’ is an alluring Oceanid nymph.

Psamanthe (Greek origin) meaning ‘sand goddess’, refers to the wife of Proteus. She is preached as the goddess of beaches and seals. A great name for your little beach baby.

Rhanis (Greek origin) meaning ‘raindrop’ refers to an Oceanid who was a companion to Artemis.

Telesto (Greek Origin) meaning ‘success’ is a beautiful name to refer to your angel as a spirit of success.

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