100+ Popular Israeli Names With Meaning

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Almost 10% of the general population of Israel and people of Israeli descent live across the world.

The largest ethnic groups in Israel are Jews and Arabs. Hence, most of the names of the people of Israel are Hebrew or Arabic.

Israeli names are very common in today's world. When choosing names for their child, people of Israel focus on both how the name sounds and the meaning.

That's the main reason why they tend to choose or stick to ancient Hebrew names, even though they're a highly modern country. Take a dip in the culture of Israel with the list we've made for you of all the best Israeli names.

If you are looking for more names, then you can look at our articles on Jewish Girl Names and Jewish Boy Names.

Trendy Israeli Boys Names

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The majority of Israeli boy names like David or Daniel are either Biblical boy names or Hebrew boys' names. As a parent with a penchant for ancient and religious names, you might be searching for baby names which are not only popular but also, make your child stand out.

Here's the list of all the trendy Israeli baby boy names.

1. Abidan (Hebrew origin), meaning "my father is my judge".

2. Adam (Semitic origin), meaning "man, the earth". This boy's Jewish baby name is one of the most popular Jewish names worldwide.

3. Ahiram (Hebrew origin), meaning, "brother of the exalted one".

4. Alatan (Hebrew origin), meaning "a strong one, strength".

5. Amarya (Hebrew origin), meaning "the word of God".

6. Anshil (Hebrew origin), meaning "a happy and blessed soul".

7. Ariel (Hebrew origin), meaning "lion of God". Ariel Sharon was an Israeli politician and general who served as the eleventh Prime Minister of Israel. This boys' baby name is also one of the very popular Jewish baby names.

8. Arles (Hebrew origin), meaning "pledge".

9. Ayalon (Hebrew origin), meaning "place of deer".

10. Azareel (Hebrew origin), meaning "help of God".

11. Azrail (Hebrew origin), meaning "the angel of death".

12. Beriah (Hebrew origin), meaning "misfortune or calamity".

13. Bethuel (Hebrew origin), meaning "someone who's a man of God".

14. Boaz (Biblical origin) meaning "rooted in strength". Boaz Davidson is a famous director in Israel. It is one of the famous Israeli boy names as well.

15. Chagai (Hebrew origin), meaning "festive". Chagai Zamir is an Israeli Paralympic volleyball champion who's won quite a few golds and silver medals for his country.

16. Chaviv (Hebrew origin), meaning "he who is loved".

17. Choni (Hebrew origin), meaning "a gracious person".

18. Daniel (Hebrew origin), meaning "a Prophet". Daniel Kahneman is an Israeli economist and psychologist who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002.

19. David (Hebrew origin), meaning "a dear friend". David D'Or is a renowned Israeli composer, singer, and songwriter. David Grossman is a very famous Israeli author. David is also one of the most popular boys' names among Jewish boys' baby names as it has Biblical connotations.

20. Eitan (Hebrew origin), meaning "someone who is very bold and spiritually steady". Eitan Glass is an Israeli actor known for his roles in 'Live and Become', 'The Piter Shmychel Project' and 'Miluim'. Eitan Anner is an Israeli film screenwriter and director.

21. Elazaro (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has helped".

22. Elishama (Hebrew origin), meaning "God hears everyone".

23. Elnatan (Hebrew origin), meaning "gift of God".

24. Eshakol (Hebrew origin), meaning "a grape cluster".

25. Hillel (Hebrew origin), meaning "to praise". Hillel Slovak was an Israeli-American musician, known as the founding guitarist of the famous rock band 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers'.

26. Horam (Biblical origin), meaning "hill".

27. Ithamar (Hebrew origin), meaning " Palm island".

28. Joseph (Hebrew origin), meaning "God will multiply or Yahweh provides". Joseph Kossonogi was a renowned Israeli painter.

29. Muhammad (Arabic origin), meaning "praiseworthy". The name is similar to Mohammad Bakri, a famous Israeli actor.

30. Omer (Semitic origin), meaning "successful, talker, growing, long-term, blooming". Omer Ben-Shachar is an award-winning Israeli director and writer. Omer Tadmor is an Israeli writer and actor, known for 'Muchrachim Lehiyot Same'ach', 'BeTipul', and 'Hakol Dvash'.

31. Reu (Hebrew origin), meaning "a shepherd or a friend".

32. Saadya (Hebrew origin), meaning "helper of God". This is a popular name that is related to Saadia Gaon, a famous Jewish philosopher.

33. Shraga (Hebrew origin), meaning "light or candle".

34. Tzvi (Hebrew origin), meaning "deer". Tzvi is not much of a popular boys' name among Jewish boys' baby names.

35. Uri (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my light". Uri Zvi Greenberg was an acclaimed Israeli journalist and poet who wrote in Hebrew and Yiddish. Uri Frost is a renowned Israel born American rock guitarist, director, and producer.

36. Yagil (Hebrew origin), meaning "He will rejoice". This is one of the popular baby names for boys.

Cool Israeli Names For Boys

Here you have the list of all the cool Israel names for your baby boy.

37. Ammi (Hebrew origin), meaning "my people".

38. Ammital (Hebrew origin), meaning "the one who is truthful".

39. Anani (Hebrew origin), meaning "cloud".

40. Ataret (Hebrew origin), meaning "the one being crowned".

41. Avimelech (Hebrew origin), meaning "my father is the king".

42. Azaziah (Hebrew origin), meaning "Yahweh is strong". This boys' name is unique among boys baby names.

43. Ben-Aryeh (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of the lion".

44. Ben-Tziyon (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of Zion".

45. Chayyim (Hebrew origin), meaning "life".

46. Chiram (Hebrew origin), meaning "a noble and exalted being".

47. Daniyyel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my judge".

48. Dothan (Hebrew origin), meaning "law". It is an ancient city mentioned in the Bible.

49. Ebenezer (Hebrew origin), meaning "foundation stone".

50. Eiran (Hebrew origin), meaning "the one who is vigilant and awake".

51. Eliphelet (Hebrew origin), meaning "my God is deliverance".

52. Eliyyahu (Hebrew origin), meaning "the lord is my God".

53. Jazeel (Arabic origin), meaning "power of God". The name is similar to Jezreel Valley in Israel.

54. Kibzaim (Hebrew origin), meaning "protected".

55. Pinye (Hebrew origin), meaning "a dark-complexioned person".

56. Raguel (Hebrew origin), referring to one of the seven archangels. An Angel of Justice. One of the angelic baby names for your little angel.

57. Shachna (Hebrew origin), meaning "someone close to God".

58. Uzziah (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is strong".

59. Yehochanan (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious".

60. Yeshayahu (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is salvation". Yeshayahu Leibowitz was a renowned Israeli Orthodox Jewish public polymath, prolific writer, and intellectual.

Trendy Israeli Girls Names

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Israeli female names, like Tamar or Daliah, are mainly Hebrew girl names. Below is the list of all the trendiest Israeli and Hebrew names for girls.

61. Alitza (Hebrew origin), meaning "joyous".

62. Anath (Hebrew origin), meaning "the answer".

63. Avishag (Hebrew origin), meaning "my father strays". Avishag Rabiner is an Israeli actress known for 'Amodu', 'Tironoot' and 'North Star'. She is mentioned in the Bible as the servant of David. It is one of the uncommon Jewish baby names for girls.

64. Ayelet (Hebrew origin), meaning "a gazelle". Ayelet Zurer is an award-winning Israeli actress, and Ayelet Shaked is an Israeli activist, politician, and was a member of the Knesset for The Jewish Home from 2013 to 2018.

65. Bathshua (Hebrew origin), meaning "daughter of an oath".  This is a Jewish name mentioned in the Bible. She was the wife of Judah.

66. Berura (Hebrew origin), meaning "someone pure".

67. Chania (Hebrew origin), meaning "resting place or encampment".

68. Dafne (Greek origin), meaning "laurel tree".

69. Derora (Hebrew origin), meaning "freedom".

70. Dikla (Aramaic origin), meaning "palm tree". Dikla Sachs is an Israeli director and actress, known for 'Shovrei Galim' and 'Babong'. Dikla Elkaslassy is an Israeli screenwriter, director, and actress.

71. Gal (Hebrew origin) meaning "wave". Gal is a famous Jewish name for girls after Gal Gadot, who played the title role in 'Wonder Woman'. This Israeli girl name has become quite popular all over the world.

72. Hilla (Hebrew origin), meaning "timid". Hilla Medalia is a renowned award-winning Israeli director and producer.

73. Ilana (Hebrew origin), meaning "tree".  Ilana Raviv is a famous Israeli artist. This is one of the popular baby names for girls.

74. Jafit (Hebrew origin), meaning "the one who is beautiful".

75. Jonati (Hebrew origin), meaning "my dove".

76. Kaela (Hebrew origin), meaning "the laurel crown".

77. Lia (Hebrew origin), meaning "a weary ruler or mistress".

78. Malcah (Hebrew origin), meaning "queen".

79. Marmel (Hebrew origin), meaning "vineyard of God".

80. Mazal (Hebrew origin), meaning "fortune or luck".

81. Mirtza (Hebrew origin), meaning "sea of bitterness".

82. Noam (Hebrew origin), meaning "satisfaction or loveliness". Noam Lugasy is an Israeli actress.

83. Orali (Hebrew origin), meaning "my light".  

84. Perril (Hebrew origin), meaning "pearl".

85. Pessel (Hebrew origin), meaning "my pearl".

86. Sara (Hebrew origin), meaning "princess".

87. Shlomit (Hebrew origin), meaning "peace". Shlomit Malka-Levi is an Israeli TV host and fashion model.

88. Talia (Hebrew origin), meaning "dew of God". Talia Shapira was an Israeli singer, actress, writer, and comedian. Talia Gal'On is an Israeli cinematographer and editor.

89. Tamar (Hebrew origin), meaning "date palm tree". Tamar Katz is a former Israeli competitive figure skater. Tamar has been an Israeli national champion three times. Tamar is also a popular girls name among Israeli girl names.

90. Vitke (Hebrew origin), meaning "life".

91. Yitta (Hebrew origin), meaning "light".

92. Yosepha (Hebrew origin), meaning "God provides". One of the common baby names for girls.  

93. Zemora (Hebrew origin), meaning "song of praise".

Pretty Israeli Names For Girls

Have a look at the list of some of the prettiest Israeli names for your baby girl.

94. Achima (Hebrew origin), meaning "God will establish."

95. Allonia (Hebrew origin), meaning "strong as an Oak tree".

96. Avigayil (Hebrew origin), meaning "the one who is a happy father and provides joy". This Israeli girls name has one of the sweetest meanings among Jewish names with 'A'. This name is related to Avigail Kovari, an Israeli singer.

97. Bat-Tseeyon (Hebrew origin), meaning "daughter of Zion".

98. Cheftzi-Ba (Hebrew origin), meaning "she is my desire".

99. Daganyah (Hebrew origin), meaning "ceremonial grain".

100. Daliah (Hebrew origin), meaning "the gentle one". Dalilah Lavi was an Israeli model, actress, and singer.

101. Ghila (Hebrew origin), meaning "happiness and joy".

102. Gilana (Hebrew origin), meaning "eternal joy". This is one of the popular baby names for girls.

103. Hasida (Hebrew origin), meaning "someone righteous". Hasida Stolero is a renowned Israeli TV actress.

104. Haya (Hebrew origin), meaning "life". Haya Harareet is an Israeli actress.

105. Jedidah (Hebrew origin), meaning "a companion and friend".

106. Karmia (Hebrew origin), meaning "Lord's vineyard".

107. Mintze (Hebrew origin), meaning "bitter."

108. Miriam (Hebrew origin), meaning "rebelliousness, a sea of bitterness or wished for child".

109. Moriel (Hebrew origin), meaning "Lord is my teacher".

110. Noa (Hebrew origin), meaning "wave program or undertaking or indication". Noa Tohar Tishby is a renowned Israeli actress, singer, and producer.

111. Ornette (Hebrew origin), meaning "cedar tree or light".

112. Pazice (Hebrew origin), meaning "golden".

113. Seleta (Hebrew origin), meaning "rock".

114. Shira (Jewish origin), meaning "poetry or song". Shira Haas is a renowned award-winning Israeli actress.

115. Tseeli (Hebrew origin), meaning "princess".

116. Tychicus (Biblical origin), meaning "fortunate or accidental".

117. Yael (Hebrew origin), meaning "mountain goat". Yael Naim is a renowned Israeli-French singer and songwriter.

118. Yoram (Biblical Hebrew origin), meaning "exalted by God".

119. Zehavit (Hebrew origin), meaning "golden".

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