100 Puritan Names With Meanings And History

Georgia Stone
Feb 15, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Oct 14, 2020
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Careful thought has to go into deciding on a name for your child.

Parents naturally want to raise children with certain moral values. Puritan names are typically inspired by Biblical characters, moral virtues or family relations, making them an ideal moral choice.

Many of the names in the Bible took form through England’s Puritan naming revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Some of these names were quite long and were structured as directives so that parents could motivate their kids to behave like good Christians.

Many Puritanical names are tributes to Jesus Christ and others represent model behavior characteristics that are looked up to in society.

Whether you’re looking for some popular Puritan names still in use today or some unique Puritan names of the past, our list of carefully selected names can give you the inspiration you need to name your baby.  

For more name ideas, take a look at these names that mean faith or these Hebrew names for boys.

Popular Puritan Names For Girls

Want to name your daughter after some popularly used Puritan names? We’ve got you covered with this list.

1. Abigail (Herbew origin), meaning ‘father’s joy’, from the Book of Samuel.  

2. Amity (English origin), which means ‘to have friendly relations’, derived from ‘amite’ (English) or ‘amie’ (French).

3. Blessing (Biblical origin), meaning ‘divine gift’, a virtue based Puritanical name.  

4. Blythe (English origin), which means ‘cheerful’, derived from Old English.

5. Charity (English origin), which means ‘kindness or giving nature’, Jesus Christ taught this as one of the cardinal virtues.  

6. Charis (Greek origin), the names ‘kindness and grace’, from one of the Greek Charites.  

7. Constance (English origin), which means ‘purposeful’, ‘steadfast’, or ‘knowledgeable’, derived from the Latin, ‘constantia’.  

8. Destiny (English origin), which means ‘fate’, derived from Latin ‘destinare’ meaning ‘to determine’.  

9. Divinity (Biblical origin), meaning ‘of a divine nature’ or to ‘praise God’.

10. Esther (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘star’.

11. Eve (English origin), which means ‘living’, derived from the Latin word, ‘Eva’.

12. Faith or Faythe (English origin), which means ‘confidence’ or ‘trust’. This name is taken from the Latin word ‘fidere’ which means ‘to trust’.

13. Felicity (English origin), which means ‘happiness’, derived from ‘felicitas’ which means good luck.

14. Grace (Biblical origin), meaning ‘to give thanks or favor’. The name refers to the grace of God on mankind and is derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’.  

15. Judith (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘a woman from Judea’, derived from ‘Yehudit’.

16. Lydia (Greek origin), meaning ‘beautiful or noble one’.  

17. Mercy (English origin), which means ‘compassion’.

18. Modesty (Latin origin), meaning ‘one who does not have any conceit’.  

19. Patience (English origin), which means ‘having a calm endurance or forbearance’.

20. Priscilla (Latin origin), meaning ‘ancient’ or ‘venerable’, derived from the word ‘priscus’.    

21. Prudence (English origin), which means ‘good judgement’, derived from the Latin word ‘Prudentia’.

22. Rachel (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘ewe’, a reference to Rachel from the Bible.

23. Ruth (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘friend’, from the Old Testament.

24. Sara (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘high ranking woman or princess’, reference to Abraham’s wife. This was a popular Puritan name in America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

25. Tacita (Roman origin), meaning ‘one who is silent’, derived from ‘Tacitus’ (Latin).

26. Temperance (English origin), which means ‘self-control or moderation’.  

27. Trinity (English origin), from the Bible, referring to the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost).  

28. Verity (Latin origin), the name means ‘sincerity’ or ‘truth’, derived from the word ‘veritus’.  

Popular Puritan Names for Boys Still in Use Today

Looking for a popular Puritan name for your little boy? Take a pick from these popular and meaningful names.

29. Able (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘capable’, reference to the Biblical figure Abel.

30. Abram (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘exalted father’, reference to Biblical figure, Abraham.

31. Ace (Latin origin), meaning ‘number 1’ derived from ‘as’ meaning unity.  

32. Bennet (English origin), the name means ‘blessed’, derived from the Latin word ‘benedictus.’

33. Caleb (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘wholehearted’.

34. Ezekial (Biblical origin), meaning ‘God strengthens’, a popular prophet from the Old Testament.

35. Fortitude (English origin), which means ‘bravery’.    

36. Gideon (Biblical origin), meaning ‘great warrior’ or ‘someone who cuts down’, from the popular military head of the Old Testament.  

37. Gyles (Greek origin), meaning ‘young goat'.

38. Isaac (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘he will laugh’.

39. Isaiah (Biblical origin), meaning ‘Yahweh is salvation’, from the Book of Isaiah.  

40. Jeremiah (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘Jesus Christ will rise’, refers to prophet Jeremiah.

41. Jonas (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘peaceful being’, from ancient Greece.  

42. Joshua (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God is salvation’ to praise God.

43. Josias (Hebrew origin), the name means ‘God saves’, derived from the Biblical name, Josiah.

44. Nathan (Hebrew origin), the name means ‘God’s gift’.

45. Noble (English origin), which means ‘distinguished’, derived from the Latin word ‘nobilis’.

46. Obadiah (Hebrew origin), the name means ‘a servant of God’, refers to a minor prophet from the Old Testament.

47. Ruben (Spanish origin), meaning ‘Behold, a son’.

48. Sampson (English origin), which means ‘sun’, derived from Hebrew, ‘Shimshon’.  

49. Samuel (Hebrew origin), the name means ‘God’s name’, the last ruling judge from the Old Testament.  

50. Simon or Symon (Hebrew origin), the name means ‘one who listens’ or ‘he has heard’.

51. Timothy (Greek origin), meaning ‘one who honors God’.

52. Titus (Biblical origin), this name means ‘pleasing’, derived from the Latin, ‘titulus’.

53. Tobias (Greek origin), meaning ‘God is good’, derived from the Hebrew, ‘Tobiah’.

54. Valor (Latin origin), meaning ‘worthiness or bravery’.  

55. Zachariah (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God remembers’.  

Unique Puritan Names For Girls

Do you want your daughter to stand out from the crowd with a unique Puritan name that’s less common in the world we live in today? Choose a name from among this list.

56. Dorcas (Greek origin), meaning ‘gazelle’, a reference to Dorcas from the New Testament whom St. Peter raised from the dead.  

57. Hopestill (English origin), this name means ‘to continue having faith’ refers to a second century saint called Hope who was tortured for her faith when she was 10 years old.

58. Lois (Greek origin), meaning ‘better or more desirable’.  

59. Memorantia (English origin), this name means ‘remembering’.  

60. Michal (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘who is like God’, this name refers to David’s first wife and King Saul’s daughter.

61. Remembrance (English origin), this name means ‘to remember’.

62. Reverie (English origin), which means ‘losing oneself pleasantly in thought’, derived from ‘reuerye’.

63. Sapience (English origin), which means ‘sagacity’ or ‘wisdom’.

64. Sapphire (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘a beautiful gem’.

65. Serendipity (English origin), which means ‘unforeseen good fortune’.

66. Tahira (Arabic origin), meaning ‘chaste and pure’.  

67. Tamar (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘date palm’ or ‘palm tree’.  

Unique Puritan Names For Boys

Why not give your son a unique Puritan name that will stand out? One of these names should do the trick.  

68. Abednego (Biblical origin), meaning ‘light servant’.

69. Aholiab (Biblical origin), meaning ‘the father’s tent’, a figure from the Hebrew Bible.

70. Aminadab (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘noble kinsmen’, from Genesis.

71. Aymes (English origin), which means ‘friend’ derived from the Latin ‘amicitia’.

72. Enoch (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘dedicated’, refers to an important figure from the Old Testament.

73. Epaphras (Greek origin), meaning ‘handsome’, a reference to Apostle Paul’s observer.  

74. Gamaliel (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘my reward is God’.

75. Joachim (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘one who was raised by Yahweh’, derived from Yehoyaqim.

76. Minister (English origin), referring to a Church minister.

77. Mordecai (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘warrior’ or ‘worshipper of the Babylonian deity, Marduk’.

78. Theophilus (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘friend of God’ or ‘love of God’, taken from the New Testament of the Bible.  

79. Uriah (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘God’s flame’.

Gender Neutral Puritan Names

Not sure as yet what the gender of your baby is and don’t want to find out? You can still be ready with a gender neutral puritan name from this list.  

80. Adore (English origin), which means ‘to worship or love’, derived from the Latin word ‘adoro’ which means ‘to speak or pray’.

81. Cherubin (French origin), referring to the second-order of the angels.

82. Freedom (English origin), which means ‘liberty’, from the Corinthians.

83. Haven (English origin), which means ‘a safe space’, a popular Puritan virtue name.  

84. Honor (English origin), which means ‘dignity and esteem’, popular among the Puritans.

85. Justice (English origin), which means ‘someone who does the right thing as per Law’, a Puritan virtue name.  

86. Sage (Latin origin), meaning ‘wise’.

87. Shadrach (Biblical origin), meaning ‘tender’, from the Old Testament.

88. Victory (Latin origin), meaning ‘to succeed’.

The Longest Puritan Names

Curious about just how long Puritan names can be? Here’s a list of some of the longest Puritan names in existence. You are very unlikely to find thesebeing used as baby names today but they are interesting to look at, nonetheless.

89. Abuse not (English origin), reference to Corinthians.

90. Aid on high (English origin), a tribute to the support God gives us.

91. Fear not (Biblical origin).

92. Fight the good fight of faith (English origin), refers to the obstacles that need to be overcome while living with faith in God. Fight the good fight of faith is a name from the Puritanical era.  

93. If Christ had not died for thee thou hadst been damned (Biblical origin), If Christ had not died for thee thou hadst been damned was Nicholas Barbon’s baptismal name.

94. Jesus Christ came into the world to save (Biblical origin).

95. Job raked out of the ashes (Biblical origin).

96. Joy in sorrow (English origin).

97. Kill sin (Biblical origin), meaning ‘being sorry for sin’ and eliminating it with the help of God. Kill sin is rooted in the practice of virtuous living.  

98. Praise God Barebones (Biblical origin).

99. Sorry for sin (English origin).

100. What God will (Biblical origin), meaning ‘leaving to the will of God’.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Puritan names then why not take a look at these double barrel names, or for something different take a look at these names that mean kind.

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