101 Super Sweet Names For Husband To Be Called Affectionately

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Originally Published on Jun 01, 2022
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Classic and sweet names for husband are highly sought after across the world.

Selecting a cute nickname or a funny nickname for your husband is extremely important to show your love for him and his importance in your life.

There are various options available for you to select a cute nickname from in different languages. India being a diverse country is home to various languages and this is the reason that in selecting a funny nickname, there are plenty of options available.

Here are some of the most popular nicknames for husbands. Afterwards, also check tryhard names and Nicknames For Elizabeth.

Sweet Names For Husband In Telegu

Looking for some sweet names for husband in Telugu? Here are some sweet nicknames for your husband in Telugu.

Baava in Telugu, baava signifies the son of an aunt or uncle who is eligible to marry the girl. Because the word 'bava' has a romantic connotation, many women use it to address their spouses.

Bangaram is a valuable metal that means 'gold'. Many women use this phrase as a nickname for spouses who are as valuable to them as gold.

Bangaru Konda in Telugu, one of the most common nicknames for boys is Bangaru Konda.

Bujji, another traditional Telugu term for spouses is bujji, which loosely translates to a child. Even the name implies that your spouse has the purity and thinking of a tiny child.

Donga is a sweet nickname for spouses in Telugu that translates to 'thief'. The name refers to a person who eternally captured her heart!

Junnu is a sort of Telugu cheese that is smooth and sweet. It's a great nickname for men that are kind and enjoyable to be around.

Kanna is a sweet Telugu nickname for men who have a childlike side to them. Many women regard their husbands like grown-up children, hence Kanna also means 'little Krishna'.

Kuchi has no specific meaning, it is thought to imply sweetness or a nice and cute individual. This is why it's a popular Telugu nickname for spouses.

Pandu refers to a 'fruit' that appears to be in good health. In Telugu, it's a wonderful term for spouses since ladies think their partners are highly active and attractive.

Sreevaru, in Telugu, the word 'Sreevaru' means 'husband.' It is a lovely word that enhances the bond between a lady and her spouse.

Sweet Names For Husband In Tamil

Looking for some Romantic nicknames for husband in Tamil? Here are some sweet nicknames for your prince charming.

Alakana means ‘handsome’. Call your husband by this name if he has killer looks.

Anbe means ‘dear’. This name expresses your profound love for your hubby.

Anpe symbolizes that you and your partner are in a very romantic relationship. It means ‘sweetheart’.

Anpu means ‘love’. You'll fall in love with your hubby all over again if you call him 'love'.

Cellam, this name’s English meaning is ‘darling’. When addressing a loved one, this is an affectionate term for addressing.

Cheku means ‘beloved’. Because your husband is a much-loved person, address him by this name.

Katalan means ‘lover’. It best characterizes your spouse.

Kulantai means babe’. This is one of the most popular spouse nicknames.

Muthe means, ‘pearl’. Call your husband by this name since he is extremely valuable to you and deserves to be treated as such.

Nanpa means ‘buddy’ or ‘companion’.This name is ideal for your partner since he is your closest buddy and best companion.

Teriyum means ‘beloved’. Spouses who consider their husbands to be the focus of their world might call them by this name.

Tunai means ‘companion’, make him feel special because he is your soulmate.

Vairam means ‘diamond’, make him feel like he's ideal.

Sweet Names For Husband In Hindi

Looking for sweet nicknames for your husband? Which are the cute nicknames for husband in Hindi language? Here are some popular options to select the perfect nickname.

 Jigar is often utilized as a sign of love and devotion in Hindi. It means kind-hearted.

Teddy is a lovely nickname for men who are squishable and cuddly with their cuteness.

Ashiq means 'lover' in the literal sense. It'll suit your husband/boyfriend if he's obsessed with you and you adore him as your lifelong lover guy.

Bhalu, in Hindi, the word 'bhalu' means 'bear'. If your husband is a bearded guy that you enjoy cuddling with, it will suit him.

Booboo is a sweet name with a nice meaning. Your hubby enjoys being pampered by you.

Champ, when he is exceptional in whatever he does.

Chikoo is a delicious fruit. Your partner is your sweetheart.

Darling, this moniker is as ancient as gold.

Golu translates to cute chubby. You might refer to your chubby companion as golu.

Goofy, like a squirrel on a skateboard or a giant football player hugging a teddy bear after every touchdown, goofy is both ludicrous and adorable.

Heera is a lovely way of implying he's as valuable as a diamond.

Honey means sweetie, darling, a person for whom one feels strong affection.

Humsafar is a Hindi word that means ‘constant companion’. It's a cute nickname for husbands who are constantly supportive of their wives.

Jaan-E-Man, you can keep your husband's phone number on your phone as 'Jaan-e-man,' which means 'beloved or love of my heart.'

Jaanam indicates that he is enraged with you. 'Darling' is the literal translation of this name. It'll be perfect for him if you adore your hubby.

Jaanu means 'beloved.' Your husband is lovely and the love of your life In literature, Romeo was the most romantic character.

Jalebi is a popular Indian dessert. It'll work for him if you can't get enough of him since he's so kind.

Laddu is a traditional Indian treat that is very tasty. It will reflect the sweetness of your connection.

Majnu, the name 'Laila aur Majnu' was inspired by the love romance 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Makhan means 'butter’. Use this if he is buttery smooth and understands how to thoroughly enchant you with his buttery words and love.

Mehboob refers to someone with whom you have a strong bond.

Motu is a nickname for a chubby person. If he has chubby cheeks and a sweet personality, it will suit him.

Panda, if your partner is as sweet, cuddly, and endearing as a panda, or if your husband is the prince of your fantasies, then this nickname is exactly what you want to call him.

Pathiji is a polite Hindi term for spouses that has a beautiful traditional feel to it.

Patidev implies, 'husband who is equal to God’. Even though it is a traditional term, many modern women utilize it to establish a love relationship with their husbands.

Raja, in Hindi, this word signifies king. If he is the king of your life, it will suit him.

Romeo, if you want to show that a man is really in love with someone, you might call him a Romeo.

Shona refers to anything valuable, like gold. It denotes that you hold your husband/boyfriend in high regard.

Shonu, if you believe your husband to be priceless, Shonu is an appropriate nickname for him, as it means 'gold'.

Sunshine, if just seeing your husband's face or hearing his giggle will lift your spirits, then this is the moniker for him.

Ladies always look for a sexy nickname to call their husbands.

Sweet Names For Husband At Christmas

Looking for cute nicknames for your husband to make him feel special? How to select the perfect nickname for your big guy? Here are some of the sexy pet names for your cutie pumpkin.

Heartthrob if something about him makes your heart hurt, whether it's his demeanor, appearance, or both.

Honeybun, when he's as sweet and toasty as a newly baked bun, he's a honey bun.

Honeybunch for honey-sweet men.

Hot chocolate for the spouse who is both hot and tasty, like hot chocolate.

Love muffin, for your spouse, who is a buff guy with a terrific body.

Lovey Dovey, when you want to go very cutesy with your darling hubby, go for lovey-dovey.

Snookums is a sweet nickname that should only be used within the house since it's just too adorable for the outside world.

Teddy Bear is a fun nickname for the kind and loving gentleman who would never hurt a fly.

Sweet Pet Names For Husband

Can not live without your sweetie bunny boy in the world? Here are some classic and sexy pet names for your heart throb.

Amore Mio for the sophisticated Italian husbands who know how to prepare a delicious pizza or spaghetti, Amore Mio is the place to be.

Babe, this traditional boyfriend moniker has never gone out of style.

Bae is a nice and pleasant way to refer to your husband to emphasize how valuable he is. When you use it frequently to text each other, it also sounds adorable.

Boo Bear, if your partner is the kindest person you know, use this endearing term to refer to him while you're alone.

Bubba,in honor of the big bubba in your life who makes you whole.

Bumblebee for all the industrious spouses out there.

Casanova for the seducer who manages to sweep you off your feet every time.

Cuddles is a great gift for a guy who enjoys cuddling.

Cuddly Bear, is your boyfriend tall, fat, and a cuddle monster? Give him this pet name.

Cupcake for the sweetheart with a golden heart and a gorgeous exterior.

Cutie Pie is just as adorable as it sounds! This one is ideal for people who believe their husband is a youngster at heart and a charming little boy.

Dearie, if you want to seem too sweet, you may call him Dearie.

Favorite, this nickname is likely to make your partner blush if you know he's the one for you.

Fella, this antiquated yet timeless nickname will transport you back in time!

Handsome is another personality yet still a nice boyfriend pet name.

Hero, is he fearless enough to save you from a grenade? Then he is unquestionably your hero.

Honey Bee, if he's sweet and cuddly but also hardworking, Honey Bee is the name for him.

Honey Bunny is a sweet take on the ever-popular ‘Honey’. Better-half. Honey Bunny is the standard nickname for married couples, yet it may also be used for your husband.

HunBun is another nice name to show your hubby how much you care.

Jellybean, when he's as sweet as a package of jellybeans.

Ken, if your boyfriend is constantly well-groomed and trendy, you're Barbie, and he's Ken.

Kiddo is for your boyfriend if you've noticed the child in him.

Love bug, if you and your husband are madly in love and completely head over heels in love, you can call him 'Love Bug.'

Love, this nickname may appear simple, yet it has a lot of meaning. Lovey and My Love are two further versions.

Moonpie for the hubby who is scrumptious!

Muffin denotes that he is the first thing you want to see in the morning.

Oreo, this cookie is perfect for a lovely guy.

Papi is a Spanish term for referring to your husband as the finest daddy your children could have.

PookieWookie is a sweet name that consists of a stream of weird baby gibberish.

Prince Charming is a fun nickname for your knight in dazzling armor who swept you off your feet.

Prince is an adorable name that will make your guy feel like royalty.

Pudding Pie is another great moniker for a nice partner who is like a pudding pie.

Pumpkin is a cute and easy boyfriend pet name.

Sparky, give him this name if he gives a little zing to your life.

Sugar, for a sweet partner, sugar is appropriate. Sugar Lips is an excellent kisser variety.

Superman is a guy with superpowers who can do what you believe is impossible.

Tiger, if he romantically impresses you, call him Tiger.

Treasure, if you have discovered the treasure, and he is permanently yours.

Wookie, only real Star Wars fans will comprehend the significance of this adorable expression.

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