The Ultimate 100 Baby Boy Names Ending In N

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There are lots of baby boy names to choose from these days; whether you're looking for a more traditional name, a famous name or something a little bit different, we have plenty of choices to help you along your way.

Names ending in N are lovely for baby boys as there so many to choose from, many of which have positive affirmation. Whether you're awaiting the arrival of a newborn or you're making your list for when the time comes, our 100 baby boy names ending in N is a great place to start.

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Unique Baby Boy Names Ending In N

Are you looking at boy names that end in N but are also unique? This list is perfect for you, featuring lots of lovely baby names that end in N.

1. Ailin (Irish origin) is a lovely baby name meaning 'handsome.'

2. Baron (German origin) is a top name which means 'nobleman.'

3. Bensen (English origin) derived from Benson, meaning 'Ben's son.'

4. Clayton (English origin) which means 'town on a clay land'.

5. Donovan (Celtic origin) means 'strong fighter and warrior.'

6. Emerson (German origin) has the meaning of 'brave and powerful.'

7. Florian (English origin) meaning to 'flower or flowering.'

8. Flynn (Irish origin) with the meaning 'son of a red-haired man.'

9. Franklin (English origin) means a 'free man.'

10. Kayleon (Israel origin) has the meaning of 'loveable.'

11. Kenan (Irish origin) means 'old fashioned and archaic.'

12. Kian (Gaelic origin) has the meaning 'ancient and archaic.'

13. Layton (English origin) meaning from 'the meadow farm.'

14. Orson (French origin) means 'bear cub or a bear'. One of our favourite names.

15. Paxton (Latin-America) translates to 'a town of peace.'

16. Quentin (French origin) means 'the fifth'.

17. Rylan (Irish origin)refers to an 'island meadow'.

18. Samson (Hebrew origin) meaning 'as bright as the sun.'

19. Solomon (Israel origin) has the 'meaning peaceful.'

20. Saxon (English origin) 'a short sword or dagger'. An exciting name with a cool backstory.

21. Tristan (French origin) 'tumult; outcry' from the Celtic name Tristam.

Popular Boys' Names That End With N

Are you looking for a top name for your newborn baby boy? We have a selection of popular baby names for you to look at, including favourites such as Logan, Ethan and Benjamin. All of these names are high in popularity and you guessed it, end in N.

22. Aaron (Hebrew origin) is a name 'meaning enlightened', and this name is high in popularity.

23. Aiden (Scottish origin) means 'fire' or fiery an excellent name for a baby boy.

24. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) Benjamin means 'son of my right hand' and is also usually shortened to Ben.

25. Damian (Greek origin) has the meaning of 'sweet and harmless', and it can alternatively be spelt like Damien.

26. Dean (English origin) meaning the 'leader or head of the pack.' A popular name in the UK.

27. Ethan (Hebrew origin) Ethan has the meanings 'strong, constancy, famous and firm'.

28. Gavin (Welsh origin) the name has the meaning of 'Hawk of the battle: white hawk.'

29. Graysen (English origin) meaning 'grey-haired: son of the Gray family or son of Gregory.'

30. Harrison (England origin) has the meaning 'son of Harry.'

31. Jason (Greek origin) to 'heal or the healer.'

32. Logan (Gaelic origin) the name Logan has the meaning 'from the hollow.'

33. Mason (French origin) 'worker of the stone', a name which is rising in popularity.

34. Morgan (Irish origin)means 'fighter of the sea'.

35. Sebastian (Greek origin) has the meaning 'deep admiration' a lovely pick for a baby name. 

36. Warren (English origin) 'The gamekeeper, a defender and a loyal one'.

Short Baby Names Ending In N

Whether you're a fan of nicknames or are just a fan of short names, here are our top picks for short baby names that end in N and don't lack in popularity.

37. Dan (Israel origin) from the name Daniel 'which means attractive'.

38. Finn (Gaelic origin) means 'small blond soldier' a wonderful name which doesn't lack in popularity.

39. Ian (Irish origin) 'a gift from God', which is a top boys' name and short too.

40. Jan (Hebrew origin) has the meaning 'a gift from God' the name is pronounced yan rather than Jan.

41. Ken (Japanese origin) 'means strong; psychically healthy.'

42. Sean (Irish origin) has the meaning 'God is gracious.'

Heavenly Names Ending With N

There are so many holy boy names for you to pick from, here are some of our top picks, some of which are unique and can be less popular than other names.

43. Dion (Greek origin) a name which means 'God of wine and revelry.'

44. Evan (English origin) meaning 'God is good.'

45. Griffin (Welsh origin) has the meaning 'strong in faith'.

46. Iman (Arabic origin) means 'God is with us.'

47. Ivan (Slovakian origin) translates to 'God is good.'

48. Jadon (Hebrew origin) means 'he (God) will judge.'

49. Jaxon (English origin) 'God has been gracious and shown favour.'

50. Jayden (American origin) meaning 'God has heard.'

51. Jon (Israel origin) means 'God is gracious.'

52. Jonathan (Israel origin) means 'the gift of God'

53. Nathan (Israel origin) Nathan means 'gift of God.'

54. Odin (Scandinavian origin) this name means 'supreme god.'

55. Reuben (Hebrew origin) means 'Behold, a son'.

56. Shaun (Irish origin) means 'Gods gift to mankind.'

57. Simon (English origin) In the Bible Simon was the name of two apostles including Simon Peter.

Classic Boys' Names Ending With N

Are you on the search for a traditional or classic name? Why not pick one of these lovely classic boys names ending in N, these names never go out of style and are often top of the popularity list.

58. Alvin (German origin) 'Wise and noble friend.'

59. Brendan (Irish origin) means 'little raven.'

60. Carson (English origin)the name Carson means 'son of carr'.

61. Cameron (Scottish origin) the name refers to someone with a 'crooked or bent nose'.

62. Christian (English origin) 'denotesa follower of Christ.'

63. Colin (English origin) 'Of a triumphant people; young boy.'

64. Damon (Greek origin) 'Constant and loyal.'

65. Dustin (English origin) In English, the name means 'warrior'.

66. Glen (Gaelic origin) meaning 'from the Valley.'

67. Hayden (Welsh origin) Variant of Haydn meaning 'fire.'

68. Irwin (English origin) means 'sea lover' a lovely boys' name for your baby.

69. Julien (French origin) has the meaning of 'Jove's child.'

70. Leon (Spanish origin) Leon means 'the lion' which is excellent for a baby boy.

71. Lochlann (Irish origin) translates to the 'home of the Norse.'

72. Nolan (Celtic origin) the name means 'a noble friend.'

73. Owen (Celtic origin) 'Young fighter.' Also a variant of Eugene.

74. Robin (English origin) means 'famous brilliance.'

75. Sullivan (Irish origin) The name means 'dark-eyed', a top reputation for your brown-eyed beauty.

Boys' Names After Places Ending In N

Are you looking for a geographical name? We've gathered some top location-based names for you to take a look over- check out these lovely boy names ending in N.

76. Afton (Irish origin) In Irish the name means from 'the Afton River' which is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in the USA.

77. Austin (English origin) Austin is from the name Augustin. It is also a state in America.

78. Boston (American origin) a city in Massachusetts in the United States.

79. Brighton (English origin) From the 'Bright town' and also a place name of a seaside city in Britain.

80. Dayton (African-American origin) means 'a town that is full of sun and light.' It is also a city in Ohio.

81. Devon (English origin) translates to 'poet' and a county in England, noted for the beach.

82. Euston (Irish origin) an Irish name meaning 'heart' and also a borough in London.

83. Hassan (Muslim origin) 'One who possesses great beauty' it is also a town in Pakistan and a city in India.

84. Jordan (Hebrew origin) 'To flow down' is the meaning of Jordan. As well as a country in Western Asia.

85. Lincoln (Celtic origin) Means 'from the settlement by the pool.' Lincoln is also a town in the UK.

86. Macon (French origin) the name translates to 'marsh dweller' and is a beautiful city in France.

87. Milan (Latin-American origin) the name comes from the city in Italy.

Royal Baby Names Ending In N

Whether you're looking for a name fit for your little king or love the royal family, these names are royally tremendous and perfect for your newborn.

88. Declan (Irish origin) The name Declan means 'Saint' in Irish which is a lovely baby name.

89. Llewellyn (Welsh origin) this cute baby name means 'lion-like.'

90. Paton (Scottish origin) Paton means 'from the warrior's town.'

91. Regan (Irish origin) a name which means 'Little King' a royally perfect name.

92. Stephen (English origin) 'Crown; wreath'. In the bible, Stephen was the first Christian Martyr.

Famous Boys' Names Ending In N

Are you searching for boy names ending with N? We have plenty of picks that even the rich and famous love. So it's no surprise these names are super popular baby names!

93. Ashton (English origin) the name in English means 'ash tree settlement.' It is also the name of American actor Ashton Kutcher.

94. Brian (Irish and Breton origin) meaning 'high or noble', there are many famous Brians including Brian May, the lead guitarist in Queen.

95. Brooklyn (English origin) means 'water or stream,' and it is also the name of Victoria and David Beckham's, son and a borough in New York.

96. Elon (African origin) a name which means 'God loves me' and is also the name of Billionaire Elon Musk.

97. Jackson (American and Scottish origin) meaning 'son of Jack', this name is the surname of King of Pop Michael Jackson, but we think it would also make a lovely baby name.

98. Justin (French origin) meaning 'just or true', as well as a famous name due to celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake.

99. Rowan (Gaelic origin) A Rowan tree is a type of ash tree and name of famous Actor Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean).

100. Zayn (Arabian origin) means 'beautiful or beauty' and the name of a renowned singer, Zayn Malik.

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