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Finding the perfect baby name can feel like an impossible task, but our list of unique Norman names is here to help you with your search.

The Normans were a group of Vikings from Scandinavia that settled in France, before invading England in the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066. They conquered England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, as well as most of the south part of Italy, and the island of Sicily.

The Normans adopted the French language when they moved into Normandy, so a lot of Norman baby names sound similar to French names.

One of the most famous Normans in the United Kingdom is the Viking Rollo, who has a strong reputation across Scotland and Ireland. The Norman people are known for their pirate origins, their skills at fighting and their great courage - just a few powerful traits that may be passed onto your little one with these Norman names.

We hope their unique history inspires courage, strength and independence in your new baby.

A huge part of British history, Norman names hit the peak of their popularity in the '20s, which means a lot of them have a classic vintage English feel. If you're in the market for unique baby names with a French or English ring to them, our Norman baby names may be the perfect inspiration.

Popular Norman Girls' Names

These cute Norman girls names hark back to the twenties, with a French-sounding twist on classic popular names.

1. Alison - Meaning "Of noble birth."

2. Cath'rinne - Meaning "Pure."

3. Cllémentène - Meaning "Merciful and mild."

4. Flieur - A Norman name meaning "Flower."

5. Jeulie - Similar to the popular English "Julie," this Norman name means "Youthful."

6. Jeustène - Meaning "Just."

7. Jouaie - Like the popular girls name Joy, no surprise this name means just what you'd expect -  "joy."

8. Lacey - Given to someone from the French town of Lassy.

Popular Norman Boys' Names

You may have heard versions of these popular Norman names before, but the unusual spelling and French inspiration might surprise you.

9. Calvin - Meaning "bald child," or "bald man."

10. Daniel - Meaning "A prophet."

11. Darryl - From a family from Airelle, the name was brought to the English during the Norman conquest.

12. Dillon - Meaning "Born from the ocean," this is a great popular choice for boys, though usually spelt Dylan.

13. Edward - Meaning "Rich guard." This is a common classic English option.

14. Josse - Meaning "Lord."

15. Miles - Meaning "Proud soldier."

16. Myles - A variation of Miles, meaning "Soldier," or, "Dear one."

17. Neville - Meaning, "New place," made popular by the heroic Harry Potter character.

18. Oliver - Representing the emblem of peace - the olive tree.

19. Percy - A place name in Normandy.

20. Russell - Meaning, "Red-haired boy."

21. Spencer - From the word, "dispenser," originally used for someone who dispenses food from a kitchen.

Short Norman Girls' Names

These one or two syllable names are easy to remember, and are steeped in the history of our ancestors.

22. Amice - Meaning "Friend."

23. Blanche - Meaning "bleached or white."

24. Diot - Meaning "She who follows Dionysius."

25. Ibb - Meaning "Strength and nobility."

26. Macy - Meaning "She who comes from the hills."

27. Nora - Meaning "Righteous and possessing brightness."

28. Sence - Meaning "Saintly," and "Holy."

Unique Norman Girls' Names

For a unique little girl, this list of unique names will make sure she stands out from her peers, making the kind of impression that will last for all the right reasons.

29. Cat'let - Meaning "Pure."

30. Cat'linne - Meaning "Pure."

31. Dragoslava - Meaning "Good guest."

32. Edelmere - Meaning "Princess."

33. Edith - Meaning "Prosperous in war."

34. Ermina - From the word "Ermine" meaning "White fur."

35. Herta - From the Norman goddess of fertility, Nerthus.

36. Jeanneton - Meaning "God is gracious."

37. Jennîn - Meaning "God is gracious."

38. Joyce - Meaning "Rejoicing," for those who make other people happy.

39. Judith - Meaning "youthful," this classic English name.

40. Lovella - Meaning, "Affectionate," and, "Love."

41. Mallory - Meaning "The girl who has no luck."

42. Sunnifa - Meaning "Gift from the sun."

43. Tomislava - Meaning "Torturous glory."

44. Zabeth - Meaning "Pledged to God."

Unique Norman Boys' Names

These strong and exciting names of Norman origin are sure to excite you, with meanings ranging from myths and legends to powerful animals, and names and spellings that are very rare in English schools, these names will help your son to stand out.

45. Aleksandru - The Norman form of the popular boys name Alexander, meaning "Defender of men."

46. Arlotto - Meaning "Tramp," or "Vagabond."

47. Athanasy - Meaning "Immortal."

48. Borisu - Meaning, "Snow leopard."

49. Burdo - Meaning, "Pilgrim," or "Carrying the staff of a pilgrim."

50. Burnie - Meaning, "Settlement."

51. Chedomire - Meaning "Peaceful child."

52. Costello - Referring to the son of Oisdealbhaigh.

53. Drazhan - Meaning "Precious."

54. Engeurrand - Meaning "Raven," perfect for dark haired babies.

55. Firman - Meaning "He is steady."

56. Fitzroy - Meaning "Son of Roy." This is a common English last name, but quite rare as a first name.

57. Garsea - Meaning "Bear."

58. Harbin - Meaning "Small soldier."

59. Jarvis - From the Saint name, Gervaise, made famous by English musician Jarvis Cocker.

60. Kyrilu - The Norman form of the name Cyril, which means "Lord."

61. Tallon - Meaning "sharp nail or claw."

62. Warbuton - Meaning "He is from the town fortress."

63. Ximeno - Meaning "Son."

64. Zhelimir - Meaning "He who wishes for peace."

French Sounding Norman Girls' Names

If you love the sound of baby names from French origin for your little girl, but want something a little less well known, these French inspired Norman names may just hold the answer.

65. Aalis - Meaning "Noble," a form of the popular girls' name Alice.

66. Blanchefleur - Meaning "White Flower," from the famous legend of King Arthur.

67. Cécire - Meaning "Blind."

68. Ephrasie - Meaning "Good cheer."

69. Fleurine - Meaning "Flower."

70. Génîn - Meaning "God is gracious."

71. Isabé - Meaning "She who is pledged to God."

72. Loulou - Cute and snappy, this means "Light."

French Sounding Boys' Names

If you're looking for an air of French mystique for your baby boy, check out these French inspired names.

73. Ernouf - Meaning "Wolf eagle."

74. Geoffroi - Meaning "Peaceful pledge," a take on the classic English boys name Geoffrey.

75. Marquis - Meaning "Noble man."

76. Seymour - From the Norman town Saint Maur, sometimes used as an English last name.

77. Sinclair - From The Norman place name Saint Clair.

Powerful Norman Boys' Names

If you want nothing more than for your child to grow up to be self-sufficient and stand on his own two feet (even though you can't imagine it when he still fits snuggly in your arms), these warrior names may be just what you're looking for.

78. Aachard - Meaning, "Brave and hardy."

79. Azouf - The name of the wolf owned by the God Aesir.

80. Brynjolf - Meaning "Hardened man."

81. Delaney - Meaning "The one who performs dark challenges."

82. Jaroslaw - Meaning "Fierce and glorious."

83. Landry - Meaning "He who Rules."

84. Montgomery - Meaning "Powerful," and "Man on the hill."

85. Pridbor - Meaning "First to battle."

86. Ragnulf - Meaning "Warrior, wolf and advisor."

87. Temür - Meaning, "Iron."

88. Vladimeru - Meaning, "He who is a great and famous ruler of the lands."

89. Voitsekh  - From the Slavic word "voji" which means "Soldier," and "tekha" which means "Comfort and solace."

90. Wybert - Meaning "Bright in battle."

91. Yngouf - Meaning "God's warrior."

Short Norman Boys' Names

One or two syllable boys names hold their own unique power, and can be very cute and original at the same time. These short and snappy names of Anglo-Norman and Norman origin are some of our favourites.

92. Bozho - Meaning "Divine."

93. Elby - Meaning "Battle Elf."

94. Fionne - Meaning, "Fair or white haired."

95. Fitz - Meaning "Son of," this is often a snappy middle or last name.

96. Gidie - Meaning "Young goat," the medieval French form of Aegidius.

97. Gosse - Meaning "Goth."

98. Hudde - A form of "Hugh," meaning, "Mind, spirit and heart."

99. Roul - Meaning "Famous wolf."

100. Samo - Like the popular Sam, or Samuel, meaning "Told by God."

101. Sans - Meaning "Saintly," and "Holy."

102. Stace - A form of the classic English Eustace, meaning "Fruitful," and "Productive."

103. Wilky - Shortened version of Wilkin, which means "Resolute protector."

104. Wyot - Meaning "He that is brave, hardy and wise."

105. Yrian - Meaning "Farmer."

Non-binary Norman Names

If you're looking for a baby name that doesn't conform to traditional genders for your new addition, these cute non-binary names may take your fancy.

106. Breton - Given to someone from Brittany, in France.

107. Cantrell - Meaning "Small bell."

108. Courtney - Meaning "He/she who waits at court."

109. Evelyn - From the French town of Aveline, this cute baby name also means "hazelnut."

110. Gervaise - From the patron saint of Haymaking.

111. Harou - Meaning "The army's wolf."

112. Toutain - From the Legend of Thor - Toutain was Thor's stone.

113. Vast - Meaning "Stranger," or "Guest."

114. Velasco - Meaning "Crow."

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