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Luxembourg is a small landlocked country in Western Europe.

Belgium, France and Germany surround this small sovereign state. The official language of Luxembourg is called Luxembourgish, and so are its people.

Luxembourgish is a language that is heavily influenced by the languages of France and Germany, meaning that many names in this language have German or French roots as well as roots in some old languages.

For more baby naming inspiration take a look at these German girl names and these French boy names.

Popular Luxembourgish Names For Boys

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Want to know the most popular names for boys in Luxembourg? Here are 15 popular boy names in Luxembourg.

1.Carl (German origin) meaning "a man with freedom".

2.Charel (Hebrew origin) meaning "the gift from God".

3.Damien (Greek origin) means "one who subdues".

4.David (Hebrew origin) means "beloved". This is one of the most popular names in Luxembourg.

5.Eliot (English origin) meaning "one who proclaims the God".

6.Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who derives strength from God". The people of Luxembourg recently voted Gabriel as a popular name for babies.

7.Gustave (Swedish origin) meaning the "staff of God".

8.Leo (Latin origin) means "lion" and is a common name to give to boys by Luxembourgish people.

9.Marcel (French origin) meaning "a young and brave warrior".

10.Marc (French origin) means "one with the vigor of war".

11.Milan (Slavic origin) meaning "a kind and gracious person".

12.Nico (Greek origin) meaning "the people's victory!"

13.Noah (Biblical origin). This name is the biblical meaning of "rest".

14.Pierre (French origin). This name from France means "rock".

15.Thierry (German origin) meaning the "the ruler of men".

Popular Luxembourgish Names For Girls

There are many fascinating girl names from Luxembourg too. We've got the most popular girl names in Luxembourg as well.

16.Ange-Mariam (French and Biblical mixed origin) meaning "the angel Miriam, the sister of Moses".

17.Anika (Dutch origin) meaning 'splendor'. Although this is a name from the Netherlands, it is one of the most popular names given to many girls in Luxembourg and other Scandinavian countries like Denmark.

18.Caro (Italian origin) has the meaning "beloved" is another popular name for girls in Luxembourg.

19.Celine (Latin origin) means "heavenly".

20.Charlotte (French origin) meaning "one who is free". Apart from Luxembourg, this is also a popular name in Australia.

21.Claire (French origin) meaning "clear". It is a popular name in Luxembourg.

22.Emily (Roman origin) means "striving for excellence".

23.Emma (German origin) meaning "universal". For Luxembourgers, Emma is a popular name.

24.Ines (Spanish origin) meaning "holy and pure".

25.Lara (Latin origin) meaning "cheerful and vibrant".

26.Louise (German origin) means "renowned warrior", for girls in Luxembourg, this can be one of the more popular names.

27.Lucie (Latin origin) means "light".

28.Madison (American origin) meaning "the son of Matthew". Madison is one of Luxembourg's most well-liked feminine names.

29.Martine (French origin) meaning "servant of the Roman God Mars".

30.Stephanie (Greek origin) meaning "a garlanded crown" is one of the most popular Luxembourg names.

Unisex Luxembourgish Baby Names

Many parents are now giving unisex names to their children. Here are few unisex names popular in Luxembourg.

31.Alex (Latin origin) meaning "to protect all united people".

32.Joy (Latin origin) means "happiness".

33.Laura (Latin origin) meaning "laurel".

34.Luca (Italian origin) has the meaning "sacred wood".

35.Lynn (Welsh origin) means "the stream".

Baby Names Inspired By Famous People From Luxembourg

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Want your child to be inspired by Luxembourgish personalities? Here are famous Luxembourgish people with unique names.

36.Arno(German origin) meaning "eagle". Arno J. Mayer is an American historian with roots in Luxembourg.

37.Christiane(Latin origin) meaning "the anointed one". Christiane Linster is a world-renowned behavioral neuroscientist born in Luxembourg.

38.Claus(German origin) meaning "the victory of people". Luxembourg was home to a famous sculptor by the name of Claus Cito.

39.Ernie (German origin) meaning "serious or earnest". Ernie Hammes is a Luxembourger trumpet virtuoso who has played all across Europe and the world.

40.Francois (Roman origin) meaning "to be Frank" and later was used to describe people from France. Francois Faber, a cyclist from Luxembourg, won the Tour De France.

41.Henri (French origin) meaning the "the ruler of the house". Henri Tudor was a businessman and inventor from Luxembourg, who used the world's first commercial lead-acid battery.

42.Hugo (Latin origin) meaning "the mind". Hugo Gernsback was a writer and publisher from Luxembourg known for publishing the first science fiction magazine.

43.Jean-Baptiste refers to "St. John the Baptist" in French. Jean-Baptiste Frecez was the most significant nineteenth century painter from Luxembourg.

44.Josy (Hebrew origin) meaning "God will provide". Josy Barthel was an athlete who won the first and only Olympic Gold Medal for Luxembourg in 1952.

45.Lucien (French origin) means "one who brings light". Lucien Wercolier was a sculptor from Luxembourg.

46.Marie-Theresa (Hebrew and Greek mixed origin) meaning "one who raises and collects harvest". Marie-Therese Glaesener-Hartmann was a painter from Luxembourg known for making portraits.

47.Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest". Max Jacoby is an influential film director born in Luxembourg whose films have been screened worldwide, from Denmark to Australia.

48.Desiree (French origin) meaning "one who is desired". Desiree Nosbusch is an actress and television presenter from Luxembourg.

49.Pol (Dutch origin) means "tussock". Pol Abracht was a famous composer in Luxembourg who lived until 100.

50.Simone (Biblical origin) meaning "to be heard". The renowned visual artist from Luxembourg, Simone Decker, had this name.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Luxembourgish names then why not take a look at Danish names, or for something different take a look at these Icelandic boy names.

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