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Names from Taiwan are mainly poetic and are instilled with some significant meaning.

According to the culture of Taiwan, the surname comes before their given first names. The surname usually has one syllable, and the first name has one to two syllables.

Taiwan is a country in East Asia. Japan is to the northeast of Taiwan and the Philippines is towards the South.

It is common in Taiwanese culture for a woman to maintain her family's Taiwanese last name after her marriage. Children adopt their patrilineal names, which means they adopt their father's surname.

Traditional Taiwanese baby names have a beautiful flow when pronounced and have deep meanings. Due to western influence in this east county, it is common for the younger generation to have popular English first names, often these names are direct translations of their traditional names, and sometimes they may choose these English first names for aesthetic purposes.

According to Taiwan's culture, a baby's names reflect the character of the person, and it is tied with the baby's destiny as names will be a part of a baby for the rest of his/her life. So having a proper name is very important in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, in order to bless the baby with good luck, they consider several factors: the meaning, the sound, strokes of the name, time of birth, zodiac sign, and the five fundamental elements, namely metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Taiwan. Taiwanese aborigines named the babies according to their tribal traditions.

The naming customs varied greatly depending on the rituals followed by each tribe. In earlier days, before getting in touch with Han-Chinese and Taiwanese culture, some Taiwanese aborigines tribes did not use family names they only used first names,  as part of the personal name.

Under the influence of Chinese and Taiwanese culture, Taiwanese aborigines gradually adopted Han surnames along with their first names. Names from the East also have a great philosophical touch to them.

You may have already heard a few popular Eastern names like Chen and Cheng. In our list, you can find more such names from the East.

For more baby name inspiration, take a look at Thai Boy Names and Chinese Girl Names.

Popular Taiwanese Girl Names

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The culture of Taiwan is a mix of authentic Taiwanese culture and Confucian Chinese. Naming a baby inspired by Taiwan's culture can be a nice idea. There are many nice names in Taiwan. Here is a list of popular names in Taiwan and meanings for your little baby.

1. Chia-Hao (Chinese origin) meaning "orchid".

2. Chia-wei (Chinese origin) meaning "light, power, lofty". One of the popular names in Taiwan.

3. Da-Xia (Chinese origin) meaning "long Summer". 'Da Xia Huo Yuan Jia' is a song by Johnny Ip. This lovely first name is a perfect choice for someone who is born in the summer season.

4. Guan-Yin (Chinese origin) meaning "merciful". Guan-Yin is the Chinese Bodhisattva Goddess of mercy and kindness.

5. Hachi meaning "river". If you are looking for a  traditional Taiwanese name, you should definitely consider this name.

6. Hasiao-Chun (Chinese origin) meaning "dwarf bamboo".

7. Hui-fang (Chinese origin)meaning "nice fragrance".

8. Hui-Feng (Chinese origin)meaning "benefit, phoenix".

9. Hsin-Yi (Taiwanese origin) meaning "happy, delighted". Taiwanese transcription of Chinese name Xinyi.

10. Ing-Wen (Chinese origin) meaning "English language".

11. Jia-Li (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful".

12. Jiya-Ling (Chinese origin) meaning "good, beautiful, tinkling".

13. Li-Hua (Chinese origin) meaning "pear blossom".

14. Mei-Hua (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful flower". 'Mei-Hua is a popular Taiwanese movie released in 1976.

15. Mei-Ling (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful and delicate". It is the most common name in Taiwan. A-Mei is a popular Taiwanese singer.

16. Pei-Shan (Chinese origin) meaning "ornament, coral".

17.  Shu-Ching (Chinese origin) meaning "pure, virtuous, clear".

18. Shu-Chuan (Chinese origin) meaning "four rivers". Shu Chuan Hsu popular as Vivian Husu is a Taiwanese singer.

19. Shu-Fen (Chinese origin) meaning "charming fragrance".

20. Shu-Hua (Chinese origin) meaning "deliberate beauty". Hsin Shu Fen is a popular Taiwanese actress starred in movies like 'Dust in the Wind', 'Daughter of the Nile'.

21. Su-Hui (Chinese origin) meaning "to redeem".

22. Su-Wei (Chinese origin) meaning "pure and clear".

23. Tao-Yi (Chinese origin) meaning "suitable proper way".

24. Wei-En (Chinese origin) meaning "valuable, brilliant".

25. Yi-Hsuan (Chinese origin) meaning "joy, harmony".

26. Yan-Ting (Chinese origin) meaning "to ask, eye".

Popular Taiwanese Male Names

This list includes some of the popular names of famous Taiwanese people and traditional first names from Taiwan for your baby boy, which are very popular among the masses.

27. Chai-Hao (Chinese origin) meaning "one with a great objective in his life".

28. Cheng-Hen (Chinese origin) meaning "inherit, receive, brush pen". Cheng means "to succeed", and hence, can be a great name for your boy.

29. Chen -Tao (Chinese origin) meaning "true way". Chen is in itself a popular name. Chen meaning "dawn".

30. He-Huang (Chinese origin) meaning "river of northern China". A notable namesake would be Ching-He Huang, a popular British-Taiwanese chef, and food writer.

31. Li-Mei (Chinese origin) meaning "pretty rose".

32. Li-Jing (Chinese origin) meaning "logical essence". Li Jing is a Taiwanese model.

33. Pin-Lin (Chinese origin) meaning "aspiration, audacity, self discipline". Taiwan politician Chong-Pin Lin carries this name.

34. Su (Chinese origin) meaning "plain simple". This a Chinese last name but can also be used as a first name.

35. Tsung-Han (Chinese origin) meaning "brush pen".

36. Wei-Yin (Chinese origin) meaning "valuable tone, silver"

37. Yan-Ting (Chinese origin) meaning "pretty colors, heaven".

38. Zhi-Rou  (Chinese origin) meaning "herbal plants".

Popular Taiwanese Unisex Names

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Names with beautiful meanings can uplift your baby's personality. Here are some popular unisex and common Mandarin names for baby boys and baby girls.

39. Chia-Jung (Chinese origin) meaning "good and beautiful". Chuang Chia-Jung is a popular Taiwanese tennis player.

40. Chia-Ling (Chinese origin) name meaning "excellent, beautiful".

41.Dao-Ming (Chinese origin) meaning "shining path". Ming Dao is a Taiwanese actor.

42. En (Chinese origin) meaning "kindness". This beautiful Taiwanese name can be liked with the popular Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen, whose real name is Chen Qiao En. While En is popular, the name Chen also comes close to being one of the popular names in Taiwan.

43. Hsiao-Chun (Chinese origin) name meaning "spring season".

44. Kai (Chinese origin) meaning "triumph". Kai Ko is an actor in Taiwan. Kai falls among the most popular names in Taiwan.

45. Pian-Pian (Chinese origin) meaning "sheet piece for writing, set of bamboo slips used for record-keeping".

46. Shu-Chen (Chinese origin) meaning "good. Chen has been considered a popular named when attached to certain other titles.

47. Ti-Sai meaning "hog manure". One of the famous names in Taiwan.

48. Yi-Chun namemeaning "pleasant string".

49. Yi-Hsuan (Chinese origin) meaning "jade star".

50. Yu-Ting (Chinese origin) name meaning "jade structure, building".

Beautiful Names And Meanings For Baby Girls

Looking for unique names for your baby girl? Here is a list of unique, beautiful, and popular Taiwan girl names.

51. Ah-Chy (Chinese origin) name meaning "lovely".

52. Ah-Kum (Chinese origin) meaning "good as gold".

53. Ah- lam (Chinese origin) name meaning "peace". One of the beautiful names in Taiwan.

54. Eu-Fnh (Chinese origin) meaning "playful phoenix".

55. Hsiao-Han (Chinese origin) meaning "dwarf bamboo".

56. Su-Wei (Chinese origin) name meaning "pure, clear". Hsieh Su-Wei is a tennis player from Taiwan and one of the popular Taiwan names.

57. Yuan-Ming (Chinese origin) meaning "song". Among the few beautiful names.

Common Taiwanese Names For Boys

A Taiwan name is known for its beautiful meaning. Here are some common and popular meaningful Taiwanese boy names for your baby boys.

58. Chih-Cheng (Chinese origin) meaning "accomplishing your goals". Chris Lee Chih-cheng is a Taiwanese actor and model popular for 'What she put on the table', 'A story of Love'.

59. Chih-Ming (Chinese origin) name meaning "having a clear goal in life".

60. Chun-Chieh (Chinese origin) meaning "spring, youthful life".  One of the few common and meaningful names in Taiwan.

61. Hao-Yu (Chinese origin) name meaning "grand house".

62. Lei-Wei (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful rose, great".

63. Li-Jie (Chinese origin) name meaning "heroic.

64. Li-Qiang (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful, strong".

65. Xiu-Ying (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful flower petal".

66. Yung-Shu (Chinese origin) meaning "cloudy, emptiness".

67. Zhang-Wei (Chinese origin) name meaning "big, tall archer".

68. Zheng-Zhong (Chinese origin) meaning "upright, loyal".

Taiwanese Unique Names

Looking for unique, out-of-the-box names for your baby? Here are some Taiwanese unique names with their literal meanings for your baby boys and girls.

69. Ai (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "love".

70. Caihong (M/F) (Chinese origin) meaning meaning "rainbow".

71. Guang (M) (Chinese origin)  meaning "light".

72. Heise (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "black.

73.Heping (F) (Chinese origin)  meaning "peace".

74. Hu (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "tiger". George Hu is an American-born actor and singer based in Taiwan,

75. Hua (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "flower".  Taiwanese opera performer Yang Li-Hua is credited as a "living national treasure".

76. Hudie (F)( Chinese origin)  meaning "butterfly".

77. Lujing (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "path".

78. Meigui (F)(Chinese origin) meaning "rose".

79. Nuwang (F) (Chinese origin)  meaning "queen".

80. Qian (M/F) (Chinese origin) meaning "money".

81. Qifa (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "inspire".

82. Quingda (M/F) (Chinese origin) meaning "strong".

83. Shizi (M) (Chinese origin)  meaning "lion".

84. Shouxi (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "chief".

85. Sui (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "beautiful". Sonia Sui is a Taiwanese actress popular for 'P.S Man', 'Tree in the River'.

86. Tayang (M) (Chinese origin)  meaning "sun".

87. Tiankong (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "sky".

88. Wan (F) (Chinese origin)  meaning "night". Wan Wan is a Taiwanese comics artist, and actress, popular for 'You are the Apple of my Eye', 'Soul of Bread'.

89. Wang (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "king".

90. Wenhua (M/F) (Chinese origin)  meaning "culture".

91. Xiaji (F) (Chinese origin)  meaning "summer".

92. Xiaojie (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "miss".

93. Xin (M/F) (Chinese origin) meaning "new".

94. Xingxing (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "star".

95. Xiwang (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "hope".

96. Yanse (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "color".

97. Yueliang(M/F) (Chinese origin)  meaning "moon".

98. Zhanshi (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "warrior".

99. Zhēnzhèng (M) (Chinese origin) meaning "true".

100. Zhenzhu (F) (Chinese origin) meaning "pearl".

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