81 Two Letter Names That Are Short And Sweet

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Why two-letter names?

Two-letter names are generally nicknames you give to people. There is no definitive rule that a baby name cannot be made of just two letters.

Although rare, there are a few instances when two-letter names are used as formal or stage names. The trope became popular in the 21st century, with many personalities choosing a two-letter name for their child.

You can give these trendy names to a boy or a girl, while a few gender-neutral names exist. If you are looking for a two-letter baby name, this article can help you find a fitting name with a relevant meaning.

You will also find suggestions for children about two-letter initials they can use as a name for their friend circle or when playing games. The collection below provides you with a wide variety of names to surf through and choose the perfect one.

Good Two-Letter Clan Names

1. AO  Amateur Otakus

2. BB - Battle Brawlers

3. BH - Bounty Hunters

4. BL - Boss Ladies

5. BP - Black Panthers

6. BW - Black Widows

7. CC - Closed Circle

8. FA - Fallen Angels

9. FF - Fantastic Feminists

10. IS - Immortal Souls

11. KK - Karate Kids

12. LR - Lone Rangers

13. LT - Little Troopers

14. MS - Mean Squad

15. RU - Rebels Uprising

16. SS - Soul Seekers

17. TG - Top Gunners

18. VT  - Veteran Squad

19. WW - Wonder Women

Best Two-Letter Names

20. Ad (English origin) - meaning ‘son of Adam’, is a name for boys. 

21. Ag (Greek origin) - meaning ‘good’, is an uncommon name you can give to your girl. 

22. Ax - a derivative of ‘Axel’ that can be given as a first name. 

23. Cy 

24. Di 

25. Do (English or Greek origin) - meaning ‘gift of God’, is a good name for girls. 

26. Du

27. Eb (Hebrew origin) - meaning ‘stone of help’, is a good name for boys. 

28. Em - is a common nickname that can be used as a unique name for girls or boys. 

29. Fe (Spanish origin) - meaning ‘faith’, would be a trendy modern name for a girl. 

30. Hy 

31. Ib

32. Ja 

33. Ko

34. Ky

35. Lo (Spanish origin) - has some popularity as a first name for girls in Spain and Sweden. 

36. Ly 

37. Pi - one of the unique names for boys that gained popularity after the reference in the 2012 film ‘Life Of Pi’. 

38. Po

39. Qi (Chinese origin) - a variation of the term ‘Ki’, meaning ‘life force’ or ‘energy’. 

40. Ra (Egyptian origin) - meaning ‘sun’, refers to the Egyptian sun god. It would be a good name for a boy. 

41. Ry 

42. TJ

43. Ty 

44. Uz  

45. Vo

46. Vy

47. Xu (Chinese origin) - meaning ‘brilliant rising sun’, is a short baby name for a boy. 

48. Ye (Chinese origin)

49. Yo (Japanese origin). 

50. Yu (Chinese origin) - meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining’, was the name of the founder of the first Chinese dynasty.

51. Zi 

52. Zo   

Two Letter Names That Start With S

53. Sa

54. Se

55. Si 

56. So

57. Su 

58. Sy 

Common Two Letter Last Names

59. Ab 

60. Al (German origin) - meaning ‘powerful ruler’, has massive popularity among two-letter boy names.

61. Aj 

62. Bo (Norse origin) - meaning ‘to live’, is a widely used gender-neutral name.

63. Cj 

64. Ed (English origin) - meaning ‘wealthy’, is a popular English nickname and a fitting first name. 

65. El (English or French origin) - this has become one of the favorite two-letter girl names due to the popularity of the character El from the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’. 

66. Fu (Chinese origin) - meaning ‘abundant’ or wealthy’, was a surname of Chinese imperials.

67. Io (Greek origin) - arguably one the most common two-letter first names for girls throughout history, with its mention in Greek mythology; it is also the name given to the largest moon of Jupiter.

68. Jo - meaning ‘god is gracious’ or ‘Jehovah raises’, is a popular nickname you can use as a first name for both boys and girls. 

69. Ki (Korean origin) - meaning ‘arisen’ or ‘strong’, is a short, sweet, gender-neutral name. 

70. Li (Chinese origin) 

71. Lu 

72. Mo 

73. Ol 

74. Om (Sanskrit origin) - is a popular Hindu name for boys, referring to a holy chant or the sacred syllable used during prayers and meditation. 

75. Oz - is a great reference to ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ and a fun and unique name. 

76. Ro - a common English and American nickname you could consider using as a first name. 

77. Ti - you can use this name for both boys and girls. 

78. Tu (French origin) - meaning ‘you’, is a sweet gender-neutral name.

79. Vi 

80. Xi (Chinese origin) - is a gender-neutral name with different meanings based on the Chinese letter used for ‘Xi’.  

81. Yi (Chinese origin) 

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