91 Witty Witcher Names For Your Wonderful Child

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Witcher names will enhance the joy of playing any task in the story of the initial family game.

'Witcher 3' names will help you understand the major track of the relationship of the royal image in the fantasy play.

Triss Merigold, Fringilla Vigo, and Yennefer are some of the main characters from the world of the 'Witcher', a the popular Netflix series. The names of the characters in the Netflix series are a refreshing change from the names of characters in video games.

But unfortunately, this series plays almost along the lines of video games and the writing does not provide you with any escape from the fantasy world of war and conflicts. Still, the female characters of 'Witchers' wield considerable power compared to characters in games.

Read on for the names of perhaps the popular characters in the series.

Witcher Elf Names

Names inspired by the elves of 'The Witcher' are definitely cool and awesome. Witcher elven names are fascinating and full of personality and character.

Aelirenn was popularly known as the White Rose of Shaerrawedd who battled against the approaching humans in 'The Witcher' during the main quest.

Aen Elle (French Origin) meaning 'girl' is the population of those elves who left the continent and inhabited a different world.

Aen Seidhe is the population of those elves who live on the continent.

Aenyeweddien meaning 'child of fire' was commonly known as Spark or Iskra and was the member of the Rats.

Avallac'h was a sage and knowledgeable about numerous subjects including magic, a cool name for boys.

Cedric (British Origin) meaning 'loved' was a craftsman and merchant.

Chireadan is a Redanian elf and a tavern owner and was secretly in love with the sorceress, Yennefer.

Éibhear Hattori (Japanese Origin) meaning 'clothing' was the master of elves.

Eredin Breacc Glas (Slavic Origin) meaning 'king' was called an elf of Aen Elle.

Francesca Findabair (Latin Origin) meaning 'free' is a cool name from 'The Witcher'.

Filavandrel is a unique word and can be used to name both boys and girls

Ida Emean aep Sivney (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'jewel' was a sorceress who dwelled in the Blue Mountains and was a sage.

Imlerith was the powerful general of the Wild Hunt, and is a cool name for babies.

Iorweth (Welsh Origin) meaning 'fair lord' was an elf of Aen Seidhe, he hated humans and burnt down villages and killed civilians.

Isengrim Faoiltiarna (Anglo-Saxon Origin) 'hot iron' was a member of Scoia'tael and an elf popularly known as an iron wolf.

Ithlinne was a legendary elf, gifted with prophecies and divination.

Riordain (Irish Orwasn) meaning 'bright' was a leader in Scoia'tael.

Yaevinn was a Toruviel's Scoia'tael commando member who was seriously wounded in the Second Northern War.

Witcher Female Names

Looking for a charming name for your adorable little princess? Read on for some suggestions.

Calanthe (Ancient Greek Origin) meaning 'flower' was famous as the Lioness of Cintra.

Ciri (Greek Origin) meaning 'lord'is the lead actress and protagonist of the franchise of 'The Witcher'.

Dara (Irish Origin) meaning 'maiden' is another lovely name for your baby daughter.

Eithnè (Irish Origin) meaning 'grain' ruled Brokilon, was silver-eyed, and was the queen of dryads. A name for perhaps a monster character ready for a fight with a hunter.

Fringilla (Latin Origin) meaning 'songbird' was a beautiful and graceful woman with black hair and green eyes, a part of Lodge of Sorceress.

Kalis (German Origin) meaning 'stranger' was the queen of Lyria in 'The Witcher' and a lovely name for baby girls.

Keira Metz (Gaelic Origin) meaning 'dark' was from Carreras, she was an advisor and a sorceress.

Lydia van Bredevort (Greek Origin) meaning 'noble one' was a painter, sorceress, and the assistant of Vilgefortz.

Nenneke was a priestess and also the head of the Melitele Temple.

Pavetta was the mother of Ciri and the daughter of Queen Calanthe, a lovely name for your baby girl.

Philippa Eilhart (Greek Origin) meaning 'horse lover' was an advisor and sorceress who had the ability to polymorph.

Renfri (Gaelic Origin) meaning 'warrior' was the daughter of Fredefalk and was a princess. A name for a monster character ready for a fight.

Roach (French Origin) meaning 'rock' is the name of Geralt's current horse and a unique and peculiar name for your child.

Sabrina Glevissig (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'sword like' was a sorceress and King Henselt's advisor.

Téa (Chinese Origin) meaning 'leaf' was a warrior and companion of Borch with amazing sword skills.

Tissaia de Vries (Greek Origin) meaning 'moon' was a sorceress and Poisoned Source's author.

Triss Merigold (Latin Origin) meaning 'blessed' was a legendary sorceress from Tameria, often known as Fourteenth of the Hill.

Véa (Spanish Origin) meaning 'seen' was the other companion of Borch with exceptional sword skills.

Vereena (German Origin) meaning 'protector' was a strong bruxa and deeply loved Nivellen, a cursed man.

Voleth Meir (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'shine' is the part of the wild hunt, a dark elf, and feeds on pain. A name for witchers full of power.

Yennefer (Polish Origin) meaning 'fair one' was a sorceress and one of the protagonists, later she developed mixed feelings for Geralt of Rivia. A great name related to Geralt's character.

Triss, Fringilla, Yennefer, Eskel, Vigo, and Shani could be regarded as witchers with considerable power.

Witcher City Names

Here are some cool witcher city names inspired by the power of the elder blood: -

Aedirn is a kingdom covered by mountains in both the East and the West.

Arinbjorn (Norse Origin) meaning 'eagle' is a village in 'The Witcher' important for different kinds of quests.

Beauclair is the capital of Toussaint which surrounds the Palace of Beauclair.

Cintra (Portuguese Origin) meaning 'city' was a very strong kingdom of the Northern region.

Claywich is located in Velen in the southwest and is a small village. One of the popular place names from 'The Witcher'.

Heatherton (Anglo-Saxon Origin) meaning 'farm of health' was a village.

Hindarsfjall is located in the archipelago of Skellige.

Kaedwen (Welsh Origin) meaning 'white forest' is a country of the continent.

Kaer Morhen is the place where the witches used to train and used to call it their home.

Lindenvale is a place in 'The Witcher' where two merchants and a blacksmith reside.

Loc Muinne was a city built on the foot of the Blue Mountains, which was later rebuilt by the elves. A great character by the Polish writer.

Oxenfurt is a city in Redania that is called for its Academy being the largest in the kingdoms of the North.

Novigrad (Slavic Origin) meaning 'new castle' is a major port city in Witcher.

Redania is a wealthy kingdom that gets most of its profits from agriculture and trade.

Rivia (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'gift of god' is located in the Dol Angra valley.

Spikeroog meaning 'storage island' is among the archipelago of Skellige and is an island.

Temeria was located south of the river of Pontar and part of the Northern Kingdoms.

Tir Na Lia (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'weary' is the capital of Aen Elle.

Toussaint (French Origin) meaning 'saint' is a small place widely popular for its wine.

Vengerberg is the capital of Aedirn and is a populous and rich metropolis.

Vizima is a city in Temeria that is located on the shores of a lake in the game. One of the falus witcher town names.

White Orchard (Old English Origin) meaning 'yard' is a word that refers to a village in Temeria.

Witcher Sword Names

The witcher swords are the symbol of courage and boldness. Such witcher sword names as an inspiration to name your babies are listed below.

Belhaven is a sword that can be crafted and was first shown in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

Feline (Latin Origin) meaning 'cat' is part of the gear of cat school and is a craftable silver sword.

Gemmerian is a steel sword that could be crafted by an armorsmith or a blacksmith.

Gesheft is a relic sword crafter of silver present in two different forms.

Silver Sword (Anglo-Saxon Origin) 'shiny white' is a gentle blade.

Steel Sword (Germanic Origin) meaning 'firm'is less effective against monsters.


Griffin Steel Sword (French Origin) meaning 'half bird, half lion' is a steel sword.

Griffin Silver Sword (French Origin) meaning 'half bird, half lion' is a sword made of steel.

Dorian Sword (Irish Origin) meaning 'descendant' is a steel sword that is available in three different forms.

Angivare meaning 'spy' is a great name for your baby inspired by the game The Witcher 3.

Arbitrator (Latin Origin) meaning 'witness' is available on a submerged skeleton.

Aerondight (American Origin) meaning 'best sword' is collected after crossing the quest of Three.

Manticore (Persian Origin) meaning 'man eater' is of the gear of Manticore school.

Shil is crafted using dwarven magic and high level metallurgy, hence a type of dwarven sword.

Balmur was wielded by Zatret Voruta, the legendary hero. It was a magical sword

Anduril meaning 'Flame from the West' is a steel sword from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Black Unicorn (Latin Origin) meaning 'one horn' is a relic sword produced from one of the strongest steels.

Bloed Aedd is another relic sword made up of steel in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Caerme is available in the chest in the stone circle in The Witcher:2.

Carabella (Italian Origin) meaning 'beautiful' is a sword made of steel.

Caroline (French Origin) meaning 'strong' can be found in various locations.

Daystar (English Origin) meaning 'morning star' is a magical and holy longsword.

Dwarven blade (Old English Origin) meaning 'small stature' is a magical sword crafted of steel.

Gildorf comes in two different forms, common and master, is a sword made up of steel to honor the Gildorf district.

Glory of the North (French Origin) meaning 'pride' is a sword made of steel.

Harvall is a sword made of steel, is a good blade, stronger than the meteorite sword as well.

Headhunter (English Origin) meaning 'chaser' is a sword in The Witcher 3.

Hope (Old English Origin) meaning 'desire' is a sword made up of steel in The Witcher 3.

Inis (Greek Origin) meaning 'island' is a sword in The Witcher 3.

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