100 Wonderful Girls' Names Beginning With W

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Choosing a  name for your precious baby girl is one of the most thrilling – and trickiest – decisions you'll make.

Happily, girl names beginning with W are some of the loveliest names around, whether you're after a classic girls' W name or a name starting with W inspired by nature.

W baby girl names can be among the most unusual but girl's names beginning with W also lend themselves particularly well to being abbreviated (Winnie, Wen, Win), so grow beautifully with your baby, too. Check out these awesome girl names starting with W and discover their origins as well as meanings.

Some of the girl names starting with W we've listed are actually gender neutral, meaning they could be given to a baby girl or a boy.

Classic Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter W

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Classic baby girl names starting with W will never go out of style for good reason, and we think these gorgeous girl names that start with W are perfect for anyone looking for beautiful baby girl names.

1) Walda (of German origin), the meaning of this girls' name is "ruler".

2) Wanda (of Slavic origin), meaning "wanderer".

3) Wendy (also Wendi, Wendie, of English origin). Fun fact: Peter Pan author JM Barrie invented this baby girl's name in 1904.

4) Wentliana (of Welsh origin), a name meaning "fair".

5) Wihakayda (of English origin), meaning "from the spring farm".

6) Wikolia (of English origin), a girl name meaning "famous in battle".

7) Wilda (of German origin), meaning "to strive". This is one of the strongest baby girl names that start with W.

8) Wilhelmina (of German origin), meaning "resolute protection". In addition to Willa for short, other options include Billie, Mina, Minnie and Wilma.

9) Willa (of German origin), meaning "resolute protection". Willa is also short for Wilhelmina.

10) Williemae, a diminutive of Wilhelmina, but also used on its own. This baby girl name means "resolute protection".

11) Wilona (of Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "hoped for".

12) Winifred/Wynnifred/Winfreda (of Welsh origin), meaning "blessed peacemaking". Winifred can be spelled various different ways (eg, Winnifred, Wynifred), and can be abbreviated to the equally cute Winnie, Win, Freddie or Freda.

13) Winnie (of English origin), meaning "for one" or "blessed and happy". Winnie is  popular pet name for a number of girls' names, including Edwina, Gwendolyn, Winifred, Guinevere, Gwyneth and Wynne.

14) Winsome (of English origin), this girls' name means "agreeable" and "lighthearted".

15) Wynne (of Welsh origin, also Wyn), meaning "fair" or "pure". Can be short for Gwendolyn or Gwyneth, as well as a variation of Winifred.

Contemporary W Names For Girls

There are plenty of newer girl names that start with W, as parents keep adding to the list. Modern girls' names beginning with W are fresh and appealing. These days, many girl names that start with W were once surnames that parents liked the sound of.

16) Walker (of English origin), from the surname, but now used as a first name for a baby boy or girl.

17) Warner (of Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "guard" or "soldier".

18) Wanelle (of unknown origin), a pretty name for your baby girl.

19) Waneta (of Native American origin), meaning "charger".

20) Waylynn (of American origin), probably from a surname, but now used as a girls' name.

21) Weasy (of unknown origin). It was first recorded as a baby name in the USA in 1922 and since then there have never been more than five babies with that name recorded each year.

22) Weatherly (of English origin), taken from the surname, this baby name means "from the sheep meadow".

23) Welcome (of English origin), meaning "from the meadow near the weir".

24) Wellesley (of English origin), meaning "the farm among the willows". It makes a lovely girls' baby name.

25) Wendolyn (of Welsh origin), a version of Gwendolyn.

26) Weriod, one of the made-up baby names that can be given to a boy or a girl.

27) West (of Anglo-Saxon origin), a strong name starting with w that means "one who comes from the west".

28) Westlyn (also Westlynn, Wesley, of American origin), a combination of the names West and Lynn.

29) Whim (of unknown origin), this name can be given to a boy or girl baby and is most popular in Malaysia, but is also a common baby name in Australia.

30) Whisper (of English origin), meaning "to speak quietly".

31) Whitley (of English origin), this sweet baby name means"white valley".

32) Wicahpi (of English origin), is a combination of different words to make a baby name meaning "from the white moor".

33) Willa-Jo (of unknown origin), is a portmanteau of the girl names Willa and Jo.

34) Willette (of German origin), this baby girl name starting with W means "firm defender".

35) Willodean (also Willodene, of American origin), this made-up baby girl's name may have first been used as a female version of William, with 'dean' added to feminize it.

36) Wilona (of English origin), meaning "longed for", could be the perfect baby name for your little one.

37) Wilsonia (of American origin), this baby girl name was invented to honour the early 20th-century American botanist Ernest Henry Wilson.

38) Windsor (of English origin), meaning "riverbank with a winch".

39) Winner (of German origin), is an unusual name starting with W and comes from the surname meaning "maker of baskets".

40) Winslow (also Wynslow, of English origin), meaning "friend's hill.

41) Winsley (of English origin), taken from the surname and now used as a girl's first name. It means "one who lives near a friend's hill".

42) Wisdom (of English origin), meaning "wise".

43) Wonder (of English origin), this is a new girls' name that means "amaze" or "awe". This is one of our favourite baby girl names that start with W.

44) Wrenley (probably a variant of Wren, of American origin), meaning "little bird".

45) Wrigley (of English origin), meaning "to strive".

46) Wyatt (of English origin), meaning "brave in war".

47) Wylda (of English origin), this girl's name means "to strive".

48) Wylie (of Scottish origin), meaning "resolute protection".

49) Wyllow (of English origin), means the name of a Cornish saint.

50) Wynette (of Welsh origin), this baby girl's name means "blessed peacemaking".

51) Wynna (of Welsh origin), meaning "blessed peace".

W Girl Names From Nature

Nature-inspired baby girls' names beginning with the letter W have become very popular.  Names starting with W have a lovely sound to them and go well with many surnames. Try out the girls' names that start with W below and see if you don't agree.

52) Water (of English origin), for an unusual baby girl name.

53) Wave (of English origin). This name starting with W almost guarantees your girl will be the only one in her class.

54) Waverly (also Waverlee, of English origin), meaning "meadow of quivering aspens".

55) Weslee (also Wesleigh, of English origin), meaning "Western meadow".

56) Wilderness (of English origin). Probably taken from a surname, this is an unusual baby girl name.

57) Willow (of English origin), meaning "willow tree".

58) Wind (of English origin). Another one-of-a-kind girl name starting with W from nature.

59) Windflower (of English origin), from a type of flower. While an unusual girl's name, it is a baby name gaining in popularity.

60) Winter/Wynter (of English origin), meaning "the coldest season of the year". This is one of the sweetest baby girl names that start with W.

61) Windie (also Windi, Windy, of English origin), meaning "windy".

62) Winterose, a combination of winter and rose. It was originally a surname.

63) Wiola (a W variation of Viola, of Latin origin), meaning "violet".

64) Wisteria (of German origin), meaning "Wister's flower with purple-blue blossoms".

65) Wren (also Wrenna, of English origin), meaning "brown songbird".

Celebrity Girls' Names Beginning With W

Some memorable people have made certain girl names starting with W immortal. These lovely baby names that start with W might just be the one for your little girl. Baby girl names starting with W can be ever so catchy.

66) Wallis (of Welsh origin), meaning "Welsh" or "Celt".

67) Whitney (of English origin), meaning "of the white isle".

68) Whoopi (of American origin), meaning "celebration".

69) Wilma (of German origin), meaning "resolute protector".

70) Winona/Wynona (of American Indian origin), girl names meaning "first born daughter".

Girls' Names Beginning With W From TV, Films And Stage

Girl names starting with W that originate in films can be lovely, as our list proves. Baby names that start with W can also be unusual, lyrical and memorable, which is why W girl names seem to get so much attention.

71) Wednesday, from The Addams Family.

72) Wendla, a character in the musical Spring Awakening.

73) Wendolyn, from World of Warcraft, for a niche girls' name.

74) Wylla, a woman who it was hinted might be the mother of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.

75) Wynry, from the Japanese anime TV series Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It's the name of a girl character who isn't afraid to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

W Names For Girls From Around The World

Girl names starting with W are popular all over the world, as this fabulous list of W baby girl names proves. Some of the girl names starting with W below have fascinating meanings too. You might even decide to give your daughter first and middle names that start with W for a pair of melodious names.

76) Wafaa (of Arabic origin), meaning "loyalty".

77) Waheeda (of Arabic origin), meaning "unique".

78) Wakanda (of Native American origin), meaning "magical powers".

79) Waki (of English origin), meaning "guard".

80) Waleria (of French origin), meaning "strength, health".

81) Waltraud (of German origin), meaning "strong".

82) Wamika (of Hindi origin), meaning "the goddess Durga".

83) Wamil (of Hindi origin), meaning "beautiful".

84) Wand (of Native American origin), meaning "white eagle".

85) Wangari (of German origin), meaning "wanderer".

86) Wanika (of Hawaiian origin), meaning "God is gracious".

87) Warda (of German origin), meaning "guardian".

88) Wayna (of Native American origin), meaning "young".

89) Waynoka (of Native American origin), meaning "graceful".

90) Wei (of Chinese origin), meaning "rose".

91) Weronica (of both Polish and Greek origin), meaning in Polish "true likeness" and in Greek "bringer of victory".

92) Weylin (of Celtic origin), meaning "child of the wolf".

93) Wilder (also Wylder, of German origin), meaning "untamed".

94) Wilone (of German origin), meaning "famous".

95) Winda (of Swahili origin), meaning "hunter".

96) Winema (of Native American origin), meaning "chief".

97) Wing (of Chinese origin), meaning "glory".

98) Winola (of German origin), meaning "gracious friend".

99) Wintrud (of German origin), meaning "powerful friend".

100) Wolfrun (of German origin), meaning "magic wolf".

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