70+ Best Names That Mean Wanderer For Your Little Adventurer

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Why names that mean Wanderer for your little Adventurer?

Everyone in the developed and developing world is a product of Wanderers and Adventurers. Centuries ago, they found new worlds on their voyage.

Finding habitable lands for early men was an investment for people in the world of today. You can incorporate the same spirit into your little one by giving them names that mean Adventurer. If you love to travel around the world, it would also make a perfect name for your baby.

Should you have already named your baby and discover that its inquisitive nature is beyond the ordinary, the ‘wanderer’ name can come as a nickname for your baby. Check out our list of 75 names that mean Wanderer for your Little Adventurer.

names for kids that mean wandrer

Names Of Famously Adventurous Souls

1. Alexandrine (German and French Origin) Means 'defender of mankind'- Dutch explorer Alexandrine Tinne was the first woman to cross the Sahara Desert. Pretty adventurous!

2. Amelia (Latin Origin) Amelia Earhart was famously the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, this name means ‘hard working’.

3. Edmund (English Origin) This name means 'fortunate protector', and is also the name of the first man to climb Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary.

4. Emin (German Origin) Emin Pasha was a German explorer who greatly contributed to discovering African geography, natural history, and languages.

5. Hester (German Origin) Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope was a trailblazing pioneer, despite her aristocratic roots, she traveled far and wide around the world, leading archeological excavations in the 1800s- unheard of!

6. Octavie (Latin and French Origin) Octavie Coudreau explored the Amazon region in Brazil and French Guiana at the beginning of the last century and wrote about her amazing journeys.

7. Ranulph (Norse Origin) With just a few accolades to his name, English explorer Ranulph Fiennes led the first ever north-south surface circumnavigation of the world between 1979 and 1982. This name means 'shield wolf'.

8. Sojourner (French Origin) African American abolitionist and women's rights activist Sojourner Truth created this amazing name for herself- by taking the French verb 'séjourner', which means 'to stay temporarily in one place'.

Names That Mean Wandering Spirit

9. Alma (Latin Origin) Alma has a few meanings, but our favorite is 'independent spirit'.

10. Cain (Hebrew Origin) This ancient biblical name means 'wandering spirit'.

11. Doran (Gaelic Origin) This name is derived from 'O Deorain', and means 'wanderer'.

12. Fernanda (Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Origin) A variation of Ferdinand, this name means 'wandering spirit'.

13. Forest (Old English Origin) Forest means 'dweller of the woods' which sounds quite dream-like, and of course don't forget the inspiring character 'Forrest Gump' who wandered into many great adventures.

14. Gitana (Spanish Origin) This romantic-sounding name means 'wanderer'.

15. Igashu (Native American Origin) This name means 'wandering spirit' and 'seeker'.

16. Marlowe (English Origin) This name meaning 'driftwood', definitely evokes a sense of wandering.

17. Nocona (Native American Origin) Meaning 'wanderer' or 'camper', Nocona is a perfect outdoorsy and adventurous name.

18. Reo (Japanese Origin) This name means 'at the summit of the mountain'.

19. Wanda (Polish Origin) There are many girl names that mean wanderer, and this one even sounds like the same word. We think Wanda is ready for a comeback.

Names For Your Tiny Traveller

20. Christopher (Greek Origin) St Christopher is the 'patron saint of all travelers', many also believe he provides protection during travel.

21. Faer (English Origin) This old English name means 'traveler, messenger, and preacher of good news'.

22. Jal (Hindi Origin) A short and sweet name meaning 'traveler' and 'wanderer'.

23. Kymani (East African Origin) The name Bob Marley chose for one of his sons, Kymani, means 'adventurous traveler'.

24. Nestor (Greek Origin) In Greek mythology, Nester was known for being wise. This name means 'traveler and voyager'.

25. Polo (Tibetan Origin) With the meaning 'brave wanderer', Polo is an interesting choice with a beautiful meaning.

26. Scott (Gaelic Origin) In English, this generally means 'from Scotland'; however, in Scottish, this becomes another of our boy names that mean 'wanderer'.

27. Stian (Norse Origin) Derived from Stigandr, Stian means 'wanderer'.

28. Wendell (German Origin) This German name was popular in the '40s. Wendell means 'traveler' or 'seeker'.

29. Barbara (Greek Origin) Derived from the Greek 'Barbaros', this name means 'traveler from a foreign land'.

30. Farrah (English and Middle Eastern Origin) In English, this name means 'travel', while the Middle Eastern version spelled 'Farah' means 'happiness and joy', with a few beautiful meanings.

31. Saira (Hebrew Origin) Derived from the more well-known 'Sarah', this name means 'traveler'.

32. Somerild (Scandinavian Origin) Meaning 'summer traveler'.

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33. Beatrix (Latin Origin) This name means 'voyager' and could be shortened to the ever so lovely 'Bea'.

34. Everest (French and English Origin) Mount Everest is earth's highest mountain and quite the adventure; this makes a beautiful name.

35. Ferdinand (German Origin) This German name has been given to many powerful rulers throughout history; Ferdinand means 'adventurous, bold journey'.

36. Noah (Hebrew Origin) was a famous biblical traveler who built a giant ark- this Hebrew name means 'wandering'.

37. Perry (Latin Origin) Sometimes short for Peregrine, Perry means 'traveler' or 'pilgrim'.

38. River (English Origin) Meaning 'stream of water that flows to the sea'. A river itself is on the ultimate wandering journey.

39. Romer (German Origin) Another German name with wandering roots that means 'one who roams' and 'pilgrim'.

40. Rover (English Origin) Although popular among pet owners for a time, Rover means 'traveler' or 'wanderer' and could make a comeback for adventurous kids.

41. Tripp (English Origin) Means 'journey'. This name was also an Old English term for 'dancer'.

Names That Mean Seekers and Wanderers

42. Ace (English Origin) Ace means "winner". The English name represents an adventurous spirit who loves to take risks. This short name is best for travelers with a winning spirit.

43. Arvad (Hebrew Origin) This name means "exile" or "traveler". Arvad is also the only inhabited Syrian island in the Mediterranean.

44. Abir (Hebrew Origin) A famous Egyptian, Indian and Jordanian name meaning to "fly" or "soar."

45. Ahascharah (Sanskrit Origin) means "day wanderer". This name has a beautiful Vedic sound to it.

45. Ahim (Hindi Origin) This name has several meanings, such as "cloud", "water", and "traveler".

46. Aniveshak (Indian Origin) means “one who finds” or “seeker”. It has been associated with many celebrities and kings over the centuries.

47. Breandán (Irish Origin) This name means "prince". The name was popularized by St. Brendan, who was also known as "the voyager," "the traveler," "the hermit," and "the brave".

48. Bahis (Quranic Origin) This name means "seeker", "learner", "researcher", or "explorer".

49. Charaka (Indian Origin) A wandering soul is called a Charaka. This name means "wanderer" or "traveler".

50. Cliff (English Origin) This English name resonates with climbers and travelers seeking heights with their eyes fixed on cliffs. Famous people with this name include singer Cliff Richards and American actor Cliff Richards. Includes Robertson.

51. Csaba (Hungarian Origin) refers to a shepherd who roams with cattle.

52. Dolen (Dutch Origin) means “wanderer”.

53. Doran (Irish and Gaelic Origin) This name means "wanderer" or "pilgrim".

54. Dwade (English Origin) This English name is believed to be an amalgamation of two names, Dwayne and Wade. Dwade means "dark traveler". Some say that the name may have come from America.

55. Faramund (Old German Origin) This name means protector of travelers. "Fala" means "journey" or "travel," and "munt" means "protect".

56. Faron (Old German Origin) Although common in England, this old German name derives from faldi, meaning 'journey', and nanti meaning 'enterprise'. Three famous Holy Roman Emperors and several Spanish and Italian kings bore this name.

57. Farren (English Origin) It is a petite form of Ferdinand, which means 'ready to travel'.

58. Igashu (Native American Origin) means “one who wanders or seeks.”

59. Jagatbehari (Hindi Origin) This name means "traveler of the world". The word is of Indian Origin and is a male name. Hindus usually use this name.

60. Ravid (Hebrew Origin) A wanderer by nature, Ravid is a Hebrew name given to boys. It relates to an older brother who takes pride in caring for his younger siblings. Ravid is also the name of a famous mountain in Israel.

Names That Mean Adventure and Travel

61. Jahanjuy (Persian Origin) means “seeker of the world.”

62. Jett (English Origin) It comes from the English word "jet," which literally means force and speed. It stands for the move, travel, and adventure.

63. Jeffrey (English Origin) Also spelled Geoffrey, the name has many meanings, one of which is 'traveler'. This name has many abbreviations, such as Jeff and Geoff. Many celebrities have this nickname, including Jeff Bridges and Jeff Bezos.

64. Kevalin (Sanskrit Origin) Means “Seeker of the Absolute".

65. Lokachari (Sanskrit Origin) Means "wanderer of the earth". People with this name are known for their quest for religion, spirituality, and wisdom.

66. Mshai (Egyptian Origin) It means "traveler". Similar names include Masha, Misha, Mesia, Moishe, Moosha, and Moshe.

67. Naikasanucharah (Sanskrit Origin) This name means “wanderer over the peaks".

68. Nerio (Ancient Greek Origin) This name Nerio is a popular name in Italy and the United States. Derived from Latin and Greek, it means "sailor".

69. Pathik (Indian Origin) This name is common among Jains and Hindus and refers to someone who is a "traveler".

70. Pathin (Indian Origin) This Indian name is a derivative of pathik and also means "traveler."

71. Pippin (German Origin) Pippin is the name of a hobbit in the original 1954 Lord of the Rings and a nickname for Peregrine, meaning "pilgrim" or "traveler".

72. Peregrine (Latin Origin) Derived from the Latin peregrinus, the name means "stranger," "traveler," "foreigner," or "pilgrim."

73. Perri (English Origin) This name means "wanderer". It may be a derivative of the longer name peregrine or a name of its own.

74. Polo (Tibetian Origin) A beautiful masculine name, it means “brave wanderer” and originates in Tibet.

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