100 Truck Names For Your New Pick-Up

Georgia Stone
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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
Red truck on road with cloudy background.

Everything that’s close to your heart deserves a good name and undeniably that includes your new pickup truck too!

It is a pleasure to decide the perfect car names, no matter if it is metallic, small, or red truck names that you are hunting for. We have a good long list of truck names for your Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, or any other pickup truck.

Every vehicle has a personality of its own. They may resemble special characters or people. So, who or what does your pickup truck resemble?

Is it some famous personality, a character from film or TV, an animal or any special feature of your truck that inspires you to select its name? A good way to decide on nicknames for trucks is to keep the color, size, style of the truck in mind. Can’t think of the perfect car names?

Need some unique, cool and crazy name suggestions for your big truck? Help is here! Check out our list of best truck names that will leave you spoiled for choice.

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List Of Cool Truck Names

Cool car names show how much effort has gone into choosing a name and how much your vehicle means to you. You may endlessly admire your truck but to demonstrate to everyone else how much you love it, opt for a good name for your new pickup truck. An appropriate name surely helps trucks get a unique character.

1. Axel, meaning “protecting men”.

2. Blaze, meaning “high flames”. The perfect name for your truck.

3. Blitz, meaning “intensive attack”.

4. Boomerang, meaning “a recoil play toy”.

5. Brock, meaning “young stag”.

6. Bronco, meaning “untamed horse”.

7. Chief, meaning “leader or headman”.

8. Destroyer, meaning “something that destroys”.

9. Dexter, meaning “skilled”.

10. Dragon, meaning “mythological reptile”.

11. Fearless, meaning “gallant, bold and brave”.

12. Fighter, meaning “someone inspired to fight”.

13. Gargoyle, meaning “imaginary monster creature”.

14. Hercules, meaning “a hero from Greek mythology”.

15. Jaxx, meaning “God is gracious”.

16. Knox, a name related to a small, round hill.

17. Marco, meaning “Roman God of war or warlike”.

18. Mystery Machine, a secret machine that no one knows better than you.

19. Rambo, meaning “exceptionally tough and aggressive”.

20. Road Crusher, meaning “good in manoeuvring when on the road”.

21. Rock, associated with sturdiness and strength and of course the actor.

22. Slayer, meaning “someone who is violent”.

23. Steely, meaning “determined and resembling the color of steel”.

24. Swoosh, meaning “move with a sound of gushing wing”.

25. Wild Thing, meaning “something that cannot be tamed or is out of control”.

26. Xavier, meaning “someone who is enlightened”.

27. Zephyr, meaning “the west wind”.

28. Dust Devil,  meaning “who creates dusty whirlwind when moving”.

29. Royal Reign,  meaning “someone powerful ruling the road”.

Striking Strong Truck Names

Looking for legit truck names that perfectly describe your pickup truck? Here’s a catalog of awesome truck names that may turn heads when you call out your truck in the crowd.

30. Baldwyn, meaning “a daring friend who is brave and bold”.

31. Howling Beast, meaning “four footed animal that makes loud noise”.

32. Bigfoot, meaning “a large ape”.

33. Road-Breaker, meaning “a machine that breaks roads”.

34. Buster, after the famous actor.

35. Butch, meaning “masculine appearance”.

36. Cannonball, meaning “ammunition fired from cannon”.

37. Colt, meaning “young and energetic horse”.

38. Diesel, a name related to fuel. It’s edgy.

39. Energy, meaning “vigor and vivacity needed to perform daily tasks”.

40. Godzilla, meaning “a powerful, fictional monstrous creature”.

41. Howling Wind, meaning “strong, stormy wind”.

42. Jagger, meaning “something with a spiky edge”.

43. Lethal Weapon, meaning “hard, action-packed weapon."

44. Mean Machine, meaning “powerful and speedy motor vehicle”. This is also one of the best car names in general, not just for trucks.

45. Rocco, meaning “rest and repose”.

46. Sabotage, meaning “destroy and damage intentionally”.

47. SpeedX, meaning “extremely fast movement.

48. Thunder, meaning “flashing and loud rumbling in the sky”.

49. Topkick, meaning “higher ranking officer”.

50. Twister, meaning “a high speed storm, tornado or a whirlwind”.

51. Crazy Thing, meaning “crazy, risk taker”.

52. Woody, meaning “strong as wood”. Also perfect for any fans of 'Toy Story' or Pixar in general.

53. Zeke, meaning “God will protect”.

54. Challenger, meaning “ready to accept a challenge from opponents”.

55. Dark Lord, meaning “powerful devil from a fantasy world”.

Movie Inspired Names For Your Truck

You may not think it’s necessary but the masculine, tough look of your pickup truck needs expression. Give it a suitable name that shows its strength. If you are a movie buff, you would surely love a good movie inspired truck name for your buddy with wheels.

56. Dark Knight, related to an action movie.

57. Furiosa, a fictional character in 'Mad Max- Fury Road'.

58. Ironhide, a violent fictional character from 'Transformers'.

59. Road House, a movie for which a monster truck was created.

60. Marv, a fictional character from 'Sin City'.

Black Truck Names

Black Beauty is the first name to pop up when you think of choosing name for cars that are black. Your black beauty on wheels can surely have a unique name that’s more striking. Look at some unusual black truck names.

61. Black Bull, meaning “majestic and imposing animal”.

62. Black Diamond, meaning “dark black diamond symbolizing, power and charisma”.

63. Black Dove, a black dove symbolizes authority, strong personality, and war.

64. Black Hawk, meaning “a war chief”.

65. Black Jack, meaning “a card game”.

66. Black Magic, meaning “evil magic for supernatural power”.

67. Black Mamba, meaning “venomous, speedy snake”.

68. Black Panther, meaning “an animal representing bravery and strength”.

69. Black Pearl, meaning “exotic pearls believed to protect from negative energy”.

70. Drongo, meaning “a black songbird”.

71. Fossil, meaning “deeply imbedded impression of long dead creatures”.

72. Grease, meaning “lubricant often related to vehicles”.

73. Inky, meaning “pitch black, or resembling jet black”.

74. Midnight, meaning “middle of the night”.

75. Nightshade, meaning “a shrub bearing poisonous black fruits”.

76. Shadow, meaning “darkness or opposite of light”.

Black huge truck parked.

Good Truck Name Suggestions For Blue Trucks

Is it cobalt, navy, aqua, sapphire or indigo? Give your big truck a name that suits its azure shade.

77. Admiral, meaning “a rank in the navy”.

78. Blue Beast, meaning “blue animal”.

79. Blue Star, meaning “a star that is bluish”.

80. Blue Sky, meaning “clear sky”.

81. Blue Velvet, meaning “smooth, soft, and shiny blue cloth”.

82. Cool Wave, meaning “cold water display”.

83. Galaxy, meaning “dark blue hue of the world of stars”.

84. Lil Boy Blue, related to a famous nursery rhyme.

85. Night Crawler, meaning “a creature that moves at night”.

86. Mystique, meaning “mysterious, unexplained”.

87. Smurf, named after small blue imaginary comic creatures.

88. Tsunami, meaning “huge tidal wave that destroys”.

Good Red Truck Names

Names for red trucks are not hard to find but surely you want a special name that goes well with your red pickup. This list gives you some great choices for name of cars for your red truck.

89. Candy Crush, a popular name to match lovely red cars.

90. Cherry Bomb, meaning “a red firework”.

91. Chilli Wheel, meaning “spicy red when on the move”.

92. Inferno, meaning “fire that’s uncontrollable”.

93. Ladybug, meaning “cute bugs thought to bring good luck”.

94. Red Dawn, meaning “reddish sky of dawn”.

95. Red Fury, meaning “ruddy with anger”.

96. Red Riding Hood, from the famous story.

97. Ruby Runner, meaning “red gem on the move”.

98. Scarlet Beauty, meaning “gorgeous red”.

99. Sweet Cherry, meaning “a ripe sweet fruit”.

100. TNT, meaning “explosive often associated with a shade of red”.

101. Red Dynamite, meaning “explosive red”.

102. Red Runner, it’s a good name for a red truck that runs on road.

Red mini truck near sea side.

Electrifying Pickup Truck Names

Good names for cars are those with a twang! Give your truck a name that sparks interest and shows an attitude. Here are some names to glorify your truck.

103. Apollo, meaning “destroyer” or "Sun".

104. Elektra, meaning “shimmery and glowing”.

105. Helios, meaning “Sun God”.

106. High Voltage, meaning “high on electrical charge”.

107. Midas Touch, meaning ‘good or golden touch”.

108. Power Surge, meaning “overvoltage”.

109. Sizzling Beauty, meaning, “passionate and beautiful”.

110. Spark, meaning “ignite”.

111. Tarzan, related to the fictional character who is strong and brave.

112. Thunderbird, meaning “something that flies with the speed of thunder”.

113. Phantom, imaginary ghost who is brawny and brave”.

114. Zandar, meaning “lucky and responsible”.

Cute Truck names

Cute truck names for your rugged vehicle can be a lethal combination. Go with a good one that sounds sweet and fits your truck well.

115. Alucard, read it backwards and it becomes Dracula.

116. Buddy Bear, meaning “a good friend that is big like a bear”.

117. Bonaventure, meaning ‘good luck and good fortune”.

118. Fiona, meaning “fair”.

119. Fortunata, meaning “good luck and good vibes”.

120. Lucky Lady, meaning “a lady who has good luck”.

121. Mr. Shiny, meaning “someone who is sparkly clean and shiny”.

122. Rainbow Rider, meaning “someone who rides on the rainbow”.

123. Slam Dunk, meaning “the perfect shot”.

124. Speed Sludge, meaning “a good balance of speed and slow movement”.

125. Ventura, meaning “good luck and fortune”.

126. Zooma, meaning “someone who zooms past”.

127. Zinger, meaning “something outstanding”.

Good Names For Big Trucks

Your big truck needs a name that expresses its bulk. Here are some names that mean something large and overpowering.

128. Hulk, meaning “large”.

129. Groot, meaning “enormous in Dutch”. Avengers’ fans will love it.

130. Magnum, meaning “large”.

131. Jupiter, meaning “the largest planet”.

132. Cargo, meaning “big carrier”.

133. Tank, meaning “a large war vehicle”.

134. Xerxes, meaning “someone who rules over heroes”.

135. Karma, meaning “as big as your deeds and actions”.

Kidadl has lots of great names related articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for truck names then why not take a look at car names for boys or, for something different, surfer names.

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