69 Funny Cowboy Names From The Wild West

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Originally Published on Apr 21, 2022
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If you are a cowboy who is looking for an interesting yet funny name for yourself then the following list of names is perfect for you. 

The perception of a cowboy is like that of a star. Many of us love the aura and the personality that a cowboy radiates and the same is reflected through a cowboy name.

The most famous cowboys to have originated from the wild west are Buffalo Bill, Jesse James, Billy The Kid, and David Crockett. A cowboy with a funny name is like a cherry on top.

So to make the task of picking a cowboy name easier, we have collected some unique names for cowboys. Some of the most popular names are Jack, Wyatt, Colton, Cooper, Luke, Levi, Brody, Calvin, and Blaze.

Look through this collection of cool and unique names, nicknames, and gang names that will help you add aura to your personality. Choose your favorite name from the list of names given below.

Funny Short Cowboy Names

Cowboys are known to reside in regions of western Texas and as a result, many names for boys in the western region resemble that of cowboys. Find below good cowboy names and nicknames for yourselves and your pals. 

Two young boys dressed as cowboys

Adam (Hebrew Origin) refers to the name of the first man on Rarth and is a popular name for cowboys. 

Austin (English origin), meaning ‘great or magnificent’, is a good name for cowboys who believe in greatness.

Bart (British origin), meaning ‘ranking’, is a bad boy name for a cowboy indicating hierarchy. 

Billy (German origin) is a very popular name frequently used in Hollywood TV shows and movies. Billy Cyrus happens to be Miley Cyrus's father, a Hollywood singer. Billy is quite a frequently used name in America. 

Blaze (Latin origin) meaning ‘a large and fiercely burning fire’, is a perfect name reflecting a fierce person. 

Bob (German origin) has countless meanings, but the name Bob is popularly used by the American population. 

Brody (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘ditch mire’, is another fun name for cowboys. 

Calvin (Latin origin), meaning ‘bald’, is a perfect name for bald cowboys. 

Chance (Old French and English)refers to the possibility of something happening. Chance sounds good when used as a name.

Colton (English origin), meaning ‘dark town’, is a very random name for cowboys. 

Dakota (American origin) is the name of a place located in North America. 

Dallas (Scottish and English origin) is a place in Washington that can be used as a cowboy name. 

Jesse (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘gift of God’, is a good name for a cowboy. The name Jesse is quite frequently used across the United States.

Kate (feminine origin), meaning ‘clean or pure’, is a really good cowboy name. 

Luke (Roman origin), is a name derived from Luca that radiates bad boy vibes and is perfect for cowboys. 

Maverick (English origin) meaning ‘someone who lives his life carefree’, is a funny cowboy name perfect for rebels. Maverick is perfect for cowboys since they live their life carefree!

Max (German and Dutch origin), is the short form of maximum and is a strong name. 

Zane (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gift of God’, is another perfect name for a cowboy. 

Funny Cowboy Character Names

There are quite a few cowboy names that are funny but still have a really good meaning. The same holds true for cowboy dogs as many cowboys name their dogs Mack, Boone, Wayne, Cassidy, Ryder, Cash, Kate, and Wyatt.

We bring to you in this section a list of all such cowboy names that you can choose for your cowboy characters.

Angus (Irish origin), is a derivative of the name Augustus and is quite a funny name. 

Austin (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning ‘majesty and greatness’,  is another famous cowboy name. 

Bob (British origin), meaning ‘fame’, is a really nice name for cowboys. The name Bob is perfect for our countryside homes!

Buck (Old English origin) is a male deer. This name is also quite popular amongst the cowboys of the wild west. 

Clayton (Old English origin) meaning ‘a smooth talker’, is a charming name for a wild west cowboy.

Cody (Irish origin) meaning ‘helpfulness’, is a name which many of us must have heard many times in the old Disney shows and is a good name for cowboys. 

Copper (English origin), meaning ‘barrel maker’, is a good cowboy name.

Denver (English origin), a vintage name, is a perfect choice of a name picked up from literature. 

Ezekiel (Biblical origin), comes from the old biblical testaments and refers to a prophet. 

Garret (Irish Origin) meaning ‘strength’, is a variation of Gerad, is a tough name for cowboys.

Hank (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God is merciful’, is a funny name with a good meaning. 

Jack (Medieval England origin) meaning ‘a heavy object’, is a very frequently used name. Jack reminds everyone of the character Jack Sparrow from the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean’. 

James (Hebrew origin) is one of the most frequently used cowboy names. The name James has massive popularity, especially in European countries. James was a very popular character in the 'Harry Potter' series. 

Jeremy (English origin) meaning ‘God uplift’ is quite frequently used as a derivative of Jeremiah. Cowboys take up this name quite popularly. 

Josh (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘salvation’, is a favorite and is a good name used by many cowboys. 

Rusty (American origin) is another funny name that can be used by a cowboy.  

Walker (English origin), meaning ‘fuller of cloth’, is a famous name also of a famous DJ, Alan Walker.  

Woody (Old English origin) meaning ‘from the woods’, is a funny name for cowboys who love a hint of nature in anything they do and is also the name of the cowboy in 'Toy Story'!

Funny Cowboy Gang Names

Cowboy gangs are some of the coolest gangs in the world. A cowboy is like a star especially when he is with his boys! So for these star cowboys, we bring a list of gang names that they can choose from for their gangs. 

A Dozen: Cowboy buddies who move in a group of a dozen can use this name for their gang. 

Bearers Of The Green: A random name for wild cowboys. 

Gangsters Gang: Fierce cowboys can use this name for their squad.

Hercules: This name is taken from the popular movie 'Hercules'. 

Initiators: A cool made-up name just for the cowboys. 

Light Brigade: A funny cowboy name made up for a fun use.

Poppy Sailors: Spinach-loving cowboys can use this unique name for their gangs. 

Scooby Dooby Gang: Cowboys who are fans of the old movie 'Scooby Dooby' can use this name for their gang. 

Single Motto: Another cool made-up name exclusively for the cowboy gang. 

Task Force: Cowboys who love helping out others can use this name for their team.

The A-Team: Cowboys who have been ex-military workers can use this name for their gang. 

The Avengers: Cowboy buddies who are Marvel fans, this name is perfect for them. 

The Beef Murder Company: This is a funny one for a cowboy gang who loves beef. 

The Butcher Gang: This cool cowboy gang name radiates fierceness and is the best for your cowboy gang.

The Forest Guardians: Forest dwellers (cowboys) can use this perfect name for their squad. 

The Suicide Squad: Many of us have seen the popular movie 'Suicide Squad' featuring a unique gang. It is a perfect name for you and your cowboy buddies. 

Wild Buddies: This name is best for those cowboys who love wandering in the wilderness of the forests. Choose this star gang name for your homies!

Funny Cowboy Western Names

We know from Hollywood that cowboys like good humor. We have created in the section below a list of some funny cowboy character names and nicknames. The cowboys of Texas, Dallas, Dakota, or anywhere in the world can find some really good and funny short cowboy names from the list given below. 

Bobby (German origin) meaning ‘bright fame’, is a great name for town-dwelling cowboys.  

Cap (Latin origin) a derivative of Chaplain is a great name for a cowboy. 

Clay (Old English origin) is a natural name that refers to the earth. Clay is a unique name for cowboys who love the earth.  

Cliff (German origin) is a unique and sassy cowboy name.

Clyde (Scottish origin) meaning ‘keeper of the keys’, is the best name for both a cowboy and a cowgirl with a social personality.

Coby (Hebrew origin) is actually a meaningless name best for cowboys with the personality of a maverick.

Colt (Swedish Origin) meaning ‘young horse’, is a good name for cowboys who are dwellers of the town. Colt is a representation of a cowboy’s personality where he rides on a horse along the countryside. 

Colton (Irish origin) meaning ‘charcoal settlement’ is another really cool name for a cowboy. 

Corey (Greek origin) meaning ‘hollow of a hill’, is a great name by the cowboys of Texas. 

Cutter (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning ‘gem cutter’, is a name that matches the vibes of a maverick and is perfect for cowboys. 

Hunter (Old English origin) is another star name for a cowboy or cowgirl who loves hunting. 

Kipp (Middle English origin) meaning ‘a pointed hill’, is one of the hippie cowboy names. 

Lawson (English origin) meaning ‘son of Lawrence’, is a star name for a cowboy, 

Levi (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘joined together', is a cool and unique cowboy name also sometimes used by a cowgirl. 

Oliver (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘from the olive tree’, is used by cowboys to name their dogs Oliver quite frequently. 

Russell Red (Anglo-Norman origin) refers to a hint of red, it is an aesthetic and funny name that can randomly be taken and suits cowboys the most.

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