60 Amazing Orphanage Names From Around The World

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Amazing orphanage names will let you use a name that you like and gives you hope.
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New orphanage names are extremely important to make the orphan home popular with others.

Many new orphanage names are usually related to the site in town where the orphanage is located. Selecting an orphanage name close to a new site or prominent place is an interesting idea to make it click easily.

Read on for some new orphanage name ideas for your perusal.

Fantasy Orphanage Names

Good orphanage names give a hope and mtoivation to every child. The name must show love, care, and affection that kids seek. Names may be inspired from different things that are popular among children, including gaming, story-writing, and social networking. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most well-known orphanage names.

A Protectory was a Catholic organization for the care and education of children, aiming to provide refuge, food, and clothing to neglected or abandoned children so that they can get the best care.

Angel House, Lindsay, and Dominic Russo, who were in India for philanthropic work in 2010, dreamed up this orphanage. An orphanage where kids can spend their time.

Asha Daan is a Missions of Charity project that houses 400 abandoned, handicapped, and impoverished children. An orphanage name that will certainly click with everyone.

Asilo de San Vicente de Paul is an orphanage in Manila, Philippines, located on the UN Avenue. You can check if the name has a copyright or not.

Back2Back Ministries is a Christian non-profit-related organization devoted to providing a voice to orphans across the world.

Basera E Tabassum is a sanctuary for Indian females. It was founded in 2002 to help girls who had lost their parents due to armed violence and enable them to get basic education and care.

Bethesda Academy is a boys' school and a former orphanage in unincorporated Chatham County, Georgia, near Savannah, in the United States.

Cighid was a Romanian children's home where many orphans and deformed children were confined in deplorable circumstances.

Coptic Orphans is a catholic religious organization that seeks to assist children in communities all across Egypt. If you like the name, make sure to check the copyright status.

Ella Austin Orphanage is a San Antonio, Texas-based orphanage. It became a focus for the local community and humanitarian efforts in addition to aiding children in need. A good orphanage name for a place for orphan kids to spend their time.

Graham Windham is a New York City-based private charity that helps children and families.

Healy Asylum is a historic structure. It was established in 1893 as a boy's orphanage, and it remained in that condition until around 1970.

Holy Family Institution, located at 600 Altamont Street in Marquette, Michigan, was an abandoned Catholic orphanage.

Jenkins Orphanage, one of the best orphanage names, was started in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1891. Jenkins was a Baptist clergyman and businessman who came across a few street children and decided to establish an orphanage for young African Americans.

Lifesong for Orphans seeks to give orphans happiness and purpose.

Mahboba's Promise is an Australian non-profit organization committed to assisting Afghanistan's mothers and a significant number of orphaned children.

Makola Muslim Orphanage is a non-profit organization. It has developed from humble beginnings to become one of Sri Lanka's largest orphanages.

Markazul Ma'arif is a non-profit organization dedicated to social welfare.

Miracle Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing life-changing care to orphans across the world.

My Orphans is a  non-profit organization founded in response to the growing number of orphaned children in war-torn and impoverished countries.

Orphan's Lifeline International is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphaned children across the world.

Orphans in Need is a non-profit that helps vulnerable widows and orphans enjoy fulfilled lives by empowering and nurturing them.

Reedham Orphanage is a Fatherless Children's Asylum, caring for children of both genders and providing them with food, shelter, and education until they reach the ages of 13 and 14.

Save Our Soul is a non-profit international development organization based in Innsbruck, Austria, that is independent of the government.

Shiloh Orphanage was a black children's orphanage in Augusta, Georgia, United States. An orphanage name that will certainly click with everyone.

Shreevatsa is a care provider for children who have been abandoned by their families.

Smile Foundation is an Indian social development organization, that benefits nearly 150,000 children and their families every year.

Styal Cottage Homes sheltered poor children from the Manchester region.

The Charleston Orphan House was the first public orphanage in the United States that operated from 1790-1951 in Charleston, South Carolina. An orphanage name based on its site or a place near a town.

The Orphanage's Charity Foundation is still functioning, and currently supports research related to children's care.

The Sunrise Children's Home is located in Andhra Pradesh, India, on a 5 ha (0.5 sq. km) plot of land.

Tuloy Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Philippines that focuses on underprivileged adolescents.

Vasa Children's Home is Minnesota's oldest children's home.

Victoria Memorial Home is a historic orphanage and school located in Saroornagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. An orphanage name that will certainly click with everyone.

White Cross Orphanage is a child-caring organization in San Juan, Philippines, that offers temporary sanctuary to children aged zero to six. An orphanage name that will certainly click with everyone.

World Orphans is an organization that works with orphans in over nine countries, thanks to the involvement of the Evangelical Church.

Orphanage names are popular with people across the world.

Funny Orphanage Names

The names are roughly based on genuine orphanage names, albeit the majority of real names are either personal or religious names. Here are some funny orphanage names.

Boikarabelo is a rural community in Magaliesburg, South Africa, committed to assisting and giving a home to orphans and the ones affected by poverty and AIDS.

Galveston Orphans Home was founded by George Dealey in 1878 that relocated to this property in Galveston in 1879.

Inglewood Children's Home was established in 1899 in Otley, West Yorkshire, as a children's home. A popular orphanage name.

Leake and Watts Services, Inc. is a non-profit social services organization based in New York City that provides foster care, adoption, special education, head start, and other related services to children and families.

Lumos has a unique concept compared to other nonprofits. Its goal is to assist orphaned youngsters who have been living in institutions.

Martinitt is the name of a historical Milanese boy orphanage and was founded in the 16th century and is currently part of Pio Albergo. A fun orphanage name.

Mooseheart is an unincorporated town in Kane County, Illinois, where the Loyal Order of Moose has a children's home. An orphanage name that will certainly click with everyone in 2021.

Show Hope exists to organize citizens to join god's revolution in caring for orphans in need. An interesting orphanage name that gives hope.

Stora Barnhuset, Sweden's greatest orphanage, was inaugurated in Stockholm in 1633 and operated until 1922.

Strawberry Field is a visitor attraction and Salvation Army property in the Liverpool district of Woolton. An interesting orphanage name.

Trivulzio is a public Milanese organization that helps destitute orphans, the elderly, and other individuals in need. A popular orphanage name in the town.

Wammy's House was established in Winchester, England, with the intention of serving as a training institution for exceptionally bright youngsters. A popular orphanage name in 2021.

Scary Orphanage Names

Following are some scary orphanage names for you to consider:

An Abandoned Orphanage in Jena, Germany, has an odd mix of optimism and sorrow. A new name that you will find easy to use to please your mind. A popular orphanage name in the town in 2021.

St. John's Orphanage in Goulburn, New South Wales, first opened its doors in 1912 and closed in 1976. At any given time, the Goulburn Boys Orphanage housed over 100 boys aged 5-16. An interesting orphanage name.

Tekakwitha Orphanage was dismantled in 2010, victims like Howard Wanna clearly recall their time there. A new name that you will find easy to use.

The Büyükada Greek Orphanage was built in 1899 and closed in 1936 after falling foul of Turkish government restrictions. A popular orphanage name in the town in 2021.

The Holy Family Orphanage in Marquette, Michigan, opened in 1915 and closed in 1965, after which it has been abandoned for almost as long as it was open. A new orphanage name that you might like to use and see more of.

The Jesse Lee Homefor Children was made up of three major buildings that were linked by covered arcades to allow for easy circulation during the long, dark, and miserable northern winters.

The Mazanovsky Orphanage made headlines in May after a footage was released revealing orphans being thrashed mercilessly. A name whose use will certainly please you.

The Nanning Orphanage is located in the Guangxi Province of China. It gained notoriety in 1993 when the South China Morning Post stated that 90% of the orphaned female girls perished there. An interesting orphanage name.

The Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphanage was established in 1870 to care for orphaned youngsters whose families had perished at sea - a fate that, judged by the size of this terrifyingly gothic monument, must have been all too often. In 1949, the institution ceased to be an orphanage. A popular orphanage name.

The Ungerini Homefor the Incurable made news after an adopted Romanian orphan revealed the horrific conditions he had faced in 2006.

DND Orphanage Names

In D&D, orphans dwell in a harsh world. Monsters abound and magic lets anybody powerful enough to do anything they want, regardless of ethics. This world is similar to ours, yet it is far more dangerous. It's only natural that there should be orphans.

The Holy House of Domin was a Church of Ilmater monastery, school, and orphanage located just off the Firedrake Road, some 20 mi (32 km) northeast of the Tethyrian settlement of Mosstone. A unique orphanage name.

The Weary Giant was an inn, bar, and orphanage in Stanwick, Hartsville, where adventurers Tavis Burdun and Avner of Hartwick lived. A name youn would like to use unless you see something else as a better name. A unique orphanage name indeed.

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