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Dungeons and Dragons is a celebrated role-playing tabletop game that has a lot of imaginary creatures in the game.

One of the most innovative creations of D&D is the introduction of Tieflings. Tieflings are humanoid creatures that are derived from the human bloodline.

Tiefling names have a special significance to them. The names have three categories. Some are derived from the Infernal language.

Others have names that reflect their culture. Tieflings are minorities in human groups and they can be both male and female. Due to their internal heritage, they are suspected of being a nefarious race in D&D.

They have large horns and sharp canines but their skin tone is similar to human beings. They do have surnames, though they will focus more on their first name or virtue names. A Warlock is considered as the best class for a tiefling.

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Tiefling Names For Girls

Female tiefling names can be special, like:

1. Arshoon (Derived from Arshu), meaning "Tears of Joy". A  great name for a tiefling wizard.

2. Euphoria (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "to bear". It means happiness and can be a great virtue name for a half orc.

3. Gueshoon: a name of a wise Tiefling.

4. Ianonia (Old Norse origin) referring to a Scottish island.

5. Karisa (Italian origin) meaning "dear one".

6. Lerissa (Latin origin) meaning "cheerful". From Larissa.

7. Malevira, derived from Malavida, a Spanish word which means 'low life'. A name for a rising rogue tiefling.

8. Nephviri, derived from Nefertiti, a queen from ancient Egypt.

9. Orianna (Latin origin) meaning "golden".

10. Quaki, Derived from Quake, meaning "tremble". One of the last names for a naughty tiefling.

11. Valxi, Derived from the Sanskrit poet, Valmiki, who wrote the epic poem,  Ramayana.

12. Xarrai, Derived from Hebrew origin, meaning "my Princess". A name for a royal female tiefling.

13. Zhera (Arabic origin) meaning "flower".

14. Zilla (English origin) refers to an English slang which is used as a suffix to signify a monster. An example is the name, Godzilla.

Tiefling Names For Boys

Male tiefling names are strong. Some of the strong male names are:

15. Amus (Arabic origin) meaning "uncle". Could be used for a  wizard.

16. Barchar (Iranian origin) meaning "youth".

17. Casthos, derived from the Greek word, Castor, meaning "to shine".

18. Damakos (Nepali origin) refers to a municipality in Nepal. A wonderful name for a  who came from far away.

19. Damrias (Greek origin) meaning "calf".

20. Erthor, from Elder Scrolls Oblivion and refers to a sorcerer.

21. Guxes is derived from Guys and could be one of the legendary and yet modern last names.

22. Kairon (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark-haired".

23. Kilmos (Greek origin) meaning "to lean".

24. Mordai, derived from the Hebrew word, Mordechai, which means Warrior.

25. Thecius, derived from Greek, refers to the Athenian king, Theseus.

26. Valcrius, derived from the Latin word, Valerius, which means "healthy".

27. Xarmir, this name could be derived from Kashmir, which is often called Heaven on Earth.

28. Zheradius, derived from Sharad, an Indian word meaning "Autumn".

Gender Neutral Tiefling Virtue Names

Tieflings have special virtue names that can define their future character. Here are some unisex tiefling names:

29.  Adventure (Latin origin) meaning "a thing to happen".

30. Amity (English origin) meaning "friendly or friendship".

31. Awe (Old English origin) meaning "dread".

32. Closed (Latin origin) meaning "reserved".

33. Courage (Latin origin) meaning "bravery".

34. Cunning (Old English origin) meaning "skilled".

35. Devotion (Old French origin) meaning "a profound religious experience".

36. Exciting (Old French origin) meaning "to be agitated".

37. Extreme (Old French origin) meaning "utmost".

38. Fear (Middle English origin) meaning "fear" or "danger".

39. Free (Old English origin) meaning "not in bondage".

40. Glee (Old English origin) meaning "mirth".

41. Ideation (Greek origin) meaning "to form a specific idea".

42. Laughter (Middle English origin) meaning "to laugh".

43. Panic (Greek origin) meaning "sudden fear".

44. Piety (Latin origin) meaning "devout".

45. Pleasure (Old French origin) meaning "pleasing".

46. Poetry (Greek origin) meaning "composing poems".

47. Possession (Latin origin) meaning "act of owning".

48. Promise (Late Middle English origin) meaning "to put forward".

49. Void (Anglo-French origin) meaning "vacant".

50. Woe (Old English origin) meaning "sadness".

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