85 Baby Whale Names That Are Extremely Whale-some

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names for baby whales that are cool
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Whales are a diversified group of totally water placental sea creatures with a vast distribution.

They are the world's largest mammals and are reserved to ocean waters only, although sometimes they might appear around the coast. Whales are fully aquatic, accessible animals that can eat, reproduce, bear children, suckle, and rear their young while at sea.

The term whale stems from the Old English word whalefish, which means big sea fish. The names whale and dolphin are occasionally used interchangeably.

As per research by scientists, whales are marine mammals, like humans, who give birth to their young. Once born, kids live close to their mothers for milk. Mothers feed their milk to the young to provide for the requirements for fat and nutrients for a few days after they give birth.

Whales are majestic animals who belong to the ocean world, be it the Pacific or Indian ocean. Though, further research on these ocean animals has indicated that several species are endangered due to human actions across the world.

Efforts are being organized to save the life of whale species across the world. If you are interested in participating in the efforts, you must take a liking to the young calves of the species.

What could be better than giving them interesting names? Read on for the names of the young whales. Afterward, also check the top 101 best nautical names inspired by the ocean and Trident names from mythology, fiction & the sea.

Cute Baby Killer Whale Names

When calves are given birth they are actually small and cute even though they are the largest mammal on the planet. So, help yourself with some cute names for your whales.

Ariel is a marvelous name for a calf, isn’t it?

Aurora is known as another name for sleeping beauty and a whale is no less than her.

Bailey is another beautiful name that a male calf can be called.

Giganto is a name for a calf whom a human would like to keep close by.

Heavyweight is definitely one of the names for calves of blue whales given its weight.

Iceberg is a perfect name because killer whales are almost the same size.

Jumbo can be a great name for calves from killer whale species.

Keiko is a not-so-long name from many movies around whales.

Leviathan is a villain in Marvel and calf can just be called with this name for its entire life.

Moby Dhick is the new name of a giant sperm whale from a book published in 1851.

Namu is the name for a killer whale that can become friends with humans.

Nemo is the cutest of all names for a whale and the best name possible.

Queen is a name that female calves can be called for its long size and dominion in ocean waters.

Roxanne is a sassy new name, isn't it? A name that would make you think more about the species.

Samson is for male whales and can be given to a killer whale.

Splashy is a cute name and perfect for a calf.

The Killer is an obvious name given the nature of blue whales' calves.

Ultra Boy is one of the many names for calves.

Whaley is a fantastic name for blue whales, isn't it?

Willy is a famous new name for killer whales.

Baby Orca Whale Names

Orcas are also known as killer whales. Well, it is unlikely that you will pet a killer whale but even if you do, you have to think of a name. Here are some of the popular names for a calf: - 

Ballena Asesina (Argentina Origin) means ‘one who kills another whale’ and it also means whale’s assassin.

Epaulard (Quebec origin) means ‘orca gladiator’.

Grampus (North America Origin) means ‘large fish’.

Hahyrningur (Iceland Origin) meaning ‘Devil Whales’ seems a scary name but can't help because it is in their nature.

Hvalhund (Denmark Origin) meaning ‘Blubber chopper’ is a name that seems a bit easier to be called for orcas.

Kellolemecen (Tsartlip origin) means ‘killer whales’ and it is the same as the generic name but this name is cooler.

Krios thalattios (Byzantium origin) means ‘sea rams’ and it's kind of a difficult name for orcas.

Maxinuxwwhich (Kwakwaka'wakw Nation origin) means ‘tribe who swim side by side’ and orca whales sometimes swim in a group and therefore, this name for a calf.

Morder Wal (German origin) means ‘murderer’ so, beware of them.

Orque (French Origin) means ‘sea’s sword’ and it is because they kill for their living.

Phoenix (Greek mythology origin) meaning ‘immortal’ is a very strong name for an orca.

Polossatik (Aletus and Kodiak Island origin) means ‘one from whom everyone fears’.

Qw’e lh’ol’ me chen (The Lummi Nation origin) meaning ‘one who lives under water’, people tend to call them by this name because they believe they have some connection with them.

Repun Kamui (Japanese origin) meaning ‘gods of offshore’ is a fantastic name for orcas given their image.

Tsingy (Madagascar origin) meaning ‘summit or mountain’, it refers to the shape of dorsal of an orca.

whales names that are cool

Baby Blue Whale Names

The blue whale is the largest mammal with no other mammal coming anywhere around its size. So, for someone special like this, a special name is important too.

Alpha is one of the names to be called a great name for this species of whale.

Belle literally means a beautiful girl and a perfect name for a whale.

Bingo is indicated as a sign of happiness and joy making it a great name for a blue whale although it is humongous in size.

Bruce is the name of Hulk and a blue whale calf can be called soon after the birth.

Diva is used for the strongest in WWE and therefore, not at all wrong to use for whales.

Elsie is a beautiful actress and so is a whale.

Fortune is a sure bet's best name because seeing a blue whale is a fortune for one as it can't be easily spotted.

Gwen is the right name everyone knows and we know it is related to cuteness.

Hope is never a bad name for whales.

Indigo is a good female name because of its name and color.

Jade is a very powerful stone and people keep talking about it like one will talk after seeing a whale.

King obviously is a good name for a blue whale and many whales are given this name soon after birth.

Migaloo is one of the most famous names for whales.

Morgana is used for sea circles or a dweller of the sea which explains why it is a good name.

Old Tom is a funny name for whales.

Oscar has many meanings out of which one is a champion warrior and it best describes a blue whale.

Pepper is a marvelous name for whales given the effect it has.

Razor is a sharp thing and best describes a carnivore creature.

Rocky is another known name for a blue whale that justifies its skin.

Shadow is yet another fabulous name because they hardly show themselves.

Shamu is a very old name for a whale and is associated very closely with it.

Speedy is another right name that depicts the speed of the whale.

Thaddeus seems like a cool name for a female whale, isn’t it?

Violent again explains the color of whales, so, perfectly matching its description.

Wanda generally stands for wonder and when one sees that whale, everyone just wonders.

Baby Beluga Whale Names

Beluga whales are not so big but not so small too and they are very cute. They can actually change the shape of their head by manipulating the air through sinuses and they are white in color. For such a beautiful creature we need some good names. So, here you go:


Akiak meaning ‘brave’ is another name for baby beluga because it might seem cute but is a complete fighter and can be dangerous when it gets angry.

Anana meaning ‘beautiful’ can be easily associated with beluga because it is a sight for the eyes to watch for hours and still not get bored.

Aniuk meaning ‘drinking water that comes from snow’ is a good name as it fits the physical description of baby beluga.

Aput meaning ‘snow on the ground’ is an apt name for the baby beluga.

Athena meaning ‘goddess of greek’ was a fighter and best depicts as a whale.

Atlas meaning ‘a Greek god’ was a fighter and therefore, a superb name for a beluga.

Cleopatra (Greek origin) means ‘Egyptian queen’ is perfect as whales are no less majestic than her.

Flipper meaning ‘a flat limb used for swimming’ needs no explanation why is it a good name for her.

Hector meaning ‘a warrior’ is a superb name for a beluga because they are not so big and have to fight to stay alive as there are bigger ones in the water.

Ipiktok meaning ‘sharp and very keen’ is a fabulous name for them as whales are really intelligent creatures.

Jack Sparrow meaning ‘legendary pirate or ruler of the sea’ is an amazing name for a whale.

Jasmine (Persian origin)meaning ‘princess in Aladdin is one of the loveliest names.

Kimalu meaning ‘a name given to special people’ is a marvelous name for a special creature.

Lester meaning ‘roman fort’ is a great name for a whale.

Mituk meaning ‘layer of snow’ suits the best description for baby beluga as it is white too.

Monstro means‘ monster 'and it is a great name for a beluga when it gets angry.

Nilak meaning ‘freshwater ice’ seems a bit off but it is not as you see the color of ice, it's the same as a beluga.

Nunavik meaning ‘friendly, beautiful and wild’ is a perfect combination and best description for any creature of nature.

Opipok means ‘someone who can admired’ and no wonder why baby beluga shouldn't be given this name.

Poseidon meaning ‘god of sea’ is another marvelous name for a beluga given that she belongs to the whale community.

Sandra (Greek origin) meaning ‘humanity’s defender’ will actually suit her if you are friends with beluga.

Slappy meaning ‘scary goosebumps character’ fits perfectly for a whale given her danger level.

Tuwawi means ‘quick’ and it is not that tough to say it, just go word by word.

Walrusesmeaning ‘woman fatter than walrus but not as big as him’ is no wonder a sassy name.

Winter meaning ‘a cold season’ is a month of snowfall and a good name for a baby beluga.

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