150 Best Chinchilla Names For Your New Pet

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Chinchillas are rodents that are native inhabitants of South America.

Chinchillas, which are a bit larger than squirrels, were extensively hunted for their furs. However, now they are domesticated by people.

A male chinchilla is called a boar, and chinchillas, over time, learn their names and respond to them. Having two chinchillas is an ideal situation as they are great pets. However, chinchillas do not like to be petted or touched a lot as they prefer staying alone.

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Unique Chinchilla Names For Males

Cute gray chinchilla sitting on the wooden windowsill.

Enlisted below are some unique chinchilla names:

1. Basher (Arabic origin) meaning "man".

2. Boi (Latin origin) meaning "boldness".

3. Bruiser (English origin) meaning "someone who bruises".

4. Chalupa (Slavic origin) meaning "house".

5. Champ refers to a champion.

6. Dusty (Norse origin) meaning "some".

7. FluffyPuff is an ideal name for a fluffy chinchilla.

8. Gadget refers to a device or a machine.

9. Gilbert (German origin) meaning "bright pledge".

10. Hot Tamale refers to a Chewy cinnamon-flavored candy.

11. Houdini refers to Harry Houdini, one of the greatest magicians of all time.

12. Indie refers to a genre of music.

13. Jazzy J. This is a fun take of American rapper Jay Z.

14. Kit O' Fluff, male chinchilla names like this is a perfect name for your chinchilla who's fluffy.

15. LordChin Chin refers to a fictional YouTube character.

16. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wildly independent."

17. Murdock (Scottish origin) meaning "protector of the sea"; from the alter-ego of superhero 'Daredevil'.

18. Napoleon (French origin) meaning "person from Naples".

19. Packrat refers to a kind of a rat.

20. Puffy McPuffin, boy chinchilla names such as this is a perfect name.

21. Rambunctious refers to a boisterous chinchilla.

22. Rocky (German origin) meaning "rest."

23. Skitter refers to someone who movies hurriedly.

24. Squeaker refers to a person of thing who squeaks.

25. Twix is a famous chocolate brand.

Charming Chinchilla Names For Females

Light chinchilla on white background

Here are some of the unique chinchilla monikers:

26. Avalene (French origin) meaning "desired".

27. Beauty is one of the prevalent female chinchilla names.

28. Blusher refers to someone who blushes a lot.

29. Charmin (Greek origin) meaning "delight".

30. Dazzle refers to something which sparkles.

31. Ellie (German origin) meaning "God is my oath".

32. Frolick (German origin) meaning "happy".

33. Gidget (American origin) meaning "small girl".

34. Hailey (English origin) meaning "hay dweller".

35. Illa (Hebrew origin) meaning "tree".

36. Jasmine (Persian origin) meaning "flower".

37. Jewel (English origin) meaning "precious stone".

38. Luna (Spanish origin) meaning "moon".

39. Meeka (Latin origin) meaning "lord". This is a cute female chinchilla name.

40. Nida (Native American origin) meaning "giant".

41. Opal (Sanskrit origin) refers to a gemstone.

42. Paprika (English origin) meaning "spice".

43. Pixie (Old English origin) meaning "fairy".

44. Queenie (Old English origin) meaning "lady ruler".

45. Rose (English origin) meaning "flower".

46. Sparkles (American origin) meaning "something that glistens".

47. Sprite (French origin) meaning "spirit".

48. Trixie (Latin origin) meaning "voyager".

49. Twinkle refers to something that shines.

50. Violet (English origin) meaning "purple flower".

51. Willow (English origin) meaning "tree." Good chinchilla names of these sorts are beautiful.

Unisex Cute Chinchilla Names

Enlisted below are some cute chinchilla names.

52. Andes is derived from a famous mountain range in South American, the native birthplace of chinchillas.

53. Bling refers to jewelry. This is a cute name for a chinchilla.

54. Blippity is taken from the song Blippity Bloppity Boo.

55. Cheddar refers to a kind of cheese.

56. Chewie is a name taken from Star Wars.  

57. Chipper refers to someone lively.

58. Chubs refers to someone chubby.

59. Chunk is a thick solid piece of something.

60. Dandelion is a type of flower.

61. Dreamer is someone who dreams.

62. Echo can be a great name to give your pet chinchilla.

63. Fluffy refers to something that is something covered by fluff.

64. Fuzzy refers to a mass of fiber.

65. Hershey refers to a brand of chocolate.

66. Jazzy refers to someone bright and colorful.

67. Juice refers to liquid obtained from fruits, vegetables.  

68. Mist refers to a cloud of tiny water droplets.

69. Mocha refers to a type of chocolate flavored coffee. Pet chinchilla names like this are elegant.

70. Mousie is a cute wordplay on mousie.

71. Muse refers to a person who is a source of inspiration.

72. Mystery refers to something difficult to understand and explain.

73. Mystic refers to someone who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truth.

74. Needles is names after a metal device.

75. Nerdy refers to someone who is boringly studious and socially awkward.

76. Nuts refers to a type of food.

77. Oddball refers to a strange person.

78. Odyssey is a long and eventful journey.

79. Pepper refers to a type of spice.

80. Pika refers to the sound which Pikachu usually makes.

81. Pip (Greek origin) meaning "horse lover".

82. Pippy refers to seed in the fruit.

83. Puff refers to a type of pastry.

84. Rain refers to the call of water moisture from clouds.

85. Rhyme refers to poems in which the last syllables match with one another.

86. Sappy refers to someone who is sentimental.

87. Silver is a type of metal.

88. Skipper refers to the captain of a team.

89. Squeaky refers to something which makes a high pitched cry.

90. Squiggly refers to scribble.  

91. Sugar is a sweet food substance.

92. Sweet is a type of Indian desert.

93. Sweetie Pie refers to someone lovable.

94. Sweety is someone adorable.

95. Tot refers to a very young child.

96. Twiggy means a place full of dry twigs.

97. Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyers is popular among children and young adults.

98. Twinky refers to something that twinkles.

99. Whiskers are mustaches of animals.

100. Zaftig refers to someone who is plump.

101. Zippy is fresh and speedy.

Unisex Funny Chinchilla Names

Chinchilla new are funny, check out which appeals to you.

102. Baget is a fun play on Baguette bread.

103. Ball'O Fluff, this chinchilla name, is one of the funny chinchilla names.

104. Burrow refers to an underground shelter of different animals.

105. Chewie McChewerton is a chinchilla who loves chewing.

106. Chilla (Persian origin) meaning "forty".

107. Chinny Chin is a fun take on a popular dish on Chimichanga.

108. Chunky Cheeks for a chubby-cheeked chinchilla.

109. Cutie Patootie, cute names as such are perfect girl chinchilla names.

110. Dunkin is derived from Dunkin Donuts.

111. Elephantine is a pun take on a small-sized chinchilla.

112. Fluff Beddington the Third is a fun take on a famous ruler.

113. Fur Ball, make sure not to forget chinchilla female names like this for your big cute ball of fur.

114. Helmet refers to a head protector.

115. Lucy Fur is a world play on 'Lucifer'.

116. Master Chill can be the name of a white chinchilla.

117. Moonpie is an American confection.

118. Mr Cuddles is a beautiful example of chinchilla pet names.

119. Mr Fluffy Tail is a sweet way to give chinchillas' names.

120. Nacho Chinchilla is perfect if your chinchilla likes Mexican food.

121. Radar is a device that detects airplanes and ships.

122. Raya Sunshine, make sure to name your lively pet chinchilla girl names like this.

123. Sir Fluffy Pants is one of the funnier chinchilla pun names.

124. Snuggly Bunny if you prefer to cuddle with a bunny.

125. Tater Tot is a food dish prepared with Potatoes.

126. Twitch is the name of a live video streaming app.

Pop Culture-Inspired Cool Chinchilla Names

Names are often inspired by other sources, and here are those from pop culture:

127. Bilbo is a fun take on the famous cartoon 'SpongeBob SquarePants'.

128. Captain Scrunchy is a funny take on Star wars characters Captain Kirk.

129. Chews-a-lota is a pun take on Arthurian character, Sir Lancelot.

130. Cinderfuffy is derived from the children's fairytale of Cinderella.

131. Dobbins is a fun play on Poppins.

132. Dobby was a house-elf in the 'Harry Potter' series.

133. Dy-No-Mite is a funny take on the explosive dynamite.

134. Dynamite Dixie is a popular 1970s movie.

135. E-Wonka is a lovely wordplay on the character Willy Wonka.

136. Fluff Vader is a fun take on Star Wars character Darth Vader.

137. Gallum is a fun take on 'Lord of the Rings' character Gollum.

138. Gizzie is a funny name to give a pet.

139. Hagreed is derived from Hagrid, a character in the 'Harry Potter' series.

140. Harry Squatter is a funny take on Harry Potter.

141. Iron Marvel is a pun on Marvel comic superhero 'Iron Man'.

142. James Blonde is a fun take on MI6 agent James Bond.

143. Miyagi is a character from the movie 'Karate Kid'.

144. Mochi is a Japanese confection.

145. Muggle usually refers to humans who don't know magic.

146. Thumperella is a funny way of naming a chinchilla with reference to Mozzarella cheese.

147. Volda Fluff is a cool spin-off name of 'Harry Potter' villain Lord Voldemort.

148. Widget refers to a device.

149. Winnie the Puff Ball from the popular cartoon 'Winnie the Pooh'.

150. Yo-da Chinchilla is a cool take on the famous Master Yoda.

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