150+ Best Dachshund Names That You'll Love

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Originally Published on Nov 06, 2020
Three little and cute Dachshund puppies
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The dachshund breed has three varieties based on their coats: smooth, wirehaired, and longhaired

On average, a dachshund dog costs £1200-£2000 in the UK or $1500-$2500 in the US. These adorable dogs come in two sizes: standard and miniature.

If you have just become the proud owner of a dachshund or you are looking to buy one, our list of dachshund dog names is here to help, it is full of male and female dachshund names that could be perfect for your dog.

We have collected the best male and female dog names along with some funny and unique names for your pooch.

This breed is known for its independent, livel  and smart nature, so pick a unique name that will help you become popular in the pooch park.

For more inspiration take a look at these celebrity dog names, or these names that mean small.

Dachshund Names For Boys

Sleeping newborn baby alongside a dachshund puppy

Dachshunds are just like any other dog - just a little sweeter, shorter, and maybe even cuter! Male dachshunds need cute dachshund boy names, so take a look at these dachshund dog names for male pups that you will love.

1. Bailey (Irish and Scottish origin) means "bailiff".  

2. Buddy (American origin) means "a close friend".

3. Charlie (English origin) means "free man".

4. Cooper (English origin) means "his master's ale". A perfect name for a long haired dachshund.

5. Frankie (American origin) means "free or truthful".  

6. Jack (English origin) means "intellectual". Male dachshund names like Jack are very popular in the United States.

7. Max (Latin origin) means "to the greatest extent".

8. Oliver (Latin origin) means "olive tree”.

9. Oscar (Spanish origin) means "friend of deer".

10. Sammy (English origin) means "listens well”.

Dachshund Names For Girls

Dachshund dog playing with an apple

When looking for inspiration for Dachshund girl names, check out these cute and adorable unique dachshund names, make sure to choose one that you’d feel proud and happy to call out in the dog park every day!

11. Bella (Spanish origin) means "beautiful".

12. Coco (American origin) means "chocolate".  

13. Daisy (French origin) means "grassland plant".

14. Lola (German origin) means "warmly".  A cute German dachshund name for female dachshunds.

15. Lucy (Latin origin) means "as of light".

16. Molly (Latin origin) means “beloved” and “wished for child”.

17. Penny (English origin) means "small change".

18. Sophie (Greek origin) means "wisdom".

19. Zoe (Greek origin) means "life".

Funny Dachshund Names

The dachshund names will suit your little pup down to the ground.

20. Abe (M) (English origin) means "Father of nations".  A perfect dachshund name for a boy dog who is the head of your family.

21. Amaretto (M) (Italian origin) means "a little bitter". An oh-so-sweet name for your dachshund puppy.

22. Aura (F) (Latin origin) means "distinctive atmosphere".

23. Badger (M) (English origin) means "heavily built". Such unique dachshund names should never be missed.  

24. Bandana (Spanish origin) means "brightly colored piece". A perfect unisex name for your dachshunds.

25. Betty Jean (F) this beautiful puppy name is inspired by the TV show 'Ugly Betty' but with a twist.  

26. Bogart (M) (Dutch origin) means "informal".

27. Brutus (M) (Latin origin) means "leader".

28. Casey (F) (Irish and Gaelic origin) means "vigilant" or "watchful".

29. Cash (M) a perfect puppy name for a dog who is worth every penny.

30. Chico (M) (Spanish origin) means "small boy", a perfect dachshund name for your small baby.

31. Curly (F) (Irish and Scottish origin) means "bailiff".

32. Delta (Unisex) (Greek origin) means "flat land".  

33. Dijon (M) (African American origin) means “God is gracious”.

34. Dimples (F) (Hindi origin) means "a little hollow". A cute female dachshund name for your adorable baby girl pup.

35. Dog Juan (M) a strong and stylish name for your pet.

36. Evita (F) (Latin origin) means "living one".

37. Frankie (F) (American origin) means "free or truthful".

38. Freckles (F) dachshund puppy names like these are perfect for brown babies.

39. Genghis (M) (Chinese origin) means "universe ruler". Just like Genghis Khan, your baby should rule your heart.

40. Gizmo (M) a high tech name for a gadget-friendly pet parent.  

41. Grits (F)  a punny name for parents who love breakfasts.

42. Gucci (F) for a fancy and very fashionable mom and their equally fashionable daughter.

43. Herbie (M/F) a funky dachshund name for both boys and girls.

44. Hooligan (Unisex) for your baby who keeps you on your toes.

45. Hurley (F) dachshund names like these fit a fast and quick girl.

46. Ivanhoe (M) (Russian origin ) means "God is gracious".

47. J.R. (M) a short and sweet name inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien.

48. Karma (Unisex) (Indian origin) means "fate". A perfect name for pet who came into your life because of fate.

49. Kashmir (Unisex) India's most beautiful valley.

50. Killer (Unisex) a pretty cool name for your dachshund.

51. Lassie (F) (Scottish origin) means "girl". Just like your little girl.

52. Leo (M) a majestic name for your dachshund.

53. Liberty (F) (Irish and Scottish origin) means "bailiff"

54. Lovesong (F) (Irish and Scottish origin) means "bailiff"

55. Mad Max (M) for all the 'Mad-Max' movie fans.

56. Malone (M) (Irish  origin) means "Mael Eòin".

57. Mama Mia (F) for all Meryl Streep fans.

58. Nemo (F) (Irish and Scottish origin) means "bailiff"

59. Neon (M) a bright name for your dachshund.

60. Ninja (M) a strong dachshund name for your boy.

61. Opie (F) (Scandinavian origin) means "God bear".

62. Peaches (F) (English, French, and German origin) means "fruit".

63. Persia (M) (Greek origin) means "a horseman".

64. Pumpkin (F) a cheeky name for all Halloween loving dog parents.

65. Ramses (M) (Egyptian origin) means "son Of Ra".

66. Rebel (F) (English origin) means "defiant Person".

67. Reno (M)(Spanish  origin) means "a city in Nevada".

68. Samson (M) (Hebrew origin) means “like the sun”.

69. Sergio (M) (Italian origin) means "servant". Yes, you are your dachshunds' servant.

70. Spartan (M) If you have watched the movies, then you know how great these dachshund names are.

71. Tease (F) your baby pup teases and motivates you to be active and fun.  

72. Texan (Unisex) out of this world dachshund puppy names like these should never be missed.

73. Titan (M) a strong gladiator name for your boy.

74. Tootsie (F) (English origin) means "young girl".

75. Uno (M) a number one name for your number baby.

76. Vienna (F) the capital of Austria.

77. Vixen (F) the perfect dachshund name for your little naughty girl.

78. Wasabi (M) a unique and spicy Japanese dish.

79. Whiskey (F) can be of Irish or Scottish origin.

80. Wild Thing (M) for your pet who just can't sit still.

81. Wiggles (Unisex) because they love when you come back home,

German Dachshund Names

The dachshund breed has roots in Germany. It's therefore natural for German names to be a top choice.

82. Britta (F) (Scandinavian origin) means "from Bridget".

83. Bruno (M) (German origin) means "brown"

84. Brunhilde (F) (German origin) means "wild".

85. Dieter (M) (German origin) means "people ruler". Isn't he your ruler?

86. Fritzi (F) (German origin) means "peaceful ruler".

87. Greta (F) (German origin) means "pearl".

88. Gretchen (F) (German origin) means "pearl like".

89. Heinz (M) (German origin) means "ruler of the home". An apt name for your boy.

90. Jäger (M) (German origin) means "hunter".

91. Kaiser (M) (German origin) means "emperor".

92. Klaus (M) (German origin) means "victory of the people". German dachshund names like these are hard to pass on.

93. Liesel (M) (German origin) means "Oath To God".

94. Mischa (Unisex) (German origin) means "who is like God"

95. Otto (M) (German origin) means "wealth, prosperity".

96. Rolf (M) (German origin) means "wolf".

97. Schnitzel (M) (German origin) means 'slice'.

98. Sigmund (M) (German origin) means "protection through victory".

99. Wanda (F) (German origin) means "wanderer".

100. Wilma (F) (German origin) means "resolute protection".

101. Zeppelin (Unisex) (German origin) means "caring and brave".

Musician Dachshund Names

Here are some dachshund names that are inspired by singers' names.

102. Adele (German origin) means "nobility". Inspired by Adele.

103. Alice (French origin) means "noble". Unisex name inspired by singer Alice Cooper.  

104. Amadeus (Latin origin) means "love God".

105. Axel (Scandinavian origin) means "cauldron". Inspired by American musician Axl Rose.

106. B.B. King  inspired American singer-songwriter B.B. King.

107. Bach (German origin) means 'stream', 'creek'.

108. Bae-toven, a twist on words for Beethoven fans.

Sweet Dachshund Names

These boy and girl dachshund names are inspired by some of our favorite sweets, desserts and treats. Have a look at the best dachshund names for both male and female dachshunds here.

109. Almond Joy (English origin) it's a sweet name, just as sweet as the candy itself.

110. Beignet (French origin) a cute name for your hotdog-shaped pup.

111. Biscotti (Italian origin) some dachshunds sure look like them.

112. Biscuit (French origin) a name made popular by a puppy in the 'Biscuit Storybook Collection'.

113. Brownie (American origin) a name made famous by 'Brownie The Wonder Dog', who featured in several silent movies.

114. Butterscotch (English origin) the name of a dog character in the 2012 movie 'Bank Roll'.

115. Fudge (American origin) the name of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's dog.

116. Hazelnut (English origin) a beautiful sounding name for your dog.

117. Hershey (American origin)also a dog character in the movie 'Humans Lick Too'.

118. Waffle (French origin) for a drooly dog, a name made famous in kids' TV show 'Waffle The Wonder Dog'.

Posh Names for Dachshunds

These proper names for your wiener dog will make them stand apart from other dogs with more regular names.

119. King Bobo,a cute dachshund name for dogs who are their master's King.

120. Miss Dinah,one of the best female wiener dog names for all pooch parents.

121. Miss Kitty, choose such funny female dachshund names to confuse your friends.

122. Miss Schnitzel,such dog names for dachshund puppies are funny, cute and adorable.

123. Mr. Beefy, one the best strong dachshunds names.

124. Mr. Crumbles, for a pup who is always in a bit of a crumble.

125. Mr. Fez, this dachshund name is perfect for boy dachshunds.

126. Mr. Freckles, a cute dachshund puppy name.

127. Mr. Handsome, one of the cutest dachshund names for a black wiener dog.

128. Mr. Mister, such male dachshund names helps you stand out in the pet park.

129. Mr. Moose, the perfect dachshund puppy name for a newborn baby boy pup.  

130. Mr. Noodles, such great puppy names are hard to come by.

131. Mr. Pickles, dachshunds are unique, so their names too should be.  

132. Mr. Wiggle, the perfect name for wiener dog puppies.

133. Princess Buttercup, it is one of the funniest dachshund names that you can find for a  female dachshund.

134. Princess Peanut, it is the perfect name for brown wiener dogs.  

135. Princess Puddles, a cute name for your hot dog who loves splashing in puddles.

136. Queen Peggy, such female dachshund names will make other dog owners jealous.

137. Sir Charles Waddles III, one of the most unique dachshund names for a long haired dog.

138. Sir Gunnington Long Bottom, such dachshund puppy names suit a dachshund boy.

139. Sir Oliver Danger, such unique dachshund names are hard to find.

Celebrity Dachshund Names

These are the names of some famous dachshunds owned by famous celebrities including Gary Cooper, Napoleon and Clint Eastwood. We hope these cute dachshund names stand out to you.

140. Archie and Amos (English and Hebrew origin)where Archie means "bold" or "brave" and Amos means "to carry".  They are American artist Andy Warhol's German dachshund names.

141. Blake (English origin)means "dark". This dachshund boy name belongs to American actor John Wayne.

142. Clown was the name of the dog owned by French actress Brigitte Bardot.

143. Commissioner was the name of the dog owned by American film actor Clark Gable.

144. Dyna (Latin origin)means "sister of Roma", actor Gary Cooper's girl dachshund name.

145. Fortune was the name of the dog owned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

146. Helen (Greek origin)'light', name of the dog owned by William Randolph Hearst.

147. Jezebel (Hebrew origin)means "where is the Prince?" It was the name of the dog owned by music composer Cole Porter.

148. Lump was the name of the dog owned by artist Picasso.  

149. Red is the name of the dog owned by actor Clint Eastwood.  

150. Stanley and Boogie were the dogs owned by painter David Hockney.  

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for dachshund names then why not take a look at these one syllable dog names, or for something different take a look at these French Bulldog names.

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