100+ Best Dog Names That Start With C

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The first letters of a name reveal a lot about the name holder's personality and destiny.

When a name starts with C, it gives out an easygoing vibe. They also have the tendency to get along well with others and are very social by nature.

As Shakespeare once said, "What's in a name?". There are several things that people perceive from a name - from the sounds of the names to their meaning.

Softer sounding names were expected to be more agreeable and emotional, while someone with harder sounding names was expected to be outgoing.

Dogs are very loyal, friendly, protective, and affectionate; due to these qualities, dogs have gained an important position not just in our society but also in our hearts.

No matter which dog breeds your dog comes from, dogs are an important part of our lives; they bring to us boundless joy and unconditional love. To show our love and affection for your cute little furry baby, here is a list of dog names starting with C along with their meanings.

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Male Dog Names That Start With C

If you are looking for a charming, cheerful name for your cute little dog. Here are dog names that start with a C.

1. Cain (Hebrew origin) meaning "eldest son of Adam and Eve".

2. Cal (Latin, French origin) meaning "the bald one".

3. Cam (Dutch origin) meaning "cog of a wheel, comb".

4. Cannoli (Italian origin) meaning "cane or tube".

5. Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning "free man".

6. Carly (German origin) meaning "warrior, free women, army".

7. Carmen (Spanish, Italian origin) meaning "God's vineyard".

8. Carson (English origin) meaning "Christmas".

9. Casper (Biblical origin) meaning "treasurer".

10. Cassius (Latin origin) meaning "vain".

11. Cedar (American origin) meaning "type of tree".

12. Champ (English, French origin) meaning "open land, field".

13. Chance (English origin) meaning "good fortune".

14. Chester (English origin) meaning "fortress, camp".

15. Chico (Spanish origin) meaning "small boy".

16. Chunk (American English origin) meaning "short thick piece".

17. Cisco (Spanish origin) meaning "Frenchman, free man".

18. Clark (English origin) meaning "secretary".

19. Clay (English origin) meaning "clay worker".

20. Cliff (English origin) meaning "town, settlement, river".

21. Coda (Italian origin) meaning "concluding section of music". One of the coolest dog names.

22. Comet (French origin|) meaning "long-haired star".

23. Cowboy (Spanish origin) meaning "individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback".

24. Crosby (English origin) meaning "by the cross".

25. Cruz (Iberian origin) meaning "cross". Another one of the cool dog names.

26. Crystal (Latin origin) meaning "Earth mineral, brilliant grass".

27. Cube (Greek origin) meaning "cut in cubes". One of the unique dog names.

Female Dog Names Starting With C

Looking for a cheeky, cheerful name for your cuddly dog? Check out this list of girl dog names start with C.

28. Cairo (Arabic origin) meaning "victorious one". A city in Egypt.

29. Callie (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful".

30. Cara (Irish, English, German origin) meaning "darling, beloved, dear, loved one".

31. Carmella (Hebrew origin) meaning "garden, orchard".

32. Carolina (French origin) meaning "song of happiness or joy".

33. Chase (French origin) meaning "to catch, seize, hunter".

34. Chewbacca (Russian origin) meaning "dog". You should definitely consider this strong name for your dog.

35. Chewy meaning "requires too much chewing". If your dog is always chewing the carpet or your new shoes, consider this name.

36. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "blooming, fertility".

37. Chrissy meaning "follower of Christ".

38. Cici (Latin, Old Welsh origin) meaning "blind, sixth".

39. Claire (French origin) meaning "clear".

40. Clancy (Irish origin) meaning "red warrior".

41. Clara (English origin) meaning "clear, bright, famous".

42. Clementine (English origin) meaning "merciful, gentle". 'Oh, My Darling, Clementine' is a song by Freddy Quinn.

43. Clover (English origin) meaning "meadow flower". Four leaved clovers are believed to be very lucky.

44. Cora (Greek origin) meaning "just, honest, virtuous or good".

45. Cuddles meaning "to hold each other close, as for affection, comfort, embrace, hug". If your dog loves cuddling, this can be one of the best dog names.

46. Cutie meaning "cute, attractive person".

Food-Inspired Dogs Names That Start With C

Looking for a cute, creative cool name for your dog to show how much you cherish them? Here is a list of C dog names.

47. Candy (M/F) (American origin) meaning "bright, sweet".

48. Cane (M/F) (English origin) meaning "stalk of sugarcane".

49. Caramel (F) (French origin) meaning "small blocks made from sugar, butter, and milk".

50. Cashew (M/F) (Portuguese origin) meaning "cashew nut, tree". Among the cutest unique dog names.

51. Cheddar (M) (English origin) meaning "type of cheese".

52. Cheeto (M) meaning "cheese-flavored, puffed cornmeal snack". One of the super cool dog names.

53. Cherry (F) meaning "red, bright fruit".

54. Choco (M/F) meaning "short for chocolate ".

55. Churro (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "a fried-dough pastry".

56. Coconut (M/F) meaning "coconut palm".

57. Cola (M) meaning "a type of carbonated drink".

58. Cookie (F) (American origin) meaning "small, flat, sweet cake".

59. Cotton candy (M/F) meaning "fairy floss, sugar cotton wool, spun sugar candy".

60. Cupcake (F) meaning "small cake".

Dog Names Start With C Named After Fictional Characters

Looking for a chill, crafty name for your canine? Check out these animal names that start with C inspired by some of our favorite characters.

61. Captain (M) (Late Middle English origin) meaning "leader". Inspired by Captain America.

62. Caroline (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "free women, beloved, valuable". The name is associated with Caroline Forbes from 'Vampire Diaries'.

63. Cassie/Casey (F) (Greek origin) meaning "shine upon mankind". The name can be linked to Cassie Blake from the series 'The Secret Circle'. Casey is among the cool dog names.

64. Ceaser (M) (Latin, German origin) meaning "emperor, ruler". Taken from Shakespeare's 'Julius Ceaser'.

65. Cersei (F) (Greek origin) meaning "bird". Inspired by the character of Cersei from 'Game of Thrones'.

66. Chandler (M) (French, Latin origin) meaning "candle". The name was made popular by Chandler Bing from the popular sitcom 'Friends'.

67. Chuck (M) (French origin) meaning "give a blow under the chin". From the series 'Chuck'.

68. Ciri (F) (Greek origin) meaning "ladylike". Associated with 'The Witcher' series.

69. Cj (M), inspired by 'Cj7' sci-fi movie, released in 2008.

70. Cooper (M) (English origin) meaning "tub, container". Sheldon Cooper from 'The Big Bang Theory'.

Cool Names That Start With C Inspired by Cartoons

Dog eating grass.

Who doesn't love watching cartoons and Disney movies? Here is a list of pet names that start with C, inspired by some of our favorite cartoon shows and cartoon movies.

71. Calliope (F) (Greek origin) meaning "beautiful voiced". Inspired by the Disney movie 'Hercules'.

72. Candace (F) (Biblical origin) meaning "title for a queen or queen mother". Taken from the character of Candace Gertrude Flynn from 'Phineas and Ferb'.

73. Carl (M) (German origin) meaning "free man". From 'Meet the Robinsons'.

74. Carlotta (F) (Italian origin) meaning "free". It is associated with Disney's 'The Little Mermaid'.

75. Cassidy (F) (Irish origin), meaning "clever, curly-haired". Inspired by Cassidy from 'Pokemon'.

76. Cassim (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "one who distributes". Taken from 'Aladdin and the King of Thieves'.

77. Charlie Brown (M) (English origin) meaning "free man". It is associated with the character of Charlie Brown from the popular comic strip 'Peanuts'.

78. Charlotte (F) (French origin) meaning "free man". It is linked to the character of Charlotte La Bouff from 'The Princess and the Frog'.

79. Cheshire (M) (English origin) meaning "someone from the county of Cheshire". Inspired by the character of Cheshire Cat from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

80. Chip (M) meaning "a small, thin, crisp, usually salty piece of food". Associated with the Disney movie 'Beauty and the Beast'.

81. Christopher (M) (English, Greek origin) meaning "bear, Christ-bearer". This name is can be linked with the character of Christopher Robin from 'Winnie the Pooh'.

82. Cinderella (F) (French origin) meaning "ashes", from Disney's 'Cinderella'. One of the best fairytale names.

83. Clank (M) meaning "a sharp, hard, nonresonant sound, like that produced by two pieces of metal striking", from 'Tinkerbell'.

84. Clarabelle (F) (English origin) meaning "bright and beautiful". Inspired by the character of Carabelle, the cow Minnie Mouse's best friend.

85. Clayton (M) (English origin) meaning "from the town on clay land", from 'Tarzan'.

86. Cleo (F) (Greek origin) meaning "pride, frame, glory", inspired by Cleo the Goldfish from 'Pinocchio'.

87. Colette (F) (Greek origin) meaning "victory of the people", from Disney Pixar movie 'Ratatouille'.

88. Copper (M) (Latin origin) meaning "Cyprus metal", from 'The Fox and the Hound'.

89. Coral (M) (French origin) meaning "hard, calcareous skeleton excreted by certain marine polyps", from the movie 'Finding Nemo'.

90. Cubby (M) taken from 'Peter Pan'.

91. Claude (M) (French origin) meaning "limping" or "stuttering". From the character of Judge Claude Frollo from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'.

Boy Dog Names Starting With C Inspired by Celebs

Because of our love for celebrities and pop culture, we have prepared a list of boy dog names that start with C inspired by popular personalities.

92. Chad (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "short form of Charles, Chadrik". Associated with actor, Chad Mc Queen.

93. Chadwick (English origin) meaning "town or village of Chad". Inspired by 'Black Panther' famed actor, Chadwick Boseman.

94. Chief (French origin) meaning "head, leader, captain". Taken from Chief Keef, an American rapper.

95. Chris (English origin) meaning "short form of Christopher". Inspired by American superhero film 'Thor' famed actor Chris Hemsworth.

96. Cillian (Irish origin) meaning "little church". Taken from actor, Cillian Murphy.

97. Clive (English origin) meaning "cliff dweller", from actor Clive Owen.

98. Cody (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Cuidightheach". It is associated with singer, Cody Simson.

99. Colin (French, Gaelic origin) meaning "welp, cub". The name can be linked with the actor Colin Hanks.

100. Conor (Irish origin) meaning "lover of wolves". Inspired by martial artist Conor Mc Gregor.

101. Cory (Greek origin) meaning "in a hollow", from actor Cory Monteith.

Girl Dog Names That Start With C Inspired by Celebs

A dog lies near after shedding their wool.

Looking for a diva-inspired name for your diva dog? Here is an incredible list of female dog names that start with C inspired by these popular celebrities.

102. Cameron (Scottish origin) meaning "crooked". Inspired by actress Cameron Diaz.

103. Camila (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty". Taken from singer Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao.

104. Cardi (English origin) meaning "gift of God". Inspired by our favorite diva, an American rapper, songwriter, and actress Cardi B.

105. Cass (Persian, Irish, Welsh, and Gaelic origin) meaning "treasurer, clever". Associated with singer Cass Eliott also known as Mama Cass.

106. Charlize (Old English origin) meaning "free man", from actress and producer Charlize Theron.

107. Chyna (English origin) meaning "from China". Associated with professional American wrestler, glamour model, and actress Chyna.

108. Ciara meaning "to the lord" "female ruler". Inspired by singer, Ciara.

109. Cindy meaning "light". It is linked to the American actress and model Cindy Crawford.

110. Cobie (English origin) meaning "protected by God". It is associated with 'How I Met Your Mother' famed Canadian Cobie Smulders.

111. Courtney (Norman origin) meaning "someone with a snub nose". Inspired by 'Friends' famed actress Courtney Cox.

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