100+ Best Dog Names That Start With M

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Are you worried that you are not picking the perfect initial for your dog name?

You could always choose from names that have a meaningful initial. Dog names that begin with the letter M are great for your new pup since they start with a sweet intonation.

The name of your dog goes a long way to define its characteristics and personality. The initials of a name mean something the same way the meaning of the name does.

Names that start with M are said to mean loyalty, dependability, and security consciousness.

Dogs with the initial M are also said to be hardworking and quite practical in life. So there is no better choice than to name your dog a name with the perfect initial, the letter M. Here's a list of 100 dog names that start with M for you to choose your favorite from.

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Boy Dog Names That Start With M

Cute funny dog near bowl with food at home.

Are you looking for the perfect male dog names starting with M for your dog? Going for male dog names that start with M could be a great idea if your name starts with M too.

Here's a list of a few male dog names that start with M along with their meanings to help you name your puppy perfectly.

1. Mac (Scottish origin) meaning "son". One of the cool yet affectionate dog names.

2. Macho (Spanish origin) meaning "strong". Macho is a very common name for lifeguard dogs.

3. Magnum (Latin origin) meaning "big, great". Among the cute dog names.

4. Major (Latin origin) meaning "better". A lot of army personnel name their dogs Major.

5. Malcum (Scottish origin) meaning "follower of St. Columba".

6. Maltese (Italian origin) meaning "inhabitant of Malta". Maltese is also one of the common dog breeds.

7. Marco (Italian origin) meaning "warlike". Marco Polo was a very famous Venetian merchant and traveler.

8. Markus (Latin origin) meaning "dedicated to Mars".

9. Marley (English origin) meaning "pleasant wood". Marley one of the famous dog names because of the movie 'Marley and Me'.

10. Marshal (Scottish origin) meaning "love of horses".

11. Marvel (French origin) meaning "to wonder".

12. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest". An American film by the name 'Max' revolves around the story of a canine named Max.

13. Mervin (Welsh origin) meaning "great lord".

14. Messi (Mexican origin) meaning "favor of God". Lionel Messi is a famous footballer that hails from Argentina. One of the perfect dog names for soccer fans.

15. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God".

16. Micky (American origin) meaning "gift of God".

17. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier". Milo is one of the common dog names for Labradoodles.

18. Mojo (South African origin) meaning "rain, dance, fertility".

19. Murray (Irish origin) meaning "lord of the sea".

Girl Dog Names That Start With M

Choosing female dog names that start with M can be difficult. There are, however, plenty of pretty female dog names to name your new puppy. Here is a magnificent list of female dog names that start with M to help you know where to start.

20. Macy (French origin) meaning "weapon". Macy Gray is a famous American singer.

21. Maggie (English origin) meaning "pearl". Among the sweet dog names.

22. Mandy (Latin origin) meaning "lovable". Mandy Moore is a famous American actress and singer famous for her role in 'A walk to remember'.

23. Marla (English origin) meaning "star of the sea".

24. Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "illusion, magic". One of the pretty dog names.

25. Meeka (Latin origin) meaning "lord". Meeka among the very common dog names used for German Shepherd dog breeds.

26. Meadow (American origin) meaning "field of grass".

27. Meg (English origin) meaning "pearl".

28. Mel (American origin) meaning "friend of justice".

29. Mercy (English origin) meaning "compassion".

30. Mia (Italian origin) meaning "mine". Mia is also the name of a very famous brave dog in Romania who survived a fatal accident.

31. Mill (Latin origin) meaning "honey".

32. Misty (American origin) meaning "dew". Misty one of the common dog names for white-furred dogs.

33. Mitzi (German origin) meaning "mother of God".

34. Mollie (English origin) meaning "exalted one".

35. Momo (Japanese origin) meaning "peach". Momo is also the name of a food dish and is among the cutest dog names.

36. Moxie (American origin) meaning "energetic, spirited". A mix between the dog breeds, the Dachshund and the Maltese is also called a mauxie dog.

Funny M Names For Dogs

Not everyone wants to name their dogs a cute or pretty name. If you are a person who loves quirky, funny names, here is a list of funny dog names that start with M.

37. Margherita (M) (Italian origin) denoting the type of pizza.

38. Martini (M/F) (Latin origin) referring to the drink.

39. Mister (M) (English origin) referring to the rank of knighthood.

40. Mocha (M/F) (American origin) denoting the coffee flavor drink. This is the perfect name to give your coffee furred animal.

41. Mufasa (M) (Swahili origin) meaning "king". The name after Mufasa of the movie 'Lion King'.

42. Muffin (F) (American origin) after the kind of cake.

43. Mustang (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "ownerless beast". The Ford Mustang is also a very famous sports car.

44. Mykonos (M/F) (Greek origin) after the famous island that is located in Greece.

Unisex Pet Names That Start With M

Unisex names are hard to come by. Here is a list of compiled unisex dogs names starting with M to name your puppy.

45. Mardi (French origin) meaning "Tuesday".

46. Marlo (English origin) meaning "from the hill by the lake".

47. McCloud (American origin) meaning "lover of clouds".

48. Miko (Native American origin) meaning "chief of peace".

49. Mintie (English origin)meaning "the diminutive form of Aminta."

50. Mio (Japanese origin) meaning "cherry blossoms".

Famous Dog Names Beginning With M

Do you want to name your dog after a celebrity/character? A lot of celebrities' names begin with the letter M. Here's a rundown of some M dog names inspired by celebrities.

51. Macbeth (F) (American origin) after, the famous character in Shakespeare's play, 'Macbeth'.

52. Madonna (F) (Latin origin) meaning "my lady". Madonna is a famous female singer and songwriter.

53. Malachite (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "greenstone". It is the name of an Egyptian jewel.

54. Margaret (F) (French origin) meaning" pearl". Margaret Atwood is a renowned writer.

55. Mariah (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "from the sea". Mariah Carey is a famous singer.

56. Matisse (M) (French origin) meaning "free gentle spirit". Henri Matisse was a late French artist.

57. Maude (F) (German origin) meaning "fierce battler". Maude Hirst is a famous actress.

58. McGraw (M) (Irish origin) meaning "grace, prosperity". Tim McGraw is a famous male music artist.

59. Mendel (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "comforter". Gregor Mendel was a famous botanical experimenter.

60. Merlin (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "fortress of the sea". Merlin is also a famous wizard in tales.

61. Mick (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "he is like God". Mick Jagger is a famous English singer and songwriter.

62. Mila (F) (Slavic origin) meaning "gracious". Mila Kunis is a famous Hollywood actress.

63. Milano (Italian origin) meaning "ice cream". Alyssa Milano is an American actress and producer.

64. Miley (F) (American origin) meaning "smiley". Miley Cyrus is a well renowned American singer.

65. Millie (F) (English origin) meaning "ambitious". Millie Bobby Brown is a famous child actress from the series 'Stranger Thing'.

66. Minaj (F) (Nigerian origin) meaning "gift of God". Nicki Minaj is an American female rapper.

67. Minerva (F) (Roman origin) meaning "wisdom and arts". Minerva McGonagall is a character from 'Harry Potter'.

68. Monet (M) (French origin) meaning "to be heard". Claude Monet was a famous French painter.

69. Mozart (M) (German origin) meaning "bog". Mozart was a famous classical musician.

Vintage Dog Names That Start With M

If you like vintage, old, cool names, there are quite a few dog names that start with M. Here are a few of them for your dog.

70. Moses (M) (Hebrew origin) after the prophet in the Bible. A cute dog name.

71. Meredith (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "great lord".

72. Martin (M) (Roman origin) meaning "warrior".

73. Marigold (F) (English origin) referring to the yellow flower.

74. Micah (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God". Micah is also one of the Hebrew prophets in the Bible.

75. Mae (F) (English origin) meaning "may". Mae Muller is the name of a very famous singer.

76. Miles (M) (Latin origin) meaning "soldier'.

77. Melody (F) (English origin) meaning "song tune". Melody Gardot is a very famous singer.

78. Maurice (M) (French origin) meaning "moor".

Foodie Dog Names Starting With M

Are you a major foodie? To let your dog know that you love them as much as you love your food, name them after one of your favorite dishes. Here is a list of a few dog names that start with M to resemble your food.

79. Meatball (M) after the dish, meatball. A cute and common dog name.

80. Maple (F) (Old English) after maple syrup.

81. Meatloaf (M/F) after the dish.

82. Marshmallow (M/F) after the fluffy candy. This is a great name for your fluffy white-furred dog.

83. M&M (M/F)) after the chocolate brand.

84. Macaroni (M/F) (Greek origin) after the name of the pasta dish.

85. Milkshake (F) after the drink.

86. Mojito (F) after the soda drink.

Unique Cool Dogs Names That Start With M

Portrait of white short hair chihuahua dog.

If you are looking to name your dog a unique and cool dog name, there are a lot to choose from. Here are a few unique cool dog names that start with M that you can name your new puppy.

87. Magic (M/F) (American origin) meaning "full of wonder".

88. Magnet (M) (Greek origin) meaning "lodestone". If your puppy is someone who is clingy, this is the name to choose from.

89. Malone (M) (Irish origin) meaning "servant".

90. Marx (M) (German origin) meaning "of Mars".

91. Marze (F) (Dutch origin) meaning "of Mars".

92. Mascot (M) (American origin) meaning "symbol".

93. Maze (F) (French origin) meaning "farmhouse".

94. Memphis (M/F) (Egyptian origin) meaning "life of two lands". Memphis is also a city located in Egypt.

95. Midnight (M/F) (American origin) meaning "12.00 AM".

95. Mina (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "intelligent".

96. Miri (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "of the sea".

97. Mischief (M/F) (English origin) meaning "playful". If your dog is a mischievous one, this is a great name for them.

99. MJ (M/F) after Mary Jane character from 'Spiderman' for the female pups or after the dance maestro, Michael Jordan, for the male dogs.

98. Mohawk (M) (Native American origin) meaning "people of the flint".

99. Moon (F/M) (Germanic origin) after the star in the solar system.

101. Muse (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "a source of inspiration".

102. Myah (F) (Persian origin) meaning "essence".

100. Myles (M) (Latin origin) meaning "soldier".

103. Myty (F) meaning "mighty".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for dog names that start with M then why not take a look at Bernese Mountain Dog names, or for something different take a look at Nature dog names.

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