150+ Best Horse Show Names For Your Horse

Georgia Stone
Dec 12, 2023 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Nov 16, 2020
American horse running in the field.

If you have a show horse, chances are you want to name them something amazingly unique.

The name of a show horse can build its personality fabulously. It also helps in gaining the attention of the audience and ensuring that they love your show horse.

There are numerous ways to go around choosing the name for your show horse. The name can be funny, elegant, unique, or even creative.

The choice is entirely up to you. However, zeroing in on the best-suited name for your show horse can often be quite a task. You never know what name will suit their personality or if your choice is good or not.

This is why we’ve prepared a thorough and extensive list of 150+ best horse show names that are sure to tickle your fancy and help you name your horse in a jiffy. If you have to choose a name for your horse, this is the best list for you to refer to.

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Creative Horse Show Names

Looking for horse show name ideas that are creative and one-of-a-kind? Creative horse names are difficult to come up with but can really add personality to your horse.

They also are excellent for your show horse to truly stand out of the crowd and make a space of their own. Here are the best name ideas for your horse that are unique, innovative, and impressive.

1. Blondie, meaning “someone who has blonde-colored hair”. This one is a great barn name.

2. Bolt, meaning “to run at a lightning fast speed”. Name your show horse this and watch them bolt past you!

3. Champ, meaning “champion”. This horse name is for a horse who is a born champion.

4. Chief Lord, meaning “chieftain” or “supreme”. This is a great show name for male horses.

5. Diesel, meaning “fuel”. Good horse names don’t get better than this one!

6. Fire, meaning “burning light”. This is one of the most fierce show names for horses.

7. Flash, meaning “fast paced” or “quick”. A good name for a fast show horse.

8. Jaguar, meaning “lightning speed”.

9. Jazz, meaning “music” or “melodious”. This is a good name for both female and male horses.

10. Little Joe, meaning “God will increase”. Another one of the cutest show names for horses.

11. Moonbeam, meaning “light of the Moon”. This show name is one of the best show horse names for a female horse.

12. Napoleon, meaning “the great leader from Naples”. This is one of the best horse names for a feisty and fierce horse.

13. Pearl, meaning “a rare and worthy spherical lustrous mass”. This one is an excellent white horse name.

14. Rapunzel, meaning “lamb’s lettuce”. This horse name is perfect for a female.

15. Snowball, meaning “a ball of snow”. This is one of the most adorable show names for horses.

16. Sugar, meaning “sweet”. This is a good recommendation for docile horses.

17. Toffee, meaning “sweet”. Another good name for a female horse.

18. Topaz, meaning “precious stone”. This show name is great for golden-colored show horses.

19. Traveler, meaning “someone who travels”. This horse name is for the docile ones.

20. Truffles, meaning “chocolate confectionery”. This sweet name is perfect for a chocolate-colored show horse.

Horses of different colors running together.

Male Horse Names

Looking for racing horse names for a male horse can be tricky. We’ve made the ordeal super simple by providing you numerous good names below for the same. From the list below of male horse names, choose one that suits your show horse the best and really brings out their personality, he deserves it!

21. Angus (English origin) meaning “one”.

22. Barley (English origin) meaning “grower of barley” or “seller of barley”.

23. Billie (German origin) meaning “resolute protector”.

24. Blacksmith (English origin) meaning “someone skilled in working with metal”.

25. Brandon (Old English or Irish origin) meaning “beacon hill” or “crow”.

26. Bronco (Spanish origin) meaning “rough and unbroken” or “wild horse”.

27. Brown (Old Norse origin) meaning “brun”.

28. Buckeye (Native American origin) meaning “the eye of the buck”.

29. Cash (English origin) meaning “maker of chests”.

30. Claude (French origin) meaning “limping”.

31. Dover (Welsh origin) meaning “water”.

32. Ebony (English origin) meaning “black wood”.

33. Ed (English origin) meaning “rich” or “happy” or “wealthy guardian”.

34. Elwood (English origin) meaning “the elder wood”.

35. Eugene (Greek origin) meaning “well-born”.

36. Falcon (English origin) meaning “the hawk bird”.

37. Franklin (English origin) meaning “landowner of the free”.

38. Fury (Norman origin) meaning “extreme wrath”.

39. Hidalgo (Spanish origin) meaning “the noble one”.

40. James (Scottish origin) meaning “heel” or “supplanter”.

41. Jupiter (Greek origin) meaning “the father Zeus”.

42. Justice (English origin) meaning “doing right by the law”.

43. Kentucky (American origin) meaning “meadow” or “prairie”.

44. King (American origin) meaning “the ruler”.

45. Lincoln (Old English origin) meaning “lake”.

46. Lucky (American origin) meaning “someone who is fortunate”.

47. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning “sea warrior”.

48. Onyx (English origin) meaning “black gemstone”.

49. Peter (Greek origin) meaning “stone” or “rock”.

50. Phoenix (Greek origin) meaning “deep red”.

51. Red (English origin) meaning “red-haired”.

52. Ringo (Japanese origin) meaning “apple” or “red apple”.

53. Rio (Spanish origin) meaning “river”.

54. Rocket (English origin) meaning “jet-propelled tube”.

55. Russell (Old Norse origin) meaning “red hair”.

56. Scout (American origin) meaning “first explorer”.

57. Sebastian (Greek origin) meaning “from Sebastia”.

58. Silver (English origin) meaning “someone with silver-grey hair”.

59. Washington (English origin) meaning “the farm of the intelligent one”.

60. Wilbur (English origin) meaning “will fortress”.

Brown horse running in sand.

Female Horse Names

Horse names for female horses can be a pickle to find. We think these are all very good names that will help your horse become famous and people from far and wide would want to come and have a look at your horse! A horse with a name this unique is bound to do miraculous things!

61. Aster (Greek origin) meaning “star”.

62. Autumn (Latin origin) meaning “the season of fall”.

63. Bailey (Middle English origin) meaning “bailiff”.

64. Bella (Latin origin) meaning “beautiful” or “extremely pretty”.

65. Bloom (English origin) meaning “to flower”.

66. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning “pretty”.

67. Buttons (Old French origin) meaning “lump” or “knob”.

68. Carol (English origin) meaning “free person”.

69. Cher (French origin) meaning “dear one”.

70. Coco (American origin) meaning “chocolate bean”.

71. Cookie (English origin) meaning “sweet biscuit”.

72. Cinnamon (American origin) meaning “the spice”.

73. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning “day’s eye”.

74. Diana (Persian origin) meaning “messenger of wellness”.

75. Dolly (American origin) meaning “cute child”.

76. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning “white” or “fair”.

77. Flora (Latin origin) meaning “flowers”.

78. Frankie (American origin) meaning “free” or “truthful”.

79. Jackie (English origin) meaning “may God protect”.

80. Jean (English or French origin) meaning “the Lord is gracious”.

81. Jules (French origin) meaning “youthful”.

82. Juliet (English origin) meaning “youthful”.

83. Kit Kat (English origin) meaning “pure gift of God”.

84. Kokomo (Japanese origin) meaning “paradise” or “soul”.

85. Lacey (English origin) meaning “from the French town Lassey”.

86. Lovey (American origin) meaning “loved one”.

87. Misty (American origin) meaning “covered in mist”.

88. Moana (Hawaiian origin) meaning “ocean” or “sea”.

89. Molly (Old English origin) meaning “drop of the sea” or “star of the sea” or “exalted one”.

90. Mona (Arabic origin) meaning “unreachable riches”.

91. Musa (Arabic origin) meaning “newborn”.

92. Paris (Greek origin) meaning “pouch full of money” or “wallet”.

93. Pepper (American origin) meaning “the hot spice”.

94. Pippa (English origin) meaning “lover of horses”.

95. Rhoda (Latin or Greek origin) meaning “roses”.

96. Shirley (Old English origin) meaning “shire” or “bright” or “woods” or “meadow”.

97. Sonny (English origin) meaning “Sun”.

98. Stella (Latin origin) meaning “star”.

99. Queen (English origin) meaning “female ruler”.

100. Vicky (Latin origin) meaning “the victorious one”.

Funny Show Horse Names

Horses are given show names so that no two horses are alike and can be distinguished by the viewers easily. This is why giving your horse a funny name can be a good idea. If you're looking for funny horse names we recommend choosing from the list below,  we've collected some of the funniest and silliest horse names ever.

101. Apache, meaning “the people”. Is your horse a people’s horse who loves to interact?

102. Baby Bing, meaning “kettle-shaped hollow”. The silliest name for your silly show horse.

103. Bandit, meaning “a robber”. Does your horse love to steal oats and carrots?

104. Baron, meaning “wealthy”. A silly little name for your rich show horse.

105. Bingo, meaning “the numbers game”. This is for the silly little horse of yours.

106. Blingy Boy, meaning “a boy with a sparkle of his own”. A cool name for a bright male horse.

107. Bobby, meaning “bright fame”. Perfect for your silly show horse.

108. Carrots, meaning “the orange vegetable”. A great name for the horse that loves to eat carrots.

109. Chief Sprinkles, meaning “the chief of beauty”. This goofy name is great for your pretty little horse.

110. Crouching Tiger, meaning “unnoticed master”. A perfect silly name for your masterful show horse.

111. Folly, meaning “foolishness”. This one will suit your silly horse the best.

112. Foxtrot, meaning “to dance”. The perfect name for your horse that loves to prance around.

113. Hoofer, meaning “a tap dancer”. This one is great for a jolly horse.

114. Horsepower, meaning “measurement of power”. A great name for your energetic show horse.

115. Jingles, meaning “expressive”. An excellent name for your energetic horse that makes a lot of noise.

116. Klip Klop, meaning “river bank”. A great silly name if your horse loves to be in the water and play around all day.

117. Loco, meaning “crazy”. A perfect name for your goofy horse.

118. Lolly, meaning “sweet” or “victory”. A great name for your silly female show horse.

119. Lumberjack, meaning “a man who fells trees”. Such a suitable name for your silly yet strong horse.

120. Miss Omega, meaning “the end”. What better name than this for your goofy show horse.

121. Moose, meaning “the bulky animal”. Name your large show horses this!

122. Mr. Oats, meaning “food”. This hilarious name is a great one for your show horse who loves to eat, especially oats!

123. Rainbow Unicorn, meaning “supernatural bringer of good news”. A great name for your cheerful and silly show horse.

124. Red Cloud, meaning “condensed water vapor”. The perfect name for your red-haired funny show horse.

125. Red Ross, meaning “the red-colored horse”. A silly name to give your horse if it has red hair.

126. Saddie, meaning “princess”. A silly name for the show horse that you treat like royals.

127. Silly Smiles, meaning “happy”. A great name for your silly horse who is always happy.

128. Sir Trots, meaning “walking fast”. A perfect name for the silly horse that loves getting away from you always.

129. Star Dancer, meaning “a great dancer”. A very good name for the funny horse that loves to trot around.

130. Windy, meaning “of the wind”. For the silly horse that runs faster than the wind.

Famous Show Horse Names

An ever excellent way to name your show horse is by drawing inspiration from previous show horses that gained a lot of popularity and love. Whether in reality or in TV shows and movies, these horses have shown excellent character. Here are some names for you to choose from.

131. Achilles, from the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

132. Applejack, from the My Little Pony Tails series.

133. Aristides, the first winner of the Kentucky Derby.

134. Beau, from the movie True Grit.

135. Best Mate, the three-time winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

136. Big Ben, the chestnut Belgian Warmblood horse who has been inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

137. Buttercup, from Toy Story 3.

138. Captain, from 101 Dalmations.

139. Cocoa, from The Big Valley TV series.

140. Desert Orchid, the four-time winner of King George VI Steeplechase.

141. Diablo, from the Cisco Kid series.

142. Frankel, the bay British Thoroughbred who has never lost any race he participated in.

143. Frou Frou, from the Disney movie The Aristocrats.

144. Kincsem, the show horse who won the most number of races internationally.

145. Maximus, from the Disney movie Tangled.

146. Midnight Sun, the two-time World Grand Champion show horse.

147. Pokey, from The Gumby Show.

148. Seabiscuit, the most beloved American horse during the Great Depression.

149. Smarty Jones, the winner of the 2004 Kentucky Derby.

150. Tony, belonging to the cowboy Tom Mix.

151. Tornado, from Zorro.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for horse show names, then why not take a look at something different like Female Horse Names or War Horse Names.

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