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Originally Published on Nov 17, 2020
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Red Kick Ball on grass field

Kickball is a team sport where there are 9 players in each team, sometimes 12.

Kickball games are 7 innings long, where 10 players defend the field. 28 balls form a walk, 3 strikes and 3 foul balls means out.

The game of kickball originated in the USA; it is a playground game and popular among young school-going children. The game of kickball is played with one ball, two teams, and four bases.

The four bases include a home plate, first base, second base, and third base. Kickball is also known as 'Chinese baseball' or 'Californian kickball'.

The game of kickball known as 'Balyagu' is very popular among Korean youth. In Japanese, it's known as 'Kickbase' and is popular among elementary school students. While in England, it is known as 'Football Rounders'.

In order to win the game, a team needs to score more runs than the opposing team. The game is generally played on a softball diamond with an inflated ball of rubber.

The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA), which was founded in Washington in the year 1998, is the largest sanctioning body for the amusing sport of adult kickball. The game of kickball is more popular at school, church, and home games.

Earlier kickball was played as a kid's sports, but now cities in the US have created kickball leagues for adults. There are 11 different variations of this game, crazy kickball, cooperative kickball game, activity kickball, one base; everyone runs, matball, kick basketball, no pitch kickball, big base kickball game, continuous kickball, and line kickball.

These games are extremely fun to play; there are also several kickball workouts to help you work out and stay fit.

To help you choose a good team name, here we have compiled a list of great, witty, nerdy, and funny Kickball team names. Keep calm, and keep kicking the balls.

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Great Kickball Team Names For Boys

Stop ball-ieving and check out these great kick wonders, the kickball team name for a boy's team. Saved by the ball!

1. A-Team

2. Anger Squad

3. Ballistic Bombs

4. Brew Squad

5. Dope Kickers

6. Drone Vision

7. Eliminators

8. Exterminators

9. Field Bombers

10. Full Throttle

11. Gathering Storm

12. Green Field Elite

13. Heavy Hitters

14. Humming Wires

15. Incoming

16. Inferno

Great Team Names for Girls Kickball Team

To help you choose a great team name for your team, here are some team names for girl kickball teams.

17. Kickball Wrath

18. Lethal Legs

19. Nuclear Energy

20. Odd-Bulls

21. Orange Rules

22. Out- Casts

23. Racketeers

24. Radioactive

25. Real Heros

26. Rogue Ballers

27. Scissor- Hands

28. Smack-Down

29. Supreme Hamstrings

30. Terminators

31. The Annihilators

32. The Invincibles

33. The Opportunists

34. The Street Ballers

35. The Strike Mob

36. Underdogs

37. Weapon Of Choice

38. Young Guns

Funny Kickball Team Names For Boys

Browsing for funny kickball names for your team? Here are some great, fun kickball team names inspired by kickball puns, some great kickball quotes, and pop culture.

39. 4th Base

40. 4 scores in a Row

41. A Kick To Remember

42. A Team Has No Name

43. Alive and Rock Kicking

44. Another One Kicks The Dirt

45. Avocado Toast

46. Back- Feet Divers

47. Ballistic Lovers

48. Bears No More

49. Between A Ball And A Soft Base

50. Big Taco After

51. Born Deep

52. Bowled In Love

53. Breaking Bulls

54. Bro Do You Even Kick?

55. Bull Bearers

56. Bulls are Out

57. Bulls Of Fury

58. Bulls Of Glory

59. Catch My Score

60. Catch The Deck

61. Close Contract Of The Bull Kind

62. Couch Kings

63. Don't Mix Drinking And Kicking

64. Don't Steal My Base

65. Few Looze Bullz

66. Flat Foot Foozies

67. Fresh Prince Of Ballair

68. Great Firey Bulls

69. Hate The Games Dont Hate The Kickers

70. In My Fieldings

71. In The Kick Of Game

72. Just Another Kick In The Wall

73. Keep Calm And Keep Kicking

74. Kick Fu Panda

75. Kick It Like It's Hot

76. Kick, Kick, Boom

77. Kick Me Baby

78. Kick-Fil-A

79. Kicker In The Middle

80. Kicking On The Edge

81. Kicks r For Kids

82. Kicks To The Win

83. Legit 2 kick

84. Let Us Down Slowly

85. Niagra Bulls

86. No Kickbowling, No Crying

87. Our Name is Ball, Kickball

88. Princes Of Billion Airs

89. Recess All Stars

90. Score or Don't There is No Try

91. Sofa Kings Kicking Stars

92. Stars On Pitches

93. Spices & Herbs

94. Step Ballers

95. Suns Out Guns Out

96. Survival Of The Kickers

97. Switch On Your Kicks Bro

98. Taco Balls

99. Taking Bulls

100. The Fury Of Bulls

101. The Kickers Circle

102. The Odd Ball In Chains

103. The Pensioners

104. The Sidekickers

105. The Team Formerly Know As Pitch

106. Too Dope To Kick

107. Two Left Feet

108. Two Sweet Two Kicks

109. We Spiked You

Funny Kickball Team Names For Girls

Playing kickball with grandpa in the backyard

Looking for inspiration cool team names for kickball? Here check out these amazing funny kickball team names for girls teams, although they are mostly unisex too.

110. 2 Sobriety

111. A Thousand Kicks

112. Bulls n Dolls

113. Dream Crushers

114. Got 99 Problems

115. Hot Kicks

116. Kick Ball Theory

117. Kick It Out

118. Kick Out The Burns

119. Kick Thrills

120. Kicker? I Don't Even Know Her

121. Kicker Instincts

122. Kickin Right

123. Kicking Angels

124. Kicking Outside The Box

125. Kicks Don't Lie

126. KickSquad

127. Leading Of A Click

128. Life's a Pitch

129. Like To Kick It up

130. Looking to Score

131. No Base Like Home

132. No Blunt Intended

133. One Kick Wonder Woman

134. Oops! I started The Ballieving

135. Pitch Kickers

136. Pitch Players

137. Pitch Winners

138. Players Be Crazy

139. Pitch Stitch up

140. Pout Out Or Shut Up

141. Problems But My Kick

142. Read My Kicks

143. Running Rushers

144. See You Never

145. Smells Like Kickball In Here

146. Snap Team

147. Sweet Fields Are Made For Ki

148. Take Our Pitcher

149. The 40 Years Old XPs

150. The Angels Of Death

151. The Furiest Bulls Of Them All

152. The Kill Pitch

153. The Mean Kicking Machine

154. Throughout Kick And Thin

155. Under Bare Pretenses

156. We Got Bowled

157. We Kick It Right Here

158. We Kicked And We Liked It

159. Who Gonna Kick? Kickballers

160. Women Who Kick

161. You Never Had Pitch So Good

Coed Kickball Team Names

Kicks on the block! Looking for a great team name? Check out these awesome kickball team names for coed teams.

162. Bait and Pitch

163. Birds Of Doom

164. Free Agents

165. HitSquad

166. Joes And Janes

167. Kickin Assassins

168. Kings & Queens

169. Smoke And Trouble

170. The Bomb Squad

171. The Fastball And The Furious

172. The Kickball Avengers

173. The Kickball Wizards

174. The Kickcredibles

Nerdy Kickball Team Names

Are you looking to score with a great team name? Here are some good kickball team names for boys and girls team.

175. A Kick in The Head

176. A New Kick

177. Daylight Bull-curse

178. Death By A Thousand Kicks

179. Eleven Deadly Sins

180. Field Hustlers

181. Game Recognise Game

182. Greenfield Goblins

183. Ground Ball Day

184. Hit Run Hitters

185. K-Unit

186. Kickball Anonymous

187. Kickball Buddies

188. Kickball Revolution

189. Kickballicious

190. Kicks For Brains

191. Lunakicks

Creative Kickball Team Names

A friendly game of kick ball at the park

Searching for creative- cool kickball team names? Check out these amazing kickball tournament names for teams.

192. All the Kickers

193. Amusement Park

194. As Good As The Pitch

195. Awesome Kickers

196. Bad Intensions

197. Best Pitchers

198. Born Runner

199. Brews On First

200. Bull Air

201. Bull Rage

202. Bulls Calling

203. Bulls On Bears

204. Best Me?

205. Catching The Day

206. Caught You By The Beard

207. Faces Loaded

208. Fever Pitch

209. Field Shutdown

210. Happy Kicks

211. Hit & Bounce

212. Jedi Mind-Controlled Kickers

213. Jump kicks

214. Kick And Kee Run

215. Kickaholics

216. Kick It Base

217. Kickball Cheetas

218. Kicker Life

219. Kicking Dogs

220. Kicking Stars

221. Kickrunners

222. Kicks On The Block

223. Midgame Madness

224. New Kicks

225. No Kickball No Party

226. One Kick At a Time

227. Party Like A Rockstar

228. Pitch Of You

229. Pitch It Like Its Hot

230. Red Bulls And Vigor

231. Stop Ballieving

232. Straight Ballin

233. Three kicks

Church Kickball Team Names

Looking to score with a great team name for your church team? Check out these one kick wonders kickball team name.

234. Alpha And Omega

235. Angel Earth

236. Apostles

237. Archangels

238. Archbishops

239. Army Of God

240. Battle Ready

241. Be The Light

242. Bethel

243. Bible Buddies

244. Canaanites

245. Chain breakers

246. Children of Zion

247. Disciples

248. Ephesians

249. Evangelists

250. Grace Gang

251. Heaven Can't-Wait

252. Heaven Please

253. Jesus Saves

254. Jesus Walks

255. Kickball Angeles

256. Kicking In The Name Of Lord

257. Kicking With Jesus

258. Lazarus Rising

259. Light Of God

260. Made In His Image

261. No Rest For The Wicked

262. Overcomes

263. Redemption

264. Soul Squad

265. Soul Survivor

266. Stairway To Heaven

267. Team Samson

268. The Navigators

269. The Rupture Kicks

270. The Salvation Army

271. The Second Comming

272. The Vatican Army

273. The Vessels

274. Turn To Christ

Nicknames For Kickball Players

Are you searching for kickball nicknames. Here are some straight ballin, new kicks kickball names for kickball team players.

275. Ace of 2nd Base

276. Ado About Bullies

277. Brews

278. Club foot

279. Kick Flippers

280. Kick Tease

281. Kicktatros

282. Slim Kickins

283. Waka-Waka

284. Wasted Potential

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Kickball Team Names then why not take a look at something different like Soccer Team Names, or Cornhole Team Names.

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