97 Chelaxian Names For Your Little Character

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Pathfinder Chelaxian names and common Chelaxian names will give force to your campaign.
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Chelaxian Pathfinder names are extremely popular with the players who believe in the power of the name.

'Pathfinder' is a popular role-playing game from Paizo Inc and rules the world of online gaming. Players, therefore, always look for Chelaxian names in which they believe.

Read on for some currently popular names to choose the best for you.

Chelaxian Last Names

Here, we present to you some amazing Chelaxian last names for your little character. Please have a look below at our amazing list which is definitely worth your visit.

Arquetius (Claudian origin), meaning ‘bowman’, is an ideal last name for your favorite character from Varisia.

Arquilianus (Latin origin) is one of the cool and amazing name family names from the Empire of Cheliax.

Arvina (Indian origin), meaning ‘flower of blossom’, is a unique surname for your cute little Chelaxian character from Varisia.

Asellaeca is a rare name revealed with a beautiful undertone of the history of the empire of Cheliax.

Asiagenus is one of the cool male Chelaxian names for those with an ambition.

Asiatias is loved by everybody beyond comprehension for it can belong to a warrior who goes out to fight at night.

Asina (Greek origin), meaning ‘goddess’, is an amazing name.

Asinator is a very cool find, it has a very nice vibe.

Atrabo isa very simple yet attractive last name at the center of the premise.

Atraticensis is an amazing find for a name that goes beyond the ambition of ruling the land.

Atticensis can be an Ulfen name loved and appreciated by everyone.

Atticer, as the name suggests, radiates a very awesome character vibe. Don’t you feel this is near to what you’re looking for?

Atticus is indeed one among many ruling class names from Egorian, which rests toward the center of the nation. 

Augur (Anglo Saxon origin) is a very beautiful last name for your favorite little character.

Augus (Fiction origin), meaning ‘god-like person’, is another beautiful name.

Augustus (Latin origin), meaning ‘majestic’, is a very famous Ulfen name for Chelaxian characters.

Balbus is a name having a bubbly sound to it as it is a mixed name for ones whose features are inherent to the colony.

Balbustus is a funny yet cute last name for your Chelaxian races character who has a lot of influence.

Barbanus (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘son of comfort’, is a name loved by everyone.

Barbatulicus is a very weird and rare find, whose features sound like a force of nature.

Barbatus (Latin origin), meaning ‘bearded’, represents strength and can be used by all characters.

Barbula (US origin), meaning ‘flowering’, is cute and is one-of-a-kind Golarion name for a character from the kingdoms of Andoran.

Barbulcher is a very strong name with a powerful meaning, you should definitely go for this name for it has considerable influence.

Blaeca is a cute name for a cute female character whose ties are probably from southern Avistan.

Blaecus (French origin), meaning ‘white’, is a rare Golarion name for a cute male character.

Sarini (Tamil origin), meaning ‘Earth’, is a cute little last name that offers support to nobility.

Chelaxian Ship Names

If you’re searching for some cool Chelaxian ship name, then you have ventured to the best place. Maybe it's your lucky day today. Because we have got it all. Below, we present to you some amazing Chelaxian ship names, do have a look at them.

Almirante Blanco is an Aroden name loved by everyone around Paizo Inc.

Almirante Cochrane is a very simple yet attractive name.

Almirante Williams is a unique name for an Imperial Cheliax.

Angamos (African origin) is a rare find and an interesting name.

Carrera (Spanish origin), meaning ‘thoroughfare’, is an amazing ship name from the cities of the region.

Carreram (Spanish origin) is a very uncommon Taldor name loved by everyone.

Casma (US origin) is a weird name. But isn’t it really cute?

Chipana (Russian origin) is another gorgeous find that showcases the power of the government of the nation.

Fast Attack Craft is a very cool and underrated name for your favorite ship. Grab it as soon as you can.

Frigates (Spanish origin), meaning ‘built’, is an interesting Aroden name built for your ship.

Marinero Fuentealba is a very fancy name for your gorgeous little ship.

O'Higgins is a really cool Taldor name for your favorite ship as it references to the region.

Patrols (German origin) is a very friendly name. This name can easily be related to the power of the government of the empire.

Piloto Pardo is another rare name and a beautiful find.

Simpson (Scottish origin), meaning ‘son of Simme’, is a very famous name amongst people.

Thomson (Scottish origin), meaning ‘son of Thom', is a very famous and cool name.

Currently, traditional Chelaxian nobility names are extremely popular.

Chelaxian Nobility Names

Looking for some fancy noble Chelaxian names? We have mentioned some for you in this section, do have a look at them.

Arionne are really strong and ruthless noble people, hence, it is a very strong and noble name for pale-skinned people of power.

Arvanxi is again a very strong imperial name and has a very strong significance. This is a great name.

Asgavan are the leading leaders and very strong. A true name for the heroes of the empire.

Charthagnion is again a very rare name for the nobles of the empire. An aristocratic family struck a mystical agreement with infernal forces that granted its members extraordinary insight and intelligence.

Dioso is an aristocratic infernal family based in the former capital of Westcrown. They live in the most sumptuous edifice on Triam, one of the city's islands, and are of old Chelaxian ancestry.

Drovenge is a very loyal and energetic name for your favorite character, don’t let it slip away.

Elliendo is one of the most powerful aristocratic houses in the contemporary world, hence, a really beautiful name for your favorite little character from the empire.

Grulios is one of the most powerful aristocratic houses in the world. Don’t you want a really powerful name for the alignment of your lovely little character?

Henderthane is a prominent noble family. They built their fortune as weapons merchants millennia ago. Therefore, a very reliable name for heroes.

Jeggare is a legendary noble house that may be found all around Avistan.

Jentis is a really cute and amazing name for your little character who are the heroes.

Julistarc is one of Cheliax's most powerful Chelish aristocratic houses, led by Ocatav Julistarc, the current patriarch.

Khollarix is one of Cheliax's 12 main noble families, lying at the bottom of the pack in terms of power and prestige, midway between House Phandros and House Rosala.

Leroung are the members of the ancient and illustrious Chelish aristocratic House Leroung that have long served as teachers and academicians in their homeland and its colonies.

Mezinas leads one of the 12 most prominent noble families. Despite being the least powerful of the great noble houses, they nonetheless control two smaller noble families.

Napaciza is an aristocratic family noted for producing well-known bowmen, earning them the moniker Cheliax's Archers.

Narikopolus is an aristocratic family with its headquarters in Kantaria's northern city. They are known for training lethal archers as young as six years old.

Oberigo is another rare Taldan name. This is a really great name for someone who would worship a particular god.

Phandros, don’t miss out on this Taldan name, it is definitely the most attractive name of all.

Rosala is a beautiful name for your northern female favorite character.

Salisfer, do not bail out on this name, it has a lot of significance and is the most loved among Chelish and Thrune cultures.

Sarini is again a really beautiful ancient name for someone who will worship the devil.

Thrune is a very rare and simple noble name. They were respected by everyone for centuries for their weapons and tools.

Common Chelaxian First Names

Here are some common Chelaxian first names for you to choose from:

Jasin (Hebrw origin), meaning ‘healer or lord is salvation’, is a very friendly character and has a lot of friends but is not very clever like others in the village. This is again a very beautiful name.

Mag (Greek origin), meaning ‘pearl’, is a very helpful human character who helps everyone and especially her uncle to run his shop. She works along with her sister, hence, this name is as beautiful as a beautiful pearl.

Malford (Old English origin) is a great name for your little human character and somewhat resembles a very important name in the most famous novels of Harry Potter, doesn’t it?

Marta (Spanish origin), meaning ‘crown of thorn’, is a beautiful name for a female character.

Mirta is a perfect name, soon make the best of this great opportunity to name your pale character after this name.

Mishea (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘the lade’, is a very common yet interesting name. The name with get your utmost attention.

Miss is a really cute name.

Morosino is common and popular.

Naldred is a great name for your amazing character.

Naseem (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gentle’, is a really sweet character name for your favorite male character.

Neld (American origin), meaning ‘god’s special love’, is a short and adorable name.

Nimad (Persian origin), meaning ‘judge’, is the best name.

Nurla (Indian origin), meaning ‘plentiful’, is a weird and cute name, definitely loved by everyone and would also be loved by your character.

Ohmun is a very unique name.

Ol' Mam is widely used.

Oleppo is definitely something one should opt for.

Olga is a rare find.

Ornigaard is a name of great importance.

Paucy (US origin), meaning ‘you have a tendency to misunderstand individuals at times’, is a cute fancy name.

Pennae (Greek origin), meaning ‘quill’, strives to keep her absent-minded husband focused on security because he frequently leaves doors and windows of their house open.

Pevrin (Persian origin), meaning ‘Pleiades’, is the name of a cute little post boy, a loyal and a cute character, hence, a really cute name.

Raspin (Anglo Saxon), meaning ‘grasp’, is another great find.

Rizzardo (Italian origin) is a ferocious name, loved by all.

Rube (German origin), meaning ‘renown’, avoids interacting with people and is wary of them. An introvert and a cute character.

Sara (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘princess’, is a very graceful name, and also one of the famed Travelers Stop Inn's serving girls. Therefore, this is a beautiful find.

Skati (Indian origin), meanin, ‘strength’, works in the boatyard and loves enjoying the gulf.

Tab (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘abbreviation of Tabor’, is one of the famed Travelers Stop Inn's stable lads.

Talsetus is a graceful name and also one of the best names so far.

Varna (Hindi origin), meaning ‘goddess Laxmi’, is a very famous store owner and is a very courageous lad, this is a great name for your favorite character.

Ven (Hindi origin), meaning ‘good fortune’, is a very famous and a strong character, hope you love this name just like we all do.

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