73 Cool Scorpion Names: Pets, Types, And Meanings

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Adopting new pets into your family brings along a list of responsibilities, and at the top of this list is deciding on a cool and interesting name for your exotic pet.

While emperor scorpions as pets are believed to be low-maintenance exotic pets that are less dangerous, the venom in the sting of a scorpion can result in a stinging pain, necessitating careful handling. Emperor scorpions are known for their stinging behavior across the world but are nonetheless popular as pets.

Did you know that these animals have a constellation named after them? It is Scorpius (Scorpio). Scorpius is an ancient constellation that goes back to the times before the Greeks.

As an exotic pet, a scorpion can be an interesting animal to choose from in the world of reptiles as they have unique habits in terms of food requirements, and are known to sting the handler when they feel threatened. A scorpion has a lifespan of up to eight years in controlled environments.

Are you looking for some pet scorpion names with great meaning, or names meaning scorpion? Scorpion names like Zeus, Nero, and Leonardo are quite popular when it comes to Scorpion god names, but there are plenty of other names available.

Female Scorpion Names

Did you know that the Roman name of this species is scorpio? Here is a collection of some good female scorpion names you can choose from for your pet.

Barbara (Greek origin), meaning 'foreign' or 'stranger', is another fancy name derived from the word Barbaros in the Greek language.

Cleopatra (Ancient Greek origin), meaning 'glory of the father', is famously taken from the name of an infamous Egyptian queen, Julius Caesar’s lover, and Mark Antony’s wife.

Crystal (Greek origin), meaning 'ice' and also the name given to a type of clear jewel, is a dazzling name for female scorpions.

Demi (French origin), meaning 'half' or 'small', is a cute name to give to your pet scorpion, especially if they are smaller in size than usual.

Jade (English origin) is the name of a kind of precious stone and a great name for your pet as well.

Juliet (English origin), meaning 'youthful', is a name famously used in Shakespearean drama. This is also considered the feminine form of Julius.

Katana (Japanese origin), meaning 'a kind of sword', is a cool name for a female scorpion.

Lyla (Arabic origin), meaning 'night', is a pretty name that also means 'island beauty' in English.

Marina (Latin origin), meaning 'of or from the sea', is another name born from Shakespeare’s play.

Medusa (Greek origin), meaning 'guardian' or 'rule', is also taken after the infamous Greek mythological figure.

Meredius (Roman origin), meaning 'highest of honor', is one of the best names that you can choose from.

Naaz (Arabic origin), meaning 'pride' but more elegantly, is a popular name amongst the Muslim community.

Odyssey (Greek origin), meaning 'wrathful', is believed to come from the male name Odysseus.

Rosie (English origin), meaning 'rose', is a sweet name for female pets.

Sandy (English origin), meaning 'man’s defender', is derived from Alexander.

Stormy (American origin), meaning 'impetuous nature'.

Suzan (Persian origin), meaning 'burning', is a popular and fierce name for female scorpions.

Willow (English origin), meaning 'slender' or 'graceful', is a name inspired by the beautiful willow trees.

Zacharya (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God has remembered' is a rare name that can go well with your female pet.

Zelda (German origin), meaning 'gray fighting maiden' or a 'strong woman', is a suitable name for female scorpions.

Names For Different Types of Scorpions

For those who are getting a pet scorpion for the first time, it is universally suggested that you get an emperor scorpion. This species of pet scorpions are known to be less dangerous. This section provides the best names based on different types of scorpions. 

Ajax (Greek origin), meaning 'the eagle', is a suitable name for the large size and powerful claws of a scorpion.

BlackJack (American origin) is a cool name for your pet scorpion, especially if it is black.

Brendan (Welsh origin), meaning 'great impact', is a commonly used name. This can be a great name for Tanzanian red-clawed scorpions for the impact their venom can have on the prey.

Claws (American origin) meaning 'claws' are an essential body part of scorpions.

Cyrus (Persian origin), meaning 'the sun', has a powerful as well as a gentle aura to it. This can be an appropriate name for emperor scorpions.

Draco (Greek origin), meaning 'dragon', is a very familiar name for those who are fans of the popular antagonist in the 'Harry Potter' series.

Lance (English origin), meaning 'land', is a smart name since all scorpions are land animals.

Lucifer (Latin origin), meaning 'light-bearer', has become a synonym for the devil in the present times.

Sylvester (Anglo-Norman origin), meaning 'wooded' or 'wild', is a good name for Javanese jungle scorpions.

Ted (English origin), meaning 'wealthy guardian', is a short name you can use if you have a large-clawed scorpion.

Tyson (English origin), meaning 'firebrand', is also the name of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Scorpio Constellation stars in outer space with shape of a scorpio in lines.

Cool Scorpion Names

Looking for the best names that give your pet scorpion a cooler aura? This section may be much more helpful for you.

Aladdin (Arabic origin), meaning 'nobility of faith', is also the name of a popular Disney character.

Arlo (English origin), meaning 'rock hill', is a name that reflects a strong aura.

Aron (Hebrew origin), meaning 'mount of strength' or 'mountaineer', is a cool name for a male scorpion.

Caesar (Latin origin), meaning 'long beard', is used as a title for Roman emperors.

Dagger (French origin), meaning 'a knife', is an intense name but suits the personality of scorpions.

Drake (English origin), meaning 'a dragon', is another name similar to Draco.

Duke (English origin), meaning 'person of authority', is a good choice with a royal feeling to it.

Elektra (Greek origin), meaning 'amber' and 'shining', is an attractive name you can give to female scorpions.

Fred (English origin), meaning 'peaceful ruler', can also be a short form for Fredrick.

Hercules (Greek origin), meaning 'glory of Hera', is a name that refers to a Greek god.

Jack (English origin), meaning 'God is gracious', is a cool name.

Kobe (Swahili origin), meaning 'tortoise', is also the name of a legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

Manson (Scottish origin) refers to the Scandinavian name Magnusson, meaning the 'son of Magnus'.

Matrix (Latin origin), meaning 'orderly mathematical arrangement', is a great name choice for fans of Keanu Reeves' movie the 'Matrix'.

Murdock (Scottish origin), meaning 'sea warrior' or 'protector of the sea', is a good choice for fans of the Marvel character Daredevil.

Phoenix (Semitic origin), meaning 'ruggedness and mystery', is a very popular name referring to a mythological bird.

Ringo (Japanese origin), meaning 'apple', is a fun name coming from the famous Ringo Starr, the drummer from the band The Beatles.

Stark (German origin), meaning 'strong' or 'firm', is also a reference to the renowned Marvel character Tony Stark.

Thor (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'thunder', is a cool name taking reference from a Marvel character as well.

Valerian (Italian origin), meaning 'conquer', is a cool name for male pet scorpions.

Yoda (American origin), meaning 'warrior', is a fun choice for fans of Star Wars.

Zeus (Greek origin), meaning 'to shine', is a popular name for pets taken after the Greek mythological character.

Funny Scorpion Names

Good humor is always appreciated and remembered. Here are some fun scorpion names that nobody would forget.

Akar (Turkish origin) refers to 'a shape' in Hindi.

Amais (Latin origin), meaning 'obscure', sounds like a humorous name.

Baddie (American origin), meaning 'the opponent of a hero', can be suitable to the scorpion’s nature in a fun way.

Banjo (Spanish origin) is a musical instrument, which can be a good choice of name.

Billion (French origin) is simply the word representing a big amount of money.

Cricket (Old English origin) is a name you can use to name your pet scorpion if you are a fan of the game.

Cuddles (American origin), meaning 'hugs', is a cute name that turns humorous when you give that name to a venomous animal.

Flint (English origin), meaning 'a piece of rock', is a funny name for scorpions.

Fluffy (American origin), meaning 'something soft, light, and full of air'. Fluffy is a cute name to give to your pet.

Juju (Arabic origin), which some say means 'jelly beans', is usually a name with an aura that is funny.

Ludo (Germanic origin), referring to a game, would be a good idea for a name.

Mickey (American origin), means the question 'who resembles God?'. It also refers to the famous cartoon Mickey Mouse.

Mowgli (Indian origin) is an interesting name for those who are fans of the famous story collection, 'The Jungle Book'.

Mr. or Ms. Scary (Informal origin), meaning 'someone scary', is a fun name to give to your stingy pets.

Pikachu (Japanese origin), believed to mean 'a sparkling sound that a mouse makes', is taken after the popular cartoon character.

Pinchy (Informal origin), meaning 'prone or designed to pinch' or 'slightly painful'. Pinchy can be a funny name for your scorpion.

ScorWoman (Informal origin) can be a parody inspired by superheroes, like Cat Woman.

Smooches (American origin), meaning 'kisses', can be a humorous name for a scorpion, especially since you cannot kiss it for sure.

Snuggles (American origin), similar to cuddles, is a humorous name.

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