68 Cool Shifter Names For All Dungeons & Dragons Fans

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Shifter names are inspired by the culture of the group of humans commanding the longtooth shifters.
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Are you looking for awesome shifter names for Dungeons & Dragons?

Here is a list of curated shifter names for all Dungeons & Dragons fans. Pick any of the names that suit your character and its wild attributes, and name your humanoid shifter.

Searched through every nook and corner but didn't come across a single suitable name for your shifter? Here's a solution to your confusion with a list of just perfect names to excite you.

Dragons and Dungeons is a popular game among people of every age group. Shifters are humanoids that can temporarily change their shape to increase their animalistic power through shifting. The shifters are believed to be the descendants of Lycanthropes and humans.

Read on for Longtooth shifter names to enhance your experience when you play the game.

DnD Shifter Names

Dungeons & Dragons is a role-playing video game full of fantasy, quests, treasure-hunts, battling dangerous enemies, and much more. Go through the list of DnD shifter names below and let your imagination run wild.

Flow (Old English origin), meaning 'stream', is a cool D&D shifter name that symbolizes calmness at peace yet turbulence at times.

Fog (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'thick mist', symbolizes cunning shifters who are well aware of fighting skills. One of the popular male shifter names for the beast within.

Scar (Greek origin), meaning 'wound', is a ferocious name to denote the wild traits of the shifters having a deadly beast within.

Thunder (Germanic origin), meaning 'lightning strike', describes the agility and power strength of DnD shifters.

Gulch (American origin), meaning 'deep ravine', is another good name for deceptive shifters. One of the popular male shifter names to play with.

Acor, meaning 'acre', is a short and strong name for the shifters having deep compassion for their culture and homeland.

Cinder (Old origin), meaning 'ashes', is a suitable name for shifters who exercise fire powers and are ready to burn enemies to ashes.

Rock (Latin origin), meaning 'stone', symbolizes rock hard determination and adamance of the personality and nature of shifters. One of the exciting shifter names with exciting features.

Coral (French origin), meaning 'skeleton', is the perfect name for female shifters who tend to have a lean appearance but are wild hunters.

Whirl (Norse origin), meaning 'spin', denotes a shifter with a powerful attack that can leave its enemies confused.

Oak (Old Norse origin), meaning 'tree', symbolizes the determination to support and keep friends safe.

Vermin (Latin origin), meaning 'worm', is an excellent and intriguing name for shifters having a lean appearance but animal-like wildness.

Blaze (English origin), meaning 'fire', is a superb male shifter name to denote the desire and passion for hunting enemies and protecting human friends.

Robin (Germanic origin), meaning 'fame', is a popular name and can be a good name for shifters to popularize their communities and existence.

Crater (Greek origin), meaning 'hollow', describes the lonely character of shifters who like to stay aloof. One of the exciting longtooth shifter names with exciting language features.

Crest (Latin origin), meaning 'tuft', describes the importance of the wild and ferocious shifters in the DnD world.

D&D Shifter Names

Dungeons and Dragons are full of sorcery and battles with different storylines like ganging up with pirates or exploring through jungles. The shifting of humanoids lets them enhance their wild features. Some novel and interesting shifter name ideas are listed below.

Magma (English origin), meaning 'semi-liquid', describes the aggressive nature of the shifters to always be ready for a fight.

Fury (English origin), meaning 'rage', symbolizes anger and aggressiveness, a well-suited character for shifters.

Gale (Norse origin), meaning 'bewitched', signifies the deceptive nature of some of the shifters of the DnD world.

Shade (Germanic origin), meaning 'shelter', is the symbol of protection provided by the shifters to their human companion.

Amber (Arabic origin), meaning 'jewel', perfectly describes the peculiar nature of shifters to be wild at times but capable of forming deep bonds with friends.

Dusk (Old English origin), meaning 'partial darkness', is also a well-suited name for shifters who usually come out to hunt at night.

Fume (English origin), meaning 'smell', is a good name for those with a great sense of smell.

Aqua (Latin origin), meaning 'water', symbolizes one's expertise in water power, a cool name for shifters.

Feather (Germanic origin), meaning 'plume', denotes shifters' calm and composed nature towards their friends.

Flare (English origin), meaning 'skillful', denotes the swift nature shifters with great power and agility.

Summer (Dutch origin), meaning 'half-year', symbolizes the wild hunters' raging, wild, and fierce character.

Sky (Norse origin), meaning 'cloud' as a name, signifies the independent nature of some of the most powerful shifters.

Fern (Germanic origin), meaning 'grass', symbolizes the pious character of the shifters towards their companion.

Comet (Greek origin), meaning 'long-haired', is an excellent name for shifters describing their cool appearance.

Spike (Norse origin), meaning 'pointy', represents the ability to impale their opponents and the attitude to never back out.

Torrent (Latin origin), meaning 'scorch', tends to show the strength of the shifters and the ability to burn anything in their way in the world.

DnD Shifter names are extremely popular across the world.

Shifter Names 5e

Dungeons & Dragons 5e is the latest edition of the role-playing game D&D. Characters are created and taken on adventures by the players. Don't forget to check out the names of 5e shifter names and increase your knowledge.

Badger (English origin), meaning 'to attack', is a terrorizing name for shifters having swift attacks and great power.

Bear (Old English origin), meaning 'brown', is the perfect name for shifters who tend to be brown.

Cat (Latin origin), meaning 'feline', is a good name for female sifters, which describes their dominant and combative character.

Fang (Old Norse origin), meaning 'capture', describes the perfect, wild nature of the humanoid shifters.

Grace (Latin origin), meaning 'elegance', is a cool name for shifters with elegant and charming characters.

Moon (English origin), meaning 'beautiful', is a lovely name for female shifters denoting their jewel-like beautiful and large eyes.

Rain (Middle English origin), meaning 'water drop', is a shifter name preferably for those exercising water powers.

Stripe (Dutch origin), meaning 'pattern', describes the outer animal appearance of the shifters.

Swift (Old English origin), meaning 'fast', symbolizes swift and rapid movements that can deceive the enemies.

Talon (English origin), meaning 'nails', is the perfect name for shifters with sharp claws.

Lithe (Old English origin), meaning 'meek', is typically a name for mild and not-so-aggressive shifters.

Void (French origin), meaning 'empty', is a suitable name for shifters with aloof personalities.

Twig (Old English origin), meaning 'branch', is the perfect name for shifters who love dwelling on trees.

Hail (Middle English origin), meaning 'healthy', is an awesome name and a blessing for the shifter character to always be strong and healthy.

Harley (Old English origin), meaning 'meadow', is an influential female shifter name with a charming and fresh personality.

Dew (Old English origin), meaning 'haze', is instead a cute name for shifters that describes their compassionate nature.

Wolf (Germanic origin), meaning 'loyal', symbolizes faith and devotion among the shifter communities. Wolf is a cool D&D shifter name. Wolf would also make an awesome name for the beast within.

Eberron Shifter Names

Shifters on Eberron survive in very harsh environments owing to their adaptive capabilities. Longtooth shifters are known to be aggressive, but they love bonding with their friends.

Ash (Middle English origin), meaning 'residue', is a strong name for shifters that can burn enemies down to ashes.

Brook (Old English origin), meaning 'stream', describes the peaceful nature of a calm humanoid before shifting in DnD.

Claw (Old English origin), meaning 'horn', denotes fatal attacks of shifters on their enemies. A beast is more likely to have claws.

Cliff (Old English origin), meaning 'slope', is another cool and awesome name for shifters in DnD.

Flint (Old English origin), meaning 'quartz', symbolizes the adamant nature of shifters while facing opponents.

Frost (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning 'snow', symbolizes rigidity and frigidity in terms of determination and rules.

River (Latin origin), meaning 'flowing water', signifies a journey full of ups and downs in life.

Rock (English origin), meaning 'stone', signifies the rock-hard willpower and capabilities of a shifter.

Storm (Old Norse origin), meaning 'strong wind', describes the destructive power of shifters capable of astonishing anyone.

Thorn (Old English origin), meaning 'spike', symbolizes sorrow and hardship in the life of shifters.

Torn (English origin), meaning 'tender', describes the compassionate nature of shifters for their companions.

Aurora (Latin origin), meaning 'dawn', symbolizes multiple emotions and transformations faced by a shifter.

Autumn (Latin origin), meaning 'fall', is another good name for shifters in Dungeons & Dragons.

Dawn (Old English origin), meaning 'daybreak', is an inspiring name for shifters having the ability to break into power after shifting.

Hazel (English origin), meaning 'wisdom', is an ironic name for shifters since they believe in rage and quick movements without much thinking.

Iris (Greek origin), meaning 'goddess of the rainbow', is a cool name for shifters having the ability of multiple attacks.

Lily (Latin origin), meaning 'flower', is a good name for female shifters in Dragons and Dungeons.

Rain (Estonian origin), meaning 'advice', is an absolute name for shifters who, after shifting, feel the power flowing in their veins.

Rose (Latin origin), meaning 'fame', is another cool name for shifters who are like roses, loyal to friends, and thorny against enemies.

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