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List of Svirfneblin names will help you understand hidden names for cunning wizards.
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Deep dwarves, called Svirfneblin in their own language, were an elf sub-race that lived in the Underdark.

While their surface cousins were known for their vast hopefulness and merry wickedness, the Svirfneblin were not kidding and dubious animals. Instead, they made due in the Underdark by keeping up with the carefulness of others and endeavoring to stay discreet.

Profound gnomes were wiry and fit with a body as hard as a section of rock. Males were bald and smooth, while females had brandished hair. Females commonly had silver hair. Profound dwarves didn't live very long as their family, with a future just shy of two centuries.

Some conjecture is that they are firmly connected to dwarves; in any case, gnomes are more modest and more lenient toward different races, nature, and sorcery. Contingent upon the setting and sub-race, they are frequently gifted with deception enchantment or designing. Gnomes are little humanoids.

To pronounce Svirfneblin, one just needs 'Smurf - Neblin' only with a V instead of M. If you are looking to access a name generator for creating some rock gnome names, deep gnome names and their surface cousins, then the list of names for gnomes will certainly intrigue you.

Keep scrolling down to learn more Svirfneblin clan names, character names, the meanings, and origins.

Svirfneblin Names Female

Looking for some of the interesting names that can be used for the female characters? Listed below are some of the female Svirfneblin names that you may consider.

Arila (Albanian origin), meaning 'washed god.' It can be considered a female Svirfneblin name for players who like playing to subdue enemies.

Cartra (Latin and Italian origin) meaning 'paper.' It can be considered as a Svirfneblin female name as well.

Delphina (Greek origin) meaning 'a woman from Delphi', can be considered a Svirfneblin female name.

Gaerick meaning 'one who governs with a spear.' This can as well be categorized as a Svirfneblin female name for a deep gnome.

Grentina can be considered a Svirfneblin name as it highlights that someone is profoundly serious, determined, cunning and responsible.

Jortix (Hebrew origin), meaning 'joyous melody.' A family name with a neutral meaning.

Lyda 'small winged one.' It can be categorized as a Svirfneblin female name.

Nackle meaning 'search ends where sharing starts', can be considered a female name for deep gnomes of the world.

Rena (Hebrew origin), meaning 'joy.' It can be considered as one of the Svirfneblin names related to females.

Tyra (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'untamed,' or 'the god of battle.'

Zanigani meaning 'a fragrant flower.' This is one of the interesting deep gnome names.

Old Names For a Svirfneblin

Looking for some old names for deep gnomes of the world? But for that you must first understand their master traits. Listed below are some of the old names for a Svirfneblin.

Brocc (Old English origin), meaning 'badger-like.' A name that will certainly hold its ground with an adventurer.

Davdri is also a name that can be considered an old name for Svirfnevlin with no real alignment. A suitable choice for a deep gnome.

Davkas 'davka' is utilized in the Talmud to want to say 'unequivocally,' 'only,' or 'as it were.'

Jinzic is one type of minute creature typically depicted as withered minimal elderly people men that occupy the earth’s inside. A suitable deep gnome name for a player of any age who boasts of great speed.

Jorhim (English origin), meaning, 'Jehova is exalted.' A great name for hidden gnomes.

Labkost (French origin), meaning a location 'by the coast.' A name that will not face any resistance.

Roondar is a boy’s name derived from Hindi wordings, meaning 'Lord of the suns.' A great name for a deep gnome.

Salmorn is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning 'peace,' it can be considered an old deep gnome name for Svirfneblin. A name highlighting the speed of the adventurer.

Valmin, the name rouses soundness, determination, and humor. A deep gnome name that highlights the resistance of an adventurer.

Vorbar (Roman origin), meaning 'expressive.' It can be considered an old deep gnome name for a svirfneblin.

Zook meaning 'used as a mild oath.' A deep gnome name with a neutral alignment.

D&D Svirfneblin Names

Here are some of the interesting D&D Svirfneblin names that you would not get at any site.

Arno (French origin), meaning 'falcon'. A name meaning etched in stonework for ages, a great name for underground gnomes.

Babak (Persian origin), meaning 'father.' A name meaning that you need not search for when it comes to naming rock gnomes.

Cerin (Gaelic origin), meaning 'dark one.' It can be considered as one of the 'Dungeons And Dragons' Svirfneblin names. A great choice for a rock gnome.

Dell (Old English origin), meaning 'little valley.' No name generator site could suggest you this name for rock gnomes.

Egan (Gaelic origin), signifying the meaning 'fire'. A rare name for natural gnomes for whom you would like to search more spells.

Fishel (Yiddish origin), meaning 'little fish.' A great name for suspicious gnomes of land.

Gair (Irish origin), meaning 'spear-brave.' A largely forgotten name in different languages.

Gorman (Irish origin), meaning 'blue-eyed boy.' A particularly popular name from miners of forgotten lands.

Hackett (German origin), meaning 'hacker.' A natural name for suspicious miners looking to use spells.

Hewitt (Old French origin), meaning 'intelligent one.' A name for players who like to race to gems but have no hair.

Iven (French origin), meaning 'archer.' A name etched in stonework. One of the natural names for suspicious miners.

Deep gnomes are miners who have a special inclination for gems.

D&D Svirfneblin City Names

Looking for some city names for the deep gnomes? Listed below are some of the D&D Svirfneblin city names which will help you make an informed decision.

Bulzimer, meaning ‘the wall of willows', can be used as a city name.

Daklan meaning 'The hope of the youth', is a name suggested for the Svirfneblin city names 

Lornath, meaning 'the city of golden shrines,' can be named as one of the cities of D&D.

Mayrawn meaning 'city of noble pursuits’, can be used as a city name for underground realms.

Merrik meaning 'the daisy fields,' which can be used as one of the Svirfneblin names that you can certainly use.

Oji-di, meaning 'city of three roads,' can be considered the city name for D&D Svirfneblins.

Procandur meaning 'city of conjuration,' which can be used as a Svirfneblin city name.

Septethal meaning, 'the city of blue sands' can be considered a city name of realms below.

Symarol meaning 'city of battles,' can be used as one of the city names for the realms below.

Timonkuni, meaning 'taboo town,' can be used as one of the D&D city names.

Svirfneblin Village Names

Deep gnomes are expert miners who have a special likelihood to men for gems of different types. These gnomes live in their villages, so it is important for you to know their village names. Listed below are some of the Svirfneblin village names.

AurichTown is a habitation-based name from a spot in East Friesland named Aurich.

LorelaiVillage (German Origin) meaning 'alluring, enchantress’ can be used as a village name.

MysticFalls is a name that can be given to the village of D&D.

MysticRed refers to a village that is red and mystical. It can be considered a village name for the Svirfneblins.

OakVillage can be considered the name of a town/village filled with oak trees.

Old Norwich is a habitation-based name from the city of Norwich in East Anglia, named from Old English 'north' + wic 'exchanging focus', 'harbor', or a geological name with similar importance.

OldPortVillage (Middle English origin), meaning 'gateway or entrance.'

PlumParadise refers to a sugar-coated plum, and using this name as a village name in D&D sounds pretty cool.

PrincetonVillage (English Origin) meaning ‘ruler’ signifies the importance of Princeton as 'ruler.'

SolarisVillage refers to 'of the sun,' which can be named one of the village names.

WolfordVillage is a habitation-based name from Great or Little Wolford in Warwickshire, named with Old English ‘wulf, wolf' + ‘weard, defender', 'watch.’

Svirfneblin Clan Names

Looking to cast a spell on opponents? Before you gain that ability, you must understand some of the important clan names with whom you could align. Listed below are some of the Svirfneblin clan names, which you must check.

Among Dark Paws can be utilized for a supernatural clan who stays in obscurity or assaults individuals from the dull.

Forest Descendants of Wallsdeep, the name very well may be simply the name of a tribe who safeguards themselves behind high dividers.

Forest Maze Of Ogre is such monstrosities as incredible beasts that eat customary individuals. This can be used as a good clan name.

Outsiders Adamant Shadows can be utilized for the clan that does their movements in shadows.

Stone Elmswood Clan can be utilized for a clan, meaning a gathering of smaller people stowing away in the forest.

The Blood Mountain Clan, the name might be a suitable option among the given options to depict the enduring Tabaxi from a fight that occurred over a mountain, prompting mass gore.

The Crescent Moon Clan is a tribe of moon admirers, remembered to be tranquil.

The Elder Lake Clan is an old clan with old Tabaxis taking up the job. This can likewise be utilized in the game 'Senior Scrolls'. A name that can be considered as a score for the outsiders.

The Sands of Time can be used as a name for a clan with an enchanted ability to control time through a spell.

The Vampiric Basilisks refer to theBasilisk, which is the King of Serpents. It can be used as a clan name.

The Whispering Mist Clan can be utilized as a clan name for the individuals who hailed from the murmuring backwoods on the highest point of a mountain, covered by fog.

Svirfneblin Character Names

Looking for deep gnomes names for the Underdark world? What is the role of ability score for deep gnomes? Listed below are some names of the Svirfneblin characters. 

Amorette is a cute Svirfneblin name that means 'little love.' A fun name for deep gnomes of the Underdark world.

Bingles is one of the wonderful stone little deep gnomes' names.

Braggett, meaning 'strength,' can be considered as a good character name for a Svirfneblin.

Brenna (English origin), meaning ‘sword’ is fundamentally a female deep gnomes name. A rarely used name for deep gnomes.

Brooke (English origin) meaning 'small stream' is essentially a gender impartial name for deep gnomes with an impressive ability score.

Charlene (Old German origin), meaning 'free woman.' A unique name for deep gnomes.

Elfi meaning 'bond of strength.' It can be said to be one of the character names for deep gnomes.

Fenthwick (English origin)is a habitation-based name from two spots in Northumberland or one in West Yorkshire, which are all so named from Old English Fenn 'swamp', 'fen' + wic 'distant dairy ranch'. Suitable names for deep gnomes for the Underdark.

Finn (Irish origin) meaning ‘fair’. It can be used as a character name for Svirfneblin. One of the deep gnomes that has a certain magic about it.

Jorwor (Irish origin), is an extremely popular svirfneblin name from history.

Lanner (Irish origin), is an interesting svirfneblin name.

Merhik (Irish origin), is a truly fascinating name choice.

Nickleplenty is another character name that signifies a rock Svirfneblin. A rarely used name for deep gnomes.

Sharkey (Irish origin), meaning 'beloved.' A great choice for master deep gnomes.

Troy (Irish origin), meaning 'contender' or 'infantryman'. A great name choice for deep gnomes.

Warston (Irish origin), is indeed one of the best svirfneblin names.

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