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An old-fashioned donut is essentially deep-fried dough, topped with cinnamon sugar glaze and featuring donut holes. Some of the most popular donuts are Long Johns donut, Boston cream-filled donut, cake donut, cinnamon sugar glazed donut, ring-shaped donut, jelly donut, vanilla custard cream donut, custard-cream filled donut and chocolate glaze donut.

While donuts are essentially fried dough sweet treats shaped like a circle, French cruller donuts, custard cream-filled donuts, Boston cream donuts, and jelly-filled donuts are popular sweet food treats across the world. Donuts are also available as bite-sized treats for people to enjoy.

Read on for some of the most interesting donut names.

Fun Donut Names

Boston cream, French cruller, jelly donuts, and many more are funny donut names that are fun to say.

Apple Cider Donuts (American origin), meaning 'donuts made of buttermilk and apple cider,' are perfect for giving a fruity flavor to your snack time. 

Apple Fritters (French origin), with 'fritter' meaning 'fried or roasted,' are donuts with apple flavor and fried in long slender shapes. 

Boston Cream Pie Donut (American origin) means old-fashioned yeast-risen donut with chocolate frosting. It has a similar taste to a Boston cream pie. 

Chocolate Glazed (American origin) means there is a chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup coating for the donut. They are an American favorite.

Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts (American origin) means a donut made with a chocolate filling or decorated with chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles on top. 

Cinnamon Twist Donuts (American origin) are old-fashioned donuts where cinnamon is used. The twist makes them pretty interesting. 

Classic Chocolate Donut (American origin) is a traditional chocolate donut with chocolate frosting and a donut hole filled with tiny cream filling.

Classic Glazed Donuts (American origin) are coated with sugar syrup on the donut. They are extremely popular.

Coconut Donuts (Portuguese origin) means old-fashioned donuts decorated with dried coconut flakes. They are both pretty and tasty.

Cronut (American origin) is a pastry that is a combination of a croissant and a donut. It has a different shape than the regular donut shape. 

Fudge Donuts (Scottish origin) means donuts similar to chocolate fudge, which means a donut filled with chocolate. It has a smooth, chewy texture. 

Glazed Donuts (English origin), meaning shining donuts, are perfectly glazing donuts with sugar syrup. 

Jelly Donuts (French origin), meaning donuts with a semi-solid substance used in deserts, are filled with jelly in the donut hole. 

Long John (American origin), meaning 'yeasted donut,' is cut into a rectangle shape and decorated with chocolate or sugar frosting.

Old Fashioned Donut (American origin) is a traditional type of donut with a classic batter of eggs, yeast, oil, and flour.

Paczki (Polish origin) means a pastry similar to donuts filled with cream and frosted with sugar or chocolate. 

Powdered Donuts (American origin) are covered with powdered sugar. Donuts after getting deep-fried are either coated or frosted with icing sugar (only on the surface). 

Sour Cream Donut (American origin) uses a batter made with sour cream, and the donut hole is filled with sour cream too. 

Sprinkled Donuts (German origin), meaning spotted donuts, are classic donuts with sprinkles on top. 

Donut Shop Names

You can try these out and start your donut shop or a company. Make sure to use a catchy donut shop name to attract more donut lovers. 

Better Bread Donuts (English origin), implying 'a preferred choice of bread' is a good name for donuts' shops.

Bust A Gut (English origin), meaning 'smash or break,' is a perfect name for frosted donuts which fight your sugar cravings. 

Circle Sweetness (French origin), meaning 'ring of sweetness,' can be a common name for donut shops. 

CozyDay Donuts (Scottish origin), implying warmth, can be a common name for donut shops.

Cubic (French origin) means a geometric figure; it can be a unique name for different styles and shapes of donuts.

Daily Donut (English origin), implying you should have a donut daily, can be a common name for donut shops that serve different types of donuts. 

Daring Donuts (English origin), meaning 'to be brave enough,' is for some rare flavors of donuts.  

Delicious (Latin origin), meaning 'delightful,' can be the perfect name for donuts' stores. 

Donut Boutique (Latin origin), meaning 'trendy, small shop,' is a unique name for chocolate donuts' shops.

Donut Brigade (Italian origin) means a 'donut troop' for a perfect new donut shop.  

Donut Connection (English origin), implying 'donuts that connect perfectly with cravings,' can be a common name for donut shops serving different types of donuts. 

Donut Den (English origin), meaning 'shelter of the wild, for donuts,' can be a clever name for donut shops.  

Donut Factory (English origin) means 'manufacturing plant,' which is perfect if you deliver larger orders of donuts. 

Donut Fairy (French origin), meaning 'a magical creature of donuts,' can be the perfect name for sprinkled donuts' stores.  

Donut Guru (Sanskrit origin) means 'mentor of donuts' can be the ultimate donut shop name.

Donut Time (English origin), implying it is time for a donut, is a unique name for chocolate donuts.

Donuts & More (English origin) implies not being satisfied and wanting more, which is perfect for a donut shop.

Donuts To Go (English origin) signifies an easy pick-me-up choice for breakfast or snack and is great for a donut shop that has chocolate-filled donuts. 

Dose Of Donut (French origin) means 'giving medicine of donuts'who believe donuts make everything right.

Dough (English origin) means 'mass of flour,' which is a good name for a donut shop. 

Doughnuttery (English origin) means a place that will make you crazy for doughnuts. 

Doughsmith (English origin), meaning 'maker of dough,' is the perfect name for a donut shop.

Eclair (French origin) means 'flash of lightning' because the chocolate eclair is eaten quickly. 

Filled (Germanic origin), meaning 'replenished,' is a unique name referring to either chocolate donuts or different fillings in the donut hole or overeating them.

Fun Shop (English origin), implying amusement for all, can be the perfect name for a store for sweet donuts. 

Gut Busters (English origin) means 'something that can cause gastronomic discomfort,' but it can be ironically used as a funny name for a donut shop.

Happy Donuts (English origin) is a perfect name for sugar-frosted donuts shops which leave the client happy.

Hole In One (English origin) is a play on the word 'hole' and the phrase 'all in one,' great for frosted donuts decorated with sprinkles and filling. 

Holey Moley (English origin) is a play on the expression 'holy moly' and the fact that donuts have holes. It is a fun idea for a donut shop.

Local Donut Hole (French origin) means 'a donut source pertaining to a place.' It can be a name for a place that has a regular flavor profile for donuts.  

Mum Donut (English origin) means 'donuts that silence you' for frosted donuts and donuts that melt in your mouth. 

Perfect Donut (Latin origin), implying 'every donut here tastes perfect,'is a unique name for a chocolate donuts shop. 

Quick-Clap Donuts (English origin), meaning 'quick, sharp move or strike,' is a funny name for donuts because donuts in a box are finished quickly! 

Rainbow Donuts (American origin) referring to 'color' can be a perfect name for a place that makes sprinkled donuts. 

Reablement (English origin), meaning 'short term support in a crisis,' can be a cool name for donut shops. 

Silver Stone (English origin), meaning 'metal of the moon,' s a unique name for a donuts store.

Stardust Donuts (English origin), meaning 'meteoric dust donuts,' can be the perfect name for a place that offers sprinkled donuts.  

Sweet Frost Donuts (English origin) means 'a sugar-frosted donut place.' It's great for a shop using different flavors of icing.  

Torta (Italian origin) is the Italian word that means 'cake.' It is great for a shop where all kinds of donuts are served. 

Whole Holes (English origin), playing with words to make them alliterative, is perfect for a donut shop. 

Winners Circle (English origin), referring to the 'breadwinners,' is a unique name. 

World Of Donuts (English origin), implying variety, can be a common name for donut shops that serve different types of donuts. 

YingYang (Chinese origin) means 'a symbol of harmony and balance,' which can even balance the taste of sour cream donuts and chocolate. 

Dunkin Donut Names

Dunkin Donuts is one of the most popular donut brands in the world. Here are some of the most popular Dunkin Donut names! 

Apple Crumb Donut means the crust of the donut is made of apple crumbs. Apple cider donut is also similar to this. 

Blueberry Cobbler Donut means a blueberry filling inside the donut hole, which is blue, and the frosting can be of sugar syrup. 

Chocolate Frosted Donut means a dark chocolate frosting on the donut. It is a very popular choice.

Chocolate Frosted With Sprinkles Donut means a chocolate-flavored donut decorated with colorful Sprinkles. 

Cinnamon Donut means the batter of the donut is of eggs and cinnamon flavor, and it is glazed with sugar syrup afterward. 

Classic Coconut Dunkin Donut is a donut decorated with coconut. The surface of the donut is covered with dry coconut powder, and the donut hole is filled with chocolate or sour cream. 

Cookie Dough Doughnut means the donut is made of cookie dough. It is popular among both categories: donuts and cookies. 

Glazed Sour Cream Donut means the batter of the donut has sour cream, and the donut hole is filled with sour cream. The donut is glazed with sugar syrup. 

Jelly Donut means a donut filled with jelly in the donut hole. It is popular among people of every age.

Maple Frosted Pumpkin Donut means maple syrup frosting for the donuts, or sometimes the donut batter has maple syrup flavor. 

Marble Frosted Donut means the decorated donut creates a marble effect. It looks like a marble donut with sugar frosting.

Strawberry Frosted With Sprinkles Donut means it is a glazed strawberry donut decorated with colorful sprinkles on top. 

Vanilla Frosted With Sprinkles Donut means donuts of vanilla flavor decorated with sprinkles. 

Colourful donuts

French Donut Names

French donuts are the origin of these sweet delicacies. But there is not much difference in the type of donut names since the flavors used are the same and popular ones like vanilla, apple cider, strawberry, cinnamon, and chocolate. 

Buttermilk Beignets are 'beignets,' meaning a 'French delicacy similar to donuts.' The flour is made with buttermilk. 

Chocolate Kreme Donut includes 'kreme,' meaning 'cream.' The donuts are made with chocolate cream filling and decorated with powdered sugar. 

French Crullers has the word 'crullers,' which means 'hand twisted pastry.' They are made with butter, eggs, and powdered sugar.  

French Vanilla Donuts mean donuts filled with vanilla; they have a similar taste to a vanilla cake or a cookie with vanilla flavor. 

Sour Kreme Donut means a sour cream filling and glazed sugar or powdered sugar decoration. 

Strawberry Kreme Chocolate Frosted Donut meaning 'donuts with strawberry filling and frosted with chocolate,' is a delicious mouth-watering snack. 


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