93 Dragon Age Human Names For Your Characters

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Dragon age human names are divided into Marcher names, Riviani names, Orlais names, Neverran names, and other categories.

Many dragon age characters use names based on their birth names, ancestors names, or are named by default based certain traits.

Some of the popular names in the game are Orlais, Cadash, Aeducan, Cousland, and Amell, Ferelden. So, before you decide to play the next game, here is a list to help you name your default character.

Male Dragon Age Human Names

We have listed a few bold and brave names for the human male characters that will certainly suit your powerful game character.

Augustus Bonifatius (Latin origin) means ‘majestic', 'the increasing', and 'venerable’. In 1880, Augustus was among the top names in the U.S.

Daddo Calza (English or Portuguese origin), meaning ‘Wealthy guard’. This is also the most common surname found in Philippines.

Erwin Vetter (German origin), meaning ‘respected friend’. This name can be dedicated to a character who is loyal and a good friend.

Flavius Corvinus (Ancient Roman origin), meaning ‘yellow', 'blond' or golden’. This name is perfect for a sparkling and bright character.

Gerald Weber (German origin), meaning ‘rule of the spear’. This name was introduced to Britain from France by the Normans.

Jaques Boutroux (Latin origin), meaning ‘a disillusioned' and 'satirical observer of life’. This name appeared in Shakespeare’s 'As You Like It'.

Johann Edger (Hebrew via Latin origin), meaning ‘god gave pardon’. I think this will be a good name for your male character.

Jonas Unger (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘dove', 'peaceful being', 'accomplishing', and 'a gift from God’. The name is common and has roots in Jewish and Christain origins.

Lonnie Watson (German origin), meaning ‘ready for battle’. It can be used as an independent name and as the short form for Alonzo.

Lorenco Jimenez (Portuguese origin), meaning ‘from Laurentum' or 'Laurelled’.

Markus Kofler (Ancient Roman origin), meaning ‘the god of Mars’. It is said to be the derivative of Mars.

Nick Morgan (Greek origin), meaning ‘victory of the people’. Nick can be used as an independent name and also as a short form for Nicholas.

Oliver Haas (English origin), meaning ‘ancestor's descendants'.This name also refers to the olive tree as a symbol of fruitfulness and beauty.

Oswald Waldstein (English origin), meaning ‘god’s power’. This name would just add charm to your character.

Raymond Teyber (French origin), meaning 'advice' and 'counsel + protection'. This name was borrowed by English from French.

Robin Stadler (French, German, English origin), meaning ‘bright & shining’. This name was recorded in the top 1000 U.S. boys’ names in the year 2015.

Roosevelt Bailey (Dutch origin), meaning ‘from the rose fields’. This name can be given to a character as beautiful as a rose.

Salazar Canero (Spanish origin), meaning  ‘old hall’ from Castilian Sala Basque Zahar.

Simon Wieser (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘to listen', 'hear', 'heard', 'hearing', and 'reputation’. It is a pure and simple name for a noble character.

Theodore Brown (Greek), meaning 'gift of god'. This was a popular name among the early Christians.

Female Dragon Age Human Names

The best names for female dragon age names are here. After all, there is no story without a powerful female character?

Aristea Spect (Greek origin), meaning ‘awn’. This name is given to the best character as it resembles the best person.

Arnolda Krebs (Germanic origin), meaning ‘eagle ruler’. Arnolda is derived from Arnalda.

Caninia (unknown origin), meaning ‘related to the dog’, is someone who is known for loyalty and friendship.

Caterina De Abondiolis (Slavic origin), meaning ‘clear', 'clean', 'pure'. Many well-known and famous personalities are known by this name.

Chiara Winer (Latin origin), meaning ‘light' or 'clear’. A cheerful and bright name in the world of dragons.

Christine Morse (Greek or Egyptian origin) means ‘follower of Christ’. This name is very common in French, English, and German.

Cornelia Eona (Latin origin) means ‘horn’. This name was introduced in the 17th century by Dutch immigrants.

Edna Whitley (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘gentleness', 'pleasure', 'youthfulness’. A name that can be given to a gentle and pure character.

Emily Riedl (Latin origin), meaning ‘to strive' or 'excel' or 'rival’. The Latin name Aemilia became Emilia in Italian, and Emily in English.

Emma Marshall (German origin), meaning ‘whole' or 'universal’.  A perfect name for a female character in the world of dragons.

Grana Arcimboldo (Urdu origin), meaning ‘dear’. This name can be given to a good gentle character.

Jona Valdes (Hebrew origin), meaning 'Yahweh is gracious'. A popular female name who is very noble.

Lippa Bon (Greek origin), meaning ‘a sport played in the European and Indian subcontinent'.

Nanna Venier (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘daring’. Someone who can do anything is fit for this name.

Nettie Tyler (English origin), meaning ‘plant’. Nettie is an enchanting and incredible name for a female dwarf.

Raina Halberstam (Slavic origin), meaning ‘queen’. Thus, this can be considered as a royal name for a female with leadership qualities.

Sally Morse (English origin), meaning ‘princess', 'lady' or 'noblewoman’.

Selina Holzer (Greek origin), meaning ‘the moon’. As indicated by Greek folklore, Selene is the goddess of the Moon.

Sonja Fischer (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘wisdom’. It is a noble name for a female dwarf.

Wanda McCullough (Polish origin), meaning ‘family' or 'wanderer’. This name is derived from the tribal name usually of the Wends.

Cadash, Aeducan, Cousland, Amell, Ferelden, are also popular names in this incredible game.

Dragon Age Human Noble Names

Want Some names for a good character portraying a positive role? If you want a name for a character who is capable of saving the world, these here are a few amazing names options.

Amaryn (English origin), meaning ‘forever beautiful’. It resembles a person with generally selfless and creative character.

Archer (English origin), meaning ‘bowman’, is for the one who is an expert at archery.

Balthazar (Greek origin), meaning ‘Baal protects the King’. This name appeared in the movie called 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'.

Dante (Latin origin), meaning ‘everlasting’. It is a short name for a dwarven character.

Eilir (Welsh origin), meaning ‘butterfly’. Just like a butterfly, this name resembles a person with beautiful features.

Gareth (Welsh origin), meaning ‘gentle' or 'gentleness’. Just like the meaning, this name is given to a person who is gentle and kind in nature.

Genevieve (French origin), meaning ‘woman of the race’. It is a very common name in Christians and is usually given to fair-skinned people.

Isabella (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘God is my Oath’. It is also considered a royal name for a queen.

Lily (English origin), meaning ‘lily flower’. It also symbolizes purity.

Logan (Scottish origin), meaning ‘hollow’. The name is quite popular.

Malin (Scandinavian origin), meaning 'high tower' or 'woman of Magdala', is a good name for a elven legend.

Mia (unknown origin), meaning  ‘beloved’. It can also suit an Orlesian female.

Mirielle (French origin), meaning ‘sea bright’. This name can be given to humans or elves.

Rae (English and Hebrew origin), meaning ‘ewe’. It can be used for a legend from the race of humans.

Rowanne (American origin), meaning ‘comes from the Rowan tree’.  It also refers to trees with red berries.

Sihirli (Turkish origin), means ‘magic’. This name can be given to a character from the magic and fantasy world.

Sophia (Greek origin), meaning ‘wisdom’. This refers to people with great intelligence.

Viviane (Latin origin), meaning ‘alive’. This name is suitable for elven warriors of the world.

Willow (English origin), means ‘willow tree and freedom’. Willow trees are known for grace and elegance thus, adding an elegance to the character.

Xylia (Greek origin), meaning ‘from the forest’. This is usually given to people living in/associated with forests.

Dragon Age Inquisition Human Names

So you are here to get an Inquisitor name for your story which is catchy, attractive and fits your character, right? Read on to know more. 

Allan (English origin), meaning ‘female rock’. It is an impressive female name for Dalish elf.

Cassandra (Greek origin), meaning ‘one who shines and excels over man’. This name represents a brave and bold character.

Cole (English origin), meaning ‘swarthy', 'coal-black', 'charcoal’. This name is famous among English people.

Decius (unknown origin), meaning ‘the tragedy of Julius Caesar’. A male name that will have a mass effect in the game.

Dorian (Greek origin), meaning ‘a district of ancient Greece’, is a great Dalish elf female name.

Emanuel (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘god with us’, is a great name for male characters in the game.

Evelyn (English origin), meaning ‘beautiful bird’. One of the best Dalish elf female names.

Hawke (Old English origin), meaning ‘falcon' or 'bird of prey’. It is a good Dalish elf male name.

Karl (German origin), meaning ‘free man', 'strong man' and 'manly’. This was the most common name given to boys in Sweden during 1920s - 1930s

Luther (German origin), meaning ‘people’. This name can resemble elven warrior characters.

Marc (Latin origin), meaning ‘consecrated to the god Mars’. This sounds like a great city elf male name.

Maxwell (Scottish origin), meaning ‘great stream’, is one of the noblest Scottish names.

Nicholas (Greek origin), meaning ‘victory of people’, is a cool name for a dwarf warrior.

Pablo (Spanish origin), meaning ‘humble' and 'small’, a great name for a male warrior or warden.

Sera (Hebrew origin), meaning 'princess', is also one of the impressive royal Dalish elf female names.

Solas (Spanish origin), meaning ‘the one who is alone’, is a perfect name for a solo traveler.

Tethra (Indo-European origin), meaning ‘sea'.

Tristan (Welsh origin), meaning ‘sad' or 'sorrowful’, a name mainly used for elven male characters that have a mass effect.

Varric (German origin) means ‘a leader who defends’. Varric is another version of Varick.

Vivienne (French origin), meaning ‘alive’. This name is derived from a French word and a variation of the French name, Vivian.

Dragon Age Origin Human Names

For the amazing game, we have listed equally brilliant names from for your character. Here are some of them:-

Aedan (Irish origin), meaning ‘little fire’. Aidan was initially a shorter version Irish name Aodh, the name of an old Celtic god the sun.

Alida (German origin), meaning ‘noble kin’. A great name satisfying all naming conventions for wardens in the games.

Augustin (French origin), meaning ‘great’. It is a noble warrior name.

Cailan (Irish origin), meaning ‘child’, The name is derived from Irish, Gaelic O Cathalain. 

Clinton (English origin), meaning ‘town on a hill’, is an English toponymic family name for a marcher.

Elissa (Hebrew origin) means ‘oath of god’. It sounds like a great warrior name for a warden.

Friso (Dutch origin), meaning ‘a Frisian’, is a name that will sound good for a dwarf character.

Luis (German origin), meaning ‘famed warrior’. It is one of the most popular names for dwarves.

Matthias (Greek origin), meaning ‘gift of god’, shares a resonance with most humans of every class.

Paul (Roman origin), meaning ‘humble’, you can call your commander by this name.

Piero (Italian origin), meaning ‘rock’, is a good name for wardens.

Rene (Latin origin), meaning ‘reborn’. This name is quite famous for female elves.

Thaddeus (Greek origin), meaning ‘a courageous heart’. This name can be given to a male character or city elf.

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