80+ Drummer Jokes That Will Get The Whole Band Laughing

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Originally Published on Dec 18, 2020
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Looking for a way to get the whole band chuckling? Well, you're in the right place!

No matter the occasion, be it a family get-together, a jam session with friends, or just a regular day in the band room, laughter is the beat that keeps everyone in harmony. And what better way to break the ice than with some drummer jokes?

So, grab your drumsticks and get ready to laugh at the best drummer jokes that are sure to resonate with music lovers of all ages.

These jokes are sure to please, and they'll have everyone marching to the beat of hilarity! From playful one-liners to groovy puns, these drummer jokes strike all the right chords. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned musician or just someone who loves a good chuckle, you'll find joy in these clever quips.

Funniest Drummer Jokes

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There's no better way to add a 'beat' of fun to your day than with these drummer jokes that are a real hit! Perfect for sharing with your rhythm-loving friends, this collection of the funniest drummer jokes is sure to have you grooving to the beats of laughter in no time.

This list is snare-worthy for you if you are a drummer or just a fan of a good drummer joke.

1. What would you call a drummer who loves boxing? A beat-boxer.

2. How do you recognize a drummer at your door? The knocking speeds up.

3. Why can a drummer never be late? Because he always beats the clock.

4. What would a drummer's favorite chapter of Algebra be? Log-rhythms.

5. What would happen if a drummer lost one of his drumsticks? He would skip a heartbeat.

6. What is a drummer's favorite food for dinner? Drumsticks.

7. What would happen if a drummer hit a man? Percussion.

8. How would a drummer address his daughters? Anna One, Anna Two.

9. Who is the wealthiest drummer of all time? Buddy Rich.

10. What would you call a drummer who keeps procrastinating? An expert in beating around the bush.

11. Why is it so difficult to defeat a drummer in billiards? Because they are hard to beat.

12. How many drummers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Five, one to screw and the others to watch and say, "Yeah, we too can do it."

13. In what band could the drummer never say no to any offers? 'Yes.'

14. What would a drummer's go-to bakery be? Ginger Baker-y.

15What is the main distinction between a bull and a drummer? A bull knows when to quit beating.

16. Which band's drummer would not need to go to the hospital if he was injured? The Cure.

17. Which band would have drummers who had drumming coming from within? Talking Heads.

18. How is a drum solo like a sneeze? You know both are coming, but you can't stop it.

19. What would you call a drummer who lost his arms and legs in an accident? A headbanger.

20. What's the last thing a drummer says in a KFC establishment? "Would you prefer to have drumsticks with one of my songs?"

21. Why does everyone keep saying that drummers always lose their watches? They know drummers have trouble keeping time.

22. Ever wondered what a drummer's favorite Pokemon is? Rattata.

23. Who would a drummer call if he had electricity issues at his house? AC/DC.

24. Who does a drummer listen to while stargazing? Ringo Starr.

25. Who is the favorite drummer of an Astronaut? Keith Moon.

26. What is a drummer's favorite vegetable? Beats.

27. At a concert, someone asked, "How late does the band play?" Someone replied, "Just about half a beat behind the drummer."

28. What band has drummers who love growing and grooming their nails? Nine Inch Nails.

29. Did you hear about the drummer who beat around the bush? Yes, he's in treble.

30. Did you hear about the drummer who took his whole family to watch a movie about drums? They watched 'Drum and Drummer'.

31. What is the main commonality between a wrestler and a drummer? They both break records by beating.

32. What is the difference between a drummer and a guitarist? A drummer has no strings attached.

33. What is one thing a drummer says when someone asks him about his earnings? "I'm Rich, Buddy!"

34. Why should a drummer know Geometry? To master his musical scales.

35. If a drummer was a producer of 'Alice in Wonderland', who would he choose as a prince? Stevie Wonder.

36. Ever seen Buddy Rich playing drums? When it comes to beating around the bush, he's the drumstick master!

37. Did you hear about the drummer who had impeccable timing and half a brain? Me neither.

38. Why is the little drummer boy good at math? He knows how to count.

Musical Band Jokes

For seasoned musicians and music lovers alike, these musical band jokes are sure to strike a chord. This playful collection has a tune for every funny bone, from percussionist puns to cymbal snickers.

And the best part? You don't have to be a comedy maestro to enjoy them; these jokes are ready to delight anyone who loves a good laugh.

39. Which band leads the music industry as well as the dairy industry? Cream.

40. What is the favorite band of folks in Antarctica? 5 Seconds of Summer.

41. What band would be formed if a music player is kept inside a fridge? Coldplay.

42. What band could always be acquitted of any crimes? The Police.

43. What would a criminal's favorite band be? The Temptations.

44. Which is the most ancient band of all time? Genesis.

45. Which band is the most democratic? Parliament.

46. What would a wanderer's favorite band be? The Drifters.

47. What would a band be named if the parents name it? The Mamas And The Papas.

48. What would a lion's favorite band be? The Animals.

49. What is the compass's favorite band? One Direction.

50. Why could no one find the composer? Because he was in Haydn5

51. What would be the favorite band of a butcher? Slayer.

52. What would the bird kingdom name their band? The Byrds.

53. Which affordable band did the magicians call to sing at their New Year's Eve party? Cheap Trick.

54. What band would witches play at their Halloween Party? The Grateful Dead.

55. How many drummers does it take to bake a cake? Just one, Ginger Baker.

56. Why would The Eagles fans live on the topmost floor of a building? To stay in touch with them.

57. What would a band be named if a cafe owner was a lead singer? Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

58. What would the geographer's favorite band be? Earth Wind & Fire.

59. What would a car racer's favorite band be? The Cars.

60. Which band must have a geometry teacher as their director? Pentangle.

61. What would a band be named if they had kids as their members? Small Faces.

62. What is a mountain's favorite band? The Rolling Stones.

63. Why didn't the band leader ever criticize the percussion section? He didn't want to drum up discord.

64. What would a scientist's favorite band be? Metallica.

Interesting Drum Jokes

Drums are essential to any great tune, and these snare drum jokes are no exception! This lively list of jaw-dropping drumming jokes is ready to roll and perfect for sharing with your favorite drummer or music enthusiast.

If you consider yourself a beat master or simply a fan of fun, these drum-tastic jokes will have you tapping into a rhythm of joy.

65. What is the main commonality between a bird and a drummer? They both can be caught by laying a snare.

66. How is a drum solo like an earthquake? It will shake you to your core.

67. What is the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? A drum machine only gets one set of instructions.

68. Did you hear the loud noises coming from the loft? It was very drum-attic.

69. How would a drum sound when a half-dead fish is dropped on it? It would be a dramatic drum roll.

70. What would happen if a drummer had an accident with a car full of instruments? Percussion.

71. Why are many drummers worried about getting their drums stolen? Because they took percussion.

72. Why do people call a drummer a formidable opponent? Because no other can beat them.

Music Genre Jokes

Are you in the mood for a melody of mirth? No matter your favorite tune, this collection of music genre jokes is sure to hit all the right notes!

They're perfect if you're a rock star at heart or jazz is your jam, and these question-answer jokes are so easy to pull off, smoothly adding a lively beat to any conversation.

73. What is a mermaid's favorite type of music? Blues.

74. What is a kangaroo's favorite genre of music? Hip Hop.

75. What is the clown's favorite genre of music? Funk.

76. What is a spaceman's favorite sort of music? Space Rock.

77. What is Santa's favorite type of music? Wrap Music.

78. What kind of music does a jeweler listen to? Heavy Metal.

79. What do you call a musical bird? Humming Bird.

80. Which animal has the coolest taste in music? Ice bear.

81. What is a fish's favorite musical genre? Future Bass.


There you have it, a rhythm-filled ensemble of the best drummer jokes that are sure to have everyone, from the band members to the audience, laughing in harmony! Whether you're a seasoned drummer or just enjoy the beat of a good joke, these gems offer something for everyone.

The only con? You might not be able to stop giggling! So why not share these jokes at your next rehearsal or family gathering?

Keep the joy of music and laughter alive. A good beat and a great joke can make any day a hit!

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