95 Fictional Cool City Names To Inspire Your World-Building

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Fictional city names are extremely popular around the world.
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A city is the main setup for every fictional story.

There are many novels and movies that are fiction-based. Some use existing places, others create their own fantasy world, like 'Harry Potter'.

Those who love fiction generally like to imagine the place the setup and the environment of the place to feel the fiction. A great place name and its description can attract readers and viewers.

If you are a fiction lover, then Gothan city of 'Batman' would be your inspiration if you love fantasies, then 'Harry Potter' is the most loved one, and 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' is a place where all the Potterheads want to visit and study.

There are many animations like 'Pokémon', starring Ash with his favorite Pokémon and best friend Pikachu and his friends on the journey to becoming a Pokémon master.

There are many such cities you can take inspiration from that are pretty cool.

Here is a list of fictional city names that inspire world-building.

Cool Fantasy City Names

There are many fantasy-inspired city names. The names are inspired by the animals around the kingdom, events that took place, the last battle, etc.

Fantasy is the best place to dwell because everything is according to us even, the cities are based on our imagination and names are our creations. This is why fantasy city names are very attractive and inspiring.

Want a perfect fantasy city name? Here is a list of the fantasy city name.

Cornelia is also known as Coneria. It is one of the interesting towns from the original 'Final Fantasy'.

Cornelia is also known as Coneria. It is one of the interesting towns from the original 'Final Fantasy'.

Pravoka is Located in the east of Cornelia, also known as Pravoka.

Elfheim is also known as Elfland and the home of elves.

Mount Duergar isalso known as the Dwarves' Cave.

Melmond is a town located in the southwest of the archipelago.

Crescent Lake is a lake shaped like a crescent.

Lufenia is the second home of the last members of the Lufenian race.

Cool Fictional City Names

There are many fictional cities in different fictional books and movies. If you are a fiction lover then this is the list for you.

Fiction, being your imagination, gives you the freedom to imagine your own world, may it be a chocolate town or a place with different types of animals with powers or a fairyland. It can be anything and you can choose to go with any imagination you like and name your city or world accordingly.

Here is the list of cool fictional city names.

Asgard is from the 'Thor' series. It is the Kingdom of Odin.

Capitol is the place in the 'hunger game'. The architecture in the city is brilliant. The city is very good.

Cooper Station is the reference is found in the movie Interstellar'.

Diagon Alley is the town of 'Harry Potter'. The place where all the magical shops are set up.

Godrics Hollows is the town of 'Harry Potter', the town in which Harry's parents used to live and were killed by the Dark Lord.

Gotham City is the city from the 'Batman' series. The caped crusader's city.

Hogsmead is the town of 'Harry Potter'. This is the place where Hogwarts students can visit on weekends.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the school from 'Harry Potter'. It is the school of witchcraft and wizardry that Harry studies.

Jurassic Park is the city from the famous movie 'Jurassic Park', the dinosaur world.

Kings Landing is the land of 'Game of thrones'. It is a very amazing fantasy world.

Liliput is the town of 'Gulliver's Travels'. The city of tiny humans.

Malgudi is the village of Swami and friends. It is an Indian book.

Narina is the city from the 'Chronicles of Narnia'. A beautiful country filled with dangers.

Neverland is the world from 'Peter Pan'. The place where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell live with their friends.

Pandora is from the 'Avatar' world. This world is a very beautiful city.

Pemberly is the city of Pride and Prejudice'. It is a very great estate.

Pokémon World is the world in the series 'Pokémon'. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are the main leads.

Rivendell is the city of Hobbit. It is a city of elves.

South Park is the city from the 'South Park'. The world of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman.

Swallow Falls is the city from the movie 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs'. The city that rains food.

The Bikini Bottom is the city in which 'SpongeBob square pants' lived.

The Emerald City is the city from the Fiction 'The Wizard of Oz'; the story of Dorothy and his three friends.

The Galaxy is from a famous 'Star Wars' series.

The Gatsby Mansion is in the city of 'The Great Gatsby'.

The Shire is the city is from two fictions, 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'The Hobbit'.

Willy Wonka Factory is the town of the 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'. An interesting town with everything made of chocolate.

Xavier's Academy is the academy from the 'X-Men' series.

Fictional city names are highly sought after by online game players.

Cool Medieval City Names

The cities in the medieval period were used in many fiction books and movies. You would love these names.

Here is the list of medieval city names. 

Eleanor Town is named after a girl.

Ephemeral Town means lasting for a very short time.

Eudaemonia means well-being and happiness.

Euphoria Town is a BTS song called 'Euphoria'.

Gillim Town is a medieval period name.

Kalrond Town can be a cool name for a fantasy town.

Myrna Town is a medieval town name.

Nadir Town means the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation.

Old Anna Town isderived from the name of Anne Frank.

Old Beth Town is an old kind of name.

Old Tilros is a medieval city name.

Operose Town means involving or displaying much industry or effort.

Scintilla Square, the word scintilla means a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling.

Serendipity Hill means chance.

Solitude Square is a unique name.

Turwen Town is a cool name.

Urben Town sounds similar to an Urban town.

Cool Futuristic City Names

There are certain city names that are based on the future in fiction books or movies. Some of these are AD Astra or Battle Angel. The events in these fictions are about the future and some of them have time machine references also, but many are just futuristic towns with all the beautiful development, new environment, and amazing cities.

Here is a list of futuristic city names.

Akira is a very big city. It was built to replace the old Tokyo.

Alphaville is based on another planet.

Babeldom is a fictional mega-city. This city was designed by Paul Bush.

Blade Runner was based in Los Angeles in the year 2019.

Escape from New York is an interesting sci-fi city.

Logan's Run is based on a post-apocalyptic world in 2274.

Metropolis has very good architecture and a big skyscraper.

Minority Report of Washington is of the year 2054.

Sleeper is a Greenwich Village of the year 2173. It is a police station of the 22nd century.

Things To Come is an urban-art British city placed in the year 1940- 2036.

Cool Imaginary City Names

If you are an aspiring novelist or a scriptwriter then these names will help you build your imaginary city.

Your imagination can be anything; if your town is filled with roses then you can name your town rose, similarly, if you want to put emphasis on one of the features of town then you should search for a name related to the features.

Here are the imaginary city names.

California Country is a location name with no history.

Dazzleville is the name of the dazzling town.

Efferville Town is a fictional imaginary town.

Felicity Town is a town with people who are intensely happy.

Fetching Square means attractive, so the name suggests an attractive square.

French England is one of the unusual place names.

French Illinois is a name that will confuse any person.

Fusionville is the fusion of the villages.

George Alabama is a name that is full of hope.

Georgia Valley is one of the interesting fictional town names.

Hibiscus Town is a flower, so the name is after a flower.

Ireland Wyoming is a fictional town name that sounds somewhat normal.

Italian New Jersey is indeed a weird name for a capital.

Italian Tennessee is one of the cool city names in the US.

Italy Michigan is one of the unusual place names.

Jade Town is a very cool name for the town.

Latin Greek is a fun name for a location in America.

Leisville is a cool name for the town.

Lily Town is a flower, so the name of the city is after a flower.

Mellifluous Town is pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.

Neo Town sounds like an ancient town.

North Texas is one of the interesting fictional town names.

Orlando Mountain is one of the interesting fictional town names.

Rio Florida is among the funny names in history.

Ripple Hills is a cool name for the town.

Roman Minnesota is an interesting city name.

Spanish Australia is an interesting name for a country's location.

Spanish France is one of the unusual place names.

Stunnersville is a stunning village name.

Summerville can be a name for a summer town.

United Alaska is one of the cool fake city names without any consequences.

Virginia Island is one of the cool ancient city names.

Weird Colorado is one of the unusual place names.

West Canada is one of the unusual place names.

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