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While preparing a list of cop names, you must not forget all the 'Robo Cop' names.

Some common names for street detectives in almost every story or movie about law enforcement are David, Jim, Robert, James, and of course Sherlock! With the rise in popularity of digital family shows on law enforcement in recent years, there is a renewed interest in the names of fictional cops without which no crime show could simply be fathomed.

Read on for the interesting long and short first names for a fictional cop and police officers or their partner.

Stereotypical Cop Names

Running with guns and fighting with the enemies is a generic story loved by every child, but what do they want to call themselves as these characters? Shouldn't their names always be as cool as their character? Let’s begin with the search for the names of your small cop. 

Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning 'son of the red Earth'is a simple and straightforward cop name.

Barbrady represents ‘independence and strength’. Officer Barbrady is a police officer in a famous series called 'South Park'.

Frank (French origin) meaning ‘from the name of Franks’. Frank Columbus from 'Columbo', is again a famous fictional character loved by crime lovers.

Harold (Proto-Germanic origin) meaning 'military-power' is an interesting name choice to be considered.

Harry (German origin) meaning 'home ruler' is a cop name that is intriguing.

Jimmy (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘one who replaces’. Jimmy McNulty is a Baltimore detective from 'The Wire'.

Joe (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘God will add’. Joe Friday is another famous character in the entertainment history from the TV series 'Dragnet'.

Lennie (German origin) meaning ‘lion strength’. Lennie Briscoe is a famous fictional character from a famous TV series ‘Law & Order’. He also appeared in various spin-offs of the series.

Miles (Latin origin) meaning 'soldier'is an interesting fictional cop name.

Morgan (Old Welsh origin) meaning 'sea-born'is indeed amongst the most interesting names.

Phil (Greek origin) meaning ‘fond of horses’. Phil Estherhaus is a famous character from the classic cop drama 'Hill Street Blues'.

Raymond (French origin) meaning ‘counseling protector or famous protector’. Raymond Halt is a famous cop character from the famous 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' series. This show is very popular among kids and teens.

Stephen (Greek origin)meaning 'wreath, crown'is a simple name for a cop.

Theo (Greek origin) meaning ‘God’. Theo Kojak is one of the most conspicuous TV characters.

Vic (Latin origin) meaning ‘victory’. Vic Mackey was a fun character to watch on 'Shield' and was loved by many people.

William (German origin) meaning ‘a resolute protector’. William Bunk Moreland is another famous officers from the series 'The Wire', where Jimmy and Bunk are working together.

'Miami Vice' Cop Names

'Miami Vice' is an American TV series made by Anthony Yerkovich and produced by Michael Mann for NBC. It was a police drama-based series where two covert analysts of the Miami Police Office, alongside their group, strike the roads of Miami to battle against hoodlums and offenders.

Here are the police names from 'Miami Vice' to help you come up with your cop team names without delay.

Gina Calabrese (Greek origin) meaning ‘work’. Gina Calabrese is a detective of the Miami-Dade Police Department and a covert analyst in the Organized Crime Bureau: Vice Division in the 'Miami Vice' TV series.

Izzy Moreno (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘short for every name with the sound Iz’. Isadore Francisco Moreno, also called Izzy, was a source for Crockett and Tubbs in various cases.

James Crockett (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘replacer’ is one of the most famous law enforcement officers in the series.

Larry Zito (English origin) meaning ‘a long-handled hoe usually with a perforated blade used for mixing mortar’. Criminal investigator Lawrence Larry Zito was an official with the Metro-Dade Police Department.

Lou Rodriguez (French origin) meaning ‘famed warrior’. Investigator Lieutenant Lou Rodriguez was an official with the Metro-Dade Police Department.

Martin Castillo (Latin origin) meaning ‘of Mars’. Detective Lieutenant Martin 'Marty' Castillo is an official with the Metro-Dade Police Department.

Ricardo Tubbs (Spanish & Portuguese origin) meaning ‘strong in rule’. He was a fictional character from 'Miami Vice'.

Stan Switek (Old English origin) meaning ‘stone’. He was a criminal investigator for the Miami-Dade Organized Crime Bureau during the '80s. He worked as a police officer in Stuart, Florida in the series 'Miami Vice'.

Trudy Joplin (German origin) meaning ‘spear of strength’. Detective Trudy Joplin is an official with the Metro-Dade Police Department, working covertly in the Organized Crime Bureau, Vice Division.

Valeria Gordon (French origin) meaning ‘fierce’ is played by Pam Grier. Analyst Valerie Gordon is an official with the City of New York Police Department, working in the Homicide Division of Brooklyn.

Hard Boiled Cop Names

The expression 'hard-boiled' itself regarding the human person began in the last quarter of the 19th century. It is said to begin from the idea that a hard-boiled egg is intense or 'difficult to beat'. Here are the names of hard-boiled detectives.

Chris Clark (Greek origin) meaning ‘Christ-bearer’. Even a religious and devoted man cop can be named this.

Fred White (German origin) meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. One thing is sure an undercover cop with this cool name would have peaceful control of his people and subordinates under him.

Harold Cooper (English origin) meaning ‘military power’. This cool name could be given to a strong baby.

Jack Carter (English origin) meaning 'God is gracious' is a space cop name from ‘Eureka’.

Jacob Robinson (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘supplanter’. To replace the bad guys with good people and intentions is the work of a police officer and this one name says it all.

Lew Archer (Polish origin) meaning ‘lion’. Cops are as brave as lions, so this cool name is a perfect police name.

Marlowe (Old English origin) meaning 'driftwood' is one of the unique cop last names.

Mike Hammer (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘who is like God’. Cops are like guardians to their fellow citizens, protecting them from harm.

Nick Knight (Greek origin) meaning 'victory of the people' is an interesting name from ‘Forever Knight’.

Philip Marlowe (Greek origin) meaning ‘fond of horses’. A popular cop name that is simple and easy and will be loved by kids.

Sam Spade (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘name of God’. Cops are like gods to their fellow citizens, protecting them from illegal activities.

Stan Clark (Old English origin) meaning ‘stone’. It is one of the best names for police officers and is well known among kids.

Victor Hawkes (Latin origin) meaning ‘conquer’. This name is perfect for a cop as he has to conquer bad guys to protect his city throughout his life.

Good Lady Cop Names

Many female cops have shown that they are no less than anyone, be it on the reel or in real life. Here are some fantasy lady cop names inspired by famous television series and dramas.

Alicia Sierra (Spanish origin) meaning ‘nobility’. When it comes to detectives, how can we forget the most popular Alicia Sierra from 'Money Heist'. The only detective who was able to find the professor.

Chloe Decker (Greek origin) meaning ‘blooming’. She is a famous character from the show 'Lucifer' and solves various criminal cases.

Jessica Jones (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘to see before’. Jessica Jones was first acquainted with the world in 'Alias' in 2001; she turned out to be a commonly recognized name when she got her own Netflix show featuring Krysten Ritter.

Kate Beckett (Latin origin) meaning ‘pure’. Beckett is a New York City murder criminal investigator who eventually becomes captain.

Lilly Rush (English origin) meaning ‘purity’. She managed her weakness on occasion yet, in addition, showed strength that made her the lead investigator of the division in the show 'Cold Case'.

Nancy Drew (English origin) meaning ‘grace’. Nancy has been tackling secrets since around 1930 in books, films, and TV shows. She is one of the most famous detectives in the fictional world.

Olivia Benson (Latin origin) meaning ‘olive tree’. A famous beautiful cop character from 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

Pepper Anderson (Latin origin) meaning ‘from pepper plant’. 'Police Officer' featured veteran entertainer Angie Dickinson as the spunky sergeant who doesn't avoid an extraordinary case.

Raineesha Williams (Arabic origin) meaning ‘princess’ is a famous fictional character from the show 'Reno 911!'

Raquel Murrillo (Spanish origin) meaning ‘ewe’. Another brave detective from 'Money Heist' who falls in love with the professor. She is one of the popular law enforcement officers in the world from the show.

'Space Cop' Names

'Space Cop' is a 2016 American sci-fi activity parody movie directed, created, and edited by Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa and written by Stoklasa. Here is a list of names from 'Space Cop and other police TV shows.

Charlie (English origin) meaning ‘free man’. He is also a cop in the show 'Space Cop'.

Elijah Baley (Hebrew origin) meaning 'Yahweh is my God' is a great name choice from Isaac Asimov's series.

Grigg (Greek origin) meaning ‘watchful or awake’. Another police officer in 'Space Cop'.

Kiichi Goto (Japanese origin) meaning 'age, order' is amongst the most interesting names from ‘Patlabor’, a Japanese TV show.

Kimball Kinnison (Old Welsh origin) meaning 'war chief' is a fascinating space cop name from ‘Lensman’.

Matthew Sykes (Hebreworigin) meaning 'gift of God' is one of the fascinating names from ‘Alien Nation’.

Nathan Spring (Hebrew origin) meaning 'gift of God' is an important space cop name from the ‘Star Cops’.

R. Daneel Olivaw, another fascinating name choice from Isaac Asimov's series.

Sam Francisco (Hebrew origin) meaning 'told by God' is another fantastic name from ‘Alien Nation’.

Ted Cooper (English origin) meaning ‘rich guardian’. Detective Ted Cooper from 'Space Cop' is a famous character who was an officer in the space police force.

Zorba (Greek origin) meaning ‘live each day’. An officer in the space police force in 'Space Cop'.

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