67 Gerudo Names For The Legend Of Zelda Fans

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67 Gerudo Names For The Legend Of Zelda Fans
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Unless you are living in a different plant, you must have heard about the popular game from Nintendo, 'The Legend of Zelda'.

If you have visited any page with an article featuring this popular game from Nintendo, then you must have also heard about the name Gerudo. The Gerudo people are the residents of Gerudo town, a distant region in the world of 'The Legend of Zelda'.

Some of the popular words related to the domain of Gerudo are Hylians, Akkala, Hebra, Hateno, Eldin, Nabooru, Ocarina, Kotake, Death Mountain Lake, and Kara Bazaar. Almost everyone, from a kid to a teenager, is familiar with this online world. Can't wait to find out why Gerudo's are called with this name in their divine life on sand?

You don't need to search on Wiki to find a perfect name or head to a shop to get information on the names of the main Gerudo in the fictional world. Our list of Gerudo names will provide you with access to a range of options.

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Male Gerudo Names

Gerudo names rarely feature the last name. They have a lot in common with Arabian mythology, in terms of look and culture, such as their tanned complexion, weapons of choice, and attire.

This tribe was mostly thieves, and even though most of them were born females, there was only once in every 100 years when there was the birth of a guy who was considered their king. Here are some of the popular male Gerudo names: -

Adlar is a great loyal character who is sweet to everyone. He lived in Lynna village, near a river.

Anoagi is also a rare find. Pick it as soon as you can while playing the game.

Bagu is one of the most famous names, definitely one of my favorite.

Beedle is a character in 'The Legend of Zelda' games, that sells arrows, bows, and various explosives, hence a great merchant.

Botudur is the name of a person whose sound you will find extremely interesting.

Brigo is a very famous name and liked by all Zelda fans, be it men or women.

Claree is a fierce character in 'The Legend of Zelda', who decided to run a store in a nearby village.

Darton is a young lad in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' who enjoys discussing and offering knowledge on wild horses. He is Shibo's brother.

Daruk is a funky name liked by all the young generation kids.

Debuzang is also a great name for your favorite character.

Domidak is often found with his brother Persian. He loves his brothers and hence, is a very loving and caring character.

Fubairo is one of the best names in the game.

Ganon is a name that belongs to one of Zelda’s famous enemies and is also a very scary character.

Gaugaef is an amazing name.

Gotter is a connoisseur of beautiful things in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'. He is a very loyal character hence, a beautiful loyal name for your favorite character born in the fantasy world of 'The Legend of Zelda'.

Groose is considered a bully, harassing everyone but he is very strong.

Hestu is a Korok who features in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'. He helps maintain and increase the efficiency of the existing weapons by modifying them.

Hino is a pro at teaching blood moon to his friends, hence, an efficient character name.

Kisem is a great name for your favorite male Gerudo character.

Koume is a very strong name, the sound of which has a certain magic about it which makes this name popular in the desert city.

Leaseit is a pretty interesting name that you can find in any domain of the city.

Link is the iconic main character of 'The Legend of Zelda' franchise. It is one of a kind, and one of the legendary names.

Old Man is a humorous name for your funny male Gerudo character.

Pikango travels around the globe in search of great paintings and inspirations. Isn’t he quite an artist? Yes indeed. And a perfect name for your favorite character.

Prissen is quite a classy name for your favorite classy character.

Rensa is also one of the best characters with humble attitude. This is a cool male Gerudo name for a male character.

Seldon is an enthusiastic man with high self-esteem.

Shibo, isn’t this a really cute name for your favorite character? Surely, one of the greatest names.

A fireproof armor is essential to hunt fireproof lizards in the game.

Female Gerudo Names

Gerudo culture is somewhat similar to the Arabian culture such as their tanned complexion, armor, shield, and clothing. Their names, on the other hand, lack this Arabian flavor. However, they had a little bit of similarity to Japanese names.

Here is a list of some amazing, strong, and gorgeous Gerudo female names for you. These are some cool, famous, and strong names for your favorite Gerudo female character, especially curated for you. Have a look at this amazing list to know more.

Arairi is a name you must have before it becomes famous, otherwise, you will regret it later.

Dorrah is a Gerudo guard who protects the town with strong muscular skills, hence, a strong name.

Gealul is a beautiful name for your favorite female Gerudo character.

Hounor, as the name suggests, the character would be bestowed with the honor.

Ifoka is a rare find.

Impa is one of the sweetest caretakers. She used to take care of the brave princess. So, she is often present in all the series.

Kamnabal is also a great find.

Kemimdarf is the funniest name for a great-humored woman.

Koyin is a young shepherd who loves her village and all the people around. She used to help Link a lot in carrying out his duties. Hence, this should be in your name checklist.

Lasli is known for her fashion skills and owns a cute store with an upgraded collection of clothes. She is famous for her clothing style.

Leobuku is also a famous and amazing character name.

Meghyn is a cute little woman who always stands beside her sister.

Merina is a really brave guard who used to guard the gates. She is very fierce-looking and amazing.

Mezer is known for her high-quality meat-selling qualities.

Mipha is a champion. Hence, this is a name for all the champion women out there.

Naimis is one of the most beautiful character names.

Natt was a woman of beauty, with an amazing heart, and a beautiful face. She can steal everyone’s heart.

Paya is again an amazing name for your super-strong female Gerudo character.

Sagessa is a teacher to Link and others. She is a very good and responsible teacher.

Urbosa is one of the four champions and the best leader for your strong female character.

Vilia is often referred to as a guy in the game because of her masculine figure. She doesn’t like the fact that she is being referred to as a guy. This is a very nice strong name for your favorite strong female character if you want a name as a leader.

Gerudo Stallion Names

Some of the interesting Gerudo names that can be assigned to stallions are Ocarina and Kara. Read on for some of the best Gerudo Stallion names.

Cathrine is a beautiful name for your beautiful Gerudo stallion.

Ciela, you get the shout-outs for Courage, Wisdom, and Power.

 Cloud is also a very common and famous Gerudo stallion name preferred by many.

Epona is one of the most famous hunk horses. He was Link’s favorite horse and is trusted by all. He has a loving character hence, adored by all, and it is a perfect name for your favorite character.

Leaf, there’s a nod to earlier characters, which Zelda enjoys.

Mazura, the horse's head boss in AoL, is also here. It appears to be a common name used by many.

Neri, for your convenience, the originals are also color-coded.

Phantom is a name to refer to Ganondorf's Steed in The Legend of Zelda Chess Set.

Puini is the cutest name of all. Everyone loves this name and appreciates its beauty.

Gerudo Lore Names

Looking for some Geru lore names? What are the leading Gerudo lore names? Read on for some of the best options.

Angler Fish is a huge angler fish whose favorite food is insects. It’s a pretty famous name among the young population.

DethI is a dark character who possesses all the disastrous spells to harm other characters. This is a great name for your favorite character.

Evil Eagle is a massive character and a very strong one. This is one of the best names.

Façade is a guard with a massive body and huge feet.

Genie has an amazing clown-like spirit. It is a really cute name for a really cute character.

Hot Head has a disfigured head and a grumpy attitude, thus, a cute name. Surely, a cool name.

Moldorm is a guard bodied in a segmented worm and guards the moon cells, a perfect cool name.

Slime Eel is a guard who has the body of a huge eel.

Slime Eye is a huge one-eyed slimy guard. This name is everyone’s favorite.

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