160+ Handpicked Crab Names For Your Pet

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Yellow land crab.
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There are 4500 types of crabs in the world.

The natural habitat of a crab is on the seashore and in deep water. However, freshwater aquarium crabs can be kept in tanks without any other fish or sea creatures, or they can also live in a network tank with other fish.

Most crabs are great to have in an aquarium tank as they act as tank cleaners, getting rid of any extra fish food and rotting plant matter from the lower part of the tank. This makes them great pets, and every great pet needs a great name!

If your are searching for charming and clever crab names, you're in the ideal spot. We have put together a list of our favorite crab name ideas to inspire you.

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Cute Crab Names

Red crab on beautiful beach.

Popular pet crab types include hermit crabs, fiddler crabs and a few other varieties of freshwater crabs. It might be hard to decide which names are cool choices for your pet crab and which aren't for you.

It is important to make sure you pick a name that both you and your pet will love. To help you make your mind up we have put together this list of the cutest crab names, which will you choose?

1. Anemone

2. Biggie

3. Billy

4. Buddy

5. Carl, perfect for many different types of crabs found in the sea.

6. Chuck

7. Claude, a great name for types of crabs found in rock pools.

8. Corky, perfect for crab types with two pairs of antennae.

9. Crabcake

10. Crawler

11. Crusty, for a crab species with sharp stings.

12. Derek

13. Elmo, a good crab name for the American country.

14. Freddie

15. George

16. Groucho

17. Grumpy

18. Henry

19. Herbert

20. Hermann, one of the best crabs' names for cute little crabs.

21. Hermie, great for crabs types with sharp claws.

22. Jamie

23. Jimmy, the perfect name for any male crab (as male crabs are collectively known as Jimmies)!

24. Krusty

25. Lenny Krabitz

26. Maxie

27. Ms. Krabapel

28. Niko, great for large crabs with a thick exoskeleton.

29. Ollie, perfect for types of crabs living in the middle of the sea.

30. Oreo

31. Peeves, a great name for sea crabs that are famous for their color.

32. Penny Pincher, one of the good crab names for cute crabs.

33. Pip, great for small crabs with small claws.

34. Prickle, perfect for a crab in the sea with colorful eyes.

35. Rocky, a good name for a type of crab living under the sea.

36. Sammie

37. Sashimi

38. Scrab, this crab name is short for "sea crab".

39. Scribbles, one of the cutest crab names.

40. Seamore

41. Shelldon

42. Snappy

43. Staria

44. Surf, perfect for all kinds of crabs.

45. Teal

46. Timmy

47. Tobey

48. Tony

49.Vince, a handsome name for a male crab.

50. Waves

Funny Crab Names

A semiterrestrial ghost crab.

There are numerous ways you can be innovative when you are thinking of interesting names for crabs. You could even make up names using crab puns, or puns with words related to crabs such as 'shells' and 'sea'. If you are still stuck for ideas, we have plenty more funny crab name ideas in this list to inspire you.

51. Alex

52. Britney

53. Carol

54. Coco, a cute crab name that kids will love.

55. Coral, a crab pet name for a crab who loves coral reefs.

56. Cyana

57. Gabby, a perfect name for a happy pet crab.

58. Gill

59. Ginny

60. Hermione, a crab name inspired by a character from 'Harry Potter'.

61. Hydra

62. Ivory

63. Jade

64. Keisha, a great crab name for girl crabs.

65. Krabba, another cute and funny crab name from this list of crabs.

66. Maria

67. Marina

68.  Meenie

69. Mino

70. Munchy

71. Niki

72. Oceana

73. Palm

74. Peeka, a perfect crab name for cute crabs in the ocean.

75. Picher, great for funny crabs.

76. Rose

77. Ruby

78. Salty, a good crab name for any crab species.

79. Sam

80. Sand

81. Sandra, a cute crab name for crab with three antennas.

82. Sandy

83. Shelby, a great crab name idea for girl crabs.

84. Shelly

85. Shini

86. Skye, perfect if you are looking for pet crab names for cute little colorful crabs.

87. Spongy

88. Swirly, a perfect pet name for a crab.

89. Zendaya, a perfect crab name for cute girl crabs.

More Great Names Of Crabs

A name for your pet crab can be motivated by many different things, from their color to their species or they can even be inspired by the name of other famous crabs.

This is list of more crab name ideas includes some funny crab names from popular culture that you will love, from Edward Scissorhands, to Captain Hook and Mr Krabs, we can't get enough of these great name ideas!

90. Allison, a perfect name for big crabs.

91. Amber

92. Bella

93. Betty

94. Birdie

95. Blanche

96. Captain Hook, perfect for a fiesty crab with sharp claws.

97. Cathy, a nickname for a crab found in oceans.

98. Christy

99. Dolly

100. Ellie

101. Edward Scissorhands, this name suits a crab with sharp claws.

102. Felicia

103. Fergie

104. Gorgy, a perfect pet name for a crab with a soft shell.

105. Gwen

106. Haley, a cute pet name for any crab.

107. Holly

108. Iris, an adorable name for a pet crab.

109. Jasmine

110. Jenna

111. Jess, a cute pet name for tiny cute crab.

112. Jessie

113. Justine

114. Kelly, a pet name for a crab with big eyes.

115. Kelsie

116. Lexi

117. Liz

118. Macy

119. Mildy

120. Millie

121. Molly

122. Mr Krabs, such a cute crab name idea.

123. Nancy, a cute pet name for a friendly crab.

124. Nellie

125. Patty

126. Paulina

127. Silver

128. Tess

129. Ursula

130.  Zoe

Names For Giant Crabs

Crabs make fantastic pets. Whilst they are not extremely dynamic, and tend to spend every day in the same way, they are a great way t teach responsibility to kids without taking up too much of your own time!

In any case, it is important to remember that these are extremely fragile animals and should be looked after and handled with great care, the same as any other pets. For even more great name ideas for larger crab pets, take a look at this list.

131. Amy

132. Anna

133. Ariana

134. Crabby

135. Crabette

136. Crabmeister

137. Crane

138. Daphne

139. Digger

140. Edna

141. Elena

142. Emma

143. Gina

144. Hermeidon

145. Indy

146. Iris

147. Jenny

148. Kate

149. Maja

150. Maryanne

151. Nibler

152. Nipper

153. Olive, a cute pet name for a crab with a colorful shell.

154. Pebbles

155. Penny

156. Pinchy

157. Poopsie

158. Rachel

159. Rio

160. Roxie

161. Seabiscuit

162.  Shania

163.  Shina

164.  Snappy

165.  Snips

166.  Squish

167.  Sushi

168.  Terri

169.  Tori

170.  Yolanda

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for the best crab names for your pet, then why not take a look at something different like these seriously cool snake names with meanings, or these cute gecko names for your lizard?

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