60 Hilarious Drake Nicknames That You Must Know

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Drake nicknames are witty.

The Canadian musician and rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage name Drake, is given certain nicknames in this article.

Drake is one of the all-top-grossing time's music artists, with more than 170 million song albums sold. In addition, he has spent 431 weeks continuously in the Hot 100 and has 27 songs that have charted simultaneously in a single week.

Jimmy Brooks was his on-screen persona in "Degrassi: The Next Generation." He performed the role from 2001 to 2009.

At the 2002 Young Artist Awards, Drake and his cast mates took home the Best Ensemble in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) trophy. Rapper Drake is recognized for introducing singing and R&B influences to Hip Hop. He is on the list of the 21st century's most successful rappers.

As a celebrity, he has been gifted with many nicknames and stage names of his own. Now, we will discuss the details of his nicknames and their contexts and references. In the diverse field of music and song, he has excelled through his outstanding performances and gathered huge love and respect from his admirers.

Personality-Based Nicknames For Drake

He has gained many nicknames for his extraordinary personality and amazing presence in the genre of rappers. Here is the list of nicknames for Drake.

1. Champagne Papi- Drake's Instagram handle and nickname are both 'Champagne Papi.' Many admirers claim that Drake started using this persona in 2011–2013.

Drake's style and music were influenced by West Indian culture during this time. Drake also liked the 'papis,' the males there, and their colorful fashion sense. Similar champagne in the name 'Champagne Papi' naturally evokes ideas of class and elegance, and it has been said that Drake prefers to drink it.

2. Chaining Tatum- Fans on Twitter reacted hilariously to the song "Pop Style" and a phrase from it: "Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum," a play on Channing Tatum's name.

3. Drizzy- 'Drizzy' is another well-known nickname for Drake. According to one account, he most likely picked up the name while working with Lil Wayne, his mentor. 'Weezy' is another name for Lil Wayne, and 'Drizzy' seems to be a loving nickname given to Drake. Similar variations include 'Breezy' by Chris Brown and Kanye West's 'Yeezy.'

4. 6 God- The name of a Drake song and one of his stage names is "6 God," which is also a favorite among fans. The "6" may be an acronym for Toronto's area code 416 and serve as a nod to the city where he was born.

5. Young Angel- Just like the popular name 'Champagne Papi,' this nickname 'Young Angel' is also very popular.

In 2009, Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment welcomed Drake as a member. During their duets, Drake and Wayne referred to one another as 'Young Angel' and 'Young Lion.' Lil Wayne refers to himself as 'Young Lion', whereas Drake calls himself 'Young Angel.'

Funny Nicknames For Drake

Drake nicknames are pretty popular.

Choose the favorite funny nicknames for Drake.

6. A Piece of Drake- a name of English origin that means 'Dragon.'

7. Allegra- a feminine name that means lively or joyful and lovely.

8. Anastasia- the nickname of Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is 'resurrection.'

9. Angelou- they are divine messengers sent from heaven who are majestic.

10. Anthony- originates from the Roman given name Antonius. Some claim it means 'priceless one' or 'very honorable,' but its exact meaning is unclear.

11. Antonella- is a sweet nickname that means 'flower' or 'praiseworthy.'

12. Audriana- is an English name for babies, and the meaning of the name is 'strength' or 'nobility.'

Cool Nicknames For Drake

Find out both girl and boy nicknames for Drake. These are the coolest ones below.

13. Baby Cakes- The term refers to a traditional treat known as a 'king cake', which is essentially sweet bread decorated in purple, green, and yellow hues.

14. Bear- Proto-Germanic, a prehistoric language used by several tribes in northern Europe beginning around 500 B.C.E., is where the English word 'bear' originates. It comes from the Old English word 'bero', which in Proto-Germanic means 'brown one'.

15. Big Papa- a female bully of another female. The dominant female then addresses the alpha female as 'big father' out of respect.

16. Booger- is one of the funniest nicknames of Drake, which means a piece of dried nasal mucus.

17. Brown Sugar- this is sugar that isn't totally refined or partially refined and still contains molasses, giving it a brownish hue.

18. Bug- According to a suggestion from the United Kingdom, Bug means 'sweet.' The name Bug is of Filipino (Philippines) origin and means 'The name implies pleasant,' according to a user from Kuwait.

19. Butthead- given to a very silly person.

20. Canadian- Most likely, the Huron-Iroquois word 'Kanata,' which means 'village' or 'settlement.'

21. Carlotta Drake- a nickname for Drake means a free man.

22. Carolina Drake- a feminine nickname for Drake that means freeholder.

23. Cersei- is a Greek name meaning a bird.

24. Cheska- the name of Philipino origin holds the meaning of 'rare and classic beauty, 'one of a kind,' or 'unique.'

25. Dasher- meaning purse maker, and the name is of German origin.

Unique Nicknames For Drake

The various types of unique nicknames are given here.

26. Delilah- of Hebrew and Arabic origin means 'delicate.'

27. Dorthea Drake- usually refers to the meaning of 'Gift of God'.

28. Dragonfly Desserts- this name is associated with elegance, courage, and revival.

29. Drake Alice- a noble Drake.

30. Drake Beard- Drake has a nice beard.

31. Drake Capaldi- is a name inspired by the popular songwriter Lewis Capaldi.

32. Drake Caterina- a name of Portuguese origin meaning 'pure'.

33. Drake Concept- Drake whose mind is always conceived with something

34. Drake Cumani- personifies Drake, who likes to keep some mysteries about themselves.

35. Drake Dani- meaning 'God is the Judge.'

36. Drake Delirium- is a severe mental impairment that causes muddled thinking and diminished environmental awareness

37. Drake Dream- Drake dreams about big things.

38. Drake Eve- the boy named Drake is always full of life.

39. Drake Francis- a French Drake.

40. Drake Grace- a cute nickname for Drake with a lot of charm and generosity.

41. Drake James- supplanter

42. Draken- means 'to see clearly.

Popular Drake Nicknames

Find out the most popular nicknames for your buddy, Drake.

43. Enrique- is the boy name of a Spanish boy who is a home ruler.

44. Fanny- diminutive of the French boy name 'Frances.'

45. Fantasy Drake- the name for Drake full of fantasies.

46. Flirty Drakes- is the name for a boy who loves to flirt.

47. Frankilicious- a Frenchman who loves delicious food.

48. Frosted Tops- someone who loves baking.

49. Gianina- 'God is Gracious.'

50. Ginevra- a girl name meaning 'white waves' or 'white shadow'. The name is of Italian origin.

51. Gorgeous- a beautiful woman.

52. Graciously Sweet- a pretty woman deserves this name.

53. Gregorini Drake- is a name that means 'to be awake' or 'watchful.'

54. Greta Drake- this name is usually given to the Drake creature of light.

55. Guinevere- is a girl nickname that has the meaning of 'white fairy/white phantom.'

56. Heaven Drake- home of god or the celestial beings, so the nickname describes a very godly humhumana

57. Huggles- a sweet little name that is a mixture of two words like 'hug' and 'cuddles.'

58. Indulge Drakes- meaning 'to yield to the desire of', is a nickname with a negative connotation.

59. Killer- a funny name for friends given to someone who can kill people with their persona.

60. King of Awesome- a beautiful name for an awesome person.

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