61 Marvellous Meerkat Names From Around The World

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Like dogs and cats, a meerkat can make for a really good and loyal pet friend.

If you have seen 'Meerkat Manors' or heard the story of the mongoose and snake in your childhood, you would know how protective they are. Adult meerkats are adorable as well and fun to play with.

A baby meerkat is called a ‘pup’. They live in burrows with their clan where each member has the duty to protect the pups inside the burrows from the rival clans and other wild animals that can prey on the pups.

They run proper social groups. Meerkats rely on their clan members and have complex intellectual abilities, even more than chimpanzees and dolphins. Meerkats can survive in the desert, as they don’t need water that much.

They get all the nutrients to sustain a good life from insects, rodents, fruits, eggs, lizards, scorpions, and snakes. Check out the names of meerkats from all over the world to get inspiration for your future meerkat adults.

After reading about the popular names for your foraging pet animals, also check black lab names and names of wild animals.

Meerkat Names From Around The World

Meerkats are highly intelligent creatures. They make really good unusual pets as they are immune to the venom of different snakes. Read on for some of the most famous London zoo meerkat names from all around the world.

Billy (German Origin), meaning ‘will’, was one of the four brothers that died in the fire that spread out at the London zoo.

Erdmännchen (German Origin), meaning ‘meerkat’, is a German name for meerkats.

Mark (Latin Origin), meaning ‘scar’, is the meerkat name from the London zoo.

Miyakatto (Japanese Origin), meaning ‘meerkat’, is a way of saying this animal's name in Japanese.

Mongoose (Indian Origin) means ‘meerkat’. The Indian meerkats are of gray color.

Māo Yòu (Chinese Origin), meaning ‘meerkat’, is the Chinese name for meerkats.

Nigel (English Origin), meaning ‘champion’, was the famous meerkat at the London zoo.

Norman (English Origin), meaning ‘man from the north’, was the brother of Robbie.

Robbie (German Origin), meaning ‘to be famous’, was one of the famous meerkats of London zoo that died in the fire.

Sonya (Russian Origin), meaning ‘wisdom’, is the name of the meerkat from the London zoo.

Suricata (Spanish Origin) means ‘meerkat’. Spanish-speaking countries call meerkats Suricata.

Surikate (South African Origin), meaning ‘meerkat’ is a popular name among South Africans.

Meerkat Advert Character Names

Few meerkats appear in adverts. Here are the meerkat advert character names with meanings for your majestic meerkat pet.

Bogdan (Polish Origin), meaning ‘gift’, was the name of the naughty meerkat pup.

Maiya (French Origin), meaning ‘spring or May’, is the teacher's name at the Meerovo school.

Oleg (Old Norse Origin), meaning ‘holy’, is the meerkat pup who belongs to Aleksandr and Sergei.

Sergei (Latin Origin), meaning ‘servant’, is the assistant of Aleksandr and rarely talks.

Vassily (Greek Origin), meaning ‘royal’, is a regular guest at the Quesy Mongoose Pub.

Yakov (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘supplanter’, is the toymaker in the advert.

meerkat names that are famous

Meerkat Manor Names

Meerkats are known for being matriarchal, which means they have a female head and are led by one dominant meerkat couple. The female meerkat is called ‘Matriarch’. Read the 'Meerkat Manor' family names and the story of those who appeared on the show's four seasons.

Amira (Arabic Origin ), meaning ‘princess’, was a littermate to Rufus.

Axel (Scandavanian Origin ), meaning ‘my father is peace’, makes an appearance in the show's third installment. Alex was abandoned as a pup. Mitch rescued Alex and was accepted as a member of the group Whiskers.

Big Si (English Origin ), meaning ‘big’, was a dominant male of the Lazuli meerkat group. He led the attack on the Whiskers to burrow when Shakespeare was on duty, guarding burrow to protect it from predators. Shakespeare lost his life while protecting the pups.

Burdock (Norman Origin ), meaning ‘bordet’, was Rufus’s brother. He didn’t join any group, unlike his brothers.

Cazana (English Origin ), meaning ‘leader’, was the leader of the Lazuli group. Their group didn’t have a dominant couple but her son JD and other males of the group protected her from predators from mating with her.

Chiriqui (Arabic Origin ), meaning ‘oriental’, was Rufus’s sibling.

Daisy (English Origin ), meaning ‘day’s eye’, is the sister of Tosco. Daisy was a super furry animal in a couple of episodes.

De La Soul (American Origin ), meaning ‘group name’, was a former Whiskers member.

Etosha (India Origin ), meaning ‘shining’, was a litter-mate of Rufus.

Flower (Middle Origin ), meaning ‘blossom’, was a fearless leader of the Whiskers. Usually, the leader has the right to kill other females' pups but Flower didn’t kill any baby meerkat. Instead, she started the Burrow moves. It means the other female meerkats would have to choose between their pups and family.

Frank (German Origin ), meaning ‘free man’, was a good leader who was forcefully evicted.

Hannibal (Hebrew Origin ), meaning ‘for one who Baal has favored’, is a one-eyed meerkat from season two of 'Meerkat Manors'. Together with Nikita, they lead the clan of meanest meerkats.

Karlos (German Origin ), meaning ‘free man’, appears in the show's second season.

Kinkajou (English Origin ), meaning ‘night walker’, was Mozart's half-sister and member of the Starky meerkat clan that consists of seven meerkats.

Lola (Spanish Origin ), meaning ‘sorrows’, was a dominant female of the Zappa clan of meerkats from season three. She is the mother of Axel, whom she abandoned during the chase.

Maybelline (American Origin ), meaning ‘lovable’, was a dominant female of the Aztec group along with Zahfod.

Mitch (American Origin ) means ‘gift of god’. When he was as young as three weeks old, Mitch was stolen and abandoned by his siblings from a burrow for fun. In the second and third seasons, adult Mitch was given the title of Hero.

Mozart (Origin ), meaning ‘someone who composes music’, was a daughter of Flower and a member of a small group called  Starsky that was formed during the mid-seasons of the show.

Murray (Gaelic Origin ), meaning ‘lord’, was a Whisker’s mob pup.

Nikita (Greek Origin ), meaning ‘victorious’, is a dominant female of commandoes. In the second season, she killed Mozart's newborn pups. She was a savage leader and evicted many of her own daughters from the group.

Pookie (English Origin ), meaning ‘cute’, was Flower’s toughest son who always gave hard times for food. He left the group after Flower’s death.

Punk (English Origin ), meaning ‘hoodlum’, is Lola’s litter-mate.

Rhogan Josh (Hebrew Origin ), meaning ‘Joshua is salvation’, joined the Chuckle Bros group. This roving meerkats group is not attached to any breeding group.

Rocket Dog (English Origin ), meaning ‘powerful’, was Flower’s daughter who ascended the leadership of the Whiskers and moved to the new burrow. She was killed while crossing the road after filming season four of 'Meerkat Manors'.

Rufus (Latin Origin ), meaning ‘red headed’, had eighth birth litter-mates. He was the only pup among his siblings to earn the label of a dominant male. However, he lost his life after becoming a prey to some wild animals.

Shakespeare (Norman Origin ), meaning ‘to speer’, was one of the flower’s pups. He used to guard against burrowing, and one day he disappeared. It is presumed that the predators killed him.

Sophie Whiskers (Greek Origin), meaning ‘wisdom’, was the dominant female Meerkat from season four ‘To have or Have Not’.

Squig (English Origin ), meaning ‘gift of god’, was one of the eight pups whose birth parents are unknown. He was born out of mating during the time Whiskers were split into two groups.

Tosca (Italian Origin ), meaning ‘belonging to Tuscany's', was Flower’s daughter. She let Tosco choose between pups and family. Tosco left the group behind, and it is believed that she died because of harsh weather.

Wilson (English Origin ), meaning ‘desire’, roves around to find a mate in the third and fourth seasons. He met Mozart, but unfortunately, she was found dead in her burrow because of a bush fire.

Yossarian (Fictional Origin ), meaning ‘alien’, is named after the main character from the novel 'Catch-22'. He was the dominant male of the group before Flower.

Young (English Origin ), meaning ‘junior’, is a dominant female along with Rufus.

Zahfod (Arabic Origin ), meaning ‘pious’, was Flower’s former partner and dominant male of the group. He was the largest meerkat of the group and protected Whiskers females from the roving meerkats.

Zorro (Spanish Origin ), meaning ‘sly’, is a young Whiskers male. He became prey to birds and lost his life.

Other Meerkat Character Names From TV And Film

Meerkats are popular animals in the pop-culture. Many shows and movies have Meerkats as primary and secondary characters. Check out the list below to know the names of such popular meerkats.

Flinchy (English Origin), meaning ‘shy’, is one of the members of the meerkat’s colony.

Fred (English Origin), meaning ‘peaceful ruler’, was a member of the meerkat colony in 'Lion King'.

Iron Joe (English Origin), meaning ‘strong’, was a name of a coward meerkat from the Disney movie the 'Lion King'.

Stumpy (English Origin), meaning ‘short’, was part of a Disney movie.

Swiftly (English Origin), meaning ‘quick’, is a popular meerkat that appeared in a Disney movie.

Tatiana (English Origin), meaning ‘fairy queen’, is the name of a beautiful female meerkat from a movie.

Timon (Greek Origin), meaning ‘honor’, was the name of the meerkat from 'Lion King'.

Timon’s ma (Greek Origin), meaning ‘mother’, is the name of Timon’s mother.

Uncle max (English Origin), meaning ‘greatest ’, is the famous meerkat character from Disney.

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